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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam wa barakato

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know Bina Mohammed in Rada audio sabia Jemaine Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh Hi and welcome to lessons and Phil.

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We started last time

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with the manners related to answering the call of nature. And we have Hadith number 79 I presume who will be reading it?

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Exactly. Go ahead please.

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Narrated by Ernesto de lo, on who, whenever else Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam went to the Hala to answer the call of nature. I am a small boy used to carry a letter container full of water and a spear headed stick. And the meaning is the prophet will clean his private parts with the water. Okay, first of all, you have to pay attention. And I know you all do this, but it's just a reminder. Now, whenever you hear the name of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, you should pray on the Prophet salallahu alayhi wa sallam by saying peace and praise of Allah be upon him sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and this is not a thing that one gets tired of, because the more you

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say it, the closer you are to our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on the Day of Judgment, and he told us that those who do not prey on him whenever his name is mentioned, are one of the stingiest of all because a generous person pays money. And also, a generous person always preys on the profit, or gives his salute to the Prophet sallallahu EE wasallam. Now, this Hadith, this chapter that deals with the matters of answering the call of nature, we spoke about not allowing things that has the name of Allah to be entered into the laboratories or to be entered into the bathrooms while answering the call of nature, and we gave the justification towards that. We also talked about the

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supplication one says when he enters the lavatories, Mustafa

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which foot should I

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put forward whenever I enter a bathroom in the left foot, okay, so now because I'm doing something that is not honorable, I am relieving myself. Whenever I enter a bathroom, I use my left foot while entering and whenever I'm exiting, I use my right foot. So this is the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. Now, the Hadith tells us that

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had been a bass or it tells us that ns have been Malik the servant of the Prophet is of Ceylon, whenever the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam wanted to answer the call of nature

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and s and a young boy, another servant would accompany the Prophet sallallahu Sallam assist him in carrying this leather container that contained water and a short or small spearheaded stick. It's called panizza. And what is the use of Anisha the Prophet used to carry most of the time either to

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have the assistant of it, such as using it as a cane or to use it in anything else it becomes handy. Whenever you want to pray for example, you erect it in front of you so that nobody passes between you it becomes the border for your prayer area. And for many other reasons, it can be used

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While answering the call of nature, to hang your soap to hang a piece of cloth on it, so it becomes as a visor, it protects you from people gazing at you. So it has many uses. And now the water or the leather container contains water. And why does the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when answering the call of nature takes water with him islamically

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we, when we urinate, or defecate, we have to clean the pack, this nut jassa came out of this impurity came out of which is either which is your private parts. So whenever you urinate, or defecate, after finishing, you have to clean the area. So you can clean it through three ways. One, using

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a hard substance, such as stones,

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and 15th centuries ago, they didn't have toilet papers. So, they only had stones. And this is the first means that a way to click to play in oneself after answering the call of nature. The second type of form is by washing it with water.

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And the third type of form is doing both that is using a hard substance stone or toilet paper, then following it with washing it with water. And

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in this Hadith, it states that the prophet SAW Selim whenever answering the call of nature, used to wash his private parts with water this is called a stranger. using liquid is called a stranger using hard substances such as stones, toilet papers, wood, whatever, it is called a stigma. And this is not a sooner in the sense that you can pick it or leave it. It is a must.

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Because, as we've mentioned before, enable for in order for you to pray, you have to be a buyer

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and buyer is is divided into two main groups. Does anybody remember these groups? Two types bahara.

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The definition of bahara tells it tells us the meaning faddy, a major and a minor? No, this is one of the visions of one of the parts Muslim,

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spiritual, Shahada

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and physical taharah. Again, this is one part now pay attention to this. What does the halloumi

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islamically according to the Sharia law bahara means removing the filth

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and lifting the state of hidef. So it goes both ways, removing the impurities, the filth, that is you have to clean the area, you're preying on, you have to clean your clothings you have to clean your body. If any stain of impurities were to be on any of the three mentioned earlier, then your prayer is invalid. You have to pray it again. If the air you're preying on has an impurity,

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if there's a stain of urine on my clothings it's an adjuster if I have it on my bodies and the jassa this is

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lifting the impurities or the filth, removing the impurities and the filth and the other part is

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lifting the state of hidef whether it is major impurity or

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minor impurity. So going back, if you answer the call of nature, it is a must for you to clean your private parts, whether by washing it, sprinkling it with water, or whether by wiping the private parts with using something that is not

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not with a smooth surface. So that can we use for example glass, we cannot use glass because nothing sticks to it. So it has it doesn't do any any good for us. It has to have a hard and rough surface so that it would clean such as stones, toilet paper, cloth things, wood, whatever. So this has tells us that it is a must. And why is it a must because if you don't do this, then you're under

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Where your body would still be filthy and impure. And then this means that subsequently your prayer is not accepted.

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The following Hadith narrated by unmoving, Robin Sharma. May Allah be pleased with him. Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told me take the leather water container, he then went forward till he disappeared from me and then released himself.

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Again, this hadith

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follows the same sequence of the manners for answering the call of nature. And Molina shaba was one of the companions and the prophet SAW Selim requested that he brings him a water container, a leather water container. So he did so. And he knew that the prophet SAW Selim wanted to answer the call of nature, remember that they did not have bathrooms or toilets, they had to go as far as possible from the people. And this is exactly what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam did, he went as far as possible, he disappeared, Madeira could not see him, why, because this, this is one of the manners of answering the call of nature, that you do not do that in the presence of people.

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So that they would not find any bad smell. And they will not hear any noise coming out of you any sound coming out of you. And it shows you how polite the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam was, and how shy he was from showing these things to others. And this is how we should be. And maybe the word shy is not the proper a term to use, because shyness is usually associated with weakness. More likely, it's polite, you know, higher, is something that prevents you from doing things that are wrong or mis discredit you. And the profits that I sell him definitely was among the best and such

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good behavior and manner. And that is why he used to go away, far away until he disappeared. Now, if you compare this to how the people are answering the call of nature, nowadays, you'd find strange things happening. For example, if you go to a public toilet,

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there are these. I don't know what they call them, call them stools or whatever, where they urinate in while signing up. And everybody's doing it. And they're looking at each other, each other and say, Hi, how you doing? Oh, that's nice. This is awful. And what are they doing today? He's a man and I'm a man. So what's wrong in that this is unacceptable at all, one should preserve and keep his house. And what is the meaning of our there isn't any English word that describes or translates to our but it is the part of your body that no one is allowed to see except your wife. And for women, it's the same thing. It's the part of the body that no one is supposed to see except her relatives,

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not only the husband, but also her blood relatives such as the brothers and so on. And the issue of our is a big one. And this is not definitely the time to go into it. Nevertheless, we have a short break. So stay tuned.

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questions please.

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comment to that end to give me How can I answer listening to the repeat and after the more than is similarly highly recommended act of worship. So how does he reply to her This is what we'll call it an invalid analogy.

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Because simply there is no comparison between answering four out of five in any exam and skipping a furry elbow such as or a pillar such as a prayer.

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No one is exempt from crying except women during the menses sister um, Sarah also wants to know if a woman has to cover her feet when she spray the fall for perhaps, and hanifa or nanny crochet. The ghost representatives of the Federal schools are in agreement it is Hara.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome back.

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Before the break, we were talking about our and we said that our is the part of the body that is not supposed to be seen, except by your wife. And the part of the body of the woman that is not supposed to be seen, except by her blood relatives such as

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aunt, Aunt, okay, well, she's a female talking about males, brothers, brothers, fathers, sons, and so on, uncles and so on. Unfortunately, this has changed a lot in nowadays, if you go to the beaches, if you go to

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the clubs, you will find that nudity is prevailing in these places. Islam tells us You should preserve your our, you should contain it, you should not share it with others, it's not something that you show off with. Remember that Adam and Eve descended from Heavens from Jenna, when there I was exposed, because of eating from the

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forbidden fruit. And this is something that's common between those

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primitive people in the jungles of Africa.

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And those primitive people in the West, and East, they all share nudity. So if you go to the jungles of Africa, you see them nude, but they're primitive. Yet, if you go to nightclubs, if you go to strip bars, don't go to that. And if you go to a places in the West, you find them also nude, if you watch their fashion shows, and they try to show as much flesh as possible. And it tells you that the only one prevailing and the only one controlling this issue is shaitan, Satan, the police, he is he is the one controlling them and trying to get them off the right and correct path. Muslims are completely opposite to this. They are discreet, they are modest and honest. And they try to preserve

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themselves. And to keep that hour and not to show it to everybody or to anyone else. And that is why you have a very high rate of homosexuality. In the Western east, you have a very high rate of homosexuality because they show their flesh and accordingly, their sexual desire transforms from here to there, and it reaches stages that cannot be controlled. Islam does not allow this to happen. Unfortunately, we see this also in sports clubs, and shower rooms. It's very normal in a lot of countries to find men showering together, naked, nude completely. And this is completely out of the question. It's against Islam. And those who do this are considered to be weak Muslims and are

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considered to be not believers of Allah on the Day of Judgment. Women also are not allowed to expose themselves in front of other women. So women going to swimming pools or going to the beaches wearing bikinis or swimming suits, just because there are only women around her. This is not allowed in Islam. She should cover herself she wants to swim in a swimming pool in a club or whatever. She's allowed to do this she's allowed to do whatever she wants, providing no males are watching, providing that she's not exposing any of her hour. I think that this gives us a glimpse of how a Muslim should behave, and how Islam wants us to keep our integrity and modesty preserved at all

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times. The following Hadith

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narrated with over rhodiola one, Allah's Messenger sallallahu Sallam said, safeguard yourself from the two matters that can cause cursing that before the one who leaves himself on the people's pathways and under their places of shade, reported by Muslim again, this is one of the manners that one should follow. When urinating or defecating when

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you're answering the call of nature. Do not do this in anywhere. Do it in specific places, places that are far away from the passage way of people, and that are far away from their shade. And where are where do we usually find shade? under trees, under trees, next to buildings. So, the Prophet says, safeguard yourself Allahumma salli wa sallam, from the two things that cause cursing. First of all, is cursing.

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Preferred thing in Islam?

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No. Is it a preferred thing in Islam? No. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam told us that a believer does not curse. And there's not backbite

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and Lacey Mirabella, what

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are the person that talks about others? This is a believer.

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If you compare this to our current situation, you would find that the only thing we're good at doing is cursing and swearing. This is not a believers way of living. Now, nevertheless, the Prophet says I saw Sam safeguard yourself from being cursed. And how do I safeguard myself from being cursed? He says that if you answer the call of nature, and the passage way of people

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or in their shades under the a tree, if a person is passing by, and steps on, you're dropping on your

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things that you've done, you know, one to one, or one to two, or one, whatever you've done.

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The first thing that would rise to his mind is, God dammit, whoever did this, so it will go directly to you. And you deserve it. Because you've made his wave, filthy and dirty. You had the whole world for you to answer the call of nature. There, you only chose the passageway of people, you only chose the shade their shades, especially in summer, if you're traveling or if you're moving from one place to the other, and it's hot. And you would like to sit and rest for about 10 minutes and you pick up a tree, pick a tree and go to the shade to set and you'll find this guy has defecated in

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you curse that who did this. And this tells us that Islam tells you that you should keep cleanliness all the time. And it tells you to keep away from the things that harm people that may cause them to be disgusted or that may filth, their clothing or their bodies.

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Fadi, have a question. So when the Prophet took the water conditions, containing leather sauce on them, and the spear, he did, so he didn't. And he went away from the boy from the other companion. He was not hiding behind a tree or like how wasn't even seen like, well, if you if you can go underneath the tree. We don't know if he did it behind the tree or not, we know that he disappeared. So if he disappeared, this means that he went really far until they could not see him and you can hide. You can hide behind the rock behind the hill behind a place that is not related to is not necessarily a tree. And one reason for not allowing us to

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answer the call of nature under trees because sometimes trees are fruitful and you get fruits falling from a tree to the ground. And if it falls on the wrong place, nobody's gonna use it and then it's gonna be a waste of something that is valid and for us to use. Does this answer your question?

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Okay, we go on to the following Hadith

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narrated by jabber. May God be pleased with him. Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, When two people go together to relieve themselves, each one of them should conceal himself from the other. And do not talk for Allah detests that this hadith is not a strong Hadith, it's a weak Hadith. Yet, the meaning is correct in the sense that one of the matters of answering the call of nature is that you do not speak. Now you are in this position for a very short period of time. You want to relieve yourself and move on. But if you go on and start chatting to the one next to you

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You, this is not respectful, especially if he's next to you in these public toilets nowadays and he listens to what you do and you listen to what he does. And you start talking about finance, about politics and so on, though it's the right place to talk about politics, because politics thinks usually, but nevertheless, it's not permissible. It's not honorable for you to talk while answering the call of nature. Except in case that it's a necessity, such as if you are answering the call of nature. And one way or the other, you see, a child is about to fall from a building or a child is about to someone a blind man is about to fall into a well or harm what may happen to him, then you

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have to talk you have it's okay to speak. But when you are answering the call of nature and you the mobile rings, and you start communicating and sending SMS messages, you are not there to stay, you have to relieve yourself and leave as we said, a couple of programs ago.

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toilets and bathrooms are occupied by the devil's the jinn. And that is why we supplicate we say Bismillah to protect our our, from them. And we also say

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out the villa Mina hopes, what about if I seek refuge in Allah azza wa jal from the jinn, females and males. So it's not a proper for a Muslim to go and sit there and chit chat and read books or magazines like some people do. And it tells us that you should be discreet. Don't show yourself stay away as as far as possible from the eyes and hearing the sight and hearing of of people when you are answering the call of nature, one would argue and say, This is natural.

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And because it's natural, you should consider yourself. Now once a one in the presence of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, fast wind, and he made this sound. So the other companions left. And the prophet SAW Selim was very angry with him.

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He was very angry with them, not with him. What he did. Nobody does this intentionally, of course, unless he is a moron. But normal people don't do it intentionally. So it was a mistake and it popped out. But the companions laughing the Prophet was very angry with them. So he said, How can one of you How can you laugh out of something that everyone does? So what's what is the catch? Why are you guys laughing? You shouldn't be laughing. This is something one should conceal and hide from others. If it came to be visible or Audible, then you should not you should ignore it. You should not comment on it so that it would not make your personality down and would not make you a human like

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each other by doing this. I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for today's program. And until we meet next time fee Manila was Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.