Asim Khan – Tafsir of Surah Jumuah #6

Asim Khan
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okay, so a possible answer to this question, what is the link between the knowledge of Allah subhanaw taala, which is what we're being told, and what came before? Well, what came before is Allah saying to the Jews that you don't wish for death, you would never wish for death. In fact, you wish to live as long as possible, you're fleeing away from death. Allah then saying, well, even if you were to live for, let's say, 1000 years,

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after 1000 years, you think I'm gonna forget about what you've done? I am Altima li B was Shahada. I know every single thing that hidden as well as unknown, I will never forget. Therefore, it crushes the hope even more. Not only if I could live for another 1000 years, another 2000 years. Yeah, even if you did, do you think you're going to run away from what's going to happen to you after you die? No, I'm going to leave you with shahada and that is what Allah then says that you will not be overcome. And that then I'm going to tell you and inform you thoroughly of everything that you used to do. Everything used to do meaning sending a clear cut warning to the Jews. And this, my brother

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and sisters also sends a warning to us. Allah knows everything that we do, inside and out. Person who knows you best in your life is your wife and for your wife for the wife, the husband, this person knows you better than anyone else, because you know, who knows you better than your wife and vice versa, the husband Allah subhanaw taala and if people do not fix up now then for sure Allah will inform them of every single thing they used to do knows us better than the closest person was in our lives. Now, that being said, the surah now moves on to a very different thing. Getting now to the heart of the matter, which is this Juma salah, this hotbar as well as the salah that is being

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legislated for all the Muslims

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until you're gonna be able to be done every single Friday, this everything before it was serving as like an introduction and introduction that everything out there is doing the spirit of me, praising me, glorifying me, I sent a man with a mission. This is how he, you know, conveyed this mission. And one of the ways the mission will continue to carry on is through the legislation of Joomla. So pay attention and don't be like the Jewish people before. They were told and they were favored. But they squandered that favor, and they moved away from it, they neglected it and they abused it rather be true to me.

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Then Allah subhana addresses the believers by saying, Yeah, you have the denominator either no, the LE Salah Timmy Yeoman Juma artificer will decree law he was a will be believers, me and you and in particular the people that are obliged to attend the Juma by consensus of the scholars, every man

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meaning not child, who is free meaning not a slave, and who is a resident as opposed to a traveler

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is oblige to attend the Juma when is he obliged to go to the masjid? Well, this I will explain that and also it will explain what he's not allowed to do when Joomla is taking place. So Allah began by saying believers either know the Salah, Timmy Yeoman Joomla, either when the Nordea when the announcement of Joomla is made, announcement here, as authority said is referring to the adhan, after which the Imam begins the hotbar as you know, some places have two events, they have one earlier than and then another event after that second other than then what happens, the Imam stands on the member and he delivers the hotbar that then they are when it is done, that time of Juma now

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starts when that happens, Allah subhanaw taala so either know the LE salah, t me yo mille Joomla on the day of Joomla men Joomla meaning on the on the day from the day of Joomla meeting

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at a particular time on the date of Joomla, ie the time which time according to many scholars a time of war. On Friday, the time of the horror is actually the time of Joomla. Other scholars said no, it is from the time of midday when the sun is that his halfway point, up until a reaches the time of Asa, that is the time of Joomla, which is slightly longer than the time of nor either this or this mean Yeoman Joomla. At this time, when the Athan goes off, first out in the killer, then hastened towards the remembrance of Allah. Two interesting things. First of all, Allah never said, First our Illa salah, hastened towards the Sunnah. But isn't that what you're going to actually know? In

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before the holidays, the hotbar i and Allah never referred to as the hotbar were referred to add as the Dhikr of Allah, teaching us that the hotbar is supposed to have an impact on the audience. How is it supposed to impact them is supposed to be a reminder a vicar and that's Hannah tells us that we're not in a very good state at the moment when it comes to our dramas, most misdeeds are doing Jumeirah in a language, or in a way that the people do not understand. I don't understand what you just said, I don't speak Arabic. Which means that is it really at the core of Allah then? Is it? I don't understand it? No, it is not. In fact, the province is hidden as an opening Russian Mullah

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report is an odd when he used to stand no chutzpah, his face would change color. And they said it was as if he is commanding an army Subhanallah the passion was seen on the face of the processor. And how can a person become passionate about what they're seeing? If they reading something, they don't even understand themselves? How is that possible? How is it possible to emulate the process alone on the member when you are reading from a book which you don't even understand? And moreover, no one in the audience understands what you are saying and that is why the majority of the scholars up to an including imam or Hanifa Rahim Allah said that the Juma hotbar can be done in any language,

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the language that is suitable for the people.

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The second interesting thing besides calling a dhikr of Allah and not set up not Salah is that Allah said fists out that you should hasten towards it. That's interesting because you know that person said in a hadith in Sahih Muslim that if you were to win the arm of the Salah goes meaning that the masjid is now making the karma and the Salah is about to begin and you are not at the mercy you can just hear it. You should not hasten to the salah rather you should walk to it be Sakina with a sense of a sense of calmness about you you shouldn't be rushing for the salah even though you know you're gonna get there late rather the prism said walk with Sakina and whatever you catch a bit pray and

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whatever you miss of it Facundo then to make it up or what it move in another way to complete whatever you never whatever you missed. So how do we then understand how we are Allah says for sow in a decree law rushed toward the remembrance of Allah I'm not able to have explained he said, it doesn't mean rush with your body and your legs. It means that you should demand be showing Juma.

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You know the attention important significance that it deserves by going to it with zealousness by going into it with eagerness as opposed to dragging your feet as opposed to thinking is a chore as opposed to thinking Oh man, I've got to do that thing once again, where I got to go to the Mercy though this time, you know, I could be doing so many other things right now. No, Allah said first, our meaning with your heart, feel like you know what, this is Allah's time. And it's a pleasure for me, Allah, you know, to go to the masjid and to sit and to listen to your the Quran to pray the Salah, I know that you love it, and I'm eager to do that. So that means that a person can walk to

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the Juma and at the same time have the quality of you know, doing Sati which is to be eager and zealous. And they do not need to rush on their legs to do that. Now this is how they reconcile between the Hadith which prohibits making say to the masjid if you're late, and I have allowances for sarila they could delay whether we'll be and then Allah says another thing when this alarm goes off the oven. Afterwards a mom is going to start in the hotbar not only do you need to come to the rescue, but whether will bait you need to leave off business, work time

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cannot encroach on Joomla time. You cannot it cannot be a person who is at work and you know that the van is gone and the footpath started

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And, and he's thinking, You know what, if I stay if I leave my shop right now, then I'm going to miss some business. Let me stay a little bit longer. No, you can't be in a job, which says, Well, you know, Ashman You're fantastic. We're gonna hire you. But you got to work through on Friday afternoons, you finish it up for and there's no break in between. Okay? I don't mind that. No, no, you need to find that because Allah has time, as a time whether obey Allah said that he knows it's a busy time. And he knows that it's a time where somebody would really not want to leave the shop their business because, you know, so many people are about regardless, Allah knew that and on

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intentionally said, show your subservience to me by leaving that, you know whether it will be stay away from Bayer, that he can highroller command now you're thinking, Oh, that's going to be tough. I'm going to miss out on that money. I wonder how much money I could have made at that time. He says I could have clocked up at that time, Allah say gallican highroller come this is better for you. What is better, exactly. Going to the machine for tomorrow, and leaving the business behind the illegal highroller come in quantum talent will only if you knew that only is something that you would appreciate, mean, if you only would value things based not just on the well the benefit and

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the self interest. But the religious side of things, that something has an impact in your life and the life to come. Those things are much more valuable than things that will only impact you and the dunya and maybe even harm you in the era when you're in your decision making when your decision making need to incorporate this. This has value. This also has a value, worldly value, religious value, worldly value, here after value. These are the things that I'm going to be you know, juggling up in my mind to work out whether or not I should do this or that

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for either podia to Salah. Now when the salah ends, notice that Allah didn't say that they could have Allah and because Allah is teaching us that Juma. In the beginning you have a hutzpah which is dhikr of Allah. Then after the hotbar you have the Sunnah and that's why Allah then says for either Codea to Salah when the salah finishes meaning when the Imam says the cinematic wha LA, Somali como la, then fantas you either decree law, then you can go and spread out in the land war but a woman from the villa and seek out the favor of Allah. As many scholars said, Allah here is telling us when the salah finishes you can go about your daily business you can go and you know go back to shop, go

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back to work, go shopping all you like, not a problem that is permissible now, in our website, a woman from the law recognize that you know, your business earnings and the money that you're making. It is not on your own merit. It is the father of a light is the grace of Allah he is the ultimate source of you know, the money that you earn in your life with a woman from the lake was cool like a zero. And then Allah says, Now the second thing I'm going to tell you after saying when the salah finishes go about your daily business is remember me and not just remember me what guru like cathedra a lot. There is no other act of worship, where Allah says do it a lot, except for the

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Corolla, except for the Corolla. Remember me a lot, a lot to remember me. Why? Well, because you just been told go about your daily life, business, shopping, whatever you want to do. You have a what happens is when people get into shopping and business, then they start to forget Allah, they start to go far from Allah, the heart start to become hard. And that is why Allah says, I know what's going to happen to you. You're going to go far away from me. But there's a cure to that. What is the cure, remember me say words of remembrance of Me, praise me sing my praises and feel that with your heart, while the guru la cathedra Allah Allah come to flee one, and then perhaps, you

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know, you will become to flee when people that succeed. It's interesting because person doesn't want to go to Juma because they think you're not going to miss out on the hourly rate, or I'm gonna miss out of business sales, or anyone buy this right now. And it's a good deal of our missus deal with and I'm going to lose out you thinking of success in a very worldly way. Allah is saying, Let me tell you what real success is saying no to the dunya for my sake, when you do that, Lala come to fruition, then you will truly become successful, you will have a share of this world and you will have the share of the eternal world in the end. And that is better now. Or what is better the other

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way around Casilla dunya will Accra losing this world and losing the world to come in the hereafter? Of course not. The other way around is far better. And the other way around whoever succeeds in that, truly he has succeeded. Yeah, so Allah is telling us here that the reality is the greatest success is to succeed in the lifetime

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have noticed succeeded in this vote? What either OTDR Alton, the last verse of this surah. Now this verse was revealed regarding that incident the incident of Infoblox where as job Iranian auto run report in the southern of Tierra de classes Hey Bashar Cuban Rahim Allah, the person who was one standing with a member doing the football. And as he was doing it, a caravan came, this caravan came from Sham and it brought with it some oils and some foods. And at that time in Medina there was kind of like a recession. So people were looking forward to having, you know, caravans coming from outside, bringing them some merchandise. And when that happened, they got up from the Hookah bar,

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and left the masjid and went to buy things from the caravan. And that was something which was wrong. It was a mistake. Now when that happened, they left the process of understanding on the member and continuing his hotbar so this verse was revealed to reprimand those believers. They reprimand them for busying themselves in something other than what they should have been which was to be seated, mindful listening to the football the process. So Allah subhanaw taala reprimanded them with these words when he said, what you're out to OT jell o le one in fact, De La Hoya Ouattara, Cuca Kadima,

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whatever they are, oh, and when you all there wasn't one or two people, many Muslims, you know, made this mistake. What was the mistake either Oh, T Zhao Ratan hola one. When you saw meaning when you heard that caravan coming? What did you do? You saw an opportunity for tgr for business meaning you wanted to go there and to buy some things and to be honest, you know, there was a level of need to buy things. However other people they left louder and louder means idly, you know, is here a caravan coming outside or wonder what's going on there? Let me go and see what's going on. Just left for no real good reason whatsoever. Why either OTDR Alton Oh ALLAH what info abdomen Holic. Then at that

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moment you made him feel bond. enfilade means to scatter that actually means to break something in a way that you can't put it back together. That is why they say that a glass that when it's smashed on the ground in Fila has happened meaning is smashed into pieces, that you can't bring the pieces back together to reform the glass again, that is our Allah saw that scene that you left the Prophet, whatever Cuca and you left you are in my standing there on the member and they scattered away. They in essence, destroyed the hotbar in a way that couldn't be repaired after that, you know that Allah was really expressing his anger towards them for doing that and also showing them the significance

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of what they did. And then Allah address person directly by saying and they left you, meaning you have all people of all the thieves out there and they will, they will come afterwards. They left you and how did they leave you all Eema standing there all by yourself. Jabra said only 12 companions remained behind of them was our Booker and our middle of the Lada Ron Houma. So many of them left and that was a terrible mistake they made that Allah subhanaw taala will now you know reprimand them by stating that is what you did. But then Allah subhanaw taala says guru CE O Prophet meaning to them, man the line Hiram min Allah we Wamena Tada you know, the reality is that that which is with

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Allah is higher meaning far better than what? LAO and Dijon? Allahu aunty Jarrah. You see, these two words already been mentioned before, but they've been mentioned in the opposite sequence. Allah said were either o, t, gelatin, O Lauer, when you saw business, or an opportunity, opportunity for idleness. Then Allah says in the second part of the verse, what, that what is with Allah is better than not to Jarrah Allah Who, but the opposite way, law one, oh tgr

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idle a moment to do you know, something I do, or business. So why do you think my brother sisters that Allah has changed around the sequence? In the beginning Allah said when you saw the opportunity to for business or to be idle, this is what you did. But you should have known that what is with Allah is better than doing something idly or an opportunity to business. Have a think about that. What do you think is answered this question

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