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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses how Allah's actions have caused people to feel sorry for them and forget their actions. They also talk about the importance of forgiveness and preparation for one's life, as it is crucial for optimal success. The speaker emphasizes that everyone should seek forgiveness in order to prepare for life's challenges and tests.
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So have hope in the mercy of Allah, we have all done wrong in our lives without exception from those who are on Earth right now, nobody can ever say they have not sinned. La ilaha illa Allah, imagine Allah created Adam, the first of our species, and Allah told him, You can do anything you want, but don't do one thing. And that is exactly the thing he went to do. Imagine if I were to tell you, you can do what you want with don't wear this pair of shoes. And that's the only pair of shoes that you wanted to wear, and you ultimately finally wore them.

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And Allah subhanho wa Taala tells them I knew what you were going to do. But these words that you said, are so beloved to me, that I have forgiven you. And now you can go on to the earth. So I love forgave Adam alayhis salam before he actually sent him onto the earth in order for us to learn the lesson that all mankind, you will know the rules, you will go against them not out of defiance of your Lord, but you will go against them because of your weakness, you will seek forgiveness and that is what I love. And that is what I want. So don't forget, you are just a human being. Those who forget they're human. They sometimes struggle with their mental health as well because they want to

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be too perfect when you are not created perfect. Allah says holy

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man was created very, very weak. Yes, perfection is for Allah. But man, no way. We have a brain that is not perfect. We have bodies that are not perfect. Yes. Allah says in the Quran.

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la de la Conan is an AVI Sangeeta when we have created man in the best of postures, but he never ever said, we made you absolutely flawless. No, there will be flaws because if Allah had created us here, flawless, there would be no point to create paradise that was then flawless. But we look forward to a flawless life. We look forward to something where we get what we want. For that reason, in this world, Allah will never, ever give us any one of us. Every single thing we want, the way we want it. Remember that so Life is full of challenges and tests one after the other. We pass some we fail some we seek forgiveness, we must continue. One thing that is dangerous is when you have

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wronged another human being. You need to seek forgiveness from them in order to prepare for the day you're going to meet with Allah.