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Nevada Colorado

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Nabina Muhammad wa ala alihi wa sahbihi Amitabha Buddha Assalamu alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh and welcome to lessons in

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Hadith number 110. In the chapter that deals with the dry evolution, or the purification using the soil was read last time we met and brother Mustafa will remind us again with this hadith

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narrated or more Vanessa rhodiola horn Houma. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam sent me on an errand. Then I became Juniper from seminal emission in my sleep, I did not find water, so I rolled on the soil like an animal does to perform time. Then I returned to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and mentioned that to him, he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, it would have been sufficient for you to do with your hands this way. He then struck his hands once on the soil, and then rob the left hand on the right, and the exterior part of his palms and his face in aeration of Al Bukhari. He Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam struck the earth with his palms, both hands, and

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then blew off the dust, rubbed both of his palms over his face and hence the Hadith. Again, if you recall, we said that tm is one of the things that tells you that it's not everything that is logical, that we should apply in our lives. Because Islam is a religion of submission. And you have to submit your will to the will of Allah azza wa jal by applying the Quran and the Sunnah to your life without questioning without asking why

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it's like wearing gold is for is forbidden for men, why you're not allowed to ask? You have to comply. It's exactly like when someone says that you have to have a visa to this country to travel. You don't have the the right to go to the embassy and say why I want I want to travel without a visa. Why should I buy a ticket I want to go into on the plane without my it's something that you have to follow whether you know the wisdom and logic behind it or not. Now, the origin of tianma is in the Quran.

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where Allah just says what translates roughly to, but if you are ill, or on a journey, or one of you answers the call of nature or you have been in contact with women, that is sexual intercourse, and you find no water, then take for yourselves clean signs or Earth and rub their with your faces enhance.

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Now, is it intended that we dirt our faces? No. Because the prophet SAW Selim blew in his hands after striking the ground, which meant that he removed all particles that were on his hand by blowing in them.

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And from this verse, And from this Hadith, we learn that the soil the ground, suffice in case of the the absence of water, you can perform drive illusion if you don't have water, or if you are if you are ill as mentioned in the verse read to you a while ago and this is whether you are performing evolution are you performing total and obligatory bath is the same thing. If you don't have water for either you can perform

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the drive evolution or you can perform at a moment

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Do we have any questions or should we move on to the following Hadith

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brother Mustapha performing exactly the work your hands first wash your face or hands with it's it's any as it states in the Hadith, you strike once the ground and

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This is a point that one should also pay attention to imagine you are on a mountainous area, and it's all rocks. Some people think that you should only hit the soil or sand, this is not true. Whatever is on the surface, you can use it. So aside, whatever is on the surface, so if you are in a mountainous area, if you are on a rocky ground, you can hit the rocks, strike the rocks, strike the soul, strike the grass,

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you don't have to take off the grass and you know, dig in and look for it don't have to do it, all you have to do is hit it, it's a symbolic thing. It's a symbolic thing, it doesn't have any water in it or something that you cover your body with no. And likewise, if a person was in a hospital, God forbid, he is hospitalized, and he's unable to go to the toilet to perform a dilution. And he has no one to serve him to bring him water, or he has something wrong with his body or you know, with all these tubes and gadgets connected to him, he cannot wash his self. So he may use the dry volution Tim, but he also does not have anyone to bring him anything so he can easily hit the bed, hit the

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pillow. If he can go to the to the to the walls, you can hit the walls of the room. And this is enough insufficient. Now whether to begin with the hands or with the face, it's all the same. See the wow is what will act when you say that and he wiped his palms and his face or wiped his face and his palms. It's the same thing. The thing is that you do this, you wipe your face you wipe your hands or the opposite. It's in Sharla the same thing and there is nothing according to what I know. That implies that you have to do it in this sequence. And Allah knows best. The following Hadith Hadith 111

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narrated by abnormal May Allah May Allah be pleased with them. Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to mom, meaning purifying with the soil consists of two strike things of the soil, one for the face, and one for the hands up to the elbows.

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Okay, this hadith is not authentic. So we should not elaborate a lot on it. Why is it authentic, the chain of narrators? It's weak. And the meaning also is weak because the other stronger and authentic hadith all say that you strike the floor or the ground How many times? Only once. So by adding another one, it has to be authentic? If it's not, then why should we do it? One would argue and say, why not? What would I lose if I strike the ground another time?

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Okay, what would you lose if you strike the ground? 10 times 10 times is better than two times? And why not 100 time? Islam tells you to do this. And it forbids you to increase or decrease? Because both sides are called innovation. bizarre. So you have to stick to the Quran and Sunnah. One would say yes, but it doesn't harm anyone It does. It does harm you. Because the minute you think that I may add something in religion, this is an accusation from your site to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam that he did not fulfill his mission, and he did not teach us everything. Why? Because you're adding to him. Which means that he didn't complete it. And whenever you say that, no, this is

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too much. I'm not gonna do it. Instead of praying for every shot, I'm gonna make it to why it's too long for aka, why why should I do it this way? Or Margaret mystery rockers. It's the only odd numbers in the five prayers. So either make it four, or take one and make it two. It's your choice. You could you could choose whatever. This is unacceptable. Because you're changing the religion of Allah azza wa jal, no innovation would be accepted. So it's only once that you strike the ground. It's the same thing when Satan comes to you

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or to someone else, but to you. When Satan comes to someone and tells them why only perform a volution three times for each part of your body. Why not make it to five, cleanliness is next to whatever they call it.

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Clean this is good. So let's do it. No, it's not good. You're not cleaning, you're performing a pollution. Keep this in your mind, when you're performing a pollution, you're not cleaning your body, you're following the instructions of Allah. And that is why if there's no water, you follow the instruction of Allah and strike the floor or the ground and dust your face and hands. So, you have to always keep in mind that only authentic hadith, we should follow an authentic week, we do not want to even look into them because they do not add any value to us unless and this is a specialty, a speciality of the scholars of Hadith, unless this brief or weak Hadith has another way,

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which makes both of them become Hasson and we don't want to go into details of this as it's a little bit of our line and leak.

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The following Hadith 112

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narrated by Abu Dhabi Allahu Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, The soil is a means of evolution for a Muslim believer, even if he does not find water for 10 years, but when he finds water, he should guard against disobeying Allah

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reported by all of us, okay, this is a hazard Hadith, so it's authentic. it's acceptable. Ahora brothers Zeki? Do you know what his real name is? You remember it? We mentioned that three, four programs 1020 programs ago, God knows when

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without cheating without referring to your notes. Does anybody know? problematic Abdullah man, I've been at del C. And those is one of the tribes of the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula. It's a part of the zolani tribe. And he he converted to Islam or reverted to Islam on the seventh year of hijra. On the day of highborn

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theonomy hybrid.

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He tells us that the prophets a lot of Salaam is showing and instructing us that

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Dr. allusion to your mum is exactly as good as evolution with water. So it's not something that is made for a while. It's a temporary thing, no, as long as you cannot use water, you may use it, the table, even if it's for 10 years. But once you find water, you have to stop and

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refrain from using the soil and use water and this is the Hadith that tells us so now, some scholars say that you have to perform to your mom forever prayer. Why they say that?

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Let me go back a little bit. Should I perform a solution for every prayer? rusty?

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Accept if you I mean, if you nullify Yeah, I would Oh, yeah. Okay, that's true. I don't have to perform a solution for every single prayer as long as my wobble my evolution is intact, and I did not do anything to nullify it then I may pray. Now, some scholars say to me is different. Why is that? They say the tam tam mom is a substitute to evolution. So it's not dependent independent by itself. Therefore, every single Salah we have to perform

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tm again until we find water is this authentic? Is it not authentic? This is what we will learn inshallah. After the post, so stay tuned, we will be right back, inshallah.

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Back to the Prophet.

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Join Sheikh Ahmad in the program back to the Prophet, wherein he teaches us practical lessons from the prophets life, and how this can help us to overcome our challenges in the present. We talk about the life example of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, seeking guidance for ourselves. In the early days after the revelation of the Holy Koran. The Muslims were greatly persecuted, so much so that quite a few Muslims had to leave Arabia and migrate to Africa to live among

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Christian people who follow the gospel of Christ.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome back. Brothers. Can you remind us again with the Hadith please

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narrated by Abu Rayo for the Allahu Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the swell is a means of ablution for the Muslim believer, even if he does not find water for 10 years, but when he finds water, he should guard against surveil and let it touch his skin.

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Okay, we start by saying that some scholars consider Tai Mo, as a substitute

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that is used when needed, but not as an alternative.

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Which means that you may use it only for this particular worship. So they say, if you want to pray, perform to em.

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But if you want to read the Quran perform gem to it again. And when the other prayer is being called for, then your previous gem is void automatically, you have to perform another term, this hadith or this verdict of scholars is not authentic. The authentic thing is that tm is actually it is an alternative when you don't have water and it fully substitutes, the absence of water, which means that if fudger prayer is being called for I performed to him, I pray fudger if I did not nullify my goodwill, or if I did not notify my purity,

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I may read the Quran, I may perform tawaf, I may even wait until it's lower prayer and pray, Lord would the same

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previously made tmo I don't have to do it again. And this could go on for 10 years. You can substitute it completely, and make tantalum in the absence of water or in the case that you made cannot use or touch.

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Water touches your skin, even if it was even if it were for 10 years as the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said

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in the following Hadith Hadith number 113. We have an extra bit of information, which is what happens if a person performs a demo.

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And then after five or 10 minutes after his spray has prayed after he has prayed he found water machine repeat

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the Salah again as long as he isn't still within the time boundaries. The second or the following prayer was not called for yet. So should I pray it again? Or the prayer that I've done is enough. This inshallah we will find the answer for and Hadith 113.

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Narrated by upsides of Hungary or the Allahu anhu two men set out on a journey. And when the time for solid meaning prayer came, they had no water, they performed to a moon, they performed a moon with clean Earth and prayed. Later on, they found water.

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Within the time of the prayer, one of the one of them repeated the prayer and ablution but the other did not repeat. Then they came to the messenger. Then they came to a loss messenger sallallahu wasallam and related the matter to him, addressing himself to the one who did not repeat. He said, you follow the Sunnah, and your prayer was sufficient for you. He said to the other who performed ablution and repeated for you, there is a double reward.

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Now this hadith

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shows us that if you put some effort, Allah will you reward you for that effort. But if you are lazy, and don't put any effort at all, Allah xojo will punish you for that. And you will have to repeat the worship you've done. Again, let me give you an example.

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A man goes to

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another country. He doesn't know where the Qibla is.

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So he looks around in his hotel room where he's living. And he thinks that this will look very nice

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Is there and he prays? Now, is this acceptable?

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Why is that, because he did not do any effort, then what should what should have he done,

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he should have gone downstairs and asked the receptionist where the Qibla is. And if he's in a non Muslim country, he should ask where the east or west is, so that he could determine where the Qibla is. Or he should have called the Islamic Center, and told them where he is and ask them to give him the directions. But

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or the least he could have done was to go out in the open, look at the sky tried to determine the directions by looking at the sun.

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But by not doing this, then his prayer is invalid. And he has to repeat the prayer again, even if he prayed 10 times he has to repeat them all again. Now, if a person does the effort,

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but he fails and achieving the objective and what he wanted.

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In the same scenario, a person goes to the hotel, he asks the receptionist, they tell them that the east is this way. So he calculates it and figures out that the Qibla is a little bit to the south. And he prays accordingly. And after a week or two, he discovers that the receptionist was wrong. And the ACE was this way, which meant that all the time that he had prayed was to the wrong direction. Must he repeat it again? The answer is no. Why is that? Because he did, or what he can do.

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And Allah azza wa jal

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tells us in the Quran, no matter where you face, your prayer will reach a large Xhosa. hygroma confirm Fallujah calm.

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And the east and west is for Allah subhanaw taala, providing you put some effort into it. But in the first scenario, the guy did not even care where the Qibla was, and he prayed in any direction. So this is unacceptable. Likewise,

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these are two men traveling.

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And they all

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perform Salah with Tmm. But after a while, like 510 minutes, they find water. So one of them say, well, I've already prayed, I shouldn't do it again. The other one said, well, as long as we are still within the prayer time, this prayer, we've done five or 10 minutes ago, should be void, and we should perform our pollution. As long as we have water and pray. The prophet SAW Selim told the first one who did not repeat the prayer, what you've done was correct. Because at the time, the only available source of purification was

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what's the mo?

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For the only available source of purification? What's the mo? Now after you prayed, and you did your best, whatever comes afterwards does not count. And the Prophet told the other one who performed a solution and gave the matter some thought and he figured out that this is the best thing to do. He told him that you will have your reward doubled.

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Because you've done this twice. you've prayed twice. Now the question is, I will Malik. If it happens to you, what would you do?

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Now would you choose the double reward?

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All depends on my situation. You know, it's the same situation since you're stranded in the desert. The prayer has been called for. You look for water and you don't find it. You perform to em and you pray and immediately after you finish prayer, if it rains, and there's this bucket next to you it's filled with water.

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Usually, you know, forever this aerosol probably know just pray that you know, not pray. So this is you know, the word. They're so shallow and clarified again, Fred again. Do we agree all?

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Let's take the vote of the United Nation. No, it's a genetic counseling. If we repeat, it's okay. Because it's based on the studies okay to decide if it's right. But if we feel tired, you know, we can just live it because it's, it's rice. Okay. Do you agree? Do you have the consensus of scholars or Mostafa maybe

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be doing the Sunday itself because the Prophet Muhammad SAW said, I'm told the first man, the first companion that what you have done as the son, so maybe it's not maybe. So it's definitely, definitely it's this is the right thing the prophet SAW Selim told the first one who did not pray, you did the right thing you did the sooner.

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And he told the other one who could not figure it out the sooner because he didn't, because if they both knew the sooner they would have followed it, right. But they, they didn't know everyone took his choice, hoping that this is the right thing. So the first one, he was, you know, he got lucky. He was the one following the lesson. The other one, on the other hand, was not following the sooner yet he was rewarded, because he didn't know the center and he put some effort into it. So if it if we were to be in their shoes, now, we do not repeat the the prayer once says, Okay, what happens if I do repeat the prayer, we will tell him that you have done something that conflicts with the

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sinner. And the Sunnah of the prophet SAW Selim is not to repeat it again. Now, this hadith tells us that or shows us how the companions of the Prophet so Salaam used to inquire about every single detail, because if it were, if we were in their shoes, we would have done it, then forgot it.

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I get questions from people asking me about events that took place. 10 years ago, I got a brother called and said, share 10 years ago, I performed Hajj, and I didn't do the following thing. So is it okay or not? And I've asked the brother

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were you in a coma? Or were you traveling in space or something? 10 years, it took you 10 years to ask the question, and I live next door to you. So

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I didn't think it was that important and, and he figured out that it's about time he asked the question about his hedge. And to his luck, his hedge was invalid. The thing he did, invalidated his hedge. And he only knew 10 years afterwards. The companions were not like this. Whenever they had a problem. Whenever they had something, they immediately went to the prophet and checked it out. Just to know exactly if it's okay or not, okay. And this is how we Muslims should behave. We have so many new things coming up, you know, transactions, finance, inventions, and we have to ask, inquire about our knowledge in order for us to know our Deen. I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for

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today's program. And until we meet next time to Manila, or Santa Maria come