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100 illa are salatu salam ala rasulillah

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Savio, Manitoba.

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salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome to lessons in film.

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We're still studying the chapter that deals with abortion, the obligatory bath, or the total bath that one takes after certain actions, or before certain forms of worship. And the Hadith we have before hand Hadeeth number 104. Although we've read it last time, but we did not have enough time to go through it. So we'll read it again.

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Narrated by Isha, may Allah be pleased with her whenever Allah's Messenger sallallahu Sallam to co hosts meaning a bath. After sexual intercourse, he would begin by washing his hands, then pour water with his right hand on his left hand and wash his sexual organ. He would then perform evolution and take some water and when he's wet fingers to the roots of his hair. Then he would pour three handfuls of water water on his head and pour water over the rest of his body and subsequently wash his feet agreed upon and the wording is Muslims, and Bukhari and Muslim reported from a Muna may Allah be pleased with her. Allah missions or Allah's Messenger sallallahu Sallam poured water over

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his private parts and wash them with his left hand. He then struck his hand against the earth, and other narration, he erupted. He's meaning his left hand with the surface soil. And in the end of this narration, then I brought him a towel, but he returned and began wiping off the water with his hands agreed upon.

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As you've heard, this is the description of Asia and maimunah, the wives of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam describing how the prophet SAW Selim used to take the total bath. And this is one of the reasons that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam married more than one. And as we know that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam died while he was married to nine. And Muslims are not allowed to exceed four wives. This is an exceptional case for the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and polygamy is not a new thing. It was there since the beginning of time. For example, the prophet David had a lot of wives, some say 1000. They, Prophet Solomon, we know that he had 100

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wives, and Abraham had two wives, Sarah and hajer, and so on. So this is the sooner of the messengers of Allah, that is a not a must, is not

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preferred to all individuals, depending on their status on their capability to tolerate depending on their financial and physical state. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was married to more than four, he was married to nine. And a lot of people talk about this in a negative sense, saying that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was a woman's man. And he used to go after women and this is completely not true, an unfair to the prophets on the loudest and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa alayhi wa sallam had one wife until he was 5050 years old.

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He had only one wife until he was 50 years old. And of course, one would argue and say, Well, if he was a woman's man, then he should have married more than one when he was 2025 30 years old. He was 40 years old, and in the midst, in the heights and peak of his manhood.

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Nevertheless, he had only one

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My wife, and that was

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meant to her while it may Allah be pleased with her. And when he married her, some stories say that he was 25 years old, and she was 40 years old. So after 25 years, when he was 50, she was 65 years old. Yet he was loyal to her sallallahu wasallam and did not marry anyone else. Why? Because he had this great love for her. When she died, the Prophet salla Selim married again and again. And if you look at the life story of all the wives of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, you will find that there was only one version of them all that was Isha, which may Allah be pleased with her. The others were not virgins. They were either widowed, or divorced, divorced. So, if a person would be labeled as a

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woman's man, he would not choose something that has been used before him. He would choose something that is fresh, something that is lucrative and nice to have. It wasn't the case with the profit that I saw some, most of the marriages that he met it managed, married sallallahu sallam, most of the marriages that he married, were of those

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in need. For example, hafsa but Omar, may Allah be pleased with her and with his with her father home with

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her husband died?

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And she was widowed. And Omar went to Earth man, and said to us, man,

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his companion, his friend, my daughter has been ordered. Would you like to marry her? I said, I don't feel like I don't feel like doing that. Thanks. I'm not in the mood of marrying. It's not something that you say. Would you like to have a sandwich? Well, I'll skip. No, it is something serious. But only brothers go to their brothers and and propose to them because they know them inside out. So Omar went again to abubaker and said abubaker

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hafsa has been murdered. So would you check it in marriage? So he said, No thanks.

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And then the Prophet sallallahu Sallam proposed to hafsa and she became his wife. Only then Abu Bakr came to Oman and said, Omar, I heard the Prophet sallallahu Sallam mentor her mentioned her name, otherwise, I would have accepted her for myself. But because the prophet SAW Selim, was mentioning her name, once in us, saying that, what happened with her, I heard she was a widow now and so on. So the Prophet married her, because she was a good woman. And because she was the daughter of his closest friend, Omar, and he also married the daughter of his closest friend, Abu Bakar. And he also married Salah Salem, a woman that's called Sophia, which haven which was a Jew, and was the daughter

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of the leader of a Jew tribe.

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Her husband and her father were executed because of treason. And they tried to wage war against the Prophet that is awesome. She converted to Islam. She came to the prophet SAW Selim, he honored her because she is now humiliated and feeling weak and vulnerable because of her loved ones are dead and her tribe have been scattered away. And he married her son in law to to sell them, and so on and on home cinema, for example. And this is not a topic but it's essential that we know our history of cinema, was the wife of our cinema. Instead of quizzes, this is how they call their people. You know, if you have a son, you are a boo. This example if you have a son named Bella, then you are

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Abdullah, your wife is Omar Abdullah, which is the mother of so Abu Salah was a great companion of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam. He was one of the first to migrate from Mecca to Medina. And he was the brother of the Prophet alayhi wa sallam because they had the same breastfeeding mother. So they all were brothers because of the milk when he died. This is an old woman, and she has children. He proposed to her in marriage. So she said, Prophet of Allah, I'm a very jealous woman. And I have kids. What What do you want of me? So the Prophet said that I selected them. As for your kids, I'll take them in and I'll sponsor them as for your jealousy of pray to the Almighty, that it's gone. And

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she married him. on and on. You have a moment that higher if you have this, you have that you have

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was his cousin, though she was married to Zaid agnihotra, who was his son, adopted son. And when Allah says, said that there was no adoption anymore, it's not permissible in Islam to adopt, meaning that you may or may not take a child, care for him and give him your name. No, you may adopt children, but don't call them after you.

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Because this is forbidden Islam, taking a child into your custody, feeding him teaching him taking care of him. This is an extremely splendid thing in Islam. The Prophet says that he who sponsors an orphan is with me on the Day of Judgment like this, and he joined the two fingers together. So this is a good job. So Jaden had that was, was adopted son in law of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and all of a sudden, this bond was cut, and there's no adoption in Islam. So, and he was married to Zane and Josh, the cousin of the Prophet, they didn't like each other. They didn't work. They didn't have any chemistry. They were all good people. But there was no there was no chemistry. Simple as that.

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She's an honored female, an honored lady from a very honored tribe from Mecca. zaidan haritha was a slave, bought by Hakeem hasm, the nephew of Khadija equated given to hottie geminoid, who gave him who gave them to the Prophet lysosome. And he adopted him he loved him so much he adopted me, he said that this is a no Mohammed. He's my son. And he gave him his cousin's Ada bent. Josh in marriage, she didn't want it, but the Prophet ported her to accept she accepted it. And they stayed together for a while, until they separated the profit new artists of that they will separate. And he kept on saying to date, stay with her. And he kept on saying to Xena stay with him. But then it was

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inevitable, they had to separate after separation, Allah ordered him that you must marry her. And he didn't want this the profitless because in the jelenia, she's considered to be her, his daughter in law. He is the wife of his son adopted son, but there's no adoption in Islam. So Allah wanted us to prove this, practically by the prophet marrying this woman that was married to his adopted son, and he married her salario, to send him and so on. So the wives of the Prophet that I selected him,

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were there to convey to us knowledge. Otherwise, we couldn't have now known this knowledge, we learned from the companions of the Prophet, our male companions, by them, narrating to us what the Prophet did, in the mosque, in the masjid, in the streets, where he used to sit with them whenever they traveled, but we don't know the private and real things that happened in his house. How did he sleep Salah Salah? How did he eat? How did he drink? How did he wash? What did he do when he wants to answer the call of nature? What the How did the Prophet Selim treat women when they had the monthly period? How did they, the prophet Isaiah said, it had intercourse with his wives, what

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things to say what things to avoid, this could not have been reported to us. Unless the Prophet had wives sallallahu alayhi wa sallam to convey to us this knowledge, and that is why Here we find Asia and maimunah May Allah be pleased with them, reporting to us how the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam performed ocean and in sha Allah, just right after the break, we will continue and explain the Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So stay tuned.

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Attention there. What about the North Korean nuclear program and the six party talks? How will the tension there affect a relationship between US and China? They did that clearly in 1923. And after a long discussion and negotiation, finally they stopped the program. will the world be able to stop this flow of secrets will affect international relations or whether they're simply you know basic known facts for most experts and most

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diplomats and with more there's more to come. It's information.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome back. Just before the break, we talked in so many issues. None of them were what were related to the Hadith we were talking about, which is awesome. So let's go back to it again. How do you Asia and Hadith maimunah, may Allah be pleased with them. They're describing how the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to perform warson the total and obligatory bath after sexual intercourse. And scholars say that there are two ways of performing ghosal because in Arabic, also means total death. So if one intends

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to perform, he dips himself in the sea, and comes out, providing that he has turned the water in his mouth and sniffed the water up to his nostrils and took it out again, then he is he has performed awesome. Now this is called Mosul. It's not the Sunni also, because the sooner we'll show you should follow the same sequence that the prophet SAW Selim did. But both of them

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does the job. They all do the job so you have no problem with doing any of them. Meaning, if you stand under the shower,

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curtain the water and wash yourself with the intention that you are removing the major impurity, sexual impurity, and you turn the water to your mouth, you make mama and Sasha synthol rinse your nose, then that's it, as long as you've covered the whole body. That's it. It's enough.

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Does wash washing your your body with soap

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is a prerequisite. Is it a must?

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No, it's not. What about washing your hair with shampoo? No, it's not a must.

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Also is just to cover your body with water and that is all this is the non Sunni most of this is accepted one and we will come to explain this sooner now. Mustafa if you jump in a swimming pool with the intention of was slowed down to the water now we have to understand that the prophets Allah wa sallam denied us from performing hostel in stagnant water.

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Now, if a swimming pool is a big swimming pool, he's talking like a Olympic side sized swimming pool, then it's okay because the amount of water suffice, which means that the water will not become impure. So if you jump into a swimming pool, now one would argue and say, well, there were kids before me. So you know what kids do in swimming pools. They feel the water warm and Sandy enjoy it. So So is it pure or not?

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It is pure as long as it hasn't changed its color. Or its order. Or its smell, order and smell as the same older striking color.

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And it's tasty. No cheating. No cheating next time. I'm gonna charge you guys.

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money wise. Okay.

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That's all so as long as the the it does not change the smell.

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The taste and the color does not change then it's okay. It's okay. Is this acceptable to you?

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Well, not comments, and few abstain. Thank god this is not the

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Security Council, we would have had a problem.

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I disagree.

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And let me explain. Though, we this gets us way back at the very beginning of the purity and the water. Let's assume that I am living in a house, an old house and I'm turning on the faucet and the water that comes comes yellowish with rust and dust.

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What's the color?

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Yellow? Can I perform a solution?

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As long as long as the water store I can hope that the color is yellow. You can see it. You can smell it. You can taste it.

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But it's fine. It's I'm not sure

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Walters, how would you know? You just said that if the color taste or odor changes, then you cannot use this. Oh, it changes with an adjuster. Thank you, thank you. And this is what was missing. It's very essential to be specific. And choose your words carefully when you talk, and terminologies and rules of Sharia. Because if you just say it without say, magetta, that any form of water that changes the color taste or odor, the smell, then it's it's unusable. And this is not true. This has been changed the color and the smell and the taste. It's not water anymore, but it was not changed by an adjuster, it was changed by a pure substance, so it's still pure. Now, in the case of swimming

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pools, big swimming pools, the water is still water, no matter how many kids peed in it, you're naked in it is a sip of water. Now the minute stinks. And you can you know smell uric acid or you can see that the color is completely transformed changed and this is a different story, because it was changed by an adjuster. Coming back to your question, dipping yourself in a pool or in the sea or in a large quantity of water, even if it was stagnant. It is okay providing you have the intention. And why do we say intention? Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that all deeds are governed by intention. So it all depends on how you What did you intend before dipping yourself

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in the pool? And I'll come back to this somewhere. I don't know when. But I'll come back to insha Allah again, going back to the Sunni author. How do I perform Mosul in a similar manner? Ayesha, may Allah be pleased with her explains. She said that the first thing that the prophet SAW Selim began with was what Pamela?

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will do? No, right. No.

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Have ablution No.

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Mustapha, watch the private part. Nope. wash his hand washing his hands, washing his hands. Now, why do I wash my hands?

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scholars say. Now remember, it is forbidden for us. If we wake up in the morning to put our hands in a bowl of water. Because we don't know where our hands spent the night to the oil spread that next to me yes next year. But where you may have touched something you might have done something. We don't want to elaborate on this. Now when you want to perform Walsall at the time of the Prophet, Elijah ceram, they didn't have faucets. They had buckets. So in order for him to wash, he should put his hands and take the water and wash. So the very first thing which is putting your water you're not sure that your water that your hands are pure, and that is why you have to pour water, wash

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them. Now you're clean, you can wash you can put your hands and this bucket and use the water is understood. Yes. Okay. So, washing your what your hand is in the case of the Prophet SSM, in our case, it's just turning on the faucet. Then he started with cleaning, washing his private Argan

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why is that to remove any filth or dirt on it?

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After intercourse, it's not clean. So you have to clean it and wash it so that you don't have to touch it again afterwards, because then you would nullify your whoodle. So the prophet SAW Selim did that. He washed it. What else did he do? He hit the struck the floor the soil with his hands. Why was that?

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Why was that? How

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you think? or something? No, wait, wait, don't wait to perform to mmm while you have water. How much? Is it because it takes the place of soap. Excellent. Excellent. That's that's the answer. Now after washing his organ, there is filth in his hand or something that is not clean. So they didn't have any soap at the time. So the sand or the soil does the job. So he struck the floor or the soil and washed it. So now he's ready to have the total bath. What did he do afterwards, he performed evolution to normal evolution. And we have two versions. One Version says that he completed the full evolution with the exception of the feet. He did not wash his feet

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And he delayed washing the feet until the very end of motion. And why is that, because at the very end, he should wash his feet before moving from the place he performed, so you don't know what will be in the floor. So he delayed that. And one virgin says, No, he completed the whole thing. So you have the choice, whether to complete the full ablution with washing your feet, or just simply delay washing your feet until you finish the whole obligatory bath. After that, what did the prophet SAW Selim do, he rubbed the skull

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of his head. So that to ensure that water reaches to the roots of the hair in his head, so this Robic process, you know, clears the way for water to reach the soil, or the skull of or the roots of the hair. And then he brought three hands full of water, and he put them on his head. And this ensured that the hair was soaked with water. So it's not enough just to rub on the surface. And that's it, you have to ensure that water has reached the roots of your hair. And then the prophet SAW Selim poured water on the right, the right areas of his body. And he then poured water on the left area of his body, ensuring that the water reaches every place in his on his body. And

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afterwards, he washed his feet. And that was it. This is the total bath.

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In one narration, as you remember, Ayesha mela, please with him with her brought him What?

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Come on, guys, we read the Hadith, we read it twice, bought him a tower, you have to try to think things over before, you know,

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the turn comes to you because I'm going to pinpoint to one of these days and say, You answered now, this not specifying any person in particular, she brought him a tower. And the prophet SAW Selim did this, meaning that he is drying himself without a towel. So some scholars say, as soon as you do not accept towels, and you just left, let yourself dry. And they start justifying This is good, because then the skin takes all the grease in it and the water helps cleaning it. Other scholars say this is something depending on the person, the prophet didn't want to use a towel then. So you cannot generalize this. You cannot say that, well, if the Prophet didn't use it, we shouldn't use it. No,

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he didn't instruct us not to use it. He simply didn't want to use it. So it's up to you whether you want to use a tower or not. It's completely up to you and the choice is yours. So this is the form or the way the Prophet alayhi salatu salam

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performed the ocean and whether you choose to follow the Sunnah, which is recommended, highly recommended, or you choose to just shower and take a total bath without any sequence or following the sooner is also acceptable, and there's nothing wrong in doing that. I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for today's program. So inshallah until we meet next time, Mandela was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh