Tom Facchine – Understanding Hardship

Tom Facchine
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of understanding the impact of hardship on one's life, including health, relationships, financial, and safety. They also discuss how people interpret tests and emotions when faced with hardship, and how people need to reconcile their actions with their values and goals. The speaker emphasizes the importance of trusting Islam to achieve good outcomes.
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how we interpret the tests that we find in life is a huge issue. So many people, they despair when life gets hard when hardship comes to them. And that hardship, you know, can take a lot of different forms, it can be your health, it can be your relationships, it can be financial, it can be safety, you know, there's so many things that can happen that make life hard. And how do we interpret that? And what do we think about our Creator, when that sort of thing happens? There are certain people who they're liable to interpret it as a punishment and despair and give up hope they think that Allah must not be happy with me, or I must be doing something wrong, or I did something to deserve

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this, or I'm no good, I should just give up or these sorts of things, not realizing that this is the necessary ingredient to become something better, right? You can't make a cake without putting it into the oven. Right? It has to it has to go in, it has to touch the heat, and then it changes, it transforms, it comes out something better, right? I don't know if you've ever tried to eat just like cake batter by itself. But it's not. I don't like it right? I could get salmonella or something like that from the eggs. I don't know. Right? So nobody likes hardship. Okay, but we realize that if you're a decent person who means well, who tries to be good, and then hardship comes, then maybe

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this is your big chance, maybe this is your big chance to become something better. Maybe this is a loss found the other one something better for you. He wants to transform you into someone who's better than who you aren't. But there's a price to pay, you can't get something for nothing, you're gonna have to pay the price. If you want to be better. You're here, Allah wants you to be here, there's a price to get there. And that price is hardship and suffering, maybe not every single time but often. So most of us we need to reconcile ourselves to patients when it comes to enduring these hardships and patience takes trust because you have to trust that Allah once good for you. You have

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to trust that Allah wants you to be transformed into a better person, and a few of us will be able to muster something better than patients and that's what Allah contentment That's somebody who has internalized this whole idea that Allah wants good for you. And so when they see the hardship strike, they smile, and they're able to recognize it right away for what it is and say that yes, this is what I've been waiting for. I've been waiting for this to transform

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