Mohamad Baajour – Funerals – How to Wash The Deceased

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss various ways to wash one's body, including using a hose, cloth, and tap, trimming, and keeping confidentiality. They also recommend using a shower or shower brush to avoid washing the wrong thing and avoid washing the wrong thing. The process is demonstrated, including the use of hand and mouth, and the benefits of washing the body and removing clothing and shoes. The speakers stress the importance of avoiding washing the wrong thing and washing the wrong clothing and shoes to avoid mistakes.
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I said I'm on econ 100 a lot

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smaller hamdulillah salatu salam ala Rasulillah Loma Linda main fauna and finally my alum Tana. Was it now? Illman Dr. hamre? I mean, ask Allah subhanaw taala teachers would benefit us, benefit us from my tutorials and increases in knowledge. I mean, your blog mean, ask Allah subhanaw taala baraka and this gathering in sha Allah and make us from the people at the end of the gathering, they will be told Kuhmo McFaul on Lacan, called booty let's see article Hassan

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the deceased after they pass away is fourth key fire. What does fortify Amin means if some Muslims

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have done it, the worship will drop from the others. Okay, so it is

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a requirement on at least few Muslims to perform this. And they represent the community in this act of a badass by itself.

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There are reports from the Sunnah that showed us how to perform

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the washing of the body. And the most famous

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of these reports

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is the report of wondrous Salah Salem

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how to wash his daughter, Xena, the hadith of Xena details

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the process of washing the body.

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So in sha Allah Tala

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or do not to waste any time, we're going to do a demonstration.

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And try to the best of our ability to show how it's done. And the proper way and Please

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look carefully. Because sometimes our handler we have brother, Kazi that is responsible for all this stuff, but sometimes he might get stuck, or we need somebody to watch the body and many people do not know how to do it. I know we just have the problem in New York all the time. Until Hamdulillah. I mean, we had four or five volunteers that are ready all the time, whether it's brothers or sisters, especially if we are opening a place for that in our facility, we should know how it's done in sha Allah, so anybody who is who has learned will come and participate in this novel form of evidential so the brother who decided to volunteer his brother that we use of

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hopefully the table will be able to carry him to

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try to sleep on here

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come forward. Okay, use of me that

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there are a few things that we need. Before we watch the body just brought a couple of things you need to have some gloves, Inshallah, I'm not going to put them on because you're gonna make me so you need gloves. And you need an apron disposable apron. apron that when you finish, just like the gloves, you throw them away, and you throw that apron away. And you need a few cloth,

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pieces of cloth. And you'll know why. And you will need

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any of the controller the facility will be more

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up to date and has its own holes and everything but you can have a couple of buckets, one will have water and siddur you know what is the lotus leaves and that is just to get the form of it. And we will discuss inshallah and another one which is will be the last one to use is water with caffeine and the caffeine is just to make a good smell of the body. That will be the last wash and then something to wash.

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Now we're using this but if you have a hose, it will make life much much easier and quicker and cleaner because you'd have a lot of water coming on the on the body.

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So the first thing we do

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if the body came to us with the clothing is already in.

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And if I miss something, Chef, remind me because you do this every single day.

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If the body come with the clothes on, the first thing you do is obviously you take the clothes off. If you could take it off easily, then go ahead. If not, you can just go ahead and rip it but before you do that, you got the

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douda has to be covered Subhanallah our deen respect the Muslim that are alive the IRA not the whole body is just our

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have the man we all know it is from the belly button to the knees, this has to be covered, you take off all the clothes, now you have all the clothes

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out. And now you have the body and you start the process.

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If you look and you see the nails of the toes or the fingers are very long, then it is recommended to clip the nails are different. Some said no. But it is if it if it's very long, it is recommended to cut them. And you look also if there is a lot of hair under the arm, the armpit, you shave, you shave the hair, you don't come to the hair here, you don't come to that you don't that is not a place to clean up at this time you leave it as it is this hour is very sacred here, you do not come close to it, but we will see how we do it in a way that will be respectful to the to the immediate.

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If the moustache has to be trimmed also you could trim the mustache. And another thing is sometimes the body has been maybe

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in a freezer maybe for a day or two. So the the limbs became very hard, right. So in that case, just move the limbs a little bit just to be able for you to make the process of washing easy, you do the same for the for the legs, you just move them a little bit back and forth just to make it easy for you to perform the reversal.

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the person who's washing

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has to be knowledgeable about the Sunnah of washing

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don't just bring anybody and to be honest with you.

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I would recommend that you assign someone before like now it has somebody please if I die if you can know how to watch me go ahead and watch me so you know at least someone who's watching you is doing it you you tried and you you struggled all your life to live according to the Sunnah try also today according to the sun, not all sunshine to be varied according to the sun to be washed according to the sun. So the person has to be knowledgeable about the process plus is a very important condition for that person. He has to keep the secrets

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for example sometimes

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the face changes

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the person is normally a white person all of a sudden his face becomes completely black. Usually from our experience it's not a good sign

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so you don't the person who's watching he does not go outside oh you should see the face it was ugly and the smell was stinking no he has to keep whatever happened inside has to keep it inside if what about if he sees something good should he tell about it? If you see something good yes, we heard about our elderly many times that room was full with Musk Subhanallah the whole room was smelling Musk you know that is something that you go so people can make dua and love that person and increase their diet to him or to her inshallah so the person has to be really a person of respect and to honor the body that is washing and do not disclose any any secrets

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there's no need to have so many people in the washing area. The washing areas usually are not that spacious. But anyway three four people is more than enough. Three four people is more than enough. And you will know why because one by himself is very hard to can be done. Three is perfect. More than that as we become too crowded in the area.

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There are no

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there's nothing authentic about some people go and with everybody they do they start making Okay Do I have the May Allah give you the book in your right hand? May Allah when they wash the face, may Allah make your face white. There's nothing like that in the Sunnah. You're just washing the body quietly and

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trying to do as much closer to the sun as as possible. Now with the help of somebody No, no, we have hamdulillah our body here is moving. Usually the body does not move

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So the Allis way. So you lift them up like this in this position, and gently, gently you press with your

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arm, on the

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on the abdomen here, on the belly, just in case there are any kind of

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left over access remains in the body, it will fall, usually in the bar, the table under has holes under it. So whatever is coming out will go down. And it's done in a way that there's a drainage and it's very clean facility usually. So you press gently to make sure that all the left's any wind, anything in the body will go because you want to clean all the energy from the body before you wash it. Okay, so you press gently, and if there's anything, it will, it will come out.

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Now, with here, here comes the washcloth, keep in mind that you're well you're wearing gloves, right. And with the gloves, you have this between your hand and the private part of the person, you're going to come under this here, and you're going to go and clean up the front and the back. If there's any

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leftovers that came out when you when you pressed, you cleaned it up, whatever it takes 123 and you throw them somewhere, you have a place that you throw them, if you want to wash them or disposable stuff, you just throw them away, okay, you make sure all that area is clean from any from any indigestion. This is it clear so far. Okay.

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Now Rasul Allah, I sent him the Hadith, he said, first, you start by cleaning the places of

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wood. So you actually perform regular wood, you perform regular due to the person, of course he cannot. So you do it yourself. Starting with the hands, three times the both hands. And then you do the now when it comes to the mouth, you don't come and open your mouth and put mouth in the head or in the mouth, you just wet your finger. And then in the mouth, you just go with your finger around the mouth. Similarly, in the in the nose, that's it, you don't put my water in that in that area, even though it is part of the body. But this is how we do it. Because any water you put inside is going to come out immediately. Because No it's nothing is going to stop it's going to go down and

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come out and it will later ruin the the shroud the coffin.

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you finish the hands, the mouth, ear, the nose, you wash the face completely. And there's somebody with you, for example, use of stand up.

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Okay, you just thought you keep you keep pouring water and helping the brother not so with the wash the face. And then you come here to the right hand. This is no, this is the right. So you wash the right hand as you're making the right arm and making will do similarly you do the left three times. And then

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not you don't have to just wipe the hair, the ears. And then you come and you do the come from here. You do the right foot, three times and the left foot three times. Now what we'll do, is is done

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after the widow is done, now you have to do the

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washing of the completely complete body. You start from the right side. Please, if there's anything stop me because I really want you to learn you know

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any, we always have lack of people who know how to perform the lesson. It's very, very simple. The first you just get rid of the NASA performer do versal right side first left side first done, but there is some details and that's what we are discussing. So now you are watching the right side. Keep in mind when it is a hose it's easier. It will bring you a lot of water and make sure because sometimes you have blood on the on the body. You know sometimes we always think that oh, it's just a dead body. No, no keep in mind that sometimes there are blood that stuck in the body and needs really good rubbing. So that said the process was excellent said wash your dead with the water and

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settle that sort of Subhanallah the lotus. It has so many benefits in it. Number one, it seals the wounds Allahu Akbar. It gives some kinds of antibacterial to the whole body and it's prescribed Brussels for reason. It gives antibacterial sees the wounds and if there is any kind of blood sticking it will remove it very strong. You use when you get the signal and it's available. You know when you go to those Indian stores or Arab stores, they have them. You put it in here and you mix it. What you need from that is the phone. Okay, you get the phone now. Let's go first with that Washington button. So you watch the whole

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right side, the whole right side of the body. And then with the help of someone, you come and you turn the body this way, and you watch this side of it, so you're doing all the right sides first, okay, back and forth. And then you turn them this way, you do the left side, and then you turn them this way, and you do the left side from the, from the back. Now how many times we do that

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it has to be an odd number. If you do three times, if you do three times, and you feel that the bar is still dirty, you do four or five, five, if it's still dirty, you do seven, so you keep doing it in an odd number until the body is completely clean. And this is with the signal with the if there's no surgery, I mean you could use

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anything soapy, but silver is preferred if you want to follow the Sunnah. So you do that and the form of the sitter you do the the hair you do the head with the form you do the hair and there's a beard also you do that with the with the form of the sitter, you rub it properly. Now you finish this let's say once twice, three times and three times was clean. Carlos you're done the third time okay? All right. When you for example when you doing the second time if you notice it's clean, then the third time has to be done with Carrefour so always the last time has to be done with caffeine what is caffeine? Caffeine is a form of

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gives a beautiful scent to the body. It's good give us a really beautiful sense of the body Subhanallah how our deen covered everything and and as a matter of fact, I saw some some people while they're performing the vessel, they have some borehole it's not from the seminar but it's only just to keep the environment smelling good. And if there's any smell came out from the person people will not think it's you know that smell of the hood will dominate over the smell of the harm the person and they will not notice anything. So the subtle subtle covering Subhanallah our sins of our brother alive or dead is one of the main

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beautiful things in our deen to always cover our brother even if we any there might be some smell just cover it with something else. So you will not say anything even about them Subhanallah so

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you wash the last time the last time you wash with with the with the Carrefour and that will will give

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a beautiful smell to the body. Now

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some people you will see them stuffing the nose with

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cotton or the mouth with cotton. This is nothing from the Sunnah. The only time you can stuff put some cotton is from the back passage in case after you kept on cleaning and kept on decreasing and kept on bringing waste down this is the only time you put something in order to stop and it will not ruin the the shroud the coffin but other than that there's nothing about stuffing the face and all that with all those cotton pieces. Okay and now do we dry the body? Some animals said yes some said no just leave it by itself it will it will dry by itself and anyway you're going to wait for a few minutes and then you're going to put the shroud on it and then inshallah Tada that will

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that will take care of the water. Now all the time while the process is going this does not move. This does not move. Now this have now become extremely wet. So before the Kevin you just bring another one and someone will take this from the bottom and you put another dry one because now you're working under under Katherine and inshallah Tada that will be our next week we'll do how to do the how to do the shouting inshallah Tada

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that's it Did I forget anything chef

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or even they forget anything

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Subhanallah you see this is why the experience needed. So sometimes like the brother said

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when they come from the hospital, there are some sticky parts from the maybe all the tubes and all that stuff stuck to them so you have to rub properly and you will notice that maybe after the second or the third wash right so that's why you keep watching to make sure the whole body is is clean inshallah any questions

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if you have lenses, you take them out if you if you know how to take them out, it's easier without harming the body. Go ahead. If there's any ring you take it out anything that you just leave the body just like it was it was born the way it was came to this dunya that's the way we keep the dunya also.

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Just something you

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When you have braces what happens

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so you have gloves with your hands and a plenty of water either with a hose right here. Okay, you're putting the hose right here and making all the water come through because you pressed already right here, you press first and then you put the water now after the pressing all the discretes inside of came out already you don't press too hard because you have to respect the body I keep repeating the word. So everything's came out for you do the water when you put the water you lift this up and with your arm and this in your hand this is a high this is a barrier between your hand and the private part and you and then you clean back and forth you clean as much as you can and of course it's going

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to be very dirty. You turn them you turn them up yes and keep in mind like I told you the the table that is specifically made for the deceased for washing it has holes in it Okay, so that will make it easier for the for the process also trauma

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do we

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I can't hear you

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do you read anything? No, there's nothing to read. If you make dua for the brother May Allah forgive him hamdulillah but there's nothing specific to be read in the process of of washing

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we're going to discuss by the way the person does he have to make do after all that stuff is coming up who washes who can the husband wash the wife and all that will be after just about I just want to finish this process only and then all the stuff we'll discuss it will take us 10 minutes and Sharma

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the stuff you could come and cover Come come come here. No no it's it's good to to to know about that. I'm not familiar with this 100% Burn what happens Can

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you wash your hands

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on the body back okay. So they comes with a bag

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the body comes in a bag and then you wash the body from the outside

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just over the bag. So the brother was saying just in order for the video to the people watching. So the brothers said in case you got a body and it is completely destroyed or the body parts are burned completely. They can usually in a bag. So you do the same process on top of the bag because you cannot actually watch the body parts. So that's when Charlotte Zaca for bringing that up and Shawn, so I will

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finish by discussing Zach unlocker for our volunteer and we give the piece of chocolate for the dead body

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so who washes who very common question is, can the husband wash the wife? And the answer is yes. Can the husband wash the wife?

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Usually let's do it this way men,

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wash men and women wash women. The only case a man will wash a woman if this his wife.

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And the only case a woman will wash a man if it's her husband, if he is her husband. Other than that women are not supposed to wash men and men are not supposed to wash woman now

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children cannot wash. Let me let me just go one by one washing his spouse it is permissible for a woman to wash her dead husband.

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As expressed by Aisha I showed the Allahu anha she said that I would have loved to watch Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wasallam and one time

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I Isha reported that a source SLM returned from a funeral in the vaca

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to find her suffering from a headache and he told her and and saying I shall sing Oh my head. She was complaining of a headache. But suppose I said and said banana Well, sir, she was saying Well, sir, all my head, but an hour Sir Now bollocky la Nithya cuddly for a sell to key worker fun to keep some muscle light to Aliki was the fun to keep rather it is my head that is aching. What would hurt you if you died?

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For me, and I wash you here, when it comes to de Lille, that you're allowed to wash your wife and I you wash you shroud you and then pray Janessa for you and Barry.

00:25:12 --> 00:25:35

Now in case if someone died in a state of, of Iran, if a person died in a state of a haram or suicide sallam said wash him with water, and the lotus and do not perfume him that's the only because the ROM we all know when you have one, you do not put perfume even when he died. Do not perfume Subhanallah because

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another Hadith Rasulillah Salam told us that whoever die making Tobia will be resurrected making telopea Allahu Akbar, he dies saying the break along with a break he does wrecking the resurrected doing the same.

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The martyrs the shahada, the Muslims who are killed in the battlefield are given the treatment of martyrs in terms of washing shrouding janazah prayer and and burial. This does not impose that they are truly died unless they there are martyrs who died like we consider martyr who died. A person who dies in a drowning and burn or wall fall on him. These are different than the martyr who died in the battlefield. Okay, because the person who died on the battlefield he has a special case.

00:26:28 --> 00:26:40

Those who die in the battlefield should not be washed. The one who died in the battlefield should not be washed. We all know how the Sahaba they would not wash even if they were gentle. Even if they were you know

00:26:41 --> 00:26:49

gender or the Allah and refer to that resource as salam did not watch the martyrs on the day of odd he did not wash them and Shaheed

00:26:51 --> 00:27:09

I am their witness wrap and bury them in their blood. No person is wounded for Allah's Cause, but will come on the day of resurrection with his wound fresh having the color of blood and the smell of of musk taxi room in a collage or hen Yahoo homescan Yo Malkia

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what is the reward of washing this is I should have started with this to encourage your child to read after to the end man never said I was Sleeman. Sir Katana is a

00:27:22 --> 00:27:36

very important let me go straight because of the time it goes straight to the English. He who washes a Muslim and conceals what he have seen. Whether its appearance or bad smell.

00:27:37 --> 00:27:43

Allah grant him forgiveness 40 times or another narration of 14 major sins.

00:27:46 --> 00:27:51

You know that we only caught a hadith that authentic. Allah will grant him

00:27:52 --> 00:27:55

refer Allah who know Arbaeen Amara, our Khedira

00:27:57 --> 00:28:25

and he who digs a grave and buries him would be granted the reward similar to providing for him a dwelling until the Day of Resurrection. Man half a referral for a general Audrianna Cadre mackanin a skinner who a year in a young woman career woman Kofi Annan, and the one who shrouds him, Allah will clothe them on the Day of Resurrection from the silk garments of gender.

00:28:27 --> 00:28:34

So Subhanallah there's a huge reward for washing the body a lot of people you know they stay away from it. If you have you know,

00:28:36 --> 00:28:43

you don't feel good doing it or you feel might you might think that's a different story, but to stay away from doing it without any reason.

00:28:44 --> 00:28:54

You're losing a lot of reward. So inshallah Tada if you are invited. If you would ask rush to go ahead and undo it and do it.

00:28:57 --> 00:29:24

Another Hadith Monica Salah may eat and fester, Thoreau Cetara hola who Mina Zulu women can fennel Kassa hola who Mina cinders whoever washes a diseased Muslim. Of course it was talking about brothers but this also applies to the sisters when they are washing inshallah whoever washes the disease Muslim and covers him Allah will cover his sins and whoever shrouds him, Allah will give him silk garments in general. Whenever salami eaten fell he ever tested woman Pamela who fell yet our dog

00:29:26 --> 00:29:27


00:29:28 --> 00:29:32

whosoever washes a dead body, let him take a bath after

00:29:34 --> 00:29:46

Is it a must? No, it is highly recommended. It's not a must. You're not sinful if you did not do it. But it is highly recommended to make Hossen if you have

00:29:48 --> 00:29:54

watched the body now if you carry the body, not the box, if you carry the body to the grave.

00:29:55 --> 00:29:59

Like for example in New York when I was there a few weeks ago in New York, you're not done

00:30:00 --> 00:30:13

allowed to take the body like here if you have to put the whole thing the box inside the cement and then cover the cement here you could take the body right I saw them take the body by itself like the original shot a way that we do it

00:30:14 --> 00:30:27

if you touch the body you brought the body down to the grave actual grave then it is recommended that you make Moodle after okay it is recommended that you make will do after

00:30:28 --> 00:30:44

versal for washing will do for carrying the body okay awesome if you wash the body Monica salami eaten TESL woman Pamela who fell yet our woman Camila who fell yacouba I don't know ever carry him Let him make will do

00:30:50 --> 00:30:54

no, it's no you don't have to be in a state of flow.

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So, quickly somebody who performs the washing man, Muslim men or their wives for women, Muslim woman or their husband, who leads the washing process, the washing should be supervised the person knowledgeable of the sooner who may not be washed one who's killed in the battle field who to wash what to wash the entire body, what is the washing sequence one should start with the head the right side hands then feet and then left side hands and feet and then the rest of the body should the clothes be removed all clothes must be removed, but the body should remain the hour should be covered at all time.

00:31:45 --> 00:32:30

What is the number of washes the entire body should be washed an odd number of times three more or as needed, what cleaning material should be used on one or more of the washes, lotus leaves the signal we spoke about or if it's not there soap should be added to the water should the body be scrubbed with the body under the cover it should be scrubbed with a piece of cloth or response just like we have seen how is the hair wash or if their hair this one in case the hair is braided it should be undone. If the hair is braided, maybe you're doing some sister doing sister and her hair this old braiding the hair the braids should be all undone and the entire hair should be washed and

00:32:30 --> 00:32:45

if it's long it should be calm. How to Arrange long hair for washing should be divided into three plates when when to put the perfume on the final wash is scented perfume preferably careful should be added to the to the water

00:32:46 --> 00:33:05

who may not be perfume perfume, only the people who died in Iran what is the reward of washing the body forgiveness of 40 cents what are the conditions for deserving the reward sincerity and hiding what you have what you have seen should one take a bath it is recommended Okay. Now

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then the chef mentioned few of the things that people do that or not they are Buddha which is like you know they are start making vicar in congregation inside altogether. La ilaha illa Allah and all that during the washing there is nothing like that. And that we said the stuffing of the throat and the nose and all these things and that should be inshallah Tada the washing process. And if Allah subhanaw taala kept us alive next week, we'll do the shrouding now.

00:33:55 --> 00:34:11

Yes, keep in mind, it's a sister that is washing his sister and she will cover from the rear from the chest all the way down to under the knees. She will cover from that all the way to under the knees and she will do the same exact thing. Okay.

00:34:14 --> 00:34:48

Are you allowed to put a tombstone? This is not the topic but yes, you're allowed and it should have the name only an order for identification. All these things that we see in that 11 A day here's your own shadow Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah and all that stuff has nothing to do with the deen. As a matter of fact, you're writing the name of Allah, Allah on the ground and people are stepping on it and stepping on the name of Rasulillah Salam and stepping on the ayat of the Quran. This is all not allowed in Islam. You just put the name in case you want to visit your father, your uncle, your son in the future, you will know where they are for identification only. That's the only reason we do

00:34:48 --> 00:34:48


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00:35:12 --> 00:35:19

Okay, so brother Adam is asking if a woman died and there are no woman to wash her and no husband also

00:35:22 --> 00:35:25

Okay, so what do we do in this case? Who's gonna watch this one

00:35:31 --> 00:35:37

that is really very odd not to have any Muslim woman and no husband and no

00:35:38 --> 00:36:02

that she has some Muslim woman relatives they should watch her not to have any Muslim woman at all it's very very rare but in case and then we'll try we go to the extreme by having a non Muslim woman but we'll never ask for a man to watch the woman and vice versa is also applies. The second law here we've got a coffee come Hanukkah llama handy

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stuff Eureka on a toilet

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