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Assim Al-Hakeem
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the concept of nullification and the importance of intentions and belief in one's actions during the daytime of complaining. They emphasize the importance of praying and not just performing actions, as it is a fundamental step in evolution. The importance of belief in the church's teachings and praying at the right time during prayer is emphasized. The natural bleeding period is discussed, and men should perform evolution and learning to be a good Muslim to benefit others. The exclusivity of certain activities and the natural bleeding period are also discussed.
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hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa sallahu wa salam wa barakaatuh Vienna Mohammed ii wasabia Jemaine welcome to our program lessons in.

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Today, inshallah, we're going to start a new chapter of our book Blue almarhum. And this chapter has the title of the nullification of Moodle, now aka Alvarado, and as you know, anything you do, has pillars, and prerequisites for it to be correct and authentic. Yet at the same time, they are, there are things that if you do them, it nullifies it, and worships are of the same sort. For example, fasting, every one of us fasts, and there are prerequisites for your fasting to be correct. There are pillars, such as intention, such as not consuming food, or drink, or of the sort the things that you all know. But at the same time, there are things that nullifies your fasting, if you do them

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intentionally, if you eat or drink intentionally, during the daytime of Ramadan, then this nullifies your fast pilgrimage also shares the same thing, pillars and notifications. Islam itself shares the same thing. To be a Muslim, you have to do certain things such as to testify, you have to believe that there is only one God that is worthy of being worshipped. And he has no point partner La ilaha illallah wa de la sharika. And you have to testify that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is His Servant and Messenger, you have to follow him. You have to believe in what he says, in order for you to be a Muslim, and you have to pray. Now, there are things that nullifies your Islam, you could

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testify, you could believe, but you could also at the same time, do things that nullifies your Islam completely and you do not

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become or you're not considered to be a Muslim. For example, if a person testifies, prays fast, performance pilgrimage, but at the same time, he believes that a dead person in his grave has the power to grant him children has the power to grant him wealth has the power to prevent harm from happening to him. And that is why whenever he's in a problem, or trouble, he would say, all molana all Willy, so and so Oh, you pious person, he's calling a dead person. And he thinks that and believes that he can help him. Then this person, is there a Muslim by believing by doing this act, he has nullified his Islam and he has to purify his belief and religion. In believing that only

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Allah azza wa jal brings good and prevents harm. Likewise, if a person does not pray, though he is a believer, he says he claims but he does not pray at all. Not one single prayer. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, He who does not pray is not a Muslim. The only barrier The only difference between us and the non believers is prayer. So whoever abandons it is not considered to be a Muslim. Now, this is generally speaking, going back to our topic, the nullification of verbal evolution, is what we do before performing prayer, and we wash the lamps as we've described previously.

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there is a state

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That is not physical, it is a mental it is something that is not

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you cannot touch it.

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It is something that is considered to be a description that fall falls on one of us after doing certain things. Now that we have something that we call purity.

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Mustafa, can you explain what is the meaning of purity in Arabic. Ha ha ha ha. Now bahara means purity and cleanliness.

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Purity has two versions of it, major purity and minor purity. Now, if you reverse this, you have what we call high def headers in Arabic translates to an event, something that took place. And it's a form of ritual, whether it's sexual major sexual ritual, which is sexual impurity or the Cabal. And this happens when someone has an *, or a woman has her miseration then she is clean she takes at the time of menstruation she has an aqua, or after giving birth. While she's bleeding This is she's still in the fast this is a cabal.

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And we have something that is called hidef Azhar, which is a minor form of high def. And this takes place if someone nullifies his whoodle. So it's one of the two Either you are in the state of purity, which means that you have performed Waldo, and now you are pure to perform Salah you can pray or you are in the form of minor impurity, not sexual major minor impurity. And this is caused by one of the things that nullifies your evolution LFSR. Okay, now if I perform Doodle, I'm called to be tired and known to be pure, I have the purity in me because I have just performed evolution. What happens if I pass wind?

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Shame on you? Well, regardless, what happened if, if I do this, now people will say you are not pure to pray, which means that I have committed alhadeff Azhar the minor

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thing that is a description. Okay, Has anything changed in me? Can we recognize people with this form of impurity, whether it's major or minor? If I see someone walking in the streets, would I say he looks like he has the minor impurity had asthma? No, this one looks as if he's, he's okay. He just performed the blush, you cannot tell. So it's not something that is physical. It is something that is described on you. It's a description

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by giving you this introduction, now, you know, it is not something physical, which means that the things that nullifies your wobble are a handful of things we will mention them in sha Allah. And if it occurs, it means that you cannot pray you have to perform evolution, again. We will go in sha Allah, a step by step to mention the things that scholars have agreed upon, that they notify you and the things that they have different opinions regarding this topic and subject, the first Hadith

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narrated and this may Allah be pleased with him. The Companions of Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his lifetime, used to wait for a night prayer, so much so that their heads were lowered down by dozing they would then pray without performing evolution.

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Now, the first thing that nullifies whoodle

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in accordance to the companions, and the scholars is sleeping.

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And in this Hadith, ns tells us

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if you remember nor a seven

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and has been money, yes. And do you remember his mother's name? You forgot? Yeah, forget it.

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Fadi, almost.

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And this is, you know, a footnote. Do you know who she is? whose own surnames second husband.

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This husband of hers was a nun Muslim. And when he came and found out that her husband died and she was widowed, he wanted

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To marry her, so he proposed and she was a Muslim. And she told him that you're a non Muslim and I'm a Muslim woman, and you are a great man. But you're not Muslim. I can't marry a non Muslim. So my theory would be my mother would be that you convert to Islam, and I'm yours. in marriage, of course. So the guy went home, gave a matter of thought, and converted to Islam and became one of the best companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, his name is Abu talha Ansari, his voice was known to be in battles, very high and great, and he was always close to the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and there are so many stories about him and almost slain in the Sierra. But this is not our

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topic again. And as his explaining, is telling us how the people

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at the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam used to wait for prayer.

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Now, what prayer? Are they talking about?

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fudger prayer, is that correct?

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Isha prayer. Aisha prayer is the right answer. Now, all prayers, whether it's fudger, lower answer, or moderate, the best time to perform them is at the very beginning. After the event, with the exception of lower depending on the season, whether it's winter, or summer, because sometimes it is sooner to delay it a little bit. So it's not that hard for people. But for the harasser. And Margaret, the sooner is to pray, pray immediately, just after the event, give or take few minutes 510 15 Max, with the exception of Russia, the sooner is to delay Russia, until the first third of the night, or until the half, until it's midnight, of course, we mean midnight, not 12 o'clock. A

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lot of people think that midnight is 12 o'clock. Islamic midnight, is recognized is calculated by calculating the time from sunset, to the break of dawn. This is the night and then you break it. So if the sunsets at seven o'clock, and the dawn breaks at five o'clock, then we have 10 hours of night, half of them is five hours. At the five to the seven, it becomes 12 o'clock, this is midnight. But if you have Sunset at six, and you have dawn, at four, for example, you have 11 hours, that's five hours and a half, adding to six, this is 1130. This is midnight, it varies depending on the length of the night, and it's a short period. Now,

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at the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, people used to praise prayer, and used to value it. They used to go to the mosque after the event, which is approximately eight, nine o'clock, depending. And they used to wait for two to three hours, waiting for the Prophet alayhi salatu salam to come out and perform prayer.

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Now try to compare this with our lives. Now. If you enter any mosque, you will find people waiting, that even praying sooner and sitting down, they would come calculating that this is the time for karma. They would stand next to the oven.

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And Subhan Allah hamdulillah Hello. And maybe they cough.

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And maybe they do this and maybe they do that. Just trying to bring his attention that okay, it's karma time. And maybe some would challenge in the mosque. It's your karma time. Come on, come on, let's pray. And this is not the doing of the Prophet that is awesome. This is definitely not the doing of the companions. May Allah be pleased with them. They used to wait, reset or iron make Vicar makes application make anything that would draw them closer to Allah azza wa jal, they would wait three hours in the masjid to the extent that some of them would, you know,

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feel a bit dozy. You know, his head would fall a little bit but he would not fall asleep. To the extent that he does not know what's going on, he would just doze a little bit. So, the companions say that, or NSH, that this was the nature of the companions and how they reacted at the time of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, I believe that we have to break

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a short break and we will continue inshallah

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after this break, so stay tuned.

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Choose home he wins Subhana Allah for his mercy for his messenger ship for the revelation to be revealed. This is not for the human beings to make that decision. If a person would turn to our last panel to Alison Seeley, truthfully, asking for forgiveness, Allah subhanaw taala promised to forgive, we have as Muslims a duty and that is to recite the book of Allah, to ponder over the verses, the words of Allah Subhana Allah and to act according to the the mercy of Allah subhanho wa Taala encompasses everything, but it who would this mercy will be for, and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent to all mankind. So the oma are the people of the prophets of the largest. All

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Mankind since the time of the prophets, I send them till the Day of death. Why waste our life without getting to know every verse in the Quran? What Allah Subhana Allah wants from us.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome back to lessons in phip. Brother Fadi, Can you remind us with the Hadith again, please?

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narrated ns may Allah be pleased with him the companions of Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in his love and his lifetime used to wait for the night prayer, so much so that their heads were lowered down by dozing they would then pray without performing evolution. Okay, now, remember that the companions started the day, like really early, and not like how we started them. They start their days, at approximately three o'clock AM, four o'clock AM. And they go on until it's nighttime. So by the time they perform Asia, they really beat they just want to hit the sack you want to sleep. So as the saying that they're waiting for the prayer and their head falls out of drowsiness. They're

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sleepy. Yet, the prophet SAW Selim when he came out, he never told any of them go and perform whoodle which means that if a person folds in a very light, drowsiness, similar to this one, and he is sitting firmly on the ground, now, it's a different story when you're on the ground sitting is different when you're lying down. Because if you're sitting down, it's most likely that you will not release any gases, you will not pass wind. Because you're firmly sitting on the floor, though you're a little bit drowsy, and you may fall asleep, but your sleep is not so deep in the sense that if someone tells you, hey, you immediately recognize what he's saying to you, you pay attention if he

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tries to put his hand in your pocket you are aware of that. So scholars say that similar forms of sleep is not considered to be a nullification of whoodle nullification of Waldo is the deep sleep, the sleep that you do not know what happens to you, where your hand may be what may come out of you without you're feeling it, then this they considered to be a cause a major cause of nullification of Moodle and that is why it is the sooner and it is obligatory for any one of us that falls asleep. And I mean sleep that when he wakes up he has to perform evolution.

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Brother, Fadi

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I once read a hadith that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went into a stage of deep sleep, and the companions or the narrator heard his heartbeat. He's like him snoring. And then he stood up and performed prayer without evolution. Is this correct? Now this hadith was narrated by Ayesha, his wife, Minnie, and she said that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam went to sleep until he snored. He blowed air, snoring. This means his deep sleep, and he woke up and went to prayer without performing model. So she said, Prophet sallallahu sallam, you slept until I heard you snoring. And then you went for prayer.

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Without performing Whoo, what is this? So can we do the same, you are our idol we follow what you do. So the Prophet said, My eyes are asleep, but my heart doesn't.

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This is a special thing for the profit is awesome, which means that though he is physically asleep, His heart is still awake, which means that he knows what happens if he anything has had happened to him. And he the Prophet Garza has the ark, Angel Gabriel dubray, gibreel, Allah, his salon peace be upon him, with him to tell him that if anything wrong, took place, or happen, so this is something of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, this is a special thing for the Prophet, as it's special for him to do certain things. For example, it is forbidden for us to continue fasting.

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It's forbidden for us to go too fast, two or three days continuously without breaking them. The Prophet on the other hand, used to fast 10 days, 15 days without breaking it. And they used to say, you deny us the companions you say, you deny us from doing this and you do it? How's that? You tell us do not continue fasting without breaking it, but you do it? Why is that? He said I'm different than you. I stay at my lords site. Allah zation feeds me and nourishes me, you to a Mooney where steam. So I'm not like you I don't need food in that sense. Because Allah azza wa jal provides me with the power that I need. So there are things that the prophet SAW Selim is unique in them, and we

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do not share the same verdict with him. So this,

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of course, is the case with Asia prayer, with the drowsiness that may occur, and this occurs a lot in Friday prayer. Those who go early for Friday Prayer like 10 o'clock, nine o'clock. Does anybody go at nine o'clock? The sooner is to go at the very early morning. Like after fetcher. Fine, you stay six hours in the mosque. You're crazy. No, I'm not crazy. This is the sinner. If you want the reward, you have to work hard for it. Now you got to go to the mosque to the masjid on Friday morning, for staying there for three, four hours. What will you do? What do you think about the latest songs, rap music, movies and chatting and surfing the net? Or you're going to think of the

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hereafter how to be a good Muslim, how to benefit people how to be kind to others how to recite the Quran to make supplication to feel humble and to feel the submissiveness before Allah azza wa jal, it adds value to you. But a lot of people go early like 10 o'clock, 11 o'clock, and after half an hour, Trayvon comes, Satan comes to them and starts whispering in their ears and you're sleepy, you feeling drowsy, you're bored and start yawning and doing this and that. Now, this is from shaytan.

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And what however, it happens to you as long as you're sitting firmly, and your head nods a bit and you wake up and your Woods is okay. But it is recommended that you go and perform a fresh evolution of fresh water so that you are awake, and you're fresh to hear the speech and

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the following Hadith

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narrated Aisha radiallahu anha Fatima bint Abu Zubaydah came to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam and said, O Messenger of Allah, I'm a woman whose blood keeps flowing, even after the menstruation period. I'm never purified should idea for stop rang. He The Prophet said no for that is only event and is not an institution. So when the institution cans abstain from prayers, and when it ends, wash the blood from yourself and then pray.

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Now, menstruation is something that Allah azza wa jal

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made it as natural to females. So, and that is why the prophet SAW Selim when he entered once to Ayesha, and he finally found her crying so what's wrong? She said, I have this bleeding. So this is something that Allah azza wa jal

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has written on all females. So this is natural. It's normal for all

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Females for all women, when they reach the age of puberty to have this monthly period. So it's not nothing to be ashamed or afraid of. It's something that is natural Allah azza wa jal has put it up and wrote it on all females. So far team I've been trubbish was a companion that had this continuous bleeding. It didn't stop. Usually, demonstration is between six to seven days a month, a lunar month that is.

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And Fatima came, and she was puzzled. Now she knows that when menstruation is there, she should not pray at all.

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And it is forbidden for a woman in her monthly period to pray. It's forbidden. It's not unexpected. But she keeps on saying this blood. So what she What is she supposed to do? So the Prophet told her that and we will come to this inshallah on a later chapter of menstruation. But the Prophet told her I said that this is not one month menstruation, it is a vein

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that is breathing. So you try to recognize your menstruation, which is six to seven days, you can tell by the smell, you can tell by the color, you can tell by the back pains and that accompanies women know this.

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And he told her that if the administration comes, stop praying, but if it doesn't, so if it's only this normal bleeding of the vein, then you should wash and then you should perform, perform absolution. And from this Hadith, we understand that

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whatever comes out of the proper private parts, again, whatever comes out of your private part nullifies you would automatically

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had whether it's a urine defect indicating your miseration.

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Scholars sometimes give the example of stones even if a stone comes out.

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It nullifies your water. And from this Hadith, we know that you have to perform whoodle when anything comes out of the private parts, whether it's blood, whether it's jury, whether it's a movie with his body, and we will come to explain this in Sharla on a later stage. So to wrap things up, whatever comes out the private parts nullifies agudo. And you have to perform will do again. And this hadith tells us how interested the companions are, in knowing their knowledge and knowing Islam. She went out she's a female, to this prophet of Allah azza wa jal. And of course, she felt shy asking these questions, but sometimes you have to break this China's. So in order to get

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knowledge, she asked the Prophet ISIS because she wanted to know the verdict on the most important thing in her life, which is prayer, and we should also follow suit to learn our religion. I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for today's program. And until we meet next time, cmit Allah wa Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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