Asim Khan – Do You Feel Lonely?

Asim Khan
AI: Summary © The speakers discuss the benefits of finding the right balance between one's personal life and others' mental health, including the negative impact of being alone and the need for everyone to find a connection. They also touch on the concept of "mark" and how it refers to people who fail a lot and become moneler. The pandemic-related health issues and loneliness and suicidal tendencies have impacted people's behavior and health, including suicidal tendencies. forgiveness and rewarding past mistakes is crucial for individuals to live a successful life.
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Da da da da, da, back.

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There is for this,

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this lockdown has been put in place to save lives, and to stop the spread of this pandemic. And no doubt about it, there is much benefit has come out, because the restrictions as much as we detest them. But it's also brought with it a new set of problems, issues that we are now facing. One of them is called loneliness, this feeling of being alone, by yourself disconnected, isolated. And it's very interesting. There was some surveys done before March this year, before the lockdown came into effect in this country. And people were asked about how many people felt loneliness.

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And some of the survey suggests, around about 9% 10% of people would say they felt long term feelings of loneliness.

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That same survey was conducted in the height of the lockdown.

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And that figure shot up to 25 to 30%.

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One every four or five people now feels like this. But it was even more surprising is that you may think that people that suffer from this are probably the elderly, those that live by themselves. But another survey suggests that the people that experiences feeling the most are actually the youth

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between the ages of 18 to 24. That survey showed 44% of all youngsters in that bracket, saying that they felt lonely or experienced loneliness. You may not think that's too big of a big deal.

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But there are studies that have shown that loneliness leads to many mental illnesses such as anxiety, such as depression, in the worst cases, suicide or suicidal thoughts, we asked them last panel data to predict every single one of us from ever being such a dark place among me.

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As a believer,

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how do we tackle these kinds of problems like loneliness,

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the first thing to say is that feeling lonely sometimes is no, nothing wrong with that. The problem is long term feeling of loneliness. And then that becoming worse because of some compounding mental illnesses.

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I remind us, all myself, of the Hadith of the prophets that are seldom are given

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when he said that the affair of the believer is very strange and unique.

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Because in good times and in bad times in goodness for him.

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And so my first point I want to make on loneliness is that being alone doesn't necessarily mean you are suffering from loneliness.

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Because for a believer, sometimes being your own company is better than being in the company of people that make you forget about a lot.

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And secondly, sometimes

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being alone is an opportunity for you to be in the company of a loss,

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away from the eyes of the people away from the public view. And in that moment you find a connection with a law that your soul was in fact yearning for and searching for.

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And so there is a verse in certain work

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that will really hone in on this idea of being alone sometimes doesn't mean you're lonely, but in fact means that you may be in a position to find the closest to Allah subhanho wa Taala that you were missing out on before and the verses and found inside sort of mark in the lead in a show none of them believe in monferrato what a June Kabir Allah says, no doubt about it.

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Those who fail a lot in the unseen affair. They're mastering the unseen. For them, there is forgiveness and a huge reward.

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This phrase here

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has two meanings. The first is it refers to people that they fail a lot, even though they haven't seen a loss of Hannah Bella with their own eyes.

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They failed him in the eye and all of him because of his signs that are all around us and in fact within us, but the second interpretation is that there are people who fail a lot

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when they are alone,

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away from the public eye, by themselves in private. And if you think about that, that you when you're alone, and no one is around looking over your shoulder, you behave better, then you do when you are around others.

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That is a mark of a true believer.

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It is an expression of your sincerity to Allah, and your genuine real faith that when you are alone, you think a lot more. And it makes you want to speak and act in a better way.

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And this is exactly what we learn from our profits on a long ride instead of

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in the heavy, which is reported from our mother, his wife, Irish out of your lungs, and she said that one night I saw the process of them standing in prayer for a long time. In one iteration, she said I saw him crying, to the point that his big became voice with his tears. And then he continued to cry, until I saw that the ground where he made such that had become wet with his tears

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and his feet began to swell.

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And then I said to him Yasuda lo Why do you do this to yourself, when Alliance forgiven you for your past and future mistakes. And he said, If Allah Kunal Abbott, then shockula should I not be a grateful snake, as if to say that this time at night, when no one is around, is an opportunity for me to show a lot that I truly am thankful for what he has given

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us, showing us that sometimes being alone

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is the chance that you should take to show your gratitude towards the last panel.

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When overcome the severe of the alarm that I was thinking about selecting Rama to be the next halifa he called for a council of his most senior companions. And he asked every single one of them What do you think about number of the allowed and on becoming the next halifa and though he had different things to say, one thing was mentioned by all of them. And it was the statement in the sorry Erica who hired me

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that his private life is better than his public life.

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the person we are talking about behave is better with a law when he's by himself, then he does in public. And let us be honest with ourselves,

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when we behave the best is usually when we are around people, especially in a setting like this. And when we behave The worst is usually when we are by ourselves, May Allah forgive us? May Allah correct us.

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But you know what, that is a sign of hypocrisy,

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a loss of power, the same sort of their own, about the people alladhina whom Ancelotti himself whom people who are negligent of the salon.

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Almudena home You are our own people who like to be seen, when it's called a set, this refers to hypocrites, they like to do good deeds only when people are watching. So, they reputation increases in the eyes of people. And the opposite is what when they are by themselves, they behave in the worst way.

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So, this is one new perspective we can take to this lockdown isolation. That is, we may find that we are not in the company or people as we used to when we can socialize and we used to, but that is changing. One of the lessons we should take from that is actually I have been given something better in its place. But in these times that I am all alone, it is my chance to shine before Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And we pray that this is one of the lessons that we learn from this lockdown. Well

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first of all, Who in the world before rushing

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam Ala Moana serene Nabina Muhammad in wild Ernie he was like me admitting that

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the verse in the Lydian shown on the right is mentioned with different wordings across the

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people who fail

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Mr. Johnson, in fact, in some places alone, say, Hershey or rush man, a billion people who failed the Lord have mercy when they are by themselves. And if you think about it, it's a little bit odd to say you fail a merciful person

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to say that the person fears a lot. Once thinking about him being a rush, man, the Most Merciful, loving, caring makes you think, why would you fail? Someone who you see as being loving and merciful.

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And one of the beautiful things that scholars say here is that knowing that a lot is a rush man, doesn't make them complacent when it comes to his mercy. So even though they know he's all merciful, they don't lean on that and end up abusing it. And behaving recklessly. Ally, I know you're a man, but you're also shahidullah.

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And so when I think of your mercy, it doesn't make me become complacent.

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But another perspective on this phrase, they fear the Lord of mercy is that they realize that every good thing they have in their life is only there because of the mercy of Allah.

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And so allow us to remove the mercy, then life would be turned upside down. Kostya rush man, I believe. So they fail a law.

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Knowing that the absence of His mercy would throw this world into chaos and turmoil, Allahu Akbar, may Allah allow us to appreciate who he is gentle Nevada.

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And then the verse also teaches us how to be more aware of Allah when we are by ourselves. And that is by thinking of the reward that is often law home. monferrato agilone cubbies. Allah says for those people, there is number one, forgiveness. Some of the scholars they say the word monk Farah is naturally indefinite, to create a more intense meaning. It's not just forgiveness, it is immense forgiveness, everything in your past could be wiped away, no need to worry about that anymore. And on top of that, a drone can be a reward. That is huge, meaning paradise. Because Paradise is beyond our imagination in terms of its scale and size, may allow us to walk and enjoy it's gotten so long,

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I mean, and some of the scholars they say Allah said it this way around la home mount Fira will add your own cubbies for another beautiful reason. Why forgiveness first and then reward second. They said imagine on the Day of Judgment. Every one of us will be thinking about our mistakes, will we wouldn't we be picked up on that? Will there be consequences? What I did on that day? What a lot asked me about it? Will I be taken to account for that? Anyone who somehow nothing was spoken of and you ended up finding yourself in Paradise, you will still have a worry in the back of your mind. What about the mistakes I made once What

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am I going to be asked about that one day? So Allah subhanaw taala says the month Hello, first of all those worries you have, you can forget about them. Because I have forgiven you of everything you have done wrong in your life. You don't need to worry about it. And now when you enter My Paradise, you will be able to enjoy the reward to its fullest extent. No hesitation, no feeling in the back of your mind. Maybe one day I'll be asked about this. Allahu Akbar lo Mo Farah. What education May Allah subhana wa tada raise our level. So we can be better in private that we are in public. And for those experiencing loneliness, this is a new perspective for you to think about.

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But ultimately, you may need more help. You may need professional counsel from a coalition or from a scholar or advisor or mentor, there is no shyness my brothers in speaking about these issues, you have come to learn or people that we saw as religious, but they have fallen off the radar. Some of them become so sick, they have become suicidal. And you think to yourself, how did you find yourself in this situation? I knew you as a biased practicing brother. Part of the problem is we become shy to talk about our problems, but we should never be shy in addressing anything

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That affects our demand. May Allah Subhana Allah protect all of us from all types of illnesses spiritual, mental and physical along mean an unfortunate way.

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Nana Poonam ha serene Pura vida de de la habana

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in Naka, anta

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often feel that you have to walk in are other than La

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ilaha illAllah Muhammad Allah subhanho wa salam Selassie Haryana, speller

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I cover

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in no more

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so stepping

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