Asim Khan – Dealing with Desire

Asim Khan
AI: Summary © The struggles of men and women in control of behavior are discussed, including underneath clothing, money, and desire. The importance of learning about deeps of Islam is emphasized, as is the need to be grounded in Islam to unlock people's behavior and achieve their goals. The segment also touches on struggles of women in their roles as mothers and the struggles of men as mothers, including the use of words like "will" and "will" to describe situations and actions, the importance of being mindful of one's intentions, and the importance of forgiveness. The speaker advises people to be mindful of their intentions when communicating with others, practice forgiveness, and avoid negative comments about one's sex or appearance.
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What does that mean? VR, Oculus VR and Laura Akula dollar Latin for now that

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there's brothers and sisters,

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the way Allah has created us

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is that we were born pure, innocent, decent.

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And inside every one of us, even those who do not believe in Allah,

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they have a desire to be pure, to be decent,

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and to be known as such.

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But what happens

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when the time that you are living, you become surrounded by indecency and filth, and people seem to be behaving inappropriately Wherever you look, whether that's on social media, on the internet, on the billboards outside, whenever you turn on the TV, and even on the streets, on transport.

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What is the person doing those situations?

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It's amazing that our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he foretold that there will come a time

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when you will see a world like this in authentic hadith in Sahih, Muslim he said, matter October the fifth not an adulterer Allah return even. And he said

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he said I have not left anything after me

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in terms of a tribulation, for men, worse than the temptation of women.

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And what that means is

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the all of us will go through loads of struggles in our life, finance, health, family, one of the worst, and the most difficult things we will struggle with

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is controlling our desires when it comes to the opposite gender for both men and women.

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More so for men than for women.

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Now, it is not the case that Allah told us or the person told us that this will be your struggle, and then he left us without the guidance and the direction we need.

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In order not to fall into these problems.

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We know that Allah subhanaw taala sent to us Deen on Islam, this blessing over religion known as Islam, which comes with guidance to help us throughout every struggle and dilemma that we face in our life.

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And so when it comes to this temptation if we look in the Quran, we find a beautiful example on how we can derive some type of direction guidance so that we ourselves are protected from this fitna.

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And the story of use of Ali's Salaam is a prime example. In his life, he faced four struggles for temptations.

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The first temptation he faced was that of hasn't jealousy, coming from his own family members, his brothers,

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they despised him, they were jealous of him. That was his first test. The second test was that of shanwa desire, because when he became a slave,

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the wife of his master tried to seduce him.

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And that was a great trial that use valleys salaam was put into that was the second. The third was boom, oppression. Because when he refused to be indecent with this woman, he had to go to prison.

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And inside prison, he served time, even though he was innocent. And that is a trial of injustice, being a victim of oppression. That was his third trial.

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The fourth trial also that of a book, authority and power, because when he became free, and when he was out of prison, the king of Egypt gave him a very influential and powerful job. He was made Aziz, the state treasurer of the country, and in that position, he acquired a lot of power and authority, which if you think about it is another test. Because many people when they become rich or famous or popular or they are given a position, it brings out the worst of them, it corrupts them and they end up being abusive towards others. They have failed

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test that was a fourth test of use of Islam. But if we go to the second

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the trial of shower desire we find that this amazing Prophet use of Allah Salaam. He became a great example for humanity.

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Before this trial was introduced into his life, Allah told us the circumstances, Allah says Allah Bella should now show come on well, okay, then you can actually Mycenae.

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Allah said when he attained a should of his age, we gave him wisdom and knowledge.

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The word should, according to many scholars refers to the age of maturity.

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Perhaps he's a late teenager, or in his early 20s, a young age, Allah chose that age in which to put him into this trial, which is even more difficult. Because when you're older,

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your temptations are not as strong. But when you're young, in college in university, you know, how difficult it is to control your gaze and to protect your chastity. Allah said we chose that age to put them into this test. But we gave him two things are they you know, chakra malware enema, we gave him wisdom, and we gave him knowledge.

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As if to say if you want to succeed in a world where there is indecency, you must be grounded in the deen of Islam, you must have knowledge, you must educate yourself about the deen of Allah. Only then will you have a mind

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capable of saying no to such things.

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Okay, there you can actually Mazzini and this is the way in which Allah will reward every person who tries to excel in life, may Allah make us from this category. And then Allah said, What are the two Leti who are female, and if so he will unlock our qualitative luck. Column out Allah in our a, b, x and m as well, Martha.

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In our life, we have badimo

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Allah says, and then the wife of his master, tried to seduce him, while one law party level up and she locked every single door. Some say it meant she locked them tightly, put all the locks and bolts on them.

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And then she started to flirt with him. All that Haylock come to me.

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And you can just imagine Subhanallah in that moment what it would have been like, this is the woman who is the wife of his master effectively she is his master as well. And he is her slave.

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As far back as he can think he's always been serving this woman in serving her husband saying yes. And now she's asking him to do something which he knows will displease Allah, he must say no.

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On top of that, ALLAH says who Alfie Beatty here he is inside her house. Meaning

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this is like a castle of palace, the home of someone rich and famous. This is not just any ordinary woman. This is a woman that most people are trying to chase after someone from the rich and famous. And on top of that, Allah for the love of she locked all the doors meaning there is no chance that somebody's going to find out it seems as though no one can find out what is happening.

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No one can see what is happening. No one can hear what is happening.

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And all of these factors made it even more difficult on us. So Alice, ROM to refuse, and then she started to make advances and flirting with him.

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What did he do in that moment? What would you do in that moment?

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For most people, this is a situation which will overwhelm them but they will not be able to say no

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earlier than Biller, some people would stop a lot wish for an opportunity like this. May Allah forgive us.

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What did us restaurant say in that moment? You see is interesting. It may be the case that some of us have been in a similar situation where you said no.

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But because of another reason. You know, what would people say if they find out what my mum or dad said they found out

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I may lose my job. If people found out I was doing this, no, no, I won't do this. Use for Allison his instinct to say Carla ma the law. I seek Allah's refuge. The first one he thought of was Allah subhanaw taala. That was where his heart was. The one may

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The reason why I should refrain from this is what will Allah think of me Subhan Allah.

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And it wasn't just Allah it was my Allah, I seek refuge in Allah get me out of here, I don't want to be here I want to be with you. And then he said in no work be asked, and if one.

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He said, My master has been good to me.

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And the scholars of the sea say this could have two meanings. It could mean number one, he's talking about his slave master. He's been he's looked off me all these years. He's treated me well, what I do this with his wife. In fact, even if he meant that he didn't mean it for himself. He rather he was talking to the lady, what's wrong with you? I've been my master, your husband has been good to me. IE, are you forgetting about what your husband would think of you for saying such things for doing such things? And the second interpretation is, my master Allah has been good to me.

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This is another amazing thing that when you're confronted with temptation, you say, Hang on a moment. Am I not disrespecting Allah's blessings? He gave me knowledge. He gave me a man. He gave me a chance to do things in a halal way. And now I choose to do in a haram way, a stop for Allah, Allah, the I am being disrespectful to Allah, he's been good to me. How can I be bad to Allah?

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It's very interesting that a young man, he came to the processor. And he was like, just coming from J Helia. He didn't know what's right and wrong. He didn't know much about Islam. And he said to the processor, you know, allow me to do zinna imagine someone coming to the province of San Jose, allow me to is a give me

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a concession to do this. And what are the processes of Satan? He said, Would you like that for your mother? Would you like that for your daughter? Would you like that for your system? And this is another thing to reflect over that when you are in a haram relationship. It is not just that woman or for the lady it is not just that man.

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It is somebody's sister, somebody's daughter, maybe somebody's mother

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that you are disrespecting many people. When you behave recklessly like this, may Allah give us understanding and forgive us we don't realize

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and then we think to yourself hammer would I like someone doing that with my daughter?

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To do Hara with my daughter?

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Of course not. Okay, then why would you do with somebody else's daughter Subhan Allah, look at the wisdom of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so what happened?

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When he said, Now the Allah I seek refuge in Allah. And he said, don't you think about your husband?

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What are you next? What's debacle? Bob, you ran to the doors panela even though he knows that the door is locked, every door is locked. I just saw her a vanilla bottle of wine. But yet he still ran to the door. Why? Because he was teaching us, their brother, their sister. Allah wants to see how much you will do to get away from this sin. Even if what you can do is go from here to that door, knowing that it is locked. And sometimes it feels like that you're trapped in a haram relationship. Or so you tell yourself and you say, There's no way out. I'm stuck. I can't, I'm too weak.

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But don't you want to show Allah you can do this much to get out of it. And you can lead to take one step. Even if you cannot get through the door, you can still take one step towards it. And then what happened when they both ran to the door use the medicine I'm trying to get away from the situation. I will say that the best bad it just so happened that his master her husband was coming home at the same time entering into that door Subhan Allah, that is no accident. It is no coincidence. Even the wording in the Quran Alpha Bay both found in Arabic, the word wotja They both found can also be used the differences other fire means to find accidentally unintentionally, as if Allah saying no one

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willed for this encounter, Allah willed it. Why? Because Allah so this one user is trying to get away from haram. And if anyone tries to get to Abraham, I will take care of every situation while they get the pillar. Allah Maharaja, as Allah said, whoever is mindful of Allah, He will make out a way out for them. All Allah wants to see is for you to try. Even if we are living in a time where there is so much fitna

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and Subhanallah, the smallest thing you can do

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is to control your eyes to control your eyes. eleider does neon the process said the two eyes they commit Xenon Subhan Allah how much Xena has our eyes committed? May Allah forgive us? May Allah forgive us.

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But this is where it starts, even somehow this week in the newspaper,

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there was an article that said,

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in the London Underground people can be it can be considered sexual harassment. If you stare at someone. That's also what is what is being said here. If you stare at somebody who's sexual harassment, they are talking about, about the muscle, low your gaze. That's what they saying. They say, You know what, if you stare at someone, this is not appropriate. In the 21st century, people are beginning to realize it's not appropriate to be just looking at somebody just like that is not good.

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And what our processor told us 1400 years ago, don't do this. It will incite your shadow, you will become tempted then you want to do the next thing. So Hannah, Lila the

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people are doing what they're realizing now the process of them said when a man or woman are alone, who is the third a shape on and I'll tell you now, as a pharmacist, that if you see someone in a consultation room, and it's a lady and you're a man, you'd have something called a chaperone, a third person who comes just to make sure everything is okay. So power Allah the process that said if a man over alone the 30 shaitan Don't be in a situation and today people are saying, you know, by the way, if you have to be alone with a woman, there should be a third person Allah Mastan What is wrong with our Muslims that we heard these found these rulings from the process and we think they

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have no place in the 21st century. And yet those who disbelieve are saying we need these come in our life along style we almost won grants understanding of our portfolio how to sample a lottery welcome. I mean, first of all in the whole world before Rahim.

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Smilla Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala should have been Mbogo Selena Bina Muhammad Anwar the early or savage very bad. The first practical piece of advice I give myself and that to you all, is that we should always be suspicious of our intentions, when we are communicating or interacting with the opposite gender.

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This is the best way to approach this matter. Because people will say look, you know, I work somewhere where I'm going to be speaking with the opposite gender. When I go shopping, I speak to people with opposite gender, my neighbors, he can't get away from it people would say that is true. But where is the taqwa

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where it whereas the you know what I should be cautious though, even if I have to speak even if I have to communicate where is the taqwa? The idea that you know, I should be mindful, cautious of myself. We just heard the Hadith of the process of a murder or up to Baron fitna turn Adolfo allergol, I haven't left a fitna more harmful to men than the temptation of women.

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So the first thing is okay, if I must interact, I will do so in a respectable way. And I will keep that interaction based on need. And I will always be mindful of my intentions because they can change with worse of shape on him company, you can develop feelings, and now you in trouble.

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So the worst thing is somebody says, You know what, I can control my desires. I don't need to hold myself back. I can communicate and have a relationship with whoever I want. I won't fall into this same

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people who are better than you happy we fell into that sin. What about you? May Allah give us understanding? First thing, always be mindful of your intention.

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At this time second,

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we will always fall into this problem on a smaller scale. Every day we will see things that we know are not right. inappropriate. We I say things or hey people say things, especially in today's society span there's so much sexualization in people's speech you hear things

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what we should always do is say a stock for Allah.

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Such a simple thing to say a stuffer Allah, Oh Allah forgive me. But what an amazing thing to say that you could look at something haram say something haram, here's something haram and you say a stoke fear of loss

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straight away, and Allah wipes it out. Did you know that the the angel who writes down our mistakes will await in one Hadith six hours before he records it? Why? To give you a chance to say a start for Allah Subhana Allah says, just recently, I was speaking to a non Muslim.

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This woman was asking about fasting. So I said to you know, most Muslims fast, even though most Muslims don't pray, most Muslims will fast and they were like too fast. And then she said, Okay, what is fasting? I said, you know, this fasting, you don't eat and drink in the daytime, which are pretty from six o'clock in the morning to about eight in the evening. And though, seriously, not even water. I said, yeah, not even water. She said, Wow, you people are tough. But then she said, Yeah, but surely not everyone does it.

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I said, most people do it. She goes, Yeah, but some of you must, you know, eat a little bit on the side. Drink a lot of water. I said, yeah, maybe some people do that. She said, Okay. So what do they do?

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I say they say a stuff for Allah. They say God, forgive me. And she said, What? Just like that.

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You don't have to go anywhere. You have to do anything. I said, No, you say stuff for Allah.

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And you believe that if you're sincere, God will forgive you.

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She was amazed that it is so easy for Muslims to say sorry to Allah. Absolutely amazing, could not believe it. And it was her amazement that made me realize how beautiful Islam is.

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It's true, we can make mistakes and Allah wants us to ask him for forgiveness. And he wants us and he was waiting and he's willing to forgive us even if we do bad things over and over again.

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So what whenever you see something wrong, what should you do stuff and you know what a shame on you will become so annoyed this person I tell him to look at these filthy things that every time we say this stuff for law man, this is worse for me. Let him Let me tell him to do something else now.

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Stuff for Allah allow the panel the processes and walleye I swear by Allah. I ask Allah for Easter far, while to relay XL min several a number of in young more than 70 times a day.

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More than sum, who is this? The profits and losses are somebody who has been forgiven his past and doesn't have to worry about his future he would say it's 70 times.

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So I advise you

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that in the morning and the evening, say stuff for a long while to La 100 times and in sha Allah, everything you have done wrong, it'd be washed away. Every single thing you would do with this insane, Allah's mother will free up all of that malice on the figures for all of our sins. And the last thing

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as a long term solution those of us who are young and get to get married listen to the advice of the processor. Yeah, man after the show, man. That is so far. I mean, * birth affiliate, there's so much he said, youngsters, whoever amongst you can get married, go ahead and get married.

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Why is he today?

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people's idea of marriage is finding the one the soulmate, the one who is going to be the love of your life.

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And though marriage inshallah can bring this. That's not what the process salon was intending when he said get married. Because what he says after this would reveal to us the real objective behind marriage. He said, Because the reason I'm telling you to get married young is because

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it is more helpful in lowering your gaze and protecting your chastity.

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So what was he saying? He's saying that the reason you should get married is not to find the love of your life, inshallah you do.

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But so that you don't fall into Zina.

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So you don't end up doing something you regret on the Day of Judgment. Therefore, as parents,

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what should we be doing? We should be looking for a way, the quickest way when our children are ready and they want to, to get the merit of supporting them financially, giving them accommodation, whatever is within our means. We should say, You know what, I don't want this son of mine to go to college or university

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and then fall into a haram relationship even though right

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If I asked him do you want to get married? He would say yes. And he is mature enough.

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Instead you say, You know what, forget it, inshallah you should be okay. And then what happens? He comes on with a girlfriend one day you know, we need to get married. No, no, you can't get by. She's not the right person that we already been in relationship for two years. What do you do them?

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Listen to the advice and the process. Many people are doing this now helping the children came out early. And then even if they're in university, they are married they may be living separately after they graduate inshallah they will have they will even they will move in together. But at least they are protected their chastity something that used values Saddam was willing to go to prison for yeah. He said no, and I'll go to prison. This is a how bow in a year. He said, It is preferable to me to go to prison that to fall into the sin. We ask Allah subhana wa Tada to protect our chastity We ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us for all of the sins that we have committed. Every time we have

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committed Zina with our eyes and our ears with our tongue with our private past Allah forgive us, purify us and make our hearts pure, and make us people of decency Aloma amigo Pancho Villa and Susana, welcome to another Hamdallah Coonan Aloha serene Banaras that is a proven abandoned Hadith and habit Allah because of grammar in the country. On Earth, you know, we're doing your Hassan

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Hassan work in Managua teams

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