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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah who Allah Allah, he was happy Jemaine

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we praise Allah subhanho wa Taala. We send blessings and salutations upon Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his household, his companions. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to bless them to bless every one of us, and to grant us every form of goodness. I mean, my beloved brothers and sisters, many times in life, we fail to progress, because we are stuck in the past. And this is not only true when it comes to our own faults and our own sins, but even with others, at times, it is in the best of your interests, to let go of something that looks like you cannot let it go. But in order for you to progress, you must let it go.

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Imagine a person who is owed 1000 rands and then, and obviously, if he is owed 1000, rands legitimately he can ask for it, he can pursue it. Legally, he can actually take up a lot in order to get it. But is it worth the drama? That's the question. Why should I pay 10,000 rands in order to get back 1000 rounds, one might say, well each to prove a point, you pay a price. To prove points. Remember that we as Muslims are taught that you must always weigh the pros and cons and allow the lesser of the two evils if you have no third option. Remember that. And this is something very interesting because many people are bogged down in life, they simply cannot move forward, you lost

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your job, you were fired unceremoniously, and you want to get back at your old boss, by that occupation that you've now engaged in of getting back to your old boss, you have stopped your eyes from looking ahead at jobs that are glaring you in your face, simply because you did not move on.

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It's okay, you're not the first person to lose your job. You're going through a tough time. Trust me, we've all been through tough times, it might last a year, it might last five years, it might last 10 years, but it will last longer. If you don't progress and you don't look at the future, shine your eyes and take a look at the glass in front of you. That shows you the whole road that you don't even want to walk on. We become lazy and sad simply because we've had something traumatic that happened in our lives, maybe a scare in our health, maybe a robbery we've had, maybe someone we've lost May Allah grant our loved ones Jelena. Or it could be anything else, my brothers, my sisters, I

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am here to tell you that it's not the end of the road, look up and move forward. If if at all, you want to look back, it should only be to learn a lesson. But not to get stuck in it in such a way that you don't move forward. Remember this. So the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam at the time of the victory of Mecca, which is a powerful example, he came into Makkah with an army of 10s of 1000s. And what happened? The people of Makkah who had harmed the Muslims, they had usurped their wealth they had abused them, they had killed many of them, and so on. Here comes Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam. And he asks them the famous question, or people of Quraysh, what do you think I'm

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going to do to you today? Imagine someone who's harmed to that degree, I don't even want to get into it, but it's very bad. And then here comes the messenger, with all the power saying, what do you think I'm going to do to you today? Imagine if a guy today from amongst us had to tell another who has killed from his family, or you set the wealth driven them out of their homes for years on end? And he comes one day powerfully? What do you think I'm going to do to you today? They looked at him and says you're a good man, the son of a good man. Oh, now suddenly I'm a good man. You see, all these years? I was not a good man. La La La quwata illa Allah, Allah Allah Allah him now he's they

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say, Well, you know we expect goodness. What would we expect? He says he has to move to LA no retribution today go You are free. I'm going to tell you what use Valley his solemn told his brothers, no retribution against you go you are free. Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar. If the Prophet sallallahu Sallam wanted he could have

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actually got every single one of them back every one of them. But no, there was a bigger picture. Let's move forward, let's progress. We have an honor to serve. We have families, we have relatives here, we have so much here. And you know what, a lot of these people are not Muslim by us, showing them the true teachings of Islam, they will enter the fold of Islam. And that's exactly what they did today. When people look at us, Muslims turned away from Islam, because they let down by us. May Allah not do that to us. Today, when people look at us, they are discouraged. Today we break relations of our families, ourselves. Here is the prophet SAW Selim saying, you know what, let's

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make peace move forward from today. Don't go back. He never ever looked back. As a result, it was considered true victory. What is the true victory? Domino back look forward? There is a lot to achieve. Yes, yes, yes, you need to understand if you are bitten from one angle, you will

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learn a lesson and not be bitten again, from the same angle again, but at the same time, you need to know just keep moving.

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I have a brother, very recent story, brother in Islam.

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He lost the job just before this COVID thing happened. And he told me my brother, I want to get back at this. These people I know a lot about them. And I really want to nail them. And I told him my brother, instead of nailing people, you'd rather concentrate on yourself by me mailing someone, it's not going to give me any goodness. Will it give you a job? No, you get a bad name. People won't want to employ you anyway. So what should I do? Look forward, make dua to Allah. ask Allah turn to Allah, He says, but I've been asking Allah for so many years for an increment, and instead he's given me the loss of a job. You see?

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Do you trust a loss plan? That's the question. Do you trust a loss plan you've been making do out for an increment for so long. And suddenly you lost the job. So you think look, I was doing the opposite. So Pamela, I just told him I said, Brother, you know what, consider this. If you're holding tight to a few coins with one hand, and Allah wants to give you two handfuls of gold coins, the first thing he needs to do is to make you open his hands so that these coins go or at least your hands are now open in the process. You might lose these coins, make your bed patients don't worry if the profits are our salon went through it, who are we we will go through even more.

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And he told me Well, that's the mantra that all of you guys utter. Whenever we are in difficulty. I said, Well, we are taught that and you must believe that be convinced. Don't ever leave a law at the time of your hardship. never blame Allah No way. Allah tells you clearly you have harm and evil it's not my doing. It's yours or man's doing more harm than fossa do feel bad about me Makassar bad eating. se ne yo D.

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Levy ami, Lu, La La whom yo g O, Allah makes it clear that all this chaos and corruption and all nonsense you see on Earth, it has become apparent because of the handiwork of mankind. You guys did it, not me. Allah says Don't blame me for the evil. People say why does Allah allow murder? who murdered? Was it not a human being? Why blame Allah for someone else's crimes? Well, then they might say, Well, what was the sin of the innocent child who was murdered, you say, you know what, Allah will give justice. But there was someone who murdered the child, it's human beings who committed that crime.

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The fact that Allah knew it in advance does not make him guilty of being merciless. When He is the Most Merciful. He says to us, I will provide for those who believe and those who don't believe that's what he says in the Quran. In this world, I will provide for those who believe, and those who don't believe the difference is those who believe will have the hereafter. Those who don't believe they won't have the hereafter because they don't believe in it.

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So I told us your brother, I said, Brother make dua

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and Allah will open your doors.

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And he says, Okay, you know what, I'm a Muslim, I've been doing do i'm not going to leave it. But please make dua that Allah strengthen me. Trust me. COVID took over, as you know, life changed, I hope temporarily. And you know, what, Subhana Allah, this man suddenly struck gold. He was at the right place at the right time. And there was one deal that he did. That was worth a lot. And it changed his life. It went through another and the third and the fourth and the fifth.

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And he tells me, please, please use me as an example, to tell people don't lose hope I almost gave up. I lost my job in such a bad way. But that was definitely what you were saying. That Allah is opening your

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Doors, Allah is opening your doors, I look forward instead, if I had gone back to nail my previous Boss, I would have still been in that.

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on that path, doing the same thing trying to nail and I would be busy with this losing money going to this one that one. But what I did is I focused on something that was right in front of me. And Allah subhanho wa Taala opened these doors. Why am I saying this? Today we're all going through struggles, all of us different levels of struggles.

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Remember my brothers and sisters, you're not alone. We're in it together. We all have challenges myself included. Learn to help one another. Learn to say a good word to one another. Learn to be focused, work hard. A day will come when you will smile.

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Even if it is two years, four years. Another example people going through divorce. Divorce is becoming like a trend. Like a trend you married. You go to ask the guy are you still married after two years? You say if he says yes yes you say Mashallah. Because you know, now it's like sort of not the norm anymore. The norm is like you married ours. Allah May Allah grant us ease. It's not bad to actually be divorced for the right reasons or to divorce for the right reasons. But when it becomes a trend it it is scary. We're not prepared to sacrifice for one another anymore. We're not prepared to forgive one another anymore. We want a perfect human being who's spotless without any weaknesses.

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That's what we're looking for. Well that you will only find in paradise if you ever get there may Allah grant us gender. No people say I'm going to get the perfect spouse in Gemini so how are you even gonna get to gender? That's a question How can you say that? You're supposed to give us hope I said that's a statement of hope. Because when you start thinking, gosh, am I really gonna get there? It will get you out for free. But if you didn't think of it that am I really going to get there. Well, I II yesterday, I had a question from someone a silly question. very silly question. Someone asked me, will we be allowed to steal in general? I mean, how far can your mind go to be honest with

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you? How far can your mind go Will you be allowed to kill in general and steal in general because if you can do anything they like Allah says you will be able to do anything. So I said the pure mind will never ever think in those lines on those lines in that direction. Never.

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My brothers and sisters, when divorce happens, it's not the end of the world.

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Not the end of the world. Perhaps it is a door for you to then get to someone else had you not been through your first relationship you would never have gotten to this much much better person that you subsequently got married to see I see a lot of people nodding here Mashallah. What's going on here guys? Allah grant us ease. Allah open our doors, but the moral is never give up. We go through challenges, we go through hardship. Let's look forward let's progress. people sit and say I'm going to fix this ex of mine. You know what? Just move on. By making someone else's life difficult. It's not going to make your life easy. Not at all. You want ease close a chapter open a new one. Let's

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move forward. Thank Allah beautiful relationship and that's more

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May Allah grant us goodness. So this is it. My brothers and sisters, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam met with Harley Davidson when he wrote the law and when he came to Medina, and he wanted to declare his Shahada, you know, Harley Davidson when he thought he Allahumma was

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he had caused a lot of damage against the Muslims, especially in offered he was well known.

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And so he says, on messenger sallallahu sallam, I've got a problem. The issue is, you know what I've done against Islam and the Muslims. I'm about to accept Islam, what's going to happen? He wants to know,

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as Allah teaches, the prophets of Salaam told him you're calling in Islam, Obama Kabbalah ohada. Islam will delete whatever happened. The bad that you did in the past, the same way Toba deletes the past. Also, if you were to revert or convert to Islam, your past bad is deleted. The good carries with

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you know, they say when you go for Hajj, you return as pure as the day you were born. Do you know in reality, it is even purer than that. Why? Because that purity is referring to sinlessness that's what he's referring to. It's not referring to zero on your slate. When the professor Sallam said as pure as the day you were born. He means no stones next to your name. He doesn't mean nothing next to your name. If he thinks of it is what about all the good I did before I went for Hutch. It remains you get the point. So the good remains the bad is formatted gone. This is something amazing.

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Whenever we talk of Hajj and Toba, we must remember, yes, it deletes but it doesn't make you you know, they say I'm starting on a clean page, you starting on a page that already has so much of goodness on it because not only is it clean but it's clean from sin. It's full of the goodness you did. Allah says if you changed your life, then we're going to bring back the bad or what oh, Allah says in the Quran if you change your life in LA and taba, Amina Amina Ramadan Salah, three conditions, you make Toba Toba means to return to Allah. What's the difference between ecfr and Toba? is still far is to ask Allah forgiveness is to return to Allah by changing your ways. That's

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the difference. doba is more loved by Allah because it is broader than is still far.

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is still far. I said Allah forgive me. Toba is now my life changed. That's the difference. So Allah says, Those who made that Toba they returned to me. Amen. And they believe they worked on their connection with Allah they believed that he man and thirdly, they did good deeds. Allah says we're going to bring back those bad deeds, and we're gonna convert them into good deeds on the scale simply because this person could have done the bad but they didn't because of their love of me and the connection with me. So Allah says because of that, I mean, look a person who is on intoxicants May Allah protect us and our offspring. A person on intoxicants who says, Oh ALLAH forgive me. And

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then the intoxicants are still available. But he says I'm not doing this anymore. Allah says we're gonna bring all of that back and converted you know why you only quit it for us. Nothing else you could have done it, you can still do it but you because you love us and you know, we said it wrong and you did not do it. We love that action so much we're going to show you Subhan Allah, that is Allah. So this is the type of relationship we must develop with Allah subhanho wa Taala and he will assist days come in our lives when my beloved brothers and sisters, we are so low that we feel where is Allah? Do you know that the messengers before us

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and the pious people before us? They used to ask Allah Allah when is your help going to come? Was Zulu hat Daya cooler Rasulullah levina Amano ma who Mata su LA, they were shaken they were tested left right and center until the messenger and the people around him.

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With him, they said when is the help of Allah. Allah says Be patient.

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Be patient, Allah help is near. Allah help is near. I remember sitting with one scholar and he said, Every dua is heard by Allah, every single day is heard by Allah, it's a matter of time for that to add to come and plug in. Some people, it's a few days, some people it's months, some people it's yours. Don't ever think that Allah did not accept you're never all of us. If you sit and think about some do as you've made in your life, that happened five years later, you happen 10 years later, but you don't realize it came it definitely came when the time was like that's a loss plan. Trust Allah. We were talking about gentlemen. Sometimes we tend to forget

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that we need to work towards gender, rather than arguing about what we're going to be getting in general. Like I say,

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look at the path, you can see it's there, you know, it's there. And you know, the destination is also punched in, you just follow the path. Don't worry about now when I get there, this when I get there that the other day, I took my children somewhere, and I punched it on the GPS. And we are following the GPS. It says turn left, it says turn right. It says continue. We did exactly that knowing in our hearts that you know at the end of the day, we're going to get there. And when we get there, we'll see what there is. There might be restrictions they might not they might not even let us in it might be closed, even though it says he's open because you know, times have changed, right?

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Well law he, our conviction in the GPS of Allah should be far stronger than that far stronger, don't worry what you're going to get, I would never bother about what exactly I'm going to get in general, what I am bothered about is for me to get there, that's all and that should be the case with all of us.

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worry about getting the the see even if you're the last person to enter gender, you should be excited. You should have made it so no matter where what

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I have little children asked me sometimes, you know if I'm in gender on one level, and another person is in general on another level, and I wish to meet them or they wish to meet me what will happen I said Allah will make it happen in a way that I can't explain to you but inshallah when

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We get there, we've just nod our heads and say, Hey, it happened, you see, I don't know. I just know it will happen. And I know that Allah can keep you in a certain way. You know, there's a very interesting

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Hadith that comes to my mind. Very interesting. It says, Whoever has had intoxicants, meaning that whoever has had the the intoxicating wines of the dunya will not be having the wines in general. Meaning say they're forgiven, and they change their lives and whatever. So now here comes a man who says, Hey, I had a bad life in the past, I used to drink and you know, now I've changed my life, and inshallah I'm looking forward to Jenna. But Why won't I have the alcohol meaning v. The wines, it's called wines. It's not intoxicating. The one in general is not intoxicating. Why want to have it in general, imagine it's gonna be something that I'm gonna want. And when I want it, and Allah is gonna

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say, No, doesn't it negate another, another verse of the Quran which says, once you get into general, you get what you want. So I said, the best explanation of that Allah is something simple. A lot removes from your entire system, even the thought of it, you wouldn't think of it. I mean, if you loved something, and you got into a place where there's some things billions of times better than that, would you even think of that you wouldn't even want it, it won't even cross your mind. Perhaps one day years later, in the dunya, we might think about in the archaea, Allah will occupy you with so much of goodness, it's not going to come again to the moral, the whole topic of today,

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to instill hope in the hearts of the people by telling them, don't get bogged down with the past, whether it's someone who did something to you, whether it's your own past, you need to look ahead, you need to move forward, and you need to understand, make the most of whatever Allah has given you.

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I end by telling you, my brothers, my sisters, those of us who have sinned against ourselves, and we have had a past or we have done something evil, turn to Allah before it is too late next week. We might not see some of us in the machine next week. In fact, next week is too far. You can have escaped at any time anything could happen.

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Don't lose hope in the mercy of Allah, you are good enough, you are definitely good enough.

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Just make amends, get up, stand up and move. Move forward. Get up for Salah. ask Allah for forgiveness if you falter once more, ask Allah forgiveness again. And again. And again. Don't give up. May Allah subhanho wa Taala bless every one of us. And grant us goodness, I pray that the next time we meet each other, we will be in a better condition.

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Today we are in a better condition than we were yesterday. hamdulillah please seek the forgiveness of Allah, I believe that there is definitely something wrong with us. That's what I believe. There is definitely something wrong with us. Imagine Makkah Medina, the massage and everything being affected in this way. We need to revisit our link with Allah.

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There is definitely something wrong with us and don't point the fingers at others. It's me. I need to help myself, improve myself. Life is so short. I have had a lot of people and I'm sure you may have whom I've known. Suddenly they know more. Where did they go back to Allah, it's a matter of a few days and you could go it would be a blessing to have started the day I died with fudger and a little recitation of the Quran and then with her if your death was written after the war, or then with us or if your death death was written after that and so on. May Allah bless every one of us in grant a strength, the ability to change the ability to help others at a time of need and the ability

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to continue on the path with hope until we meet with Allah subhanho wa Taala akuto kolyada sallallahu wasallam Allah Nabina Muhammad