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this will Al Hamdulillah Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you. I'm your host. You're watching the deen show. And it's always, it's always exciting being back with you for another episode of the deen show. And we get people from all across the globe and they come in and they share their story with us. They talk to us and we want to know, why would they accept Islam? Why would they leave the religion of their forefathers of their great great grandfather's or their fathers or their mothers and accept this way of life, that a lot of times you get a lot of scrutiny for it, you know, you might not get invited to the VIP parties anymore. You might not get that VIP card anymore. You know

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what, you might even lose your job. You might even not have the same friends because they don't want to be friends with somebody who's a Muslim. But you end up gaining a whole new family of over 1.5 billion and you end up doing something that brings you peace and happiness in this life in paradise in the next. So without further ado, when we come back, we're going to be talking to Justin and we're going to hear his story on why he came to this beautiful way of life. He slaps it tight We'll be right back.

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Peace be with you, my brother Peace be with you. So now aleikum wa Alaykum Salaam? How's it going? Hum did Allah Justin, Eddie and the deen show? My pleasure? All right. All right. So, you know, we're talking about serious issues here, you know, we take a break from you know, all the other things that are out there, sports, football, basketball work, and we want to talk about these serious issues that are in the minds of the more serious people. Because death is a reality we're gonna die in this life is transitory, is passing is fleeting. So those people that are tuning in now and they're there, they, you know, they're they're sick of just all the other things that really

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aren't of much benefit. But this is a benefit talking about God talking about the Kree tour, and talking about this way of life that it just makes sense. And it made sense to you. That's why you became a Muslim. So we want to just talk about your history. And then we're going to come into why you decided to blond hair, blue eyes and you're a Muslim. You're not an Arab. You're Muslim. Yeah, you're American to her American, Texan, Texas.

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So talk to us a little about yourself. Well, I was born into Catholicism. And then, through my experience, I looked into that, and I became a Christian. And well, it was a great experience. You know, I got to I went to church every Sunday. And I prayed every night in the morning in the evening, and I read my Bible. And next thing, you know, I just,

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I started asking deeper questions. And I never could once find, you know, where Jesus peace be upon him said that I am God, or that he was going to heed him saying, I'm going to die for your sins. So and then at the same time, I was 18 1920. And I was living the life of that age group, I was having fun, I was chasing my desires. And I was sending, and I still felt guilty inside my heart. And it never made sense to me, somebody dies for my sins, but I still feel guilty. So then I got down on my knees and, and deep internally within me, I always knew that there was only one God. And I would always pray, God, guide me, and thank you for Jesus and never could understand anytime I talked to

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my grandma or my grandpa or somebody in my family, they couldn't fully explain the questions that I had to them. And so then, I mean 100 a law that means all praises to God. This this journey led me to Islam and I'm really excited to share it with how it came into Islam entered into my heart. Now if more people I'm sure we're more we're open minded many are many are seeking more substance to life, you know, they made a lot of money, some you know, lost the bank account, lost a wife lost a house lost a car. So you know, they come to a point they're like, all these material things. They're not just they're not doing it for me or someone has all the material things and still it's not doing

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it for me. So what made you At what point in your life were you like, okay, you just woke up and like, let me just get this Bible and start reading. You're in a hotel. They're all in the hotels. Did you start you know practicing Christianity before

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Were you were you? Did you have like an epiphany that something some Something happened in your life that you started to lead practice? Because you you were Catholic, then you went to Christianity. So before that, were you just chasing your desires? And then what led you to want to be a Christian? Well let me be a Christian was all my friends, I grew up with friendswood, Texas and all my friends were Christian and we'd go to church on Sunday, we go to a place called, you know, like a church camp. And, and I liked that lifestyle. I like the, the group, the team, the environment. And, you know, like you said, I was that guy, I was always making money, and I was doing well in business, I

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had a house, I had all the nice toys. And then it just, I just still didn't feel at peace inside my heart and soul, and all praises to God. Once again, some of my brothers, they started coming to me and saying, Justin, you gotta check this out. You gotta check this out. And we were having Bible studies, and we started asking each other questions and, and it really just took me being interested and me being sincere and me searching. Because if we're sincere, and we're searching, and then and then on top of that, we're trying to live the right life. And staying away from the you know, the bad things is called fitna or the trials, the bad things, by me doing the right things and being

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All praises to God, he led me to submitting to him. And Islam comes from the word peace, which means peacefully submit to the Creator. And if we're gonna worship something, I figured I might as well worship the Creator, instead of any of the creations. Yeah, that makes sense because Jesus peace be upon him. He was the creation of God, we love Jesus. I love Jesus in my heart. Yeah, but he's not God. Right? So we don't want to worship the creation of God. We want to worship who Jesus worship. Exactly. Who did who did Adam worship, he worship the Creator, okay, who didn't note No, or the creator? Who did Abraham worship the creator? Who did Moses worship the Creator, Did Jesus worship

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to worship the One God? I'm talking about? That's who we worship Muslims worship the Creator, because somebody stumped out there. You just they were coming along, they were going along with you, God, God, then when you said, Jesus, I want to say, who did Jesus words of Jesus that don't make sense, right? And who is Jesus praying to? Yeah, when Jesus was fasting in the desert, and the and the devil came to him and tempted him? Does the devil temp God? Does it make sense? Does God fast? No, not at all. No. So it made perfect sense to me. Jesus was a creation, one of the best profits ever made. And he worship God he submitted to God. He followed the first commandment just like

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Moses, and just like all the prior prophets, they follow the first commandment. And that's what Muslims do. Follow the commandments. This is amazing. Now, did you change your nationality when you became a Muslim? No, I'm I'm still American. Yeah, and I'm still got the same color skin. And you still say y'all, I still say y'all. I still you know, I go hunting and fishing and yeah, I'm still texting still good. Oh, boy. Good. Boy. But DB Ronnie. I love Biryani. Yeah, and all the good air food. But how about I mean, I was texting who was texting is like the you got Mexican food you've got I mean, we don't eat pork chops anymore. Okay, because it says in the Bible, you better not eat

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pork. So you know, we follow that. So my question is brother out there, you got to stop eating pork was the big change. Now what's the you know? What's the big deal? It's a big deal to worship others besides guys a big deal. I'll put you in Hellfire forever if you die on that. It's a serious matter, right. But now what's the big deal for someone looking at you just worshiping God? You know, you're not doing anything weird. Tell us you know a little bit. You know of what your day to day. lifestyle is like? Well, I, I wake up in the morning, I purify myself just like the other prophets did. And then I say my prayers. And then I like this. No, I get down on my hands and knees. I put my head on

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on the floor. And just like all the prophets didn't I mentioned in the Bible, that's exactly what they did. And then I have a moment to myself, I read, and then I go to work. This is what I love about it five times a day. I take five minutes out of my day, and prayed to the Creator, and none of the creations and I feel it. Deep internal peace is simple. And I still have my normal life. I get to hang out play football, play basketball. You know, I have a wife 100 lashes amazing girl all praises to God. And, and I feel very blessed. We're going to take a break. But it's exciting too, that your wife she also was a Christian. She accepted Islam. Is that correct? That's correct.

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Amazing. Amazing. We got so much to talk about. We'll be right back with Justin. For more here in a deep show. We'll be right back. We'll be learning you know, shame on you.

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Dino sweat off on an animal stepping me sled off on a non

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good deeds will find that good reads

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clear out your mind in your heart of hatred

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and preconceived notions racism and nationalism. Because you cannot have anything inside of you that like that against people and still be successful. We're

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back here on the deen show with my brother Justin.

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And we left off we're going to talk about we got so much to talk about Yeah. Now

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before we continue on, okay, you talked about your your wife, okay? She also is a convert she accepted Islam. And before I asked you about that, tell us for the people now, okay, you know, they're listening and they can relate. They're also confused about the Trinity about worshipping a man you know worshipping saints and idols and you know, Hail Mary give me 10 these say these thing God forgive you go to the priests and confession box these things just you know, God is the one who created you guys the one you pray to God is the one who forgives sins not a man not anything in the creation but the one God and this makes sense. No simple logical. But

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you heard a Peter Pepe King. You hear that gentlemen? They had some kind of hearings, and they were talking about moss masjids place that you know you go to to put your face on the ground the same way you describe Jesus putting his face on the ground and pray to God right. Now what did you experience being as a Muslim now? Do you feel because now you're you know, you're you're around Muslims. Do you feel that Islam now? Is this something that's promoting violence, that Islam is like what you see on TV that you know, it's about you know, radicalization now your Muslim next to you know, that you're going to be talking about, you know, jihad, you're going to be trying to blow up America and blow up

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this building in that building. And people are scared now. Oh, a Texan, you know, you rough and tough guns in the West.

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Now, you got one more, you know, loose cannon, right? What do you got to say to those people who are a little scared? Well, with without knowledge there with lack of knowledge, people obviously tend to be scared, like, right when I told my family, I became Muslim. They were like, you became a Muslim? Are you going to go blow up sons? And they said that? They literally said that at the dinner table. When you convert to Islam. I said, actually, Dad, I reverted back to Islam. And like a light bulb went off in the family's head. They're like, What do you mean, you reverted back to Islam? I said, Well, I was, we were all born worshipping the Creator, and none of the creations and I went back to

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just worshiping the Creator.

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And they were like, just dumbfounded. You should have saw their faces, all praises to God. Islam has brought me peace. First of all, we're all made out of energy, atoms, vibrations around when I put my head on the ground for the first time. And did the prayer with my head on the ground just like Jesus did, just like Moses did.

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I could feel my energy I could feel I don't know, maybe light I don't. I felt I felt peace. That's the best way to describe it. And no, it's not Islam, to attack people to hurt people to do any of that stuff. That's, that's just what you see. That's just what the TV is going to tell people. They're always going to attack the truth. You know that look at history. You know, one with brains one with ICSC just study history, and they've always attacked the truth. And what's the truth? monotheism? What's monotheism, worshiping one God, what's polytheism? worshipping multiple, and I choose to only worship one God. And that's what Islam is submitting to the one God. That's amazing,

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because that's so true. Throughout history, you'll see that these mighty messengers that were sent by God, they were calling the people away from idolatry from paganism away from that to pure monotheism. And it wasn't easy. Jesus peace be upon him. He got spit on. He got spanked he got hit. They tried to kill him. Right, right. And he was delivering the truth. He was calling people to worship God and people were opposed to that, you know? Yeah. So now you have the last and final messenger Muhammad peace be upon him who's doing this

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Same mission as Jesus and Moses and Noah and Abraham calling people to the same religion the same way. submit to God, do God's will. And this is what you're doing Islam. Yeah, that's what Islam is calling you to. It's, it really is all the prophets and simple they all worship God. And Jesus peace be upon him. He worship God. Yeah. Muhammad, peace be upon him. He worship God. And that's what Muslims do. We just worship God. And we do it five times a day, and it feels great. Okay, good for the Texans. And Canadians and all the other people watch this all around the globe. You don't have no bomb here. He's not strapped to him. No bomb. It's all good. As they say to her. Yeah, it's all

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good. No doubt. All right. Yeah. So we know this is silly. Islam doesn't teach any of these things. Islam is calling people to worship the one God and noble behavior, and doing good. Right. So you went also, and you did the fifth, you've already done that you establish the prayer five times a day. Yes. And now you also tell us about your experience. You went to Hodge man, you know, in the in the Old Testament, it says when you go to the valley of Baka, and to make your pilgrimage, so I saw that, but I didn't know how. And that's what I like about Islam is it teaches me that the how, well, where do I go? I went to Mecca, the Kaaba, the central location in the heart chakra. I went there.

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And I saw one point, there was actually 6 billion people there, I'm sorry, 6 million people there roughly. And there are why they were black, they were Asian. They were from all walks of life rich, they were poor, and they were all doing the same thing. They're all there just to worship God. And they're all they're trying to do good deeds, hand in water out, giving people dates, giving people food, you know, smiling, saying, peace be with you, a Salaam Alaikum. Peace be with you. And if you look in the Bible, peace, Jesus peace be upon him. That's how he greeted people, peace be with you. And that's what Islam is. When I went overseas, I saw it firsthand. I never, I've never in my life.

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I never was a crier. Like, I was always Mr. Tough Guy growing up in this society, with the culture and the music and the rap and the movies. And then when Islam entered in my heart, my family, my friends, they can also sense and feel the peace that I have. And I whenever I hear the call to prayer, whenever they make a call to prayer, I cried when I was over there. And whenever somebody beautiful who was praying, I cried just by hearing it. And I put the Quran in my mom's ear. It's like a prayer on Fourth of July, last Fourth of July. And I said, Mom, how does this make you feel? And she listened to it. And she literally my mom and my sister both same night, they both started

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crying, just hearing God's words from the Quran. And its peace going overseas and seeing that there's nothing that compares in my mind. And I just wish and I hope that God will open up the hearts of everybody to see and feel what I felt being able to go overseas. I took my brother Mohammed, he's the guy who kind of said, Hey, he started asking me the deeper questions in life, what's the purpose of life? Where are you going to go when you die? And I took 100 all praise to God. God allowed me to take him because all we are as tools that he all we are as tools were either being deceived, or being guided, and all praises of God that we've been guided. And I was able to

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take him and it's been the best thing that's ever happened to me. Tell us ensure before we go to break your wife also she's a reverted convert. She accepted Islam. What happened with this? This is great. My wife she, she was like a bible thumper like super Jesus Freak. And, and her friend decided she was going to become a Muslim. And she said to our friend, you can't become a Muslim. My wife is like, No, no, you can't become a Muslim. And her friend said, Okay, well prove me Why not? So my wife before I even knew this girl this three years ago, she starts looking into Islam and

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all praises of God with a sincere heart. God led her to submitting to him alone. And none of the creations she said that Islam she accepted Islam I'm law of things is the god We'll be right back with more here. We just didn't show don't go nowhere.

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I am not afraid to say

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I am not afraid.

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I'm not afraid.

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Back here on the deen show with Justin.

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A Texan you born in Texas. Yes.

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I was born in Texas born in Texas. Okay, let's just back it up a little bit for those people, you know, Donnie Bravo's Donnie Brasco is and, you know, the the women who are out there who are, you know, people who are living this life of debauchery, you know, just really just going from nightclub to party, you know, even even some people get a lot more sophisticated. So they might not want to go to the club, but you know, it's just more about the wine tasting and, you know, posh lifestyle and, you know, pretty,

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you know, just the glamour and the glitz and following all the celebrities and whatnot, you know, what do you do you have a chance to sit now that you found the truth, okay? And it wasn't something that you just, you know, you fill with this ghost and you hop in and jump in, and that it was something that you took a, you know, this is something that stimulated your mind, is it right, right? So now how do you communicate? Do you still have some friends who are in that lifestyle, you still try to communicate to them. So for those people who are out there who are still living that kind of like hedonistic lifestyle, they don't want to talk about anything left as girls boys into,

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you know, party and party and what, how do you communicate to them? Well, we're all going to die. that's inevitable. And we're all going to be judged. Let's say I'm totally wrong. Let's say I'm totally wrong. But at least I'm living a righteous life. And I'm doing good deeds, and I'm taking care of my family and my friends. Let's say I am right, and that there is only one God, which I know for a fact there is and that we are going to be judged. Then, I'm happy to be on this side. Because this is the path, the straight path, set out Thomas Sikkim, Guide us to the straight path, and all praises of God. You know, all it takes is a little sincerity. All it takes is asking yourself alone

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in your room on the ground.

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Asked ask the Creator, don't ask any creations. Ask God. That's what Allah means. Allah means the one God, the only God.

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Tell us also, now for the people like you had your wife present day, who was against that other sister looking into Islam. So a lot of people now when you mentioned Islam, like your parents did, oh, you're gonna blow something up now. Oh, you're a terrorist now. So people, they get nervous, they get scared to come out and even to see to go beyond this courage, finding the courage to move forward. So for the people that have many misconceptions, a lot of misconceptions, a lot of people fighting the truth. So for those people that think, okay, Islam oppresses women, Islam is about terrorism. Islam is, you know, backwards, barbaric. Now that you studied it, you've sat with

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scholars, you've sat with people, you know, and you've learned it, what do you have to say, for those people? We don't have so much time to go over. And we've covered a lot of this and other shows, what do you have for those people that might have this on their mind? Well, you know, just like Nike says, Just do it. And that's just what I did. Whenever I don't want to do it. I just do it. And my recommendation would be just to pray, you know, sit down and take a moment. Personally, I'm 24 years old. Eddie, I wish somebody would have told me about Islam A long time ago, because I've never felt this kind of peace. Period. Yeah, the end. Simple. Yeah. So any now Okay, you went

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to hij you're praying five times a day?

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Tell us a little bit more before we close how just you know, how's it benefit benefited your life and some of the other things that you know you do in life? So, people you know, Casey is not, it's not a big deal, being a Muslim is something that it's a big deal, because you got paradises store. It's the true way of life that one needs to live to please the Creator of the heavens there because if you're submitting to God, you're doing God's will. That's the way God's going to be pleased with you. And it's something that brings that when you have peace, happiness, contentment, not worshiping

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the creations, not living a paganistic lifestyle, just doing good and good defined by what God says is good. So now, you know we talked about prayer we talked about you did the hydrogen. What else I mean as your have your parents in your character get better? Yeah. Are you more you know, being more? Are you more conscious of God now? Yeah, absolutely. I was always kind of greedy, because I always had, you know, I wasn't making good money. I never really treated my folks the right way. My friends, you know, I don't know what they would have said to me back me back in the day. Now my I help my family with their bills, you know, they're struggling, I try to help them out. I try to do

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good deeds. And what I love about Islam is I always have got on my mind, whether I open the door for somebody, my intention is always in my heart. I say before I do a good deed. My intention is to please God. And that's what's important, Edie, just always trying to please God, and having that conscious of God at all times, knowing that I'm going to be judged. And you know, whether it be like somebody some a billboard on the side of the road or something on TV. Now, I'll cover my eyes whenever I see something that I shouldn't

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You know, we know we shouldn't be looking at and it feels good to do good. Because when you do good, what happens breeds good? it breeds good. Yeah. Well thank you very much for being with us, Justin, he's to be with you, Brother, please be with you. Thank you, thank you very much. And that was another person's story on how they came to the way of life that's not organized by man or men, but it's organized by the creator of men, by the creator of women, the one God, the God that Jesus worship, we're all gonna die. You heard our guests, give you some good advice, think about death. Think about that moment. When it's all over. It's finished. could put you gotta leave all the

00:25:39 --> 00:26:17

material things behind where you go. And when you die. Islam tells you the purpose of life, why you've been created. Islam tells you everything you need to do to be successful in this life. And Islam is not calling you to to hurt innocent men, women and children is not calling you to all these things that some people will try to pick King Pepe King will try to have you believe no, Islam is calling you to goodness and good breeds good and it's all built on the bedrock, the bedrock of worshipping the One God the same God that Jesus worship, that's the God that you worship nobody else. And if you want to read the verbatim Word of God is free. Give us a call one 800 662 Islam,

00:26:18 --> 00:26:21

and until next time, we'll see you at peace be unto you

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