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are servants of Allah, and all children of Adam. Islam isn't just a religion, but an entire way of life. And this is a statement we have heard on more than one occasion. Insha Allah. And this statement isn't

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a statement of fiction but rather something factual. And anyone who runs a cursory study of any Islamic jurisprudence or fifth manual, you will see Islamic laws, regulations, rules, manners, morals etiquettes, pertaining to every matter of life, from how we purify ourselves to how we worship Allah subhanho wa Taala with our bodily offerings of ritual worship, and even our financial offerings of ritual worship, we also find rules and regulations pertaining to wealth, and wealth management, how we trade the rules and regulations of trade, matters pertaining to money after we pass away. What we know as inheritance are the rules of Islamic inheritance. In addition, we have

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rules pertaining to marriage, how the marriages take place matters pertaining to the marriage contract, and then also divorce and matters pertaining to divorce such as child custody, we have rules written down was handled entirely in relation to civil justice, the Islamic judiciary, penal codes, and also morals, manners, and etiquettes. You will find no system of law with a system of rules as comprehensive as that found in the law of Allah subhanho wa taala. In the Sharia. No doubt these books of Islamic jurisprudence are based on the primary sources of Islam, the Quran and the Sunnah. And if this is the reality with the books of Islamic jurisprudence, they no doubt in bear

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Viola. As a priority you will find this reality present if one runs a cursory study of devices revealed by Allah subhanho wa Taala in his book, and those narrations that have reached us as teachings from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Accordingly, Brothers and Sisters in Islam is not strange that Islam has revealed rules and regulations pertaining to our children, and how we raise our children. And Islam has a say in how we raise our children for many reasons from them.

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related to how I began to discover, for I did so, mentioning how ALLAH SubhanA wa Erna is Anwar herb, the one who bestows a perfect in a perfect manner. And also, I mentioned how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he spent time teaching his Alma how to raise generations.

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Islam indeed has a say in how we raise our children, for many reasons from them. The simple fact that there is no messenger to come after Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the carriers of his legacy as I've presented to you from this member in this Masjid on more than one occasion, is the own Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, generations of this ummah, generations that will come and generations that will go meaning Islam needs generations that will receive this legacy from the previous generation, and the generation that will look after this legacy. And then a generation that was successfully transferred his legacy to the generations to come. This is one reason why Islam has

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renewed laws in terms of how we raise our children, or in terms of our children per se. Islam is also interested in how we raise our children, because as we have cited, Allah is the best our He bestowed us our children within the Islamic paradigm, our children are a gift to us. Allah subhanho wa Taala gifted them to us, and oppression in all forms is forbidden by the rule of Allah subhanho attack. And given that our children did not have a choice in terms of which home they will be born into, they didn't have a choice in terms of who their parents will be.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala reveals rules and regulations to ensure that the gift that Allah has given us will never ever be oppressive rules and regulations through which accountability will be held.

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have and that is why it will favor hula hula. He mentions that on the day of PM, Allah subhanho wa Taala will question us about how effective we were as parents before he questions us about how dutiful we were as children to our parents to have an amazing reflection from this event, or him Allah. We know Brothers and Sisters in Islam. We know that from the greatest of sins is disobeying our parents. So we understand how mighty This is with Allah subhanho wa taala. In fact, this matter you're so serious with Allah, that during the luck in Revelation, when Allah was revealing about to heat with the heat, Allah commanded us to be excellent to our parents, Allah subhanho wa Taala

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year will believe anything except Allah has decreed and rule that you worship no one but him and also that you be excellent to your parents. Despite this realities in favor of Allah as a reflection shares that Allah will question us first, about our effectiveness as parents before he deals with us regarding our disobedience to our parents. So Islam no doubt has a say in how we raise our kids because oppression in all forms is forbidden. And if the matter is left entirely to us, then oppression may ensue.

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Islam is also concerned are servants of Allah, about how we raise our children, because Allah subhanahu intagra doesn't only want us to get to any level in paradise, but rather the highest levels of parents and Allah subhanahu Adana has pleased with us within the gift of us being given children further gifts and from them is the gift of our hands being raised in paradise if our children are raised well, and they pass away upon Amen, for Allah subhanho wa Taala says, What levena Amen, whatever exclamatory at home be Amen and helping her behavior yet will not allow it in their home in very human shape. Subhan Allah, Allah says us with those who believed, and then there

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is the children upon belief, and the parents died upon belief, and then the children died upon belief, Allah subhanho wa Taala will gather them as a family engine. How if the parents aren't Hello, whenever in Paradise, and the children at a higher level in paradise, Allah subhanho wa Taala will raise the parents to the level of the children in paradise without reducing the level of the children in paradise home. Why? Because they were a family trying to build genuine together with iman on Earth. So Allah gave them a home, as a family in Jannah. In the hereafter.

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There's many more reasons or seven for online student of life. There's no doubt it's beyond the scope of Joomla hot with this understanding servants of Allah, no children of Adam, how we need to

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reflect over our priorities in life. Throughout my travels and the different communities I meet, I see a common misfortune. And that is the misfortune of society, conflating elective roles for mandatory roles. And as such, they give more importance to any elective role at the expense of a mandate.

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What is an elective role and what is the mandate hero and mandatary role is a role that your belief system does not ever allow you to give up, you cannot detach yourself from it. And this is different to an elective role. And elective role is something that you can detach yourself from during some parts of your life. Examples of mandatary roles are being a Muslim, you are a Muslim with the breathing of every moment, the waking of every day and the sleeping of every night you cannot detach yourself from the identity of being a Muslim. From the examples of a mandated role is being a mother and a father. It is not a road that you log into on a Monday morning, and you log out off on a

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Friday evening. Rather, it is part and parcel of your reality of your being with the waking of every day, and the sleeping of every lap understand this of servants of Allah. And he left the road on the other hand, are the jobs that we have the hobbies that we love to do, the sports that we often engage in. These are elective roles, we log into them, and we can log out of them and we have the choice.

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mandatary rules take precedence. But today how many times do we find the voices of parents in regret stating that the job kept me away from raising my child? Then we place emphasis on the elective role at the

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expense of the mandate and

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and this is something that needs reflection, especially during this period. Well, Allah subhanho wa Taala has kept our children at home away from the jungles that we call schools today. Right? And we need to ask ourselves that are we running through the calibration process necessary in these periods of calibration that the world has given us? Or is it a case of us continuing as we work and we will continue as we were, until to Panama we hit the crash and it's too late. Again, remember the reflection of the Imams Allah will question the parent about his or her effectiveness before he questions us about how we get we were to our parents Motor Company where the continua Hey, whenever

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anyway, we had a play that moved to Moscow to St. Louis Magellan and when he said we will see me I'm including them we will have a festival who in the who can have a phone or two booty lay in the mechanical world

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in Al Hamdulillah number two who all is staring whom understanding when are going to be living through the unforeseen ailment say yeah, Dr. Molina we allow for them will allow you to read further ahead elf. Why should you Allah Allah, Allahu Allah who naturally can worship to anna Muhammad Abdul uma rasuluh or Sufi you who are honey you are here to only contain saliva to not be wasallam why they were he was a happy woman sir and energy work they're vulnerable when they're happy they're already here you'll be Dean fighting who terracotta gentleman you got label How can we have lazy wine hailer? Hank, America's a double Lucha you bet Allah with double human to Jeru la vie de la la

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semana to have good lives in Mecca. civica, who name for number, are servants of Allah had no children of Adam. As we said earlier, the topic is a massive one beyond the scope of this football, but to bring some completion to the topic, I want to share with you three tips Bimala Hytera, that we can implement to become more effective in looking after the mandatary role that Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed upon us that rule is known as fatherhood, and motherhood. Number one are servants of Allah understand that raising your children is an act of worship, it is a bed, it is not an add anywhere is an act of worship. And an idea is a norm. We don't raise our children because everyone

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does so we raise our children as Muslims because it is the worship of Allah subhanho wa Taala through it, our agenda will increase our policy will increase our streams will be done, our parents will be granted and Allah subhanahu Ed's adult will keep the angels beautifying our paradise every time we are in the service of our children, not just feeding them but raising them. This is the worship of Allah subhanho wa taala. And as such, we will be questioned on the Day of PM. And as such, Allah subhanho wa Taala has revealed laws and regulations as you worry about your Salah, which is a bad worry about how you raise your children, which is also I needed that number 207 of Allah,

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no children of Adam, understand that raising your children is down. It is the propagation of Islam. And that is about coding towards good and being an advocate for everything that is beloved to Allah. and the Hour is being an adversary against all that which is evil and everything is disliked, but Allah subhanahu wa jal and our is about going about these two mandates upon an identity that identity is known as the identity of la ilaha illa. Allah, Muhammad Rasool Allah, if parenting is that our people from other communities must recognize Islam in how you raise your children, they should recognize Islam in how you raise your children in how you educate your children in how you

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advise your children in how you empower your children. The identity of Islam should not be separated from how you raise your children, for parenting is now going to hire automatic, reject meanness, you are the best of all nation. Then we discuss this verse from this limbo in this Masjid. Why? Because you invite tools good, you forbid evil, and you do so upon an identity. That is the identity of Eman that Islam is recognized in terms of how you go about your way. It's not enough to just raise your child or servants of Allah, but you got to raise them upon an identity beloved to Allah and that is the identity of la ilaha illAllah Muhammad,

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if parenting is now the no one understand that there are these patients that will require patience for raising our children, these patients as well is Maccha after the death of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam still took almost 23 years to become Muslim, then you can never ever give up on your role as a parent raising your child and our continues even if it spans decades.

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So parenting is an act of worship. And in addition, it is down it is a means of propagation and propagation cannot

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He separated from the idea of patience and that this Allah subhanahu Uttara highlights to us in the sutra known as the surah of the hour surah. Also will answer in the inside of your husen il Levina, when we're able to study have what also will help but also the sub Allah takes an oath by not just time, but the dying moments of time, the remnants of time, Allah subhanho wa Taala is bringing us into a sense of desperation, there is no time left, time is running out. And he says in an insane and if you hustle indeed all of mankind is drowning in loss. If you are in a state of desperation, and you are told that you are drowning in loss, it means what it means your time to save yourself is

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limited. And Allah has revealed the four keys to success, inland levena aminu, except those who believe, or I'm going to sign the hat, they observe righteous actions were to also be helped. they propagate they are people of their own will also be sober. We are people of patients. And we know brothers and elders in Islam and Sisters in Islam, that actions are not separated from amen. If this is the case, why did Allah give us four keys? Why didn't we just say Lavina? And if it was for the sake of clarity, why didn't he just say Lala Dina Avenue I'm going to slowly help those who believe and do good deeds? Because propagating is from good deeds. And being patient is from good deeds as

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well. Why did Allah give us further explanations to highlight to us the interconnectivity between these four ideas, rather than others Islam in the realm of doubt, without patients if we take a swab backwards, but also discoveries at the end, without patients, you kind of get our motto, so what are their good deeds will decrease? Well, I'm insanely happy when good deeds decrease, Imam decreases in Alina, when he might decreases we have nothing but the state of grace in the incentive. So hammer. This is the reality of parent, it is a means of that.

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Number three of sermons of Allah and children of Adam, you cannot succeed as a parent, unless you have a plan to succeed. And that plan begins to add, of course, panic attack. And we need to ask ourselves, How many times do we make to add to unlock for the success of our children, and how we raise our children and their success during our lifetime? And this success after we pass away? How many times do we take ownership are servants of Allah and our children of Adam, if you haven't taken ownership, you will not be making dua and if you've taken ownership and you're not making dirt and you have cheated yourself that you have taken ownership. If you've taken ownership and leadership of

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the process of raising a nation raising your children, then you would understand that all success begins with the perfect being a salaam, Allah subhanahu attainments and thus you will be raising your hands during the day and during the afternoon and during the night and you need the last third of the night begging Allah subhanho wa Jalla to ease your responsibility with your children and shower them. Do you find guidance especially at a time

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when Vice around us language levels beyond our ability to imagine? When holding on to our deen is similar to how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described it is as if a person is holding on to burn in chocolate. That's what the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam described he said that time will come when being a Muslim a practicing Muslim will be as difficult as holding on to burning charcoal.

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If we're not making dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala and then we haven't understood the responsibility on our shoulders. Parenting cannot be outsourced. You can outsource marketing. You can outsource HR, you can outsource 80 You can outsource your plumbing. You can outsource everything else. But you cannot outsource parent and in case you thought we outsource parenting to schools and madrasas. You mistake Hello servants of Allah and children. For Allah will not question the school teacher, the Melissa teacher about your child on the day of piano, Allah will question you, the madrasa the school via institutions to only complement your role as a mother and father not to assume your role

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as a mother and father and that is what when you my mother's mother took him a man to a teacher that she chose she dictated to him the terms of the relationship between Robbie and the teacher in America and Illmatic. Thus she said to him, even though he was the chef of Medina, teach him manners before you teach him much to handle panels. She was not outsourcing her responsibility to be the chief of human math. Rather she was taking or using him in a complementary manner. If you are not hands on with the school with the curriculum with the madrasa with the teacher are servants of Allah hecho children of Adams if you're not hands on daily with your child, what did you learn? What did

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you learn? If you are not if you don't have a hotline between you and the person educating your child? Then you are

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sample question. Are you running raising of your child? Have you answered Islam are servants of Allah didn't send us to raise to Islam sent us to raise leaders. That's what Islam sent us to do. In light of the discussion that I've shared. We're not here to raise children. We're here to raise leaders, Ahmed Abdul Aziz and our employees are servants of Allah and on to invite them in some attribute this story to have on the machine to collapse of Islam amadablam But as he's even though he was the Caliph of Islam in for the governor of Medina and he and other important roles, he never ever

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considered as an elective role, his father,

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and even though he was the kind of, of the Muslims that Emile meaning he hired the best of lobbies to raise his children. And those Murphy's had to give daily reports of how that day went with his children. And when the reports came in, even though he had cables, important government cables coming in from different ministers from the Muslim ummah, when the moral Bureau everyone in the student is royal court, that those communications have to be at the top of the pile. One day, he reads the report and the report says, Your children had an excellent day except son, so and so. He started the salah today

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at the beginning, but he was slightly delayed.

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When it came to starting into the email, slightly delayed, they might have started the prayer. Then he started the prayer, why he got a bit delayed combing his hair.

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Look at the detail reports.

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I'm going to leave for him Allah.

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He writes back immediately to the mark.

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And it states very eloquently, your message has been received. And upon receiving this letter, I shaved my son's hair off. Because if his hair delayed him from starting his Salah with the email, he doesn't need his

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brothers and sisters and elders in Islam. I'm not suggesting that you go home and shave your children's hair off today. So the message of

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the message of the hook is understand what works in this time. It doesn't work in this time, but take ownership of being a mother, take ownership of being a father, don't let it be an honorific. Don't let it be a title of goodwill. For in front of us the grave and in front of you as you're standing with your Lord and everybody will be brought to Allah subhanho wa Taala by themselves and they will answer for the responsibilities that Allah subhanho wa Taala has placed upon the members of Hainan where to ALLAH forgive our past is by our futures we have allowed us to turn to him in repentance and seek his forgiveness from mistakes and we of course have handled work and inspire us

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to be the best fathers we can. The best mothers we can we Allah preserve our children is in his obedience you have to protect them from more harm we shall upon them is divine assistance. We also cannibal their data in the in front of the attack of Shavon and the attacks of those who support the cause of Shere Khan of me in Allah whom Allah it can tell you saloon and NW here you will live in Abu Salah Ali he was selling with this Lima or papyrus on Allahu Allah He was selling them on Salah it was Salette Anwar he did have some Allahu Allah here we heard from Allah from the facility was selling mobile requirement and it covers who they call Mohammed Abdullah. Some people are currently

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Rasul Allah Allah mindful of Rashidi little methine of ubiquitin or Amara of men are already on site it was habit he were traveling around women Nicola economical anemia from Rohini Allahumma or is Islam on screen out of mostly Muslim in a frequently might have not been happening as well you know who yet

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but you're talking the Imam robbing a fildena group and Aquila the

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under Hello haha

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recurring donor or financing

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of effort has been working as of now we've had Allah in Allahu Allah agony when it certainly will Eater is important but we inherently fracture it will mean Cody well Buffy you're able to look into the cone with law here are the rules oh yes did you black political Allah here Kabbalah Allahu Allah will let us know where you're coming from Allah

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long long

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