Why Dua Needs Sacrifice

Musleh Khan


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The speaker discusses the importance of Islam and the value it represents in regards to one's behavior. They explain that most Muslims do not know the value of Dora and that Islam requires a commitment to one's behavior.

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We live not just in our society in a world where our minds and hearts are consumed

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by just worldly things, whether that means sports, entertainment, desire, just life.

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That's the thing that makes Islam

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to some stick out like a for like a sore thumb.

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Because everybody else is partying and having a good time and enjoying life and you're sitting there and msgid Waiting for collateral or *. You're sitting there and invested in a classroom when you could be at home, just like on Netflix or something, you just do so many other things, but you chose to be here.

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For that reason, Allah promised you this. So to add to it, the sacrifice that Doran needs from us is simply not there. And the reason for that is, most Muslims just simply don't know the value of Dora. They don't know truly what do R is and what it represents. They just know that it's important. We got to say stuff