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So if you want to have a crystal plate or a glass to drink water in, no problem

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is a bit extravagant but no problem. Golden silver Hara. Why because the hadiths and you can read the Hadith here indicates that this is totally prohibited by the prophet Allah selection and that

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whoever does this would drink and eat in Hellfire fire with it. So this is something that is a serious thing not to be taken lightly. I travel a lot, and I stay in five star hotels. Usually, I'm not paying people are paying so hamdulillah. And when you eat in restaurants, they serve you in silver, and sometimes gold utensils, you can see the stamp on it. And this is why they serve you with it in their restaurants, not in your room service. Because people will take it and put it in their bags and kiss the baby. Good night.

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So what's your ruling on eating with it? It's how long?

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In some hotels, you asked for green tea, and they bring you

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the jug or whatever they call it.

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The tea pot.

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And it's silver, you can tell by the color.

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And you ask is this silver said Yes, sir. So no change it. It's how long for you to consume in it. And the Hadith are crystal clear. There is no

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acceptable difference of opinion among scholars on this because we rely on the Hadith of the Muslim say what is the reason you're not entitled to ask for the reason? The Prophet said is haram. And I'm sorry. I can give you five or six justifications. But would that mean that this is why Allah made it? How long? No, unless we have

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evidence that it was haram because of this, we cannot simply say yes, Surely it's haram because of 123 out of my own reasoning and logic. So the Prophet prohibited is awesome. we abide by it.

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Now one would say,

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okay, is this just for eating and drinking? Or we can use it for other things? What do you mean? See, people usually don't eat in

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gold and silver utensils, because of the headache. But what about if I simply have them as souvenirs?

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Sometimes I enter rich people's houses. And they have a plate of gold, a jug of silver, and they don't eat and drink in it. They just simply use it. Sometimes they use it in Whoo. It's a different or it's an issue of dispute among scholars, the most authentic opinion as jacobin I mean, and other scholars said that the prohibition is only

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to eat and drink in gold and silver utensils, using them. In other means, such as washing, or keeping things in it. This is not haraam. Yet if it's extravagant one shouldn't one should avoid it and avoiding it just to be safe is a better option.

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Okay, what about in the old days now and hamdulillah? When we read such things in the books of Frq we seem to say what

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it doesn't

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make sense to us. When we find in the books of

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the ruling on drinking or eating in utensils that were welded with silver.

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What is this?

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It means that if a vessel is broken, or shattered, and we weld it, fix it with silver. Is this permissible or not? most others say Why? The trouble throw the thing and buy a dozen for the price of welding it with

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this is true nowadays, but we don't know how difficult it was to make such cups vessels utensils in the past. So, welding it with silver is an was an option

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in the future we would not know whether we would need this option or not, Allah only knows. So, we study it just to know welding a container of vessel utensils with silver when broken,

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is permissible because this was in the hadith of nsrs the Sahaba that the prophet Isaiah had a cup that was welded with

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silver it is there was a crack in one side of it and it had to be welded with silver, so that it can be used, but welding it with gold is totally prohibited. Why do you differentiate between golden silver because the Hadeeth that made the exception that exempted using golden silver in utensils was in welding and it was in silver. So gold remains as it is prohibited to be used in plates and utensils and containers etc. Either entirely or by welding it and allies or gel knows best