Assim Al-Hakeem – Can a Muslim assist in building a Temple, Church or Synagogue

Assim Al-Hakeem
AI: Summary © A speaker discusses the issue of individuals building houses of worship and worshipping other than Allah's teachings. They argue that individuals have the freedom to practice their own beliefs and that others should also contribute to their worship. The speaker states that individuals should not interfere in worshipping other than Allah's teachings.
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Mohammed says,

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Can a person in construction business, build a temple or in an apartment building? Build a room in a flat that he has to build, where the Hindu rituals will be performed? Is this permissible?

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Now, Allah azza wa jal stated in chapter five, Seurat

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and Matt EDA

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in verse number two, if I correct if I correctly remember,

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Allah stated what I want to highlight very

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well at a time when while if merely one, cooperate on goodness and righteousness, and do not cooperate over sin and evil and transgression.

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Now, ask yourself, building

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a house of worship for other religions, in my conviction in my own religion?

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Is this a good act or an evil act?

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You may argue so you share they believe they're right. This is not what I asked you.

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I asked you what you believe? Do you believe their idol worshipping is right or wrong?

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No, definitely strong chef. Okay. Do you believe that

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other religions, churches, synagogues

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are truthful, and their houses of worship are real and genuine. Or it's against your religion, definitely against my religion.

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So you are not by any means permitted to assist, to contribute, or to build

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things that would facilitate their evil to take place.

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But check this is inhumane. They have the freedom to practice a key I did not say anything that goes against this. They have the freedom to practice their own beliefs, whether corrupt or real. I have no problem in that this is their religion. This is their life, they can worship a cow they can worship a mouse. This is their problem. I give them the truth, as it is that we only worship one God. And God cannot be a mouse or an insect or any other form. God is God.

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If they want to worship other than Allah, the Almighty, this is their problem.

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I don't interfere in that because this is none of my business. But to come and contribute to help to assist in cleaning their temples in building them and renovating them in doing anything that facilitates to them their bad deeds and evil deeds of worshipping other than a lot Xhosa This is strictly prohibited. And it may take me out of the fold of Islam

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because assisting them on their evil is like me worshipping their idols

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what why would I do some such such a thing in the first place? So definitely This is not permissible. Yeah, Mohammed

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