Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P19 197C Tafsir Al-Naml 48-59

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The Spanish-led nation's murder plot is revealed to be a plot to kill the whole family and the next day. The loss of their country and lack of support from their members is also discussed. The importance of acceptance of illegal behavior and the need for everyone to be aware of the consequences of their actions is emphasized. The importance of avoiding sexual desire and making the right decision is also emphasized. The segment concludes with a call to action and a statement that everyone should take a lesson from the recent tragedy. The segment also touches on the use of harms, including the loss of people's lives, and the importance of leaving a decade behind to avoid mistakes.
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What can I find Medina tea and there was in the city this are two Rocklin. DeSoto, nine Rocklin family heads a lot from the letters that all health law and ROTC was used for a clan, right or a cappella. Basically, route is used for any number that is somewhere between three and 10. Right? So Latha, Ill Asha, so three and 10. And founders, it's used for like a small clan within a tribe, the immediate family, you could say, or the next in kin. And the word wrap is not just used for the clan, but also the chief of the clan. So here, it's talking about the chiefs of these families. So these are two Rocklyn, nine family heads, understand nine family heads, this might be difficult for

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us to understand, because we don't really have that kind of way of living anymore, that structure anymore. Maybe you do Allahu Arlin. But you know, for example, in certain families, nobody even gets married unless they have the approval of the grandfather, for instance. All right. So the grandfather is like who the family had, you understand, to go to a particular school also, to move somewhere to take a particular job, you need the approval off who the family head, the main person, the one in charge. All right. So these nine family heads, Allah describes them, as you've Sedona fill up, they used to cause corruption in the earth, while I used to be home, they did not make

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amends, they did not do Islam. And sadly, this is the reality of many people in authority, that instead of working towards Islam, they do facade. Instead of fixing problems, they're the ones who are creating problems. They're the ones who are causing even more disturbance. And this is all done in the name of what

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have, you know, progress, or this is good or success, big name, more profits, and so on and so forth.

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In the name of Islam, in reality, people are doing facade.

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And I don't want to go into discussing this because this is a very, very vast thing. When I used to say when they did not do Islam, and the bulk of the people, what were they silent followers Kalu they said so these nine family heads they said, the awesome will be

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the Cosmo you all take an oath with each other Billahi by Allah the costume was from custom, what does awesome mean to take an oath that by Allah I will do this by Allah, I will not do this. Right. And tacos Sermo bind yourselves by oath meaning swear to each other, that you will do such and such and swear by Allah in front of each other. The Casa mobila He so everybody has to be together in this what is it that they're planning to do here? Learn obey eterna who surely we will definitely kill him by night what alo and his family who Saleh Elisa. Together. We the leaders are going to go and kill Salia and his family at night the whole family we're going to kill them at night. Len will

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be eaten No Nobody eaten from their letters by the beat by his home batter up to is to spend the night somewhere because generally you spend the night at home. You're supposed to anyway. Then the beat is to cause bloodshed at night meaning to attack someone at night to cause bloodshed at night. So nobody eterna who meaning at night we will secretly go and kill Salah what Allah Who and his family. And then in the morning when people will find out the whole family has been killed. And of course nobody's witnessed it. What are we going to say? Sama, Lana kulana. Then we will say Liwa Lee to his Wali, who's Wali, the Wali of Salah who is Wali, by the way, a close friend. But while he is

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also used for air, all right, but didn't say they were going to kill the whole family. They were going to kill the whole family but after the family is the extended family right and in the absence of the immediate family who becomes the heir who becomes the heir. Those who are next in relationship in kin, right? Don't you read about this or hear about this, that someone's great aunt or you know, some distant cousin they died and therefore, all of a sudden they're inheriting so much money. Right? Why? Because they are the next in kin. All right. So whoever the next and kin we're going to say to him, Masha hidden ah, we have not witnessed Malika Lee the Malik the destruction

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of his family. We have not witnessed the destruction of his family Mahalik from HELOC, HELOC destruction and Malik ism Wharf, or master, meaning, time or place of destruction. We didn't witness it when we have no idea when it happened, how it happened, who did it? We weren't there. We didn't see it Masha hidden and Monica Ali, he, basically we're going to lie.

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You understand what they're saying? This is a whole plot that they're making. We're going to secretly kill the whole family at night. And in the morning, we're going to say to their relatives that oh, we have no idea how this happened. Who did it? What a nello Sadiq Khan. And we're going to tell them that indeed, we are truthful. So basically, we're going to lie that we are speaking the truth. Does this remind you of somebody?

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Use of artisans brothers, right? That we're going to do this, we're going to throw him away. And then this is what we're gonna say to her father. So a whole plan and these people made a plan also, you see, the solid fellas and the people of the moon. They were an ancient Arab tribe. In this surah. So far, we have learned about a nation from Egypt, a nation from a sham. Right? Who was the nation from Egypt, fit our own, fit our own people, a nation from a sham, who was that Saudi man or the salon, then Yemen suburb, right, and how Sabah they accepted Islam. And then we're learning about an ancient Arab tribe also. And you see that all of these nations in their own times in their

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own places, they were at the top.

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Right. They were superpowers of their time. The people of Saba were also not ordinary people. Remember how the hood would describe the very throne of the Queen of saba? Right? The Hood Hood was so impressed. So the people of the mod were also a very mighty people. They weren't ordinary.

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And in particular, was these leaders that were running the whole show? But we see that it was these leaders who are most corrupt, you see fit our own, was he corrupt, extremely corrupt. What do we see over here all to these nine leaders were very, very corrupt.

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So they said that we're going to kill him, his family and the next day, we're going to pretend like we don't know anything. Remember how the prophets Allah was and when he had to do he did something similar happen?

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What is the reason? Why Allah subhanaw taala told him to leave Makkah? What happened? The Mushrikeen they had that meeting in Davao Nadella. Remember, and each person suggested that okay, we should kill him. We should expel him we should imprison him. And it bliss was there in that meeting, remember, and at least said no, don't do this. It's not going to work. Don't do this. It's not going to work. And finally, a Buddha Hall suggested that one person from each tribe is going to participate in the murder of Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, and when is it that they were going to murder him in the night? So as the night fell, they all came around his house, waiting for the

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Prophet sallallahu Sallam to come out of his house to go to the home to pray, remember, but what happened all those people they kind of fell asleep or they missed the prophets.

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And in the morning, when they went inside who did they find? Our little little horn. So something similar happened over here with Sonic Elisa, they said why never saw the icon we're gonna set that we are speaking the truth. And remember that in that society in Arab society, if somebody commits a murder than what is you blood money, who's going to take the blood money, the IRS, right? Or if they demand revenge, cause loss, then that means that the killers have to be executed? Why is it that a Buddha held suggest to that one person from each tribe why? Because the bundle Hashem would be forced to accept only blood money. So over here, it was a similar plot in sort of who I am 91 We

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learn that Solihull is Salam. He was from a good family, a very noble family, and it was the family of Saleh Alisson him that his people feared we learned they said well Hola, Touka, la Rajim nurkic. Wilma and Darlene Ebihara Aziz, if it was not for your family, we would have stoned you to death and you are not to us, one who is respected. Meaning we don't have any respect for you. You're not worth anything to us. The only reason why we're sparing you is because we have respect for your family. That something similar happened with the prophets of Allah Zendo who would come in between Rasul Allah salAllahu Salam and the machete King. It was always his uncle, Uncle Talib.

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So they decided to collectively kill him. Now, remember, in other parts of the Quran, we learned that these people demanded a miracle. What was a miracle as she Campbell All right, when this

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the gavel came and drank all their water. Right? They got tired of it. They wanted to get rid of it. They were told Do not touch the camel with evil. What did they do for our karuah? They killed the camel when they killed the camel Saleh Alyssa and told them Tamata roofie daddy come selesa a year. Stay in your homes three days meaning you've got three days left only if you don't repent call us this punishment that you've been demanding it's going to come. So when they were given this final warning of three days, they said you know what, we'll just kill Soller simple, we kill the camel. Now let's kill Salah and not just Salah his family also, and then things will go back to normal.

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This was their plot. Allah says well, Makoto makan. They plotted a plot, Wilma column namah Quran, but we also planned a plan. What was their plot to kill Saleh and his family at night secretly? What was the plan of Allah? Well, Himalayas Arun, and they did not perceive what was the plan of Allah that their punishment came before the three days were over.

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They kill the camel, they were given a warning of three days. They didn't take heed. Instead, they were going to do something that was much worse. But before they could actually do it, Allah subhanaw taala destroyed them. They intended to destroy Salah and his family are you Salaam and Allah destroyed these nine family heads along with their families their tribes so the entire nation was destroyed fun low so look K for how can our people to McCree him? How was the result? The outcome of their muck of their plotting what was the outcome and that indeed we the Mona home we destroyed them while coma home and their people are do marine altogether. The entire nation was destroyed. And

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remember that the meters should either Hallock total devastation complete destruction and how is it they were destroyed with a scream a blast? Well, I'll call the leadin Allah Messiah to so you have the word comes for these people that they were destroyed by a sleigh have a blast. You know, this nation was a nation that carved out at homes in mountains. We learned that I mean II they lived in security in peace. But what happened to them a blast and an earthquake caused total devastation.

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Now, we see over here, when you look at the people of solid her Lisanna one man amongst them killed the she camel, even Bertha Ushaw her right, the most Ashkar the most wretched person amongst them, he got up and he killed the she camel. It's a one man job killing a camel. Especially because it just got the tendons right. That's a one person job. So one person killed the Sheikh ammo, which led to nine people plotting to kill Saleh Ali Salaam and his family. And they weren't able to because Allah subhanaw taala prevented them. But what happened? The entire nation was destroyed. Why? Why was the whole nation destroyed?

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If you think about it, that one person could have killed the camel without the support of his people. Could he have no, these nine people also could they have made this plot without the support of their people? No, they couldn't. So even though the entire nation was not actively involved in this evil, because they supported it, they showed their support. This is why they were equally guilty.

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They were equally guilty. And this is the reason why we had this whole discussion before that use your mind. Think about what is it that you're following? What is it that we are promoting? What is it that we are agreeing with? We can't just be blind followers, we have to use our reason. Because ultimately a person will be with those whom he agrees with whom he loves, whom he associates with, even though he's not doing the same kind of actions, but because he agrees with them. He will have the same result for Tilka. So that boo you to whom their homes call we attend Kalia. This is a very interesting word from Ha, well, yeah. Co Op Hawa is When a house is deserted,

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deserted, abandoned. When it's abandoned, what will happen?

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It'll be in ruins. Right? First of all the things inside no matter how valuable they are and

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matter how precious they are, no matter how much they were looked after by the original inhabitants, they're going to be treated like waste. Right?

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In fact, they're not going to be looked after anymore. And then eventually, what's going to happen to that whole place? It's going to be in ruins. If something breaks, something falls, nobody's going to fix it. So what to Kabul, YouTube, how we are still today there homestand. But how are they? How we are empty, desolate, deserted, nobody lives there. Nobody inhabits that place and the prophets on the last one his way to the book. Remember that he passed by the muda enough solid, solid listeners nation where they used to live the prophets, Allah Lawson and passed by that place, the houses were still there. In fact, there was a well, which still had water, and the people actually took water

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from that well, and they may do with it, but the Prophet Salas and told him not to use it. So the through that though they didn't use it, and this is the people who are going for the book who are already short in their resources.

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Fatima kaboom ha we are Bhima wala mu because of the wrong they had done. To the houses stand today people are gone in the field. Alika Ayrton li Komiyama Allah moon? Indeed. And that is surely a sign for people who know what is that sign? People who know this background of why this entire nation was destroyed.

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People who have this knowledge, or we have those people who have this URL are hounded Allah because Allah as parents are to give us the ability to read these ideas and understand them. So what's the if then? What's the lesson then?

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Share one lesson with the person sitting next to you.

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So what's the lesson?

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No lesson.

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In Nephi Delica, I attend the call me or the moon, Salam Alikum. One thing that stood out for me was that even if you don't carry out the act of evil, but the fact that you support it, or you have the near the intention to support you're equally blameworthy.

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What else?

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our material possessions, they're not going to benefit us. So like, stop getting so attached to them and stuff. Because like these houses that they must have, like carved out with so much care and, and decorated and stuff, like they're just empty now. And also, if you have the support of your family, then inshallah you can do a lot more than you could, like without it.

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You see, that is exactly what's mentioned over here that their houses are there today standing, but they're empty, people are gone. So what we collect here, will stay here. But what we do here is going to go with us our actions they matter. So choose your actions wisely. Right? How careful we are about our possessions, isn't it? It's amazing how sometimes we're confused. Should I take this flavor or that flavor this shade or that shade? You know, for example, when it comes to a phone, what is it the

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rose gold, that new color that has come out right? That color or some other shade? I mean, it's not going to affect the quality of the phone is it? But how particular we are how much time we spent even looking for a phone case. Look at what happened to my iPhone case, see what my kids did? covered it with stickers. I mean, I remember how much time I spent looking for this case because I said it has to be clean and white.

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And look what happened look at its fate.

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looks horrible.

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Right? This is the reality of the things that we have, you know, the queen of Saba because we learned that the queen she went with her nation were to Saudi minor this and I know a low Arland whether they went back after accepting Islam or not a low are known but it is said that in Yemen, you know the ruins are still there today. Queen of Sheba, right? The lofty structures, the houses that they built and you know whole place full of huge, huge pillars. They still stand today. That's amazing.

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But it's all covered in sand, all covered in sand. And they've been digging, digging, digging, but that particular area of Yemen. It's basically a place where there's no law. Okay, so if a person goes there, their life could be in danger in serious danger.

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So, people who do go there, they'll take a huge risk and when they do go there, whatever work they do the con exactly displayed or, you know, what's the worth of all of that? What is it? It's nothing

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but because of these things this money this duniya we compromise so much on our aka

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how singing that one person sins encourages other people to do sin because the man who did like hamstring the camel encouraged the nine people to try to kill like solid Friday salaam Yes. You see if they could kill a camel now they could kill, you know miracle they're killing the Prophet of Allah. They want to do it. I just wanted to say was interesting how, after, like their level of desperation to kill somebody and they still didn't realize it was a lost fund. Who would the punishment was coming from and it was foreshadowed before by their superstitious beliefs and stuff.

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What unjaded alladhina amanu. And we saved those people who believed what can we attack own and they used to fear Allah. So ultimately, who was saved, people who believed and people who feared Allah and they were a minority in this nation

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I know there must be some thin line between superstitions and not to take the water from that can explain that, okay. It's not superstition, because of which the Prophet sallallahu Sallam told the people not to use the water of that place. The reason was that this was a nation that was destroyed by Allah subhanaw taala. And the signs of that destruction are still there. Because the houses stand till today, they're empty. Allah mentions it in his book, he wants us to take a break to take a lesson. But if we go to such places, and start eating and drinking and chatting and having fun, we're not going to be taking a lesson. You understand? This is why the prophets Allah wa salam

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advised that when you go to such places when you pass through them, pass through them crying,

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not excited. Wow, look at this, look at that. And this is something that we need to take very seriously. Because the recent tragedy, you can say that happened in Makkah, it is something that is distressing. I mean, in sha Allah, we hope that every single person that died in sha Allah is a Shaheed because a person who dies, where a building has collapsed in the Haram in the State of Iran, gone for Hajj, Friday, between our southern Morocco inshallah these are all beautiful sides, beautiful, very good signs. But at the same time, we shouldn't be just watching videos and forwarding them and looking at pictures and forwarding them and just talking about them and cheering

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because we won't be taking Ebro from it anymore. It's just, you know, a news thing. Right? We were just passing on news, it becomes to normal, then we're not going to take a lesson anymore. And this is what we need to remember, we need to take a lesson from these things in the field Alika law, I never forget the idea. Did you understand

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there are people whose families have been part of it, it's very difficult, whether it's 911, or whether it's an accident like that. And when those things get repeated, and people put comments on it, and forwarded to other people, it is very painful for the people who have been part of it. And then whatever kind of comments to put on it, whether whichever tragedy it is, it's kind of revival of having all that bad thought. So we need to be careful, whatever words we say. And another thing is, it was just a news two days before I just saw part of it. And it was one Muslim girl who was going for liberals. And it was going on and on that she put some kind of comments when she was 16

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year old and it came back to bite her.

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And whether she's Muslim or not, when you put comments about different things, you put in any kind of social media. In fact, there are phones now that they can record your conversation. So what you say you need to be very, very careful. I mean, and we have to be careful in front of Allah Tala to but it can come back to bite anybody in this world. He don't just create a hype and this excitement. Did you see the video? Did you see that video? People were, you know, this was happening and that was happening? How was the Hajj going to happen? Are people going to be able to go for hygiene? Oh, you know, stop. Just stop and think about your own actions. Instead of thinking. I wonder what the

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Saudis are doing that this disaster happened? No, let's stop pointing fingers. And let us think about ourselves. Each person needs to do is to fall in his own capacity. So this is what we need to focus on interfere Delica Yeah, indeed. And that is a sign and ultimately this is Allah's promise that he will

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save those who believe what can we attack on their lives are not going to go waste, while Luton and also loot earlier Salam meaning mentioned him in all le county he when he said to his people, we need to take a lesson from the story of Luke or listen, I'm also when he said to his people, Doonan fascia, do you commit for hisher? Meaning do you commit a morality?

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What uncomfortably rune? And you see, what is the purpose behind this question? Is he asking them? Do you commit immorality? It was obvious, he knew that they committed this fascia. So what's his question for this question is for the purpose of expressing disbelief, shock, amazement, in a disturbance, anguish pain. You seriously do this?

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You know, when you know somebody has done something, but you just cannot accept it, you cannot understand it. So you keep asking them? Really? Really? You actually took that job? You actually took seven courses in one semester, like seriously, you you signed up for seven? Really? Which ones? Really altara We keep asking right? Because we find it very shocking, disturbing.

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So load our histogram. What is he disturbed by? What is he disturbed by this fascia? This evil deed that his people were committing? What was this evil deed? Homosexuality? Well, Lutheran authority told me he twin and fascia were unknown tubes rune were undone while you took saloon you see, meaning you see the wrong the error of this of this deed, meaning you know how bad it is? You know how reprehensible it is? You're not ignorant of its filth, you're not ignorant of its harm, yet you have accepted it, yet you have normalized it, you've made it a part of your lives. How can you do that one time too soon?

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You know, where, you know, for example, if a person is doing something illegal, right? And you would say to them, you know that it's illegal, right? You know that right? And what would they say? Yeah, I do. What would you say? Good? Is that what you would say? You will be shocked? How could you do it knowing that it's illegal? How could you? So likewise, Luther, listen, I was saying what anthem to epsilon, you see its harm its harmful effects. You see, it's filled. You see how dirty it is? Yet you do it? How can you normalize it? How can you accept it? How can you make it a part of your lives? And what uncombed up soon, could also be understood, as you see meaning you see it being done

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in front of you, before your very eyes. You're okay with it. In other words, you do it in public.

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And so the Lancome booth is 29. We learn what tuna fina de como el mongkol in your private gatherings you do mancha meaning it wasn't just something that would happen between two people in a bedroom. No, this was something that would happen in their gatherings

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in their gatherings, that how men would be having relations with other men in public.

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And you would think that, oh, this really bad people they did or once upon a time. These things happen today. Also, today also

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where like, it's basically an event where men you know, boys are brought and they are

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I know in Pashto, but just something Bacha Bazi.

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Bacha Bazi is not talking about primitive times. This is happening today. Boys are raped in gatherings where there are only men.

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Yes, they are dressed up like women, you know that? They're dressed up like girls, and it's a good looking boys. Well, I'm tomtop See rune, how can you see it with your own eyes? How can you see something like this happen? How can you accept it? How can you accept something like this happening in your own house, in your own family, you want them to sit alone? Shamelessly they committed this deed being very open about it. You see if a person is committing a sin and Allah has veiled it, that's a different story. But where a person is committing a sin, and he's coming out openly about it, openly publicizing it on Facebook, on social media, in their family, my sexual orientation is

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such and such, I am such and such. This is something even worse, you know, the sin itself is bad, but doing it openly publicizing it, talking about it. This is even worse. Because this promotes evil, that inner calm. Then he asks them Do you indeed let the tuner Rigell you approach men she

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jawatan with desire, meaning you go to men just for the fulfillment of desire, your lust men Doonan, Nyssa instead of women bill and Tom Coleman dodge Haroon bol rather meaning actually the fact is that unto Him you are among people who are touch Haroon you behave ignorantly. Meaning you really don't understand the seriousness of this deed. For if you did, you wouldn't go near it. You have no idea about its repercussions. Its outcome in the hereafter. Because if you understood the reality of this deed, you wouldn't do it. You wouldn't go near it.

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Even though Lutheran s&m explains to them, attempts to make them realize the error of their deed. Still, what do we see these people chose to remain ignorant? Because earlier he said, well until too soon you see the wrong but yet you do it. This is also general, we think ignorance is when a person doesn't know about the truth. Ignorance is also when a person knows the truth, yet he chooses wrong. This is also a form of ignorance when a person sees right from wrong, but still he chooses wrong and he justifies it. This is Jehovah Jehovah is to make a wrong choice also. So Bill uncom commented Haroon, you are people who are behaving ignorantly. The thing is that when a person realizes what

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they've been doing is wrong.

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Then Allah subhanaw taala has given them one level of awareness. But that's not where the story ends. Okay. One is to have that realization, awareness. This is wrong. This is right. The truer level of realism is when a person will change himself when a person will leave that wrong and adopt what is right.

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This is what we need to focus on. Make the right decision.

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And even though it's very difficult, leaving your sins behind, but this is what counts before Allah subhanaw taala ignored Josie and he's a sixth century of Hijra scholar. He wrote in his book disciplining the soul, right? He wrote that a man loved another men. So there was a relationship between two men. Then one day, he looked in the mirror and noticed some gray hairs. So he left his partner,

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his partner wrote to him,

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and this is for tree being translated into English. So of course, it's not going to make complete sense to you, but you'll get the gist of it. His partner wrote to him saying, Why was I abandoned like never before? And the proofs of abandonment are so clear meaning Why have you left me

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and I see that you have been drinking me. But now you are confounding me. Although I have always known you drinking me alone. Drinking means that you love me. Right? That all this time you've been with me you know that I love you. I know that you love me. It's quite obvious. Why have you left me? All right. So he wrote back saying that I am acting like a young man when in reality I am old.

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Do not blame me for my disaffection. What I have wasted is enough for me. I will be held accountable for what I have done. So save me the sins I may commit. We have seen the Father of mankind due to a mistake, descendant humiliation, meaning now my hair is turning gray. And I know that this is wrong. All this time. I've known that this is wrong. It's already hard for me to leave you. But I am leaving you. I'm leaving the sin behind me. Because I know that if I persist on the sin, my end is going to be humiliation. And so he ended this relationship. He ended it and this is what we need to remember also. It's not about saying a stop for Allah stop for Allah. You know sometimes we're doing

00:34:12 --> 00:34:36

wrong things. We keep doing it or like a stuffer Allah for Allah Tabatha, you know, this is not Toba. This is not a stuff that Allah stuff that Allah and drew Toba throw away is that you consider wrong to be wrong and then you leave it and if you don't leave it, Lutheranism says bail and Dunkleman bail uncommon that you alone. You are behaving ignorantly.

00:34:37 --> 00:34:59

Leaving sins is what matters not realizing that they are sin. Realization is is one step leaving the sin that is important. And no matter what sin it is, once a person realizes I'm gonna die, like this man, what pushed him to leave the sin was this realization that I am closer to my death. No. He saw gray hair right

00:35:00 --> 00:35:12

So this is what we need to remember I am going to die one day I'm going back to Allah. And I need to stop doing what I'm doing. One more thing about this is where Luther Allison, um, said, You come to men Schouten

00:35:13 --> 00:35:31

you approach men for the purpose of fulfilling your Shahada. What is Xiao, Hua, lust, desire. And over here, it's referring to sexual desire. All right? Remember that the union of two people should not just be for the purpose of sexual pleasure.

00:35:32 --> 00:36:00

It should not be just for, you know, fulfilling one's lust. A marriage should not be just for Shaohua. Because marriage is not just about sexual pleasure, it's more than that. And if a marriage is founded upon just for the purpose of fulfilling sexual pleasure with another individual, then that marriage is not going to last. It's not going to last because marriage is quite a rocky road. It's like a roller coaster.

00:36:01 --> 00:36:29

And if the objective is just to make a relationship halal, then what's going to happen as soon as the person has done enjoying that relationship, they're going to move on from it. Right? So here we see that Lutheranism is criticizing the focus on Jehovah. I mean, that is one of the reasons why a person would get married, but it should not be the ultimate reason. You understand. Like, for example, sometimes people are like, Oh, but I just love this individual. Why is it that you love them so much? What's the reason?

00:36:30 --> 00:36:48

Because they do drugs? No, no, no, no. Because they're out of school? Why do you love them? Instead of looks? It's their looks. And then what happens after a couple of days, when they've had their share of enjoyment, now everything starts bothering them. And then that relationship comes to an end.

00:36:50 --> 00:36:51

You want to say something, go ahead.

00:36:52 --> 00:37:27

Just decide our untung to pursue a common jehlen It reminds me nowadays, when you have a gay parade at downtown, it's a source of recreation. People says let's go downtown why we can see the gay gay parade. And then once you're looking at it, you are a part of it. And now the values are becoming here. And when I came to when I read this, I pursued a lot and I paid a lot of information then I was shocked to know that that pajamas, yeah, act, the children bleed, they got unconscious. And how can the other person can enjoy with this horrible act.

00:37:28 --> 00:37:48

Then, when a person just looks at their own shower, ignoring how it's going to affect another person's life, it could kill them, it could ruin them, you know, they can go through trauma, serious trauma. This is so selfish and this selfish approach to life. This is just This is ignorance.

00:37:49 --> 00:38:33

You know, as human beings, what we do affects other people around us. We cannot be concerned about just our pleasure and our displeasure we need to be concerned about everyone that we're interacting with. This is what differentiates human beings from animals. You see like an animal when you're watching the documentary you look at an animal just take grabbing another you're like oh, leave it it's a mother it's got a nest, you know, to leave that bird. But that that snake is gonna have no Rama doesn't have any mercy right? This is what differentiates human beings from animals that we need to have concern for one another for my kind of job a call me but the answer was people was not

00:38:33 --> 00:39:03

ill except on call that they said Reiju Allah Lutheran middle karate, can you expel the family of loot from your city from your town? Why what's their crime? In the home? Oh, NASA? Yeah, I thought the huddlestone Indeed there are people who clean themselves who are very pure there to clean to live amongst us. There are two pure, so if they want to live with us, they have to become dirty like us. In the home owners, we have our own since when did cleanliness become a crime?

00:39:04 --> 00:39:10

They were taunting over here. You understand? They were taunting Luther Allison and his followers.

00:39:11 --> 00:39:25

Basically, they wanted to expand loot or s&m, so that they could do whatever they wanted to do. And many times this happens and when a person is doing something wrong, and others are telling him Don't do it. This person says go away. Let me be

00:39:26 --> 00:39:59

leave me get out of my life. Get out of my face and the list goes on. Right? Why is it that people take go away? Let me do what I want to do. You have a problem with what I do go away. In the home on Estonia Tata, Haroon, what we see over here is that the people who are listening were disturbed by the Sahara of Lutheranism. Right? They were disturbed by the purity of the believers, that if you're so pure than leave Luth artists and I made dua to Allah about being a denier early on

00:40:00 --> 00:40:38

They may or maroon Oh my Lord saved me and my family from what they do this has mentioned so with the shirt I 169 for aundre Now who so we saved him what level and his family ill and raw data except his wife. But Donna, we decreed for her that she should be middle lobbying amongst those who remain behind. Why? Because she supported them. People have solid her lesson and also what happened the entire nation was destroyed. Why? Because they supported their leaders and over here the wife of the Prophet is being punished because her sympathies are with all the criminals so she will be with them.

00:40:39 --> 00:41:18

What does this teach us? Wrong should be considered wrong? What antona and we range or lay him upon them Matala and evil rain. We sent an evil rain upon them Fussa Moto almanzar en so how evil was the rain of those who were warned? What kind of rain? Was it? Was it a water? Snow hail, no. Sit G and what is the G baked clay that when clay is burned heated up so much so that it turns into rock? It turns into rock literally it it feels like rock.

00:41:19 --> 00:41:27

You know, like people make bricks made of clay? How do they do that? How do they do that? They make it in a furnace.

00:41:28 --> 00:41:54

Have you seen primitive technology? Does YouTube primitive technology. And you'll see how a man he basically makes a hut with two hands. Only two hands. He's got no tools at all whatsoever. And he uses just mud, water and wood. That's it. And he makes a whole HUD heated by the way. He did. All right.

00:41:57 --> 00:42:12

There's a chimney as well. Exactly. So he makes these bricks of clay and then he puts them in a furnace and they become so hard that they sound like as if there were ceramic, literally so said gee, this is a gene.

00:42:13 --> 00:42:16

This was rained upon them.

00:42:17 --> 00:42:19

Imagine if there is a rain

00:42:20 --> 00:43:16

of stone, what do you expect? What do you think is gonna last? What life do you think will remain? What I'm told now Ali matar officer, multiple Mandarin. And in particular, we learned that each stone it was decided who it was going to hit. And it would not hit anyone except the person that it was destined to hit. Golden say Alhamdulillah all praise is for Allah. All praise is for Allah. Yes. All praises for Allah. Even when people are destroyed. Yes. Why? For the eradication of wrong was Salam on NPS, Allah everybody he upon His servants with servants AlLadhina splava, whom he has chosen, and who are the servants, the prophets of Allah, whom ALLAH chose for Hidayah, whom ALLAH

00:43:16 --> 00:44:08

chose to convey his message. He guided them, he preferred them over mankind, He chose them is tougher and remember that it's tougher is to choose someone because of suffer because of their purity. So Allah chose these messengers, Allah who has Iran than Allah asks the question, Allahu Hieron, is Allah better? Allah Who why is this red with a mud because it's a what a question and then Allah, Allah Who Hiren is Allah better a man usually corn or that which they associate with him? Who's better? Is Allah better? Or is it these idols and these so called Gods that people have made, and they consider them to be Allah's partners? Who was better? Allah is better, whatever is

00:44:08 --> 00:44:13

made ILA. Remember, nothing is better than Allah subhanaw taala.

00:44:14 --> 00:44:31

Over here we learn three things. Firstly, all praise for Allah at all times, for the establishment of truth for the eradication of wrong. Secondly, was salam ala Riba, the linea Mustafa peace beyond the servants of Allah whom he has chosen.

00:44:33 --> 00:44:43

And who are these in particular, the prophets of Allah? Which is why whenever we mentioned Sulaiman, what do we say Alayhis Salam, because Allah is teaching us this etiquette.

00:44:45 --> 00:44:59

The prophets of Allah, Allah alayhi wa salam, and Allah is the source of peace. He is the source of Salam. You know, once in Musa heard we learned that Gibreel came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and he said interrupt because our Gen laochra

00:45:00 --> 00:45:34

alayka Salam, your Lord, the glorious exalted is sending Salam to you. What do we say in response? Allahumma enter Salah woman, a Salam Tabata yeah they'll generally well a cron and thirdly, what we learn in this ayah is that Allah is better, more superior he is the best compared to anyone and anything that could be put even close to him because he is a lolly, your Aleem and this is the message of though he'd realize the greatness the superiority of Allah subhanaw taala let's listen to the recitation.

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