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COVID-19, Illuminati etc

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We have Abdullah Al Danny.

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He's asking regarding something that goes up and down

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conspiracy theories once it comes to COVID-19 and how Muslims should deal with that.

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Okay, the Allah azza wa jal said in chapter seven verse 33,

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being sort of an Aleph verse 33 will be alpha Mahara Minho, Baba What if my belly a belated happy went to Chico Bella mela municipio soltana and the whole Allah Allah him Allah tala, mon for levels of prohibited things in the highest being, to speak about Allah without knowledge to speak about something where you are certain that Allah would hold you accountable in the Day of Judgment. And he would ask those who said, without knowledge that the angels are females, I show you to help them. Did they witness the creation said took the Shahada to home alone, their testimony shall be documented and they will be questioned. So will you say that this is a conspiracy? The COVID-19 was

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a virus, according to the biological warfare created in French laboratories in China and the movie in 2000. Whatever contagions spoke about it,

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a guy from like six centuries ago spoke about it, there was an article saying that in Wu Han China, it was actually one of two, either these people know this unseen, and this will take you out of the middle of out of the deal, because no one knows the unseen except Allah, or they are just speculating and putting a story that someone managed to make into a reality, not necessarily conspiracy, it can be or, and this is a third option that this was one of the Jin's hearsay,

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and they took it and they mixed it with 1000 or 100. Lies and they threw it in

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the microwave oven, we get what we get. So people think that Whoa, what much they know the unseen, it's all plotted. And then you get the Rockefellers and the Illuminati and the Freemasons and that Subhanallah they had this power, they would have changed the whole world. This is other Allahu Allahu, we have to believe that. These are humans, they themselves can have a stroke, or heart attack, they can die in a car crash. They're not gods, only Allah azza wa jal can do this. So I do not say that there are no conspiracies, but to

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inflate it, to the extent that whenever we walk in our homes, we look behind us. This is a breach of a man.

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You know, what you said is sound and loud and clear. And but I always look at it this way as well.

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If you take your precautions,

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even though it's a conspiracy, what did you lose? But if you decide that this is a conspiracy, and you do not take your book ocean and you get infected with the disease, you're gonna lose. So, you know, just look at it this way. I have to say for sure. Yeah. I mean, it's it's it's hypothetical.