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Shaykh Assim Al-Hakeem – Lessons in Fiqha – Episode 14


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The Prophet sallser used to conceal himself during public situations, like the use of shower to prevent bad visibility. The importance of humiberess and la KB in achieving Islam is emphasized, along with the use of words like La ilaha and the collage origin to describe the experience of death. The average age of people on earth is discussed, and the importance of la KB in achieving Islam is emphasized. The speaker emphasizes the need for humiberess and la KB in achieving Islam, while also discussing the weight of the Prophet's legs and the use of dunk and the consequences of it. The importance of protecting oneself from getting the punishment of the grave and the use of urine in punishment is also emphasized.

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hamdulillah salat wa salam o Baraka Abdi Nabina Muhammad while he was happy or monitor that we had the he was the inhibition that he laomi Dean Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hi and welcome to lessons in film. We're still studying the chapter that deals with the manners of answering the calls of nature. And the following Hadith will be read by

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Sophocles narrated by Ayesha, may Allah be pleased with her. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Whoever goes to relieve himself, he must conceal himself.

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Again, this falls in line with the previous hadiths we've read, and we talked about we discuss the issues related to them, and how the Prophet sallallahu wasallam himself used to conceal himself. Whenever he answered the call of nature, he used to go as far as possible until he disappeared from the sight of his companions. And likewise, one should do the same thing, at least, he should he should choose if he can, to be isolated, concealed from the sight and hearing of others. This is not possible when you are in public toilets, because it's shared by others. So you can only conceal yourself visibly, that is visually no one can see you, but hearing you then this is not in your hand

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or command. So it's okay it's permissible, but if you can go as far as possible, then this is also recommended. The following Hadith

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narrated by Isha, may Allah be pleased with her. Whenever the Prophet some of the lawyers came out from

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meaning place of answering the call of nature used to say ronak which means, oh, Allah grants me Your forgiveness. Now this hadith again, tells us there's another supplication.

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Let's see. Mustafa, do you remember? What should we say? What we should say? Whenever we enter the bathrooms, we should say, allow my narrow, we come in and hook your cupboards Is there any addition

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Bismillah Bismillah. One should say Bismillah. Of course, it's not one Hadith don't get things mixed up. Bismillah is a hadith and audible

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is another Hadith. But whenever we go in, we should apply both one Bismillah to protect our our from being seen by jinn. And one would say. So what would happen if it were to be seen by jinn, we don't want to get any bad things that they may cause us, or at least by giving us evil eye. And even if they would not harm us. No one would like others to see his private parts. Even if you don't, if you don't see them, you don't want them to see you

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owe the will.

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Of course this is this application you say when you enter. Now, this hadith tells us what you say when you exit after answering the call of nature after revealing yourself, what do you say you say well for Anak, Allah, I seek your

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forgiveness. I ask you for your forgiveness. And why is that? Simply because scholars say because Allah azza wa jal has blessed you by getting all these poisonous stuff and rotted material from your body. So your body becomes healthy because if they stay in your body, this would cause you to fall ill and die. So it's a blessing of Allah azza wa jal that he has relieved you from these poisonous materials. Likewise, when you exit the toilet, you keep this in your mind by showing your gratitude to Allah

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And you pray to Allah, Oh Allah. Similarly, as you have relieved my body from these poisonous matters and materials that would have killed me. So I asked you, I pray to you, that you forgive my sins that may cause for my punishment, and torture in hellfire. So it's a similar thing almost that you show your gratitude to Allah in every single thing. Likewise, if you see someone who is ill, or who is being tested by Allah azza wa jal, whether by poverty, or in his health, Allah azza wa jal is testing him. So the Prophet tells us, that we should supplicate and say hamdulillah All Praise be to Allah azza wa jal, a lady, if any Matera obey the one Allah azza wa jal, who has cured me who has

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saved me from being tested as he is being tested at the moment.

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Well for balani, Allah,

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Allah and made me better than a lot of his creator, creatures. And this is the fact if you someone, if you see someone that has a cold, and you are healthy and don't have this cold, you said hamdulillah they are fine. And our surgeon made me better than him because I'm healthier than he is. But if you have a cold, and someone else is unable to walk, he's paralyzed. You said Hamdulillah, Dr. Fanny, I can walk a lot. I'm sick, but I can walk he can't. And if you're paralyzed,

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but you see someone that is completely paralyzed from the neck down. Then you say a humbler, okay, I can't walk. But I have my hands to move and so on. And if you see someone that is even worse than this, if a person is completely paralyzed, he is grateful that Allah azza wa jal has granted him Islam. He Allah, grant him, granted him this blessing to say hamdulillah Subhana, Allah, Allahu Akbar, La Ilaha Illa. Allah, this by itself is a blessing of Allah, because you are in this shell, you are in this body for a maximum of 60 to 70 years. This is the average, the Prophet says is awesome. Our lives, the lives of my own, my nation, my followers,

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the age their ages, ranges between 60 and 70. And seldomly rarely, people pass this age 70. And this is true. So this is average, how long are you going to stay on this earth to be 60 to 70 years, and then what eternity either in heaven, whether in heaven or in hell, and we are planning and targeting heavens in sha Allah and Allah with his grace will grant us what we work hard, and what we wish and hope in achieving. Therefore, you'll find that

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all our lives

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are governed by supplications. When we enter the bathrooms when we go out to the bathrooms, when we wake up in the morning, when we ride our cars or whatever means of transportation, when we exit the houses when we enter our houses before we eat, after we eat before we intercourse,

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and so on and on and on before we enter a mosque. After exiting a mosque, all of these supplications are made to connect you with allies that will now compare someone that is always singing and chanting in his mind, and someone that is always supplicating and making Vicar of Allah azza wa jal.

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I know a lot of people that listen to music 24 hours a day, the minute there are in their cars, they turn on the CD, put on a cassette, turn on the FM music, and they enjoy their lives. So they think

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but if anything wrong happens to the CD player, they can't even drive. They can go for 1015 minutes without listening to something because they're already brainwashed and

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the Devil Satan has already controlled them. So without the music without the beat, they cannot live. Now, if anything were to happen to this man, God forbid, than any person listening to hard rock,

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heavy metal, rap music, r&b, whatever the lyrics is listening to

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their their feelings.

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They're not honorable, they don't tell you to do good things it tells you to fornicator tells you to kill it tells you to beat it tells you to swear, say bad words.

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And that is why the F, the four letter word is quite popular on people's

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mouth. They always use it, whatever they do. Now, if this person, though he's a Muslim, though he prays, but because he's 24 hours under the influence of these lyrics. And in this type of music, if this person were to have an accident, you know, an 18 Wheeler coming towards him, and he's driving, and it's inevitable it's going to hit him, and he's going to die. What do you expect him to say? La ilaha illAllah Yahuwah yom dramatis. grammatica stirreth. would you expect him to supplicate? Or would you expect him to swear and say what you know, and it starts swearing and cursing and, and he would die on this

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case and this in this situation.

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While the other fellow who used to supplicate and every single thing he does, when he goes out of the house, when he sits in his car, when he intercourse is with his wife, when he enters the bathroom goes comes out of the bathroom, and every single thing, even when he wears a new dress or new clothes, clothes, we put on a shirt or wears trousers, there's a supplication to say that when he looks at himself in the mirror, there's a supplication that he says that every single thing. If this person were to be in the same situation of the brothers, who was just hit by a hit and run 18 Wheeler, what do you think? He would say, once it comes to him?

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immediately. The only thing that jumps to his mind is the collage origin, the li li si which is the law, which means I seek refuge in You. So if he dies, he goes straight to heaven. Why? Because the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave us the good tiding that if a dying person, his final words were La ilaha illa Allah there is no God but Allah worthy of being worshipped. Then he will enter Paradise. So compare this brother, who spent his life watching movies, listening to music, trying to be a westernized person, and ended by being unable to say like a llama.

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Is it it's a shame, isn't it a waste of time, all of this, these years passed by for nothing. Because what ever ends, whatever situation your life ends in, this is the situation you are faced with. So if you send for 60 years, and the final year you been a good guy, then and you died doing good things, Allah forgive you. But the opposite is true. If you worship Allah 60 years, and the final year, you made us made sins like hell, and you died doing them, then Allah azza wa jal will punish you for that. And it's the choice is yours, whether to be a person that remembers Allah and make it all the time, or to be a person that enjoys himself for a short period of time and then

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being punished for a very, very long time. We have a short break. So please stay tuned, and we will be right back in Sharla.

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Questions that bother you? What about issues of concern to you? Would you like to share things on your mind with us? Are you interested in solutions based on Islamic perspective? Please join me live in meet your advisor every Friday at 9pm Mecca time here.

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Hello and welcome back. We move on from the headaches of Asia. May Allah be pleased with her to the headaches of a blue Mr. Road. And of course you all know who Elon Musk is.

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So please the brother

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narrated by evening Mr. Wood may Allah be pleased with him. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went out to answer the call of nature and asked me to bring three stones. I found two stones but did not find the third one. So I took a dry piece of dung and brought it to him. He took the two stones and threw away the dung and said, this is a failsafe. This is a filthy thing.

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This Hadith was reported by Buhari, Ahmed and Dora kootenay have the edition bring me something other than dung. Okay. Now, what's the first name of Mr. Abdullah of the law had been massaged, and usually take this as a rule of thumb, whenever you find in the second half Buhari,

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a chain of men. And then at the end it says, and Abdullah, the prophet said so and so and so whenever you find the name of the law alone, you pinpoint it and say, This is Abdullah bin Massoud because there are so many Abdullah bin so and so. But the Buhari whenever he mentions Abdullah then this is Evan Massaro, who else do we have from our companions that have the name of Abdullah? Mustafa Abdullah? Abdullah abnormal, even

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Emile hapa. Fadi.

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Let's pick another one. There are more than three four of the

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law Abdullah

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Abdullah murabaha he was the poet of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, the prophet had three poets. One of them is a beloved murabaha has sadly been sabot cab had been Malik. Okay, brother, Mohammed Abdullah.

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Excellent. Abdullah had been an admin Alas, now let's move on to the cousin of the Prophet, the very well known cousin of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam brothers Zeki cousin, cousin, his name is Abdullah,

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one of the great narrators on beloved novice, yes, Abdullah, and I bass, not the Allahumma. His father is the uncle of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and he narrated a lot of Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. Who else

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Abdullah is a bear Abdullah one. He is one of the greatest companions of the Prophet alayhi wa sallam, he was one of the first newborn to be born in Islam.

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His father was a better than the one of the great 10 that we're giving the good tidings of the Prophet has to be in paradise.

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And his grandmother was the aunt of the prophet Elisha Sam, as the barrel of worms mother was the aunt of the Prophet. So Sam, do you know her name?

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You don't know her name. This is a big problem, you should study your history. maimunah know my Mona was the wife of the Prophet, Sophia. Sophia was the aunt of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and our beloved is Bear's mother was the sister of law in law of the Prophet she was ismat meant Abby Bakker that in a tough time, so we have a full range of companions that are related and each and every one of them has stories, you know, to fill books with.

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You can learn from their generosity from the bravery from their

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honesty, integrity, and and from their love to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam Abdullah had been Miss wrote, our beloved Mr. roat, was known to be the servant of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, one among among so many. And he was known to be the one that usually carries

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the leather container for the profit to perform evolution. He used to be called so habitable, and this guy was thin. And I mean, then, once the prophet SAW Selim, asked him to get get him something from a tree, so he climbed the tree, and the military climbed the tree. The Companions looked at his legs, and they started laughing. You know, they were really toothpicks. You really like you know, acoustics? It's very thin and so they started mocking and laughing Look at his legs is just too thin. So the prophet SAW Selim looked at them and said, Are you wondering of the thinness of his legs, by God, they are heavier than the amount of hurt at the site of a large surgeon. So the profit

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is always correcting us, telling us Do not be deceived by

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Looks, always look in the inner things, don't be impressed by things that everybody else is impressed with. Look in the inner of the human being look at originally what is the weight at the sight of Allah. And eventually, this proved to be true, of course, because the prophets say that is the largest amount on the Battle of badger, where the head of the mushrikeen, the head of the non believers, the enemies of Allah was beheaded by this Shepherd, by this young, thin, small Companion of the Prophet is assigned by Abdullah and Miss road. And when they described to us how he beheaded him, it tells us that Abdullah came and saw Abuja, hell lying on the ground, and he climbed his

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you know, say the climb, this just gives you the impression that Buddha Hall was a mountain and this midget came up and climbed his chest and then beheaded him. Nevertheless, never mind going back to the Hadith, avian master road, our beloved Miss road, may Allah be pleased with him, we should study our ancestors, we should know them, we should know who their friends were, we should know who their parents were, which know how they lived, how they breathe, how they communicated, because they are the milestone that we should follow. They we benchmark them by trying to imitate whatever they do, because they are the perfect generation. Of course, no one is perfect, except the Prophet alayhi wa

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sallam. But still we try to imitate whatever good they had. And they had all the good that was in the world. So in this Hadith, it tells us that even Russia tells us that the prophets of Salaam instructed him to bring him three stones, because he wanted to answer the call of nature. So he went and found only two stones, and a dry piece of dung, which was of a donkey.

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So he brought it to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, thinking that it's all dry. It's all hard stuff, since so it should do. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam rejected this dried piece of dung and told him that this is filth, it's not pure, which means that you may not clean yourself with an impure substance. It has to be pure, in order for it to purify you.

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Which means that if a person uses

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toilet paper, to wipe himself, and then wants to use the same area that he used, which is used when it's filthy, it's not even any clean or acceptable. But if somebody says, Well, I have nothing else to use, I'm gonna use it. We say it does not clean. It's not permissible. Why? Because it's filthy. So whatever is filthy cannot be used to remove filth or the impurities. When one one difficulties or answers the call of nature.

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The following Hadith is to be read by Brother Mohammed

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greeted by Abu hurayrah May Allah be pleased with him, Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam for Buddhists to use a bone or dunk for its danger, which means screening the private policy and said these two things do not purify. Okay, now, we've gone through this before, but maybe to elaborate a bit, we may not use dunk and we may not use bones and the profit justified this AlLahi salatu salam by saying that dunk is the crops and

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the things that

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the animals have been consuming eat

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and the bones whatever bones that have met been the name of Allah has been mentioned on these are the food of our brethren, the jinn. So they may not they may or may not be used. Some scholars say there is another reason bones are known to have a very soft surface. So if you try to clean with them, nothing sticks to them. So you do not clean Unit Name, you may need to wipe like 50 or 60 times to get the area cleaned. And that is why it's not accepted. So if you bring any, any substance that has a soft surface, and you wipe with it and the filth in the dirt does not go out

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Then this is not possible for you to use you should use something with rough surfaces such as stones, wood, clothings, piece of cloth,

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toilet papers, and so on the following Hadith

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narrated by Abu huraira May Allah be pleased with him. Allah messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, beware of smearing yourself with urine, because it is the main cause of punishment in the grave.

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Now, this hadith was narrated by Abu hurayrah, may Allah be pleased with him, it talks about protecting yourself from

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the sprinkles of urine,

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protecting yourself from getting the smears of urine on your clothings. And this

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is very easy to understand. Once we know that the first thing one is going to be questioned about on the Day of Judgment is Friday.

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You missed don't miss. The first thing that one would be questioned about on the Day of Judgment is prayer prayer. Though there's another Hadith where the Prophet says as I'm the first thing to be judged, between people on the Day of Judgment is in blood. And the meaning of blood is that when people kill each other, so they're going to be judged accordingly. So how do we a join between these two hadiths? If you recall, do we say one was abrogated or throw one? No, no, we can join by saying that individually based an on individual basis, the first thing that one will be questioned about is prayer on community basis, on one to one basis. The first thing one is going to be judged over is

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the blood if he killed someone if he was killed by someone. Now, when we come to this Hadith, it clearly states that one should be careful about when he is urinating, that nothing comes back to him. But not nothing rebounds and

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stinks. His clothes, stains his clothes, or falls on his his clothes. Because then if he prays his prey would not be acceptable because it is filthy. It's not just and it tells us that there are there are people that are being punished in the grave. And the punishment punishment in the grave is not strictly for Muslims, but it's for every one. I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for today's program and until we meet next time, Family Law was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh