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AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the importance of caregiving's gender preference when it comes to their health and behavior. They also touch on the need for caregiving's ethics guidelines when it comes to their health and behavior. The caregiver is not allowed to touch their body or see their body, but it is possible to touch them.
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So, when it comes to the caregiver, it doesn't matter of the relative or non relative. In case of relatives or maharam, even the issue is easier than non relatives. But it doesn't matter when it comes to the opposite gender to

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basically handle the opposite gender even if required, for example, touching their bodies, or even showing their private part or seeing it or touching it or cleaning them or anything of that nature. All this is permissible because of the need. And an amendment No, you're not allowed to Allah said that there is an agreement among the four kaha on this issue, as well as an amendment bill Kodama and many other Muslim jurists in the old days talk about doctors and nursing and nurses if they approach the opposite gender, and is not even conditioned to

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the issue of necessity that it means if the only one available as No, that's not the case. And the mentioned the example of the term of the process, I love woman used to attend the wounded one in the battle field and touching their wounds, touching their body, giving them water serving them, helping them. And it was not a case of necessity, but that's what it is, it is like a necessity in this case. So here I would say for the caregiver. And by the way, this is applied to the caregiver in physical illness or emotional almost because some of the question that I receive, as well talking about,

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for example,

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positive reinforcement, some therapist, she might need to give high fives to a disabled kid, or Pat someone in their back or a doctor Shake somebody's hand and you'd like give them the doctor he or she to basically encourage them all this the psychology the psychological part and the physical are equally important and equally is a valid reason for basically touching that person being in Holland, that person

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seeing the hour of that person, but according to the ethics, guidelines, and unhemmed in law, and most of the places around the world, the ethic guidelines the medical ethics guidelines goes with the with Islamic ethics guidelines when it comes to medicine, that you only see from from him or touch from him what is needed, not beyond what is needed. So that will be left for the gave the caregiver to make that call and to make that decision.

When a person is a caregiver for a Muslim, is it required for the caregiver to be of the same gender? Is it permissible to have one of the opposite gender? What has the great scholars said about this?

Shaykh Waleed Basyouni answers.

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