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The theory that Islam is about everyone is discussed, including the belief that it is a source of pride, pleasure, and happiness. The Eastern Church claims to be the only people to live in the present world, but there is a difference between the Eastern Christian and Eastern Church communities. The speaker suggests that people may be scared of death but may still pursue their original state. The belief that everyone is scared of death is based on their sins, and people may not be able to go back to their original state to find a way to live.

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So the answer or one possible answer is that Allah made it generic made it general at the end in order to show us that it's not about just those people. It's not because they are Jews, that I'm not guiding them. No, it is because the actions dictate that I will not guide them. Those actions are one of those, that they are doing room to their own souls by turning away from the Scripture in the way that they are. And in that way, we can then identify ourselves with this limited that I don't want to be like this a person who doesn't understand the Quran doesn't bother to, you know, read it, try to understand it and to live by it. Because if I do, I'll be like that donkey. And as you know,

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that donkey is not just talking about the Jews at that time, he's talking about any one who behaved like this. And that's why I said, Well, long hula overly mean, Allah doesn't guide a nation that is wrong doing Yeah, is wrongdoers. So that is them. What is the link between this verse And what came before? Well, Allah is saying, everything I sent all my guidance, I said, well, the precedent and his role to mankind and the fact that the religion would spread far and wide, this is a father of Allah. Now, are you going to take that further? Am I going to live by it? Or are you going to be like, the people that came before the juice? For example, look at what they did. They squandered the

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funnel of Allah. And now look at how I see them. Don't be like that. So Allah has given us example of the Jews in order to emphasize the point that this is a favorite of mine take you with both hands don't be like others before who squandered that father. This is how I see those others now. Now, one of the things about the Jews is that they believed that they were superior to others, they believed that they were unique and better than everybody else. So they would hold their noses up and others and have a sense of pride. They said national Abdullah, Abdullah Allahu Akbar, they said that we are the children of God, and His Beloved ones, meaning we're better than everybody else, to Allah

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subhanho wa Taala now

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draws our attention to that statement, and wants us to, to unravel it to see whether or not it is true on it. To question that, what is the question? He told the person I'm gonna say, Yeah, and you already know how to say to Alladhina hadou, meaning the Jewish communities at your time, in the anthem, if you all claim, meaning is not one Jewish rabbi saying this, the whole Jewish community think like this, that they have this attitude that we're better than everybody else, we're the chosen view. And even in our times, you can see that it is the same thing. They have this claim, for example, the issue of Palestine, Israel, one of the reasons that they say we can occupy Palestine

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and keep on building settlements, because what, because we're the chosen people of God. So he will say the same thing to them in Xanten. And if you all claim and not only

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will holy law he been doing in us if you are the only of Allah, the friends of Allah, the chosen people of Allah mindware in US besides everybody else, it claims exclusive yourselves. Everybody else doesn't enjoy this just us then do this one thing. Just do this one thing for 10 Min, no loads, just do termina of death. termina means to wish. Just wish with. Allah is saying to person don't tell them to ask for death to make dua for death. No, just wish, you know, like he just wished for something. You said to a friend of yours. What do you want to be in the future? I want to be a millionaire. Wow. And you're unemployed right now. Yeah, I'm unemployed right now. So how are you

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going to become millionaire? You just have a wish, bro. You know, I just wish it was wrong and wishing you could wish for whatever you want. So it reflects, you know, a very, very, you know,

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an expression of hope. You know, just what the hell let me wish for at least. So just do that much or use just wish for this. Why didn't I choose that? Because if you're the chosen people of God, and for sure living in this world is going to be miserable. But whatever God has for you, then it's gonna be far better. If that's the case, wishes

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Death, wish were death and your life here leave the misery and go to pleasure, the pleasure of God, you're the chosen people of God, if that's what you claim that is, that is why I was $100 is in control sided thing. If you really are truthful in your claim, it's probably a very powerful way of reasoning with them a very powerful argument as well, which basically will reflect the truth inside of them. So if a person doesn't want to wish for death, then what does it mean? It means that I'm scared of what's gonna happen to me after I die. Well, what do you mean you're scared of what's gonna happen after you die? You're the chosen people of God. For sure everything that's going on

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with you after your death is better than what happened to you whilst you're living. So, oh Jews then is it really true what you claim? Perhaps not. The reality is the opposite. Wala Yattaman No, no. Aveda. Allah then says that you guys will never ever wish for it. You wouldn't even wish for it ever, ever.

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Why be my god dammit ad because of what your hands have put forward, meaning you've done some terrible things in your life. You does a terrible things as a community. You've done terrible things like your art DeLuna that Allah subhanaw says other places in the Quran Yakata Luna Gambia that you've killed prophets that have been sent to Bani Israel, they would kill some of them. I mean, killing a prophet. That's a tremendous crime.

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They've done other things you have reformed al Kalama I'm now while dirty Allah says another place that they changed though you know the speech of Allah around me that they covered things up. They said we don't really like this about the Torah let's change it. Let's change somebody else. Something else. So they've messed around with Revelation covered things up like the coming of the process. I don't know we don't agree about this man being our Prophet. It says in our scripture, let's cover that up. So you've done some bad things. And that's the reason why you will never wish for this be my god dammit ad him. And then Allah subhanaw taala says will long Wiley boom builiding

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Allah is all knowing of the violin mean? Yeah, all knowing of it mean. So cool. In the mouth Lolita feel Runa mean HuFa in the Humala t come say, Indeed, unmowed the death that you are to feel Runa minim fleeing away from some people. You know, in fact, all of us, we all we're all scared of death, everyone was scared of death. However, there is a difference here. Allah's powder saying about the Jews that not only would you not wish for death, but the reality is to feel Runa Minho that you are running away from it is the last thing that you want to do is to die. It's the last thing is something that you would something that you would never want to happen. Rather, you would want to

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live forever. You would want to live forever and you will never want to die. You don't want to go to the afterlife because of evil that you have done. And as different to a believer. A believer is scared of death because of the unknown because of the sins that we have committed, may Allah forgive us. But at the same time, the believer also has hope in Allah as hope that Allah will forgive him, show him mercy and enter him into a paradise. And this was the person who said in a hadith, within your Hadith that whoever loves to meet Allah, Allah loves to meet him and whoever hates to meet Allah Subhana. Allah also hates to meet that person. So a believer has two feelings towards death.

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Number one, he is scared of death because of his sins. But secondly, he's also hopeful that Allah will forgive his sins. And at the same time, he's hopeful that Allah will be merciful to him. And so from that perspective, he doesn't hate death. Rather he sees death, as the gateway through which he will meet Allah, who he loves, and who is wasted all his life. So this is the combination of fear as well as hope that as for the Jews, and those like the Jews, that they have no hope whatsoever. Only fear of death, only resentment of death only a disdain for death. So they run away from it to feel Runa means to flee for in the Humala decon. But even though you flee

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and even if for him now who will be coming even if you were to flee from it and live for a lot longer than you're supposed to? Then one day, moolah P come it would indeed come and meet you. It would catch up with you it will take you this is the reality Allah subhanaw taala is telling them so Medora Duna Illa ironi Mohave and then after you die tour aduna, you will be sent back to not Allah. But Allah described himself as being Arling will leave the knower of the rain the unseen will

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was shahada as well as that which is witnessed meeting that which is known? Now why do you think Allah is describing himself? By saying Not that you're going to come back to me Allah or Europe, but to the one who knows the Unseen the, the hidden things, as well? Who's the one who knows everything that is apparent as well? Why do you think that's more pertinent to be said here regarding the Jews who did some things with Revelation who used to kill profits, etc, etc. Why do you think it's more pertinent here to say you're going to go back to the one who knows the hidden as well as the as well as the know as well as the scene? Have a think about that my brothers and sisters and discuss that

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and share your answers.