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The importance of covering one's body during prayer is discussed, including the need for women to wear long clothing and practice the third condition of prayer. The speaker emphasizes the importance of praying in the context of the situation and avoiding embarrassment. The importance of practicing the third condition of prayer is also emphasized, as it is required to fulfill the presence of others. The transcript also touches on issues related to Kaaba law, including the lack of bathrooms on cars, confusion of a hadith, and the importance of knowing the origin of a headache.

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Salam hamdulillah salat wa salam, wa barakaatuh Dr. Salim Stouffer Nabina Muhammad in one early he also happy woman.

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Assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. And welcome to lessons in

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the chapter we're studying notice

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with studying about the condition of prayer, the conditions of solid conditions of prayer, and the Hadith We have with us today Hadeeth number 162

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Bismillah Ar Rahman Rahim narrated jabesh radi Allahu anhu the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, if the government if the government is ample rabbit round your buddy during the salaat, meaning prayer and adoration by Muslim has, you should cross the two ends and average stride, you should wrap it round, you always know this hadith.

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To understand it, you have to realize that at the time of the Prophet alayhi salatu salam people did not have wardrobes full of clothes,

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you know, the maximum that a person would own was probably a garment, one piece of long piece of cloth. So in this Hadith, the essential thing for a Muslim is to cover his hour. And as we've mentioned before, males hour is from his belly button to his knees. So this area must be covered, it is not permissible for anyone to see this area, with the exception of his wife, only the wife can see this. So by this we understand. And we learn that those who wear shorts in their houses with their kids, you know boys and girls and sit with the with their thighs exposed, this is haram. This is not permissible. And those who play sports, also wearing shorts, those who swim wearing, you know

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swimming trunks that expose more than what what it hides. Again, this is also not permissible. It's Haram. Now, as far as salaat, as far as prayer is concerned, the prophet seer sallallahu Sallam is giving us the way that a person should behave if he has one piece of garment. So he tells us, if it's a long piece of garment, that he may wrap it around his waist, and then take the end, the two ends of it and throw them on his shoulder. So he would be by this covering his whole body. But if the piece of cloth is tight, and it's not sufficient to cover the whole body, then he should cover what is minimally required, which is the area from the waist to the knees, so that his prayer would

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be accepted. Some of the scholars said that it is obligatory to cover the shoulders. So if someone is in the open, for example, or are having a sea cruise, and he swims, and he comes out of the water, he wants to pray, but he doesn't have any clothing except his swimming trunks, which is from his waist to his knees. Then the man says that his prayer is not acceptable. He has to have a T shirt. He has to throw a towel on his shoulders. He has to cover his shoulders. The majority of scholars, the other scholars say no, his prayer is acceptable. Yet it's recommendable, not obligatory, it's recommendable to cover the shoulders. And this what this hadith tells us about now,

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as again this cannot be realized or imagined because we have lots of clothings we have T shirts we have everything that we wish to wear. We have a lot of them, but at the time at the time of the Prophet so somebody had, they used to have only one piece of cloth, one piece of garment to wear throughout the whole year because this is what they were able to afford. The following Hadith had its own selama

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narrated by homosassa

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They will be pleased with her. See as the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam can a woman pray in a long dress and a veil without wearing a lower carbon.

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He minoo sawako Allah Salaam replied, If the long dress is ample and covers the surface of Harvey.

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Now this Hadith, again is not authentic. It's a weak Hadith. And from this hadith and many other hadiths, we learn that women at the time of the Prophet So Sam used to wear a number of sets of clothes, you know, Mr. There is our and so on different names and different, different usages and description to them. But what we need to learn is that in order for a woman for her prayer to be accepted, she has to cover her hour. And as you recall, Fadi, what is the outer of women in Salah when there are no men watching

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the whole body except their hands in the face, except the hands and the face. And we mentioned also that Abu hanifa and even Tamia say that even the feet are not considered to be our during prayer, that is when there are no strange men looking but if the The house is the husband or the son or the brother are present, then it's okay to cover to uncover the feet, the hands and the face. It's okay, as mentioned earlier,

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we have to

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note that the dress of women, though, there is no one in the room except her husband or her brother, she has to wear something that does not see through.

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You cannot see through it. And something that is not

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Because if the clothing she's wearing are tight, and show her finger, this is unacceptable. And if she's wearing something that is not tight, that does not show I forget, but you can see through it. Again, this is not acceptable.

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Which means that a woman may not pray in a garment that is so thin when she bows or prostrate, or she even when she stands, you can tell the description of her body This is unacceptable. It's also unacceptable for men to wear tight pants and pray with them because it shows their finger. And it's also unacceptable for men to pay to wear see through clothes.

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And because again, the reason for covering the hour, so that there is no fitna so that the sexual desire is not aroused. And by wearing ample clothes by wearing things that cover the body that does not show the fingers of the body and that does not show what's under that piece of clothing. One succeeds in doing this. Any questions? Or should we move on the following Hadith

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narrated by a more general br Viola Han who we were with the profits of a lot more or hammer time, okay. There it is, by either way, no big deal on who we are with the profits or loss they were selling during a dark night. And we became uncertain about the direction of Mecca. Within trade without being certain. When the sun rose, we discovered that we had prayed towards a direction other than the Kabbalah. So this verse was revealed. So wherever you turn yourselves or your faces, there is the face of Allah.

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Very well. Now, this hadith talks about the third condition of prayer, Mr. Mohammed, which is

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double Malik facing, facing the Qibla it talks about facing the Qibla it is condition that has to be fulfilled providing that one knows where the play is. And this Hadith, it tells us amor may Allah be pleased with him, tells us that they were with the Prophet sallallahu Sallam in a dark night.

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This Hadeeth wasn't graded by

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a tirmidhi as weak and some scholars say it is weak yet we

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Talk about it because it talks about one of the conditions of solid. So amber says that we couldn't figure out where the Qibla was. So we prayed to a particular direction, we thought, we give the matter some effort. And we thought that it was appropriate to pray in this direction, because this was a gut feeling that it is in this direction, we had no campuses, we could not see the stars, and we cannot determine which direction is which. So it's logical that they do not postpone the Salah, as it will, the time of it will run out shortly. So they prayed on this direction, after

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it was all cleared out. They have discovered after the sun has risen, that it was the wrong direction. So they discovered and realized that they have prayed to the wrong Qibla. Yet, Allah azza wa jal has revealed to them, the verses that says so wherever you turn yourselves or your faces, there is the face of Allah providing that you have done what you are supposed to do. And you have, you know, done your best if you face other than the Qibla This is acceptable, because Allah will accept your prayer. Again, we don't have to

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go into much details as it has we have talked about this before. Brother,

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Fadi, say for example, someone he doesn't know where the problem is. And he's like, in a place where he can pray.

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And there's no mosque around, for instance, in a non Muslim country, for instance, can you just walk in the car and just sit in the car the way it's parked? And just pray

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like the direction of the course heading, without finding, like not praying towards the club? Because you can find it, find out where the problem is, you know, I have one question. Why does he pray in the car

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he's traveling.

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So he's traveling in a city, or outside the city is like the furthest mosque closest mosque is pretty far away.

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And he cannot reach that mosque on time know, that he should,

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you know, stop the car and pray outside the car.

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Wait, regardless, you do not pray in the car, it's not allowed for you to pray in the car. Because one of the pillars of salaat is standing up when you can. When you're able to stand up, you have to stand up. So far, the obligatory prayer, you're not allowed to pray it in the car, or in the airplane, unless you're standing up. Except if there's a necessity, meaning that there is there are turbulences on the aircraft you're traveling on, and you there's no possibility for you to stand up or to go to the prayer area. So then this is something you have to do. But what if it's during a period of time where it's probably dangerous, where like, people didn't at that certain time?

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Respect Islam, for instance, for international incidents taking place when he was afraid, okay to talk about this particular case. We'll pause for a short break, and we'll answer your question inshallah. Just try it after the break.

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All the prophets are brothers, and they

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represent the same message. What was the call of the Prophet?

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What was his invitation he was invading, inviting two words. So the Prophet said, Allah, grant your mercy. And the one who was tolerant if he, you know, if he sails

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on one who is tolerant if he buys and one was stolen when he seeks his words, in this program, Shaykh Abdul Rahman de Mesquita presents reminders, a bouquet of various reminders and admonitions that we need to strengthen our faith tasted sweetness, perfect our acts of worship and refine our morals throughout to discipline them in the best way those dollars will be his shield. That means those who will be the reason the cause of his protection from Hellfire because of what taking care of what you have in this life, no matter what you have, is less and it is

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TV wishes you and your family a spiritual and rewarding

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line. Welcome back. Brother Fadi had an interesting question. It deals with terrorists and terrorist attacks. And what, how we should pray when?

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When put in such a situation? I don't I hope you don't have any terrorist links. Okay, go ahead. What's it? What was your question? I'm saying, again, if someone is an area, in a non Muslim country, and there's not a mosque, or close by, and he's afraid to stand outside, and just praying the open, standing doing tech beer, and they're calmer, and it's him alone, or with a friend, for instance, and he's got his cars parked in a parking spot, and he cannot move it. So he's afraid, and there's no mosque around and he doesn't want the time of prayer to pass him. Can he just go in his car, lock the door, sit in the driver's seat, pray sitting, finish his prayer, and then come out and

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continuous affairs

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series, seriously speaking, this is one hell of a hypothetical situation, it can be imagined if you are surrounded by zombies. And the minute you open the door of your car, and they're gonna snatch you in and start eating you. But even though in such a situation, if you drive for about 1015 minutes away from them, it's going to clear out. So let's assume that you are like some of the brothers just mentioned a while ago, you are driving in a safari park. And it's a long drive. If you park your car, and you come out a lion or Tiger or a crocodile or

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whatever animal would jump you in, probably harm you. So you have no way of leaving your car. And the closest distance for clearance would be not sufficient for you to pray after you reach it, then only then you may pray.

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But you have to remember that there are so many things that are imaginable. And not real. Lots of the guy say, I'm in a situation where I cannot pray, I can do this, I can do that. May I have the excuse to do so? Some brothers call me and say, well, we are in a country where Islam is being oppressed, though it's a Muslim country. But if I don't shave my beard, there's a possibility that the authorities would come and enter interrogate me and ask me questions, maybe throw me in jail for a week or so. So is it okay to shave my beard? This is hypothetical. Now, how many of the brothers have faced such a thing said Well, I know one out of a million, then this is the this is not a good

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excuse. So you don't do this. You do it, it's permissible for you to cross the line. If you are faced with danger, if you are being, you know, harassed, or you're being punished for something that Islam tells you, it's okay not to do it in such a case. But just because you're afraid or you're imagining things, if the phone is tapped, or people are following you, then this means I have to shave my beard, my wife has to take off her arm and cover and we have to be westernized just to be normal people. This is unacceptable. Brother Mustafa had a question.

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And I think the same could almost the same question. Suppose you're driving and then you're stuck in traffic.

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And you know for sure that the nearest mosque when you reach it, you're going to miss prayer and allowed for you, for example, to park your car and then pray in your car sitting? Of course, no. Well, you know, you remember that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said that I was given five things that no other prophets or messenger has been given. And the second thing he said that the Earth was made for me a place of prayer, and ablution, which means that even if you're stuck in traffic,

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you will be able to find a place to park your car and pray even on the pavement on this on this fault, or anywhere. It's not. You have to pray in mosque, no. You can pray any where. But the problem is with praying sitting down

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because this means that it's exactly like if a person says, Well, I don't have water to perform a pollution and my house is about an hour drive. So is it okay to make tiamo

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Are you in the city? said yes. Are there mosques around shadow plenty? Are there grocery stores around? Yes, I can buy water like crazy. But I don't want to. I'm used to performing ablution my house. So can I pray with Tim answer's no.

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As long as there is a possibility or you're able to go and get water, you can pray with them. As long as you can park your car and pray standing up. You are not allowed to pray in your car. Again, brother, Fadi, isn't there an evidence of taking the direction of the dribbler on the debit on the camera?

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and praying on it? Yeah, but what kind of prayer?

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Only voluntary prayer there was nothing no, no obligatory prayer none whatsoever at all, it's a prerequisite that you face the Kava, the Qibla. When you pray obligatory prayer.

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And as far as the other forms of student asuna makeda. Prepared soon, also the scholars say you have to follow or you have to face the direction of the Qibla. And you have to be standing up but now preferred

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voluntary prayer that has no cause and no reason. You may pray in any direction you wish. But I heard the Shinkansen of the mayor. He like wrote a book on the back of a camel going to pilgrimage. And VA stop to pray every time like on the on the standing up. There are so many issues here one that is shaped you heard. And it's not a method of

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transferring or transporting knowledge through hearsay award saying you have to have it written down. Secondly, it was not even telling me it was a man

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who wrote the book of sad and mad. And he did not say that he wrote it on Camelback. Because even if you have you ever ridden a camel

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Have you ever been back? Yeah, you imagine yourself happy really didn't have any fountain pens. They didn't have any, you know, one of the nice pens we have they had to have ink in one container and the feather and they used to do this. So imagine what would happen what kind of, you know calligraphy you'd have at the end of the day. This is not the truth. Thirdly,

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now you are assuming saying that even if he wrote it on the back of a camel, would it be logical that he would dismount and pray every single time a prayer comes? They didn't have any bathrooms on their camels. So he had to answer the call of nature. So what would he do whenever he had to answer the call of nature? So you don't build your allegation on possibilities? We have a rule and it says whenever there is a possibility, then this is not good for it's not an evidence either.

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Mr. bacala listed lol. So if you say that I have an evidence, but it might mean so and it might mean the other way then immediately you reject this, this is unacceptable. Evidence has to be clear cut and straightforward. Coming back again of ligature prayer, you have to face the Kaaba law and you have to be in the standing position unless it is impossible. Or if there's a hazard on your health or life then it's already okay for you to pray sitting down. We move on to the following Hadith Hadith number 100. And if I'm correct 165 Okay, go ahead, please.

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Narrated by Abu huraira May Allah be pleased with him. Allah's Messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, the direction between the East and West is a cobbler. Can you explain this hadith for me Friday?

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The direction between East and West is the fella

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also known north

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and south is Qibla.

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How would that be? The actual traditionalist facing Kaaba? Yes, so it's either north or west.

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How what what do you mean I know Mustapha? Yeah, it can be right. So you have to know what is the origin of this headache to be able to understand that my mother

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located in the Middle East, oh, and on one side is Masha, other side his mother. So between both of them in this country, so if I face north or south, it's okay. No, no, nobody says this, this hadith. The Prophet said that when he was were in

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and Medina when he was in Medina, now, where is the Qibla? For those who are in Medina, it's to their

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south as to their south, okay? So this is the Qibla. And this is south, and this is east, and this is West. So if I go this way, I'm not facing the Qibla directly. If I go this way, it's nice chair, this nice, I'm not facing the Qibla directly. So the Prophet tells us that if you cannot pinpoint the Qibla, then whatever between the East and West is considered to be a blur. So

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a small diversion is accepted. But if you go all the way to the east, this is not accepted. If you go all the way to the west or to the south, this is not accepted. So you have to understand where what the context of this hadith is, so that you don't go into details that are not unnecessary. Do you understand this? This means that if I can pinpoint the Qibla directly, I can pray to it. And any small diversion would would be okay. Any small divergent would be all right. And there's nothing wrong in this. You don't have to be really, you know,

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down to the details and Exactly. The degrees and the minutes of the direction has to be this. It's preferable. Yes. But if it's unintentional, it's okay. Now, the condition of facing the Qibla.

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We You're excused, in many cases, not to face it. When one.

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When are your excuse not to face when you don't know? Not when you don't know. And you tried your best and you couldn't know. This is one to

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me riding a vehicle and play the swinger prayer. No, I'm talking about obligatory prayer. When you're in an airplane, well not necessarily know.

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When you're too sick to be excellent, when you are unable, when you are unable to face the Qibla because of illness or because you're tight, you are in a locked in a cell, God forbid, and you can't face the Kublai, this is only direction you can

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then you may do this, another one. And last we will shall conclude our episode with it.

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In case of fear, so it's not the airplane. It's not the car. It's fear. If you're afraid, if you stand up, then something bad will happen to you. Something Awful will take place then this is especially in the case of a pilot if a single pilot flying the aircraft. And if he stands up and prays, hell breaks loose so he is supposed to sit down and continue and pray as he is. I'm afraid that this is all the time we have for today's program. So until we meet next time for Manila, was Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh