Mohamad Baajour – Funerals – How to Shroud The Deceased

Mohamad Baajour
AI: Summary © The shrouds and funeral hats are important tools for protecting the body during the after-school event. The proper way to cover the body and avoid damage to the body is recommended, including using a thick fabric or mattress, tying the coffin, and removing the towel. The shrouds and clothing used during the funeral include the use of shrouds to cover individuals and their relatives, the use of shrouds to avoid confusion, and the importance of shrouds for a better look at one's body. The shrouds are designed to protect individuals from bleeding and bleeding related to COVID-19 are discussed.
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sale and equal to commercial law

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Smilla hamdulillah salat wa salam ala Rasulillah Allama very clear fishermen are here they are blind I mean, the Java version one Mahoma. Daddy, the Federal komatsuna but agile, fina whatever in shocky and by that, I mean I mean

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good coluna sin

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coluna sin

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ether to

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one day all of us will be laying on this table

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and this process will be done to us.

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May Allah subhanaw taala make our last deeds our best deeds, I mean, alumna asin hottie mutton

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first I want to thank you, Brother Kazi from Rama funerals for always helping me and providing

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the stuff needed. So today inshallah Tada. We will be discussing the shrouding after we finished

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the ossola According to the Kitab and Sunnah. And like I mentioned before, and I like to keep mentioning it is that this is the time to learn.

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This is the time to learn.

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When the calamity takes place, it's very hard. You have no time to ask about the proper way. And what I hear that from, for example, brother Kasi, everybody comes in? Tell him No, this is the sooner we know this is the sooner we know this is the right way. Subhanallah because most of the time, our culture have dominated over our deen.

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So we think that this is from the Dean, we're not doing it on purpose to disobey Rasulullah Salem, but because we've seen that on our own. We've seen our fathers do that. And we think that this is the right way. Okay, so now's the time to learn about how to wash the right way. shroud the right way, tray the right way, bury the right way. So when calamity takes place, and someone dear to us, we know how to handle it in shop. So we finished washing last week.

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And today we're doing the shrouding the sharpening is also a fourth key fire. But as far as key fire, I mean, if a group of the community did it, then the worship was dropped from the rest of the community. So, some people from the community came and volunteered to do the shouting and hamdulillah datamine This is enough.

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the sun there is a

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main point that has to be understood.

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And then there is

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the details.

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The main point in shrouding is that the body has to be covered.

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What does that mean? That means what you see today is going to be the same no way. But if I don't have the three, for example, the way to cover a man is by using three sheets, right? But if I have only one sheet, what do I do?

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It works, the whole idea is to cover the whole body. Okay? If there is no three sheets, the three is the sooner the way we're going to see is the sooner which is always the case, there's always three sheets Hamdulillah, but I'm saying the whole idea is the body to be covered the body to be covered, how, what color,

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how many ties, all that stuff, this is what we'll be seeing today. But the idea is to be covered. Okay, just like for example, Olson, when we do the hospital, when you

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want to perform wasn't for Joomla or after relationship with your wife. That's awesome. What is the host of the main point of motion is for the water to get to every part of the body, then we have the Sunnah, start by the private part, DO THE WILL do wash your right side, right, but the whole idea is for the body to get every part of the body to get the water. So here, the body has to be covered how now.

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So as I said, and first he told us that, as you know, Kevin, the Kevin has to be of good quality, nothing very transparent, very cheap, and at the same time, don't go extravagant and use something like very expensive right. So it has to be something moderate, as long as when you cover it will not it will protect the hour and the body of the disease and like we said the whole idea is to respect the immediate

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before we put the three sheets

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it is recommended to put otter on them

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to put a nice scent on the sheets themselves

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you make them smell good. This is from the from the Sunnah.

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And then

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like we said, for the men, it is three sheets. Now many people do it in a different way.

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They put all three sheets the same exact size, they spread them and they bring the body they put the body and then they wrap 123 Put the ties it's done. Now what Brother cause he brought me is that they do it here in a slightly different manner

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they put the

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one of the sheets

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let's do this first to make it easier if you put

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now I can was for him

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these ties

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you could get them from the from the sheet itself. Just put them

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in an odd number

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could be three to be five it could be seven

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the whole idea again is to tie the coffin. Okay, whatever is needed sometimes the body is maybe tall you need more than three Allahu annum the whole idea is to get the whole

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shroud on the body without being loose and you don't want any harm to the body taking place while you are carrying it or

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putting it in the grave so he brought he brought five hamdulillah that's good enough inshallah we can put them this way just to make the process easy after we put the sheets

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you want to

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because I am used to three the same cycle is your name

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mashallah brother he does that every single day. Okay, this is the commies so this is the this is the third one you put right usually yeah put the big one first okay

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yes, I didn't tell usually

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okay, it will be a little bit like one foot extra on this side and one foot extra on that side. And you will know why when we when you put the body in Sharla this is like brother he said this is extremely bigger than the the usual. It's probably you know, this side and maybe one more like he would say maybe five feet. Five feet. This is way more than five feet. So this is the first the first one let's put them all and then I'm going to bring someone to be here

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Yeah, we're gonna bring a buddy my brother

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unless somebody dies now

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which was great way to die in the gathering like this

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hopefully, okay.

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This the second one. Yeah, the smaller. Like I said before, they're all three the same size is no problem. And then this is the third one, which is a form of academies. It has an opening for the neck

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same volunteer that we washed off we still clean from last week.

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So we have to put it in a way

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I have to put the head here. Okay. Yeah, probably this

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does not having Yeah, that's good inshallah. Okay.

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stumbled much, okay.

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All right. Just put your foot down.

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Okay, keep in mind

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that when we get the body, the

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when we bring the body, the tablet still covering the,

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the private part from the belly button all the way to the knees. This is covered, still covered. And we bring, bring them from the wash. Remember what we said, we take the dirty one, the wet one, we put a new one, okay? And we bring it like that to the cafe. Now.

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You bring

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something that you could put all the FIB the otter in it, and you put out

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on the place of sujood. Okay, the forehead,

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hands, both sides, okay.

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The knees, you put your hand and put the knees on the knees, and on the feet. Okay? Remember, so Salem, he said a sudo Allah, Saba. So Jude is on certain parts of the body 12345, knees, feet, six, seven, you put all otter on all these parts. And also, it's also recommended if you could put under like under the arm, under the knee, under the armpit under between, when you fold your leg, under the knee, behind the knee, and there is also it's okay, Inshallah, even sometimes

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it's okay to even put dots all over the body. There's nothing wrong with that also some of the Sahaba did that and they put water all over the body.

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Now, remember that we said three sheets all the same, and you fold them 123 And then you tie them, but because here we have the Comey style. So

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okay. So this is will be considered now as the as the first one right here. Okay, this is the first one

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and then from the start.

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Yeah, now you move remove, this is covering the outer you remove the towel that is covering the tower and you put it on the side.

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Okay, so if you want to continue

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just the wrapping

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you can start with

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completely Europe the whole body completely.

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That's the second one

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stamp push, we're gonna want to have a real magnet

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like I said before, this is a little bit too long. So it's supposedly what comes to here and then the wrap the other side.

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Because because it's too long, you can just tuck it. Yeah, you can just tuck it under him

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you see when you put you could put the

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rest under you Okay, we just took it upon you to contact

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you see when you put the ties before to make it easy, or lift Him up again and then put the ties so the ties already Okay, now you do the ties

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from here

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Now the way you do the ties, not too tight because when you come to the when you put it in the grave, you're going to untie them only you don't have to take them all the way but you are going to untie them. You're doing only this right now to protect the body from being loose. Tie them up in shallow go ahead

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this is too short

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brother, we want to do the real thing here. What's wrong with you?

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Okay, okay

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what's that many?

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That's too much. Okay. Now you get the idea.

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All right, so handler Valmy. This is

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now everything is done. And

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we keep it a little bit loose. When we get to the to the burial. You're gonna untie

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If you make them

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take this apart like this, no,

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that's it, you leave it like that. And then when we get to the

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grave, we will discuss that in sha Allah Tala how you put them down, and you will face the Qibla. Now,

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before you do that, it's allowed, like we said, it's allowed to come and see the face of the deceased, you're allowed, and you're allowed

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to kiss him also, between his eyes Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he took what's the name of the sahabi took him in his hands to the grave.

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That's another one but the one who

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have man then move on. And his tears for solace. I seldom was falling on on on Earth man. And he kissed him on the forehead and he put him in the grave Subhanallah

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forget anything. That's it, right. So this is the way we do the showering. And as like we did last week. Now we'll go into into the details. Now, the question is, what about female, the difference in the female is, of course, the body comes also the private part is covered. The difference is instead of three, she would have

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how many? Five, she will have five, two in the bottom. Then n is our covering this area here is our covering here. The commies like the one you've seen covering the whole body from the top again, and the kaymar for the face for the head, okay, two pieces, same like the man. Another one for covering the izhar is our his from the bottom part, right?

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That would cover the bottom part, a kameez that will cover the whole body. And then

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Akima piece like this big for the for the hijab, this is for for the female, it was a young boy, and it was enough for one, like somebody under seven years old, and

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one sheet was enough hamdulillah if you wanna do three, you could cut three for the size of the person. It varies. Sometimes the person is big, sometimes the person is thin, so you don't waste try not to waste and use whatever is needed. Subhan Allah

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the story that we mentioned in Ramadan, about Hatim or the Allah Allah Subhan Allah she was sitting one day and she was thinking and Xena was with her and told her what what are you thinking about your Fatima? She said I was thinking about when I die

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when I die

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How can I let

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the men you know carry me. Allahu Akbar.

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She is so worried about men, to the purest men the Sahaba carrying her to the graveyard. How can men look at the difference now? Subhanallah we have women that are alive and women and men are looking at them openly Subhanallah

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Yeah, Fatima you are covered with five sheets, five sheets. And with all that, you know what she did? She requested to be very that night.

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She requested to be very at night. This is that this is the hire of our woman. May Allah protect all our women inshallah. They can look here for the beautiful volunteer. May Allah subhanaw taala give him and us all a great and and may Allah subhanaw taala. When we are in this state, may Allah forgive all our sins and Sharma in Arabic.

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He wants to fall back in trouble and can help.

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Some Cinderella salatu salam ala Rasulillah the hadith is Rasulillah Salam said, either a cuff and a ha for us indefinite if the brother if you are in charge of shouting your brother, your sister, let him do it to let him do it. Well, is I will you

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tell your son Kevin, in the home you buy funa FIAC Fanny him when one of you is responsible for shouting his brother, let him shout him well, because they will be resurrected with their shouts. They will be resurrected with their shouts. Now someone might ask how could they be resurrected with their shrouds while we know the idea that everybody will be naked on the Day of Judgment, right?

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Well, the animatics

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said it could be the best would be in the shroud and when the gathering takes place everybody will be will be naked. The number of sheets

00:20:10 --> 00:20:20

I showed you Allah Hannah said the trestle was salam was shrouded with three white cotton Yemeni sheets.

00:20:21 --> 00:20:26

bacillus SLM was shrouded with three cotton sheets from from Yemen.

00:20:28 --> 00:20:40

The color is white. Does that mean we cannot do in any other color? It is okay but it's preferable. White rasool Allah says Allah he says another Hadith let me see if it's here.

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Now, it will be Soo Min Sierra becoming by EOD thin hydro theatrical worker phenol fee now talcum of the of the clothing available to you wear the color white for it is your best form of clothing and shroud you're dead with it. So there's a hadith about the color white if it is available, and it is preferable to do it in in white

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then it has a multimillionaire yet fella Jimmy row who's 11 When you burn incense to perfume, you're dead do it three times when we're doing the shrouding the perfuming of the showering, do it three times.

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And then the chef went about being moderate in the price of the of the shroud don't go extravagant and in Allah. Yeah, Krahula confab clean our call, where he

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where he ba Tillman. Allah subhanaw, Taala does not like wasting of, of money of money. Then

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came the topic of shouting the shahada shouting the Shahada. When one is killed on the battlefield, it is not permissible to remove his clothing. If they died on the battlefield, then you bury them the way the shroud them the way in the same cloth that they were in your shroud them and the cloth that they were.

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They died in the Milou home, Ethiopian, or Salah Salem and the Battle of God. He said, rob them with their own, with their own clothes, in the same clothes that they were, they were worried.

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if there is a shortage of shrouding shroud, you could use one shroud for more people. And just this just in case of emergency we have to mention it. But hamdulillah Alameen now you know, you go to the funeral home, they have all the supplies ready.

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What is the reward? Subhanallah this is what we want to hear. What is the reward of shrouding Muslim Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam min cough Anna Muslim in Casa Hola, yo Malkia min son Dawson was stabbed Brock was stuck rockin Jana, and the one who shroud the Muslim Allah will clothe him on the day of resurrection from the silk garments of Jana from the silk garments of of Jana five.

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The only difference that we the only person we do not perfume is

00:23:39 --> 00:23:51

the person who is in Iran in ombre as long as he said and he passed away. You don't have to add the third sheet the two covers that he has are enough and everything the same but you do not put

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Like I said I've told us you will be resurrected on what you die doing. You will you die the making Tobia will basically making tell you you died in your salad, you will be regretted making salad you die drinking alcohol you will be resented drinking alcohol Subhan Allah, Allah muslim Fatima and

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then the chef as usual at the end of every chapter.

00:24:18 --> 00:24:27

He writes down some of the misconceptions or innovations that people do in in the shrouding process.

00:24:28 --> 00:24:29

Number one writing

00:24:30 --> 00:24:34

the name of the deceased on the shroud, you know

00:24:36 --> 00:24:48

having an ordering especially Straub with the name of the deceased on it, this is not from the center. Second, using very expensive shroud and believing that people

00:24:49 --> 00:24:56

boast about their shout each other. Look at my shop. Where did you get your Walmart mine is from the mall.

00:24:58 --> 00:24:59

Who was your day?

00:25:00 --> 00:25:08

You're good. You're boasting about the slang. I don't know where they come up with this stuff. So hello, writing the disease name and that he believes

00:25:12 --> 00:25:20

some people they write down the shahada and they put it inside the shroud thinking that

00:25:21 --> 00:25:31

maybe, maybe he will get up and take a look and and start saying the shahada this does not work. We all know that Subhan Allah Allah, Allah, there's nothing more beautiful than this one.

00:25:32 --> 00:25:51

Is it could it be possible that your deceased person is better than Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam three shrouds beautiful done simple Subhanallah instead of doing that stuff, make dua that ALLAH SubhanA wa Taala will give him steadfastness when his question right? Instead of putting all these all these things

00:25:53 --> 00:26:03

using more than three sheets, if there is no need of the person, you know, three sheets well enough using extra sheets. Why Why should you waste the money and the sheets

00:26:07 --> 00:26:13

now there's something that I don't know if you do that. Sometimes

00:26:14 --> 00:26:18

when we do the washing when we did the washing remember we pressed in

00:26:19 --> 00:26:29

on the tummy in the abdomen of the season to make sure all the waste is gone right now in case you find out that it's not stopping.

00:26:31 --> 00:26:55

Before you put the shroud under the private part, they put a piece of cotton do you do that? Sometimes? Yeah, they put a piece of cotton, like very thick piece of cotton, in case there is still waste coming out, it will come there and it will not look it will not show and appear on the shroud when you're taking the body down to the to the grave. This is also permissible, if permissible, if if needed.

00:26:59 --> 00:27:30

sha Allah to Allah if Allah kept us alive next week is carrying and following the janazah the tickets the way to do it and everything and inshallah maybe if we have enough time next week we will get to the to the salaat but at least to next week we will get to the how do you perform the carrying of the janazah? Are you supposed to say something while you're carrying it? Are you supposed to run with it to slow down all that stuff in sha Allah Allah we will be discussed. We'll be discussing it next week the in the law. The second law here are a couple of Ico

00:27:35 --> 00:27:35


00:27:38 --> 00:27:48

Okay, whether the Juma is asking what about wrapping the body after you did this was three wraps you wrap it again with another piece with has all a lot of Quran

00:27:52 --> 00:28:20

Anybody seen Abu Bakr Amara do that? No, we don't do that. There's nothing like that in the Sunnah. But if I've seen some people after the three, if they want to put one extra one as what do you call it? Something Joker, right? They put a bar on the top to cover the whole body. It could be a different color. I've seen some people do that this is permissible. But to put that stuff with and all these things, it's not permissible. Not even

00:28:21 --> 00:28:24

not even the coffin not even though we will come to that when we talk about the Janessa

00:28:26 --> 00:28:26


00:28:42 --> 00:29:23

Okay, so the brothers asking, Can you keep the body at home to show him first of all, keep in mind that the Sunnah is to rush. Okay, so that process that you're talking about should be a minute, two minutes maximum. We watch the body because you're not going to be seeing it before it's washed right after it's clean and everything. And before we do the showering, or after we do the showering, you can open the face after the shoutings even better, you leave the space open a little bit in the face, and they can come and take a look at it and that's it. There's no direction there's no specific direction from the Sunnah facing the Qibla back to the Qibla there's nothing like that in

00:29:23 --> 00:29:23

the salon

00:29:38 --> 00:29:59

nothing other than what we said will benefit the diseased nothing. The only thing that will benefit him is his man or her Amen. That's the only thing all that stuff is like we said before we brought it from our culture's or we have no delete. We have no evidence, whether it's from the cabinet or not from the cabinet. How is that going to help a person who did not pray for it?

00:30:00 --> 00:30:06

Example. You put something from the Kaaba Colosseum Subhanallah all these things are have nothing to do with with the Kitab and Sunnah

00:30:22 --> 00:30:37

yes, many people they save their home from hygiene to be showered with it. Actually there's nothing wrong with it. But if it reaches a point that becomes dirty and smelly, any when you come back with your with your

00:30:38 --> 00:31:02

thumb wash it if you want to do it as a as your shroud hamdulillah there's nothing wrong with it. Okay, but wash it and keep it in a nice place and inform your family that if Allah subhanaw taala took my soul use this clean rom as my as my shroud there's nothing wrong with it. But when it comes Subhanallah we've put in all this beautiful perfume and at the end your shroud itself is smelly Subhanallah

00:31:17 --> 00:31:52

okay, if the bleeding continues from we try to cover that place where the bleeding is coming from as much as we can, in order not to show from out from the from the shroud. The cotton that cut the thick, you know if you ever seen that thick cotton, I'm sure the doctors are familiar with it. It's very thick cotton. And if you put it it sucks a lot. So anyway, the whole idea is to cover the body till at least we put it in the grave. After that there's going to be a lot of animals going to happen. So we just do our best to protect the body while while we're putting it in the grip of the

00:31:56 --> 00:32:19

alcohol. Okay, that alcohol in the perfume is not harmful that are not the alcohol that is prohibited. The perfume in the alcohol is not the alcohol that is prohibited. We're not gonna sit down and drink it. This is this is just like you know, when you put alcohol in your on your wound, this is the same alcohol that is used in the perfume. It's preferable to use the otter and the theme. Okay, that is better than Chaga.

00:32:20 --> 00:32:20

For the

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we said even Yes, we even said last week that the wife is allowed to wash. The wife is allowed to wash the body of the husband and the husband is allowed to wash the body of the wife if needed, if there are women washing the body of the woman of the wife Hamdulillah. But let's assume there is no woman washing. Is it for allowed for the husband? We say yes it is allowed. If there is no men to wash their man. Is it to allow for the wife to do it? Yes, it's allowed and we gave the Lille last week also.

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The idea when mentioning it is for permissibility it is permissible. For example, a woman is not allowed to wash her father no matter what. You know, she's not allowed for a woman for a female to wash her father, for example, but she is allowed to wash her husband. We are talking from the aspect of permissibility it is permissible but if there are women the husband definitely he would probably ask the woman to take care of everything and then after that after everything is done he want to come and see his wife after that no problem

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no, no no wash No. Just in the same way that they died.

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Same. That's like the

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Zachman locker without a color FICO Subhana colomba vandyk Masha Allah, Allah hinda and stuff Heruka on October

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