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Assim Al-Hakeem
AI: Summary © The negative impact of people's actions on their health and bodies is discussed, including the importance of following the Prophet's actions and following the user's instructions. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of respecting and respecting one's partner's privacy and not touching a woman without a desire. The speaker discusses the history of the Prophet's stance on Islam, including his leading role as a companions who use their appearance to gain political support, and the importance of finding one's own resolution to one's life and avoiding one's doubt becoming a habit.
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hamdulillah salatu salam ala rasulillah. The brothers and sisters, welcome to lessons in film. And today inshallah we're still talking in the chapter of nullification of evolution of whoodle

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Hadith that we have now is 64. And brother Mustapha, will read it for us please

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narrated Allie when Abby polyp may Allah be pleased with him, I was one who's Medi flow deadly and asked Michael dead to ask the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam about it. He said one should perform evolution in this case.

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Okay, now what is maybe

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metal is pretty similar discharge, it's a fluid that comes from the private part after intimacy, sexual intimacy, if someone sees something, watches something and makes his sexual desire arouse, then he would probably have this form of discharge and scholars say

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this charges are divided into four categories. And as we stated earlier, that all these charges are notification notifications of mobile, anything that is discharged from the private parts, little vacates a person's will, there is urine.

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And there is what we call Medi

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urine is known to all so there is no need to describe it. Maddie is a sticky, thin, white fluid that usually comes out after intimacy

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or after watching something that makes a sexual desire

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Thirdly, we have something that is called Wadi WA di yt. And what is a thin, yellowish fluid that usually is discharged in cold areas when it's freezing, or when someone carries something that is a little bit heavy, it comes out. And again, this is

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one of the things that nullifies your wardrobe. And finally, the fourth thing is * and many

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which is the origin of mankind.

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And by discharging it,

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a person is in the state of sexual impurity, he is not enough it does not only nullify your model, no, it requires that you perform a total bath whenever it is discharged, whether it's discharged, charged, while sleeping, or through *.

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This Hadith is narrated by

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Ali, even Abby pilot, the cousin of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa salam, and at the same time, the son in law of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, his wife was Fatima bint Mohammed, may Allah be pleased with her.

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And if you notice that I did not ask the messenger sallallahu wasallam directly. He asked, I'll make that to ask the Prophet as if it's from the dead himself. Why was that?

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Because he was embarrassed. He was shy to ask the Prophet alayhi wa sallam. And by the way, a person who has this messy discharge is considered to be physically strong because it's a sign of fertility as

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Sine of productivity. So he was an earlier was, of course one of the strongest men around at the time, when he died, he had four wives, and nine, mates, nine slaves.

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Heidi, may Allah be pleased with him, was embarrassed to ask the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, because he is the father of his wife.

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Had he been someone else, it would have been easier for him to ask, as he said, as he asked that, may Allah be pleased to them to convey his question, but not to report it through him. And this tells us how we should treat our in laws. If a person has a wife, he should be very discreet with her parents, with her brothers and sisters, he should not disclose these intimate and private things, he should not also

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be harsh on her in front of them, he should not complain all the time in front of them. And we always face lots of problems similar to this, we always get complaints from sisters, complaining that their husbands

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abused them and mistreat them in front of their parents. And this gets the parents depressed. If you were a parent, and you saw that your son in law, treating your daughter in a bad way, you wouldn't feel good about it. But your hands are tied, you can do anything else, because you don't want to destroy your daughter's marriage. So this is a lesson that we should all learn. When we treat and deal with our wives.

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We have our differences. Yes. But whenever their parents whenever her parents are present, whenever her brothers are present, I should always respect her, and try to show how much I love her though I this may not be the case that I love her that much. But I have to pretend so that I would make them feel happy about it. Remember that the Father gave you the most precious thing in his life, his daughter, he gave her to you in marriage. So as a token of goodwill, you should not return this gift by abusing or miss treating his daughter, you should honor her. Coming back again. We come to the description of Allah, may Allah be pleased with him. He's asking

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that to ask the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, what is the case? Should I perform total bath? The answer was no. All what you have to do is perform evolution.

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The dispute among scholars, some of the scholars say that the Prophet did not order him to wash his private parts. He did not order him to wash his underwear.

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But in other versions, the auditor was there to wash his private parts. And that is why they have different opinion. Some say you don't have to wash, all you have to do is perform evolution and whatever was discharged, it's pure. The authentic verdict is in accordance to the Hadith, that the Prophet says you have to wash your private private parts. And this is the natural and logical thing, that this is a discharge. And we've stated that discharge any discharge is nudges and

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nullify your order with the exception of many and we will come to explain this in Sharla many is not not just but we will come to explain this in following headings Sharla but all that comes out nullifies your mobile notifies your evolution you have to perform mobile again.

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And if this melody is in contact with any of your underwear of your body, you have to also wash this so that you will be able to pray again.

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If we don't have any questions, I think we should move on to the following Hadith.

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Narrated Isaiah radi Allahu Allah, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam kissed one of his wives and went to pray without performing for us ablution now this hadith is disputed upon some of the scholars say that it is not authentic but it is inshallah authentic as authenticated by

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Imam Advani.

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May Allah have mercy on his soul. The omo momineen, the wife of the Prophet, tells us that the Prophet alayhi salatu salam may have kissed one of his wives and went to prayer without performing revolution. Okay, what's the reason behind bringing this hadith? It's simple. The Shafi school states that if you touch a woman, whether a relative, a Muslim or a non Muslim, you are automatically have nullified your womb. And the reason behind this is their understanding for a verse of a verse in the Quran, which says Allah master Melissa, and Lama stone can mean to touch and also can mean to have *. So a member of Shafi may Allah have mercy on his soul, may Allah

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be pleased with him, one of the leaders, the Imams of the four schools of thought in Islam,

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can we have Hamad Akbar Can you please tell me what are the four schools of thought and Islam?

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Do you know

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nor mount Shafi? Well, can you bring them by time sequence? Firstly, Abu hanifa Abu hanifa nama Eva Malik Malik of Nana's

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Lima sheffey. Mohammed bin Idris Shafi and finally And finally, I've been humbled, Hamad bin Hamad even humble may Allah have mercy on them all. They are all the four schools, the major four schools of thought in Islam, Abu hanifa Imam Shafi said that anytime you touch a female, then your motto is nullified.

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Whether accidental or intentional, and this had the states that it does not nullify your model. And the scholars have different opinions. Some of them say, Well, it depends. If you touch a female with desire, then it modifies your widow. If you touch her without a desire, then it's okay. And the authentic

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verdict is that if you touch a female with desire, and she's a mom to a wife, then this is okay. And does not notify you. If you touch a stranger, a foreigner to you, an unmarried woman with desire, your widow is still intact, but you have committed a major sin. This is a sin, shaking, hands touching. This is a sin because she's not related to you. And if you touch a stranger or a non stranger, without any sexual intention, then your will do is still intact. And when does Waldo becomes nullified, if something comes out. If a discharge comes out, then this notifies your world whether it's with touching with a desire or without a desire, whether you're touching a relative to

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you a Muslim, or a non Muslim to you. This is the most authentic opinion of all scholars and the Hadith backs it up. You don't kiss your wife without a desire. So the Prophet kissed his wives and prayed without performing evolution. We have a short break. So stay tuned and we will be right back in Sharla.

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Welcome back. The following Hadith brother Fadi inshallah will read it for us.

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Narrated Abu hurayrah May Allah be pleased with him. Allah messenger sallallahu Sallam said, if one of you feels disturbance in his stomach and doubts whether he has released an error or not, then you should not leave the mosque unless he hears it sounds or smells its odor.

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Abu hurayrah May Allah be pleased with him? was one of the companions of the Prophet So Sam, does anybody know what is his real name?

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Andromeda and Sahar at dosi, he is from the southern part of the Arabian Peninsula.

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And he was one of the companions that reverted to Islam late. So the time that he accompany the prophet Elijah Sam was approximately three and a half years to four years. He reverted to Islam on the day of hijab, which was on the seventh year of hijra, yet, he is the largest narrator of Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, and he explains that you the companions, used to go to the markets and sell and buy to, you know, feed yourself and your families. I, on the other hand, used to accompany the Prophet alayhi salatu salam, providing that I find something to eat and drink, and that is it. I used to be with the Prophet sallallaahu salam, as long as I have something to eat and

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drink, I'm not looking to buy or sell or do any of these things, because I wanted to gain knowledge and that is why he is the most of all companions that narrated Hadith of the Prophet alayhi salaatu wa sallam.

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Now, in this Hadith,

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the prophet states

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to us indirectly, that passing gas, if you pass wind, then your model is nullified.

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Now, you are either certain,

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or you are in doubt.

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If a person is certain that he had, has passed wind, then he should perform well, this is logical.

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In some cases, Satan comes and whispers in one's ears, that he has done something where, where you didn't do actually, anything at all. So, what's the verdict in that? It's very simple. The Prophet tells you, if you have doubt, you're not certain. Whether you're praying or outside of prayer, if you have doubt that something has come out, do not consider it as a fact. Because this doubts, these doubts, Satan builds on them, and starts to magnify them until a person is obsessed. And this is the case with a lot of Muslims. They have obsessions, regarding the impurities. And so you find someone going to

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the toilet,

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to answer the call of nature, and we'll probably stay there for half an hour. What are you doing? said, Well, I'm trying to purify myself, purify yourself. If you making a surgical surgery, then you'd have

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finished by now. So and you find people urinating, and still they think that no, I'm still there is something left? Maybe I may drop those two. So these you hear them coughing, and maybe some of them jumping in the toilet and doing exercise. What are you doing? said, Well, I'm trying to purify myself. This is wrong. This is not natural. This is satanic. It's from Satan is coming. He's whispering. He is confusing you. He wants you to be obsessed. And once you're obsessed with this idea, then your whole whole life is ruined. Because you start to doubt everything you do. This is an adjuster. No, it's not. Let me smell it. Let me taste it. Let me take it to the lab. Can you analyze

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this out of this is an Islamic Islam is a religion of easiness there is no complication in it. We make life difficult. We complicate things. It shouldn't be the way that shape on Satan wants us to believe in so

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we have a rule in Islam. And this rule applies to everything single thing in our lives. The rule is serenity is not changed without

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eliakim layers, you'll be shocked. If you're certain of something then this certainty is not moved or removed by doubt. Let me give you an example.

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I perform a solution.

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I come to this classroom. I know that I have performed a solution before I went out of my house after three or four hours is prayer time. I think okay, did I go to the toilet or not?

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Did I pass wind or not? What is certain? The thing that I'm certain of that I have performed boodle. I performed the motion before I left my house. What's the doubt? The doubt did I notify this photo or not? So this doubt has to be cast away. It has to be thrown out. And only the things that are certain remain.

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And what is certain that I have performed evolution so I pray without renewing my evolution. let's reverse it.

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I went out of the toilet after urinating. I've answered the call of nature. I urinated I came out an hour later. It's prayer time.

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I'm certain that I've urinated. But did I perform Moodle? Or didn't I?

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This is doubt, I'm not certain. The thing that I'm certain of that I've notified my widow by urinating. Now the doubt is did I perform model or not? I have to throw out the doubt, which remains to be that I have notified my widow I have to perform again. So I think this is understood.

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anybody has any question?

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Let's begin with Fadi. Please. What if someone is very, very doubtful, to the extent that he is so doubtful, and he's nervous that he nullifies his will do on purpose, so that he can go perform evolution again.

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Now, this is a very serious issue. It's really serious. Don't think of it of what this guy's crazy what he's saying, he does this on purpose. No, this is true.

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A lot of Muslims have these obsessions.

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And the funny thing is,

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a group of men came to me in a bass. May Allah be pleased with him, the cousin of the Prophet, one of the scholars of Islam. And they said,

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we have a problem to come on, shoot. They say that we met with the Jews and Christians, and they're mocking

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us. They're laughing at us. They say, you Muslims, have obsessions, and you whisper in your prayer you have, you know, what Sal was, while you pray, you're not having 100%.

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contemplation and concentration in prayer. While we, the Jews and Christians don't have any problem. When we pray. We are 100% focused. So they've been a mess said it's true.

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To their surprise, he said, That's true. So when they wanted to know why, he said, What would Satan do with a heart that is empty?

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Now if there's a burglar, and there's a house, full of jewelry, and full of nice things, to steal, and Rob from, and there's a poor man's house that has nothing at all? Probably if he goes in, if he breaks in, he's going to put some donation for the guy tried to buy something, I feel sorry for you. What, which house would the burglar choose to steal

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the wealthy house, the rich house. And this is the same case with Satan. Now Satan wants to whisper to a believer which one he would go to, he would go to the Muslim because he knows that his heart is filled with faith and Eman and belief. Okay, let's change this. Let's make him obsessed with purity. Let's make him obsessed with jealousy. So you get you get some guys obsessed with jealousy. They're jealous from the jealous for their wives. So when they leave home, they put a recorder or they tap the Phone, or they

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hire a private eye to monitor his wife's movements. And this is all an Islamic life is not that difficult. Don't make it that difficult. So this, this obsession is the result of shaytan if you follow it, it will destroy your life. Because you're going to spend all of your life trying to think in my pure Am I not pure and this would cause you to be mentally and physically. Ill chronically that is especially in the in the sense of Moodle. I remember once I performed prayer in an Arab country, and I joined I went for a solution. And there was this guy next to me rubbing his hands like as if it's, you know, he has some sort of chemicals on it.

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He's clean. And I finished, Waldo honest, waited, watching this guy. And this guy's doing it so strongly. It wasn't natural. So I joined the congregation. And I saw the man coming next to me joining the congregation. And in the middle of the first tracker, he said, Assalamu alaikum, wa sonica and went again to perform Moodle.

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And after to rock as he came in, and he performed Salah, and he broke it. And it took him an hour to an hour and a half because there was a lecture afterwards. And the guy kept kept on going to the bathroom and coming and performing model. And you can tell by looking at the man that he is obsessed.

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It is us who bring this term to ourselves, have faith in a large soldier, have faith in what you're doing. You are a sane person. don't convince yourself that I'm insane. Because if you do, you will be. So what do I do with the feeling that I'm dripping? Don't you're not dripping?

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Because it's it's a disease or an illness. If you have a continuous urination dripping, this is an illness that

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a doctor a physician could diagnose and give you a cure. But if you don't, then it's all in your mind. Certain things are not removed by doubt. So if you don't hear a noise, when you praying that you fast wind, and if you hear the noise, everybody else was here, then you'll be in trouble. And if you don't find the odor, they don't find the bad smell, then this means that there is nothing coming out. Now again, I'm talking about the doubt. But if a person does pass wind, and he's certain of this, and the amount that came out was so negligible that there's no odor and there is no smell. Should I fool myself and Satan? I didn't find any odor and I didn't hear any noise. No. If you

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certain then you certain. But if we're talking about the obsession we're talking about the doubt that comes on and on.

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I think this wraps it up and this is all the time we have for today's program. Until we meet next time to Manila wa salam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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