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The abuse of Islam by individual countries, including Iran, Costa Rica, and the United States, remains a struggles and injuries for individual countries. The importance of having a strong will and being mindful of one's actions is emphasized. The segment touches on the history of Islam, including the use of Zalyed for committing actions and the "hasn't been enough" label for actions. forgiveness for sin is emphasized, and the importance of regretting past sin is also discussed. The segment ends with a mention of a woman who apologized and made a photo.

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reach the last three or last two times we were talking about the group where Allah subhana wa Taala said that they do not do three things. Well Lavina Laird own Amma Allahu Allah and when I act alone enough seletti Haram Allah, Allah will help well is known. We explained that these people who are able to run they never commit any kind of shirk and they do not kill any body without any just cause and they do not commit adultery.

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And then Allah subhana wa Tada said on a YFL Dallek yell, Osama, and I'm sure ever does any of those or both, or two of them or all three of them, he will get a salmon. Someone said a farmer is a worthy in jahannam. That is that only dedicated to the people who commit adultery Subhanallah when they left their liquor yellow card, you draw as

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a young woman, Kiana Wi Fi hemo Hannah, not only that, he will be punished severely on the day of judgment. And beside the physical punishment, he will also be humiliated Mahana

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from Rihanna, he will be also very humiliated. And look at the greatness of Allah azza wa jal that was a recap.

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And then Subhanallah even though they have committed these huge sins,

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killing Xena, still, Allah azza wa jal give them an opportunity in

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that's enough to make Toba know. in

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Manoa, Amina Amina saw Ali Ha, the owner, can you read Do

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you read? Do you know who say to him?

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What can Allahu Rahim Allah subhana kalbi, how great is Allah azza wa jal Subhana wa Taala even though they have committed all these grave sins, Allah said, except if they repent

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and they believe and they do righteous deeds.

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Is he going to forgive them? Not only forgive them.

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Hola, Iike you bet deal Allah sejati him Hassan not Allah. This has two meanings. Allah One meaning is that Allah azza wa jal will change all their like for example, they were shirk, emotionally keen, now they are more hidden they used to kill now they are very peaceful people they used to commit Zina, now they are 15. So, this is one meaning and the meaning that is very common. Everybody knows Allah will switch every single evil deed they did before the Toba into a good deed.

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They have 1 million evil deeds not only forgiven back to zero, no, they will be now having 1 million good deeds for example and SubhanAllah. in Manitoba, we're airmen why that Toba is not enough listen to this because Rasulullah Salim said Zanni ly as ni wa min.

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A person committing Zina he at that moment that he's committing Zina, he's not a movement.

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He lost his Eman at that moment. So that's why Allah said Tabgha were Amana

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and is that enough? Okay, I believe no, no, no. Switch all the evil deeds that he used to go used to use to commit now switch them into good deeds.

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In lamb and turbo Armineh why Milan, Milan Salia for Hola, Iike you bet deal Allah say he at him has an ad. What can Allah who are full of Rahim? That's why every time someone takes the shahada Subhan Allah look at any

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few years ago when I was in New York, a man 74 years old

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originally from originally Irish,

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and he took his shahada and we were all looking at him 74 years of Allahu Allah what He has done.

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And then he took his shahada and Subhan Allah, he became as usual, no, people take the shahada and they become amazing.

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He became from the people to Fisher.

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Maybe a few months later, he passed away.

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And Allah subhana wa Tada. Look at this man, Allah has anyone someone takes the Shahada. This is chosen by Allah azza wa jal.

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Allah subhanaw taala has chosen that person

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to become a Muslim, and not only that, he become better than all of us all of a sudden Subhan Allah. So the door of Toba

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This is from the realm of Allah that the door of Toba is open until the soul gets up to here. Jaquan Do not ever feel that the Toba is only for them when African old for the caffeine or the Mushrikeen No, no, the Toba is for me. The Toba is for me and you it's for everybody. Yeah, you have Latina ave to Allah He told me that and masa. Anyone sitting here thinks that he does not need to but he needs to but from that thought.

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We all need to repent to Allah azza wa jal. What are quickly the steps of Toba. Number one, let's say I drink alcohol. Number one, you have to stop that sin. Number two, which is extremely important, or soulless, I sell them said

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and let them tell them

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have to regret every single moment I drank.

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A number three, I have to make a promise that I will never go back to that sin, whatever that sin is. Most people fail in the second one, they stop.

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And they do their best not to go back. But they do not regret it.

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Some people around him after two years, they were drinking. And he or mentioning that they were drinking, he would say the good old days. What good old days have you been what kind of Tober is this? This is supposed to be regretting every single moment that you drank not good old days. Subhanallah and then look at the after that when we will end with this woman tab. Why don't you lasagna, for inner who we are to Allah He metabo so that means the Toba is not only for those three people who have committed these major sins, Whosoever does anything. Woman tab. Well, I mean, I saw Ali Han Fei know who we are to il Allah He metabo Imen came to one of our self and he said, If I

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repent, that's gonna be very hard to translate. He said, either tube tube Allahu La. He said, Yeah, not limited to bapta tab Allahu Alick. He said, If I repent, will Allah accept my repentance? He told him, You did not have the

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power or the intention to repent. Except because Allah subhanaw taala wanted to accept your return to repentance. were terrible. Allahu Allah him. Leah Tubu Allah subhanho wa taala. He is the one who facilitate the Toba for us. This is what happened with Adam money. He said don't write for Tanaka, Adam. He got the words from ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada Fatah Valley. So Allah subhanho wa Taala facilitate the Toba for us and look at the greatness of Allah. I mentioned this before, but because of the topic, imagine that the Toba is only in Mecca.

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Every time I sin, I have to travel to Mecca, few $1,000 and the trouble of traveling and all that stuff. Imagine that the Toba at a certain period of time like a 2am only, no no no Subhanallah from the Wrath of Allah azza wa jal that the door of Toba is open all the time, any second anywhere, just make Toba to Allah subhanaw taala and begged him to accept Allah named himself at the word.

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Allah named himself Allah far, aphorism. Yeah, when many of us maybe have committed major sins, maybe committed adultery, maybe riba maybe gambling Maybe Allah Who alum everybody knows Allah, he this is the best time these are the best days to go back to Allah and asking for forgiveness. And do not let the shaitan like a young man came to me a few days ago. 21 years old. He said, I don't think Allah will forgive me.

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I have done so many bad things. For the Who told you that? He said all my friends keep telling me. No, you are so bad. You're so horrible. No way.

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Kalia either the Minister for

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forcing him

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Telenor to definite Lumia metal

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in no more yo fiero zone. Oh that Jeremy.

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Allah forgives all sins, no matter how bad things are. Come back to Allah azza wa jal, and not only Allah will forgive them. Allah subhanho wa Taala will also love you, because you have asked for Toba in Allah. You have been Allah loves not the EB in Telugu been when we say tau wellbeing that means they are constantly repenting. When someone is constantly repenting. That means they are constantly sinning. Subhan Allah in Allah your head with the webbing, may Allah

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subhanaw taala make us from the total well being, may Allah subhanaw taala make us from the shack in Allah forgive all our sins may Allah subhanaw taala ya Allah I beg you in this morning for everybody who attended today and everybody who's watching us yeah Allah do not take our soul until you are pleased with us. I mean your blood I mean the Allah make our last words Allah

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in musli me now almost Lima D one meaning Mina team one quantity now look on it the more slaw the been our slaw the Ponte once saw beauty no Slavia before she you know she

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wasn't for shearing force she is the one downside BP no one no downside. The party was all or me now. or

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what have you Lena photo gentleman one Hatfield law D. Was that good enough?

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What's going on? I don't know. Allahu.

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Wa giovane nauseam.