Facing Coronavirus with Faith & Foresight

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The coronavirus pandemic has affected people with chronic conditions, including drought, alcoholism, and drugs. People are not allowed to let anyone know until they are aware of the origin. The use of the verse " Frank" in helping people suffer from pathetic behavior is discussed, as well as the confusion surrounding the virus. The speaker emphasizes the importance of trusting Allah for cure and safety for everyone, while also discussing the difficulty of protecting from the virus.

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homeland amin salatu salam ala MB mursaleen Amina Mohammed in while early he was actually as main and back

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there is a sense of panic and worry spreading throughout the whole world regarding this calamity of the Coronavirus, ask Allah subhanho wa Taala by his magnificent names and attributes, in particular, his name sheffey, to protect and preserve every single one of us from this danger, and all those affected to cure them And grant them a full recovery along mean.

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When it comes to these calamities, it is very important for a Muslim to try to understand what they are hearing and seeing in the news.

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from a position of faith and a man.

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Everyone is worried about what precautions they can take what they can do to stop the spread of this virus and to protect themselves. And all of that is good. A believer, he sees it from a different lens. He sees that this virus is in fact, one of many trials and tribulations that Allah has told us he will afflict us with it's not something unique, something different, something that you'd seen from from a completely different lens but rather This is part and parcel of what Allah has decreed. We will all face

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Allah subhanho Satan, so

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now Saba MIMO see button, fill out the color for you. unphysical ala fi kita in min korbinian Navara Listen to this. Allah says what ever calamity would strike you.

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Whether that's on this earth, or within yourselves,

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it was already written before you are brought into existence alone. What does that mean? It means before we were born, before we were before even this world was created, a lot decided and wrote down every calamity that would afflict people in this vote.

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And that should bring a sense of reassurance in our heart. Why? Because these are not random things is not freak accidents. This is not as they say Mother Nature. Rather, this is coming from urashima

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Eileen and Hakeem al Aziz and what Allah does, he only does it for a wisdom only does it to benefit only does it to help a lot never decrease things, just to make people suffer.

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And what is interesting about this verse is that Allah says, Whatever fix your threat of calamity, fill out the wala Fie unfussy calm. He distinguishes between two types of calamity, the second calamities that strike yourself, like disease, like financial problems, like sicknesses. These are individual types of calamities. But the first type of fill out are calamities that strike the whole earth.

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And classically, the scholars would say, calamities like drought, or famine, things that affect the community. And in many ways, what we are seeing today of this virus falls into this first category, afflictions affecting the whole world. As if Allah is telling us that whatever you see in this vote, whether it's tragedy afflicting you on a personal level, or things that make you worry about what is happening in the world, always perceive them as coming from who Allah subhanaw taala as being part of his plan, and this is very important. A lot also says lay you see banner in cutterbar Allahu LA is for a tovala says,

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You will never be afflicted except with what Allah has written. And then what is Allah say, who are Maulana and he Allah is our Mola Mola is a protective friend.

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Allah is saying when you see calamity, recognize where it's coming from and who I am. I'm your friend. I am your molar.

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And also, the effect of knowing this to stop this sense of panic. It's okay to be scared. Even more sorry, salaam, WA.

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When he was told to go to Pharaoh and fight him, What do you say? He said, You're up I'm scared. Give me my brother to be my backup.

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When Messiah salam, he saw the magician's throw their sticks and ropes. Allah said, for old Josephine FC he he for the Moosa that a sense of panic arose in the heart of musasa. So there is nothing wrong with being scared.

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The problem comes when you panic, and you start behaving in a way that is not becoming of a Muslim.

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Look at what is happening in the supermarket's panic buying. Is this acceptable? How selfish is this, that you go to a supermarket, and even if you don't need it, you will buy everything on the shelf. And you don't care if anybody else gets something or not. Is that part of being a Muslim?

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That you will be so selfish that you would buy all the soap, you would buy all the toilet paper? And to be honest, I still don't understand why people need toilet paper this much.

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A lot of us, but this is and you see the videos.

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There's a lady with a pile of toilet paper in her in a cart. And one lady said Excuse me. Can I have one? She says no.

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No, no Haleakala. This shows us how tests and trials, they can bring out the worst in you. Yes, you start to be Nazi Nazi. And I thought to myself Subhanallah It is like yo kiama It is like your little tiama on the Day of Judgment, people who say To hell with you, I'm gonna look after myself.

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And today, what are people doing the same thing to hell with you?

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But this is wrong. This is wrong. My brothers. Haven't you heard the heading for the processor? Or long fionnula it can lab goofy. He.

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He said Allah will come to the support of the slave, so long as the slave comes in support of his brother. That is what he said.

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Tell me. There is so much confusion right now. I speak to medical professionals. And to be honest, they still have many questions unanswered. They do not know how this virus spreads? They don't know. There's is it through the droplets of air?

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Is it fecal oral route? Is it because of touching they don't know. There is no medicine right now that can kill this virus. There is no vaccination right now.

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And what does that mean for most people panic. For Muslim I will rely on Allah. That is what it means. A lot, you have taken away all the means for cure. Why? Because you want us to turn to you for the cure. Allahu Akbar is not an amazing thing he can do.

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Then Allah tells us to recite every Salah, we worship you alone, and we seek helping you alone.

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This is how this tragedy can actually make us come closer to Allah.

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That we start to think you know what, I can do a few things. I can wash my hands every time I go home and when I come out and keep my distance from people. But to be honest, what else can I do except you can do more. You can raise your hands and pray to Allah. You can make the vicar of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, every morning every evening. You can place your trust in Allah, you can't do more. And that is not some futile effort. In fact, this may be the reason why you become protected. Because in spite of all the danger you trusted in Allah, and Allah showed you, that was the right thing to do. We ask Allah Subhana Allah to make us of those that truly place the trust in

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Him and make us of those that are protected. And again, whoever is affected We ask Allah Subhana Allah Allah to grant cure, and to safety for all of bonobo Rama and fusina weightlifter field on our ama lacuna mahasi Kuru Bora Bora da da da da da da da Vila de Khurana in the cantle waha. Tina Tonia hustler karate hustler Latina.