Hasan Ali – Has everything got to do with Jinn, Magic, Evil eye!

Hasan Ali
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the signs of a potential mental health diagnosis or mental health diagnosis, including symptoms such as headaches, anxiety, and ailments. They suggest that people need to assess their mental health and that medical diagnoses may be necessary. The speaker also mentions that people may experience nightmares related to their mental health, and that expert diagnoses may be necessary to determine if a person is experiencing a physical or mental problem.
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Of course not everything that goes bad in your life is coming from evil eye jeans, and black magic magic. Not everything goes wrong because things can go wrong. Sometimes, you know, it's your auntie's favorite go to excuse us, like my evil eye overlay. So that's the thing sorts of from my experience when people come across and they say that they've got a problem, a person has to assess what is it sometimes look, a third of it is is from genes, and evil. And so what are the three, but a third of it is, is completely just just people's minds believing that it's there, but there's nothing there.

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Paranoia. And a third of it is something medical, mental health diagnosis, it could be mental health diagnosis, it could be a physical ailment, something some some pain that I've got, I think, well, I've got this pain, I've got a headache and the headache, the headache could be because you're not having enough water. But it could be because you're sitting in the wrong posture, the headache could be because you're being exposed to certain, I don't know radioactivity way whatever it might be your friend for too much is another comment from probably our mothers for it.

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So, you know, people need to get get things assessed clearly. And if the doctors usually if they're usually if the doctors can find some, they can diagnose the person with something.

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It might not be, you know, from the side now, there are ways to find out if a person has been affected with this. So

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usually what I tell people is that, and again, it's it's one of these things, if you don't go to the expert, you can't really you can't really judge what is there. So if a number of things all come at the same time, and you've got the signs there, then there's a high high chance that it could be because of one of these things, the Sahara, the Blackmagic, or the gene and so on. So what are these number of things? These things are when when Quran has been recited?

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Then I get affected. I feel I feel the pain. I need to leave. Yeah, I can listen to Oh, is it really hurting me? Right? So that's only one sign that's not all of them. Right? When the Quran stops, then I get that control bit better. When I sometimes the patient themselves when I'm trying to read the Quran or something, somebody like stopping me from reading it, when I'm trying to do my salah sometimes almost pulling me back. Right? Okay, these are just just a couple of signs. Another one is what

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I'm getting unwell. Specifically, like around the time of Margaret, is ruler Solomon said in a hadith, that Muslim is the time and then the release of many of these evil shayateen. So say I had a Muslim. So if there's a kind of an interest of multiple, okay, this is again, three signs, but there's got to be more, which is when I'm sleeping, I'm getting nightmares, right. And these are repeated nightmares of the same kind, right? Not only that, but maybe another sign which is I'm probably seeing a shadow.

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And I just sort of shadow us or something. So that again, some of this could be mental. It could be because of mental hallucinations. You could have schizophrenia, that's it, it could be heterosexual. So you need to really see the difference. So now if you go to an expert, an expert will be able to tell you in different fields what whether it's a physical problem might have a mental problem or have or whether it's actually coming from the gym or the certain solid background or the background.

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