Omar Suleiman – Ramadan 2022 – Judgement Day #15 – The People You Helped Judgment Day

Omar Suleiman
AI: Summary © The story of Islam is discussed, including the use of water for shoes and a woman who was punished for a cancelled transaction. The importance of showing proper deeds and avoiding slavery is emphasized, along with the need for everyone to be freed from punishment. The transcript also touches on the predictions of the Day of Judgment and the death of a woman, with a emphasis on the importance of showing proper deeds for future generations.
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Muhammad Rahim Allah would say to this man who instigated his torture, whose name was also Ahmed, but even Abby do, you would say bina lubaina Kamala Genoas you know the difference between us is going to show in our funerals. Remember I remember him Allah said that he was in prison, and even Abbey to add was in the palaces. The rest of it is history. Imam Muhammad Rahim Allah was honored by Allah with the biggest janazah ever known to the Arabs, you had millions of people pouring in from all over, and even Abby do odd was a rotten corpse with no one to even pray janazah on him, because they hated him for the harm that he had caused. We all know the story of the two Janaza that passed

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by the prophet sly summon his companions when the Companions mentioned good things about one of them. The prophets lie some said wedge a bit went a bit wider but it has become mandatory it has become mandatory, it has become mandatory. And then when the Companions mentioned the harm of the other one the prophet slice and um said the exact same thing. And the Companions asked what was that? And he said us for the one who had your good testimony was a bit low Jana Paradise has become mandatory for that person. And as for the one who had your bad testimony, Hellfire has become mandatory for that person. And then he said Al Mulla equal to shahada Allah if Osama, what antem

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shahada life. The angels are Allah's witnesses in the heavens. You on the other hand, are Allah's witnesses on this Earth

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the only people we can say for sure are in paradise or Hellfire are those that have been specified by Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. So we know Abu Lahab is in the fire. We know a bucket Alma Earthman and Ali may Allah be pleased with them are in Paradise and the list goes on. But with everyone else, the weight of the testimony is still significant, for good or for bad. Now the narrations of the character witnesses on the day of judgment are plenty. Let's first establish that those who encountered you the most being your closest family and friends are probably going to have the most to say about you. And just as Allah causes the limps to speak truthfully, everyone

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will only speak truthfully on that day. Now for a person who lived a good life and was good to the people around them held their son in an exam is there any reward for excellence except for excellence? Allah is not going to let you outdo him in good not even with your kindness to an animal. Remember the story of the sinner who gave water to a thirsty dog out of gratitude to Allah subhanaw taala think about the sequence of events, a lifelong sinner was thirsty, so Allah gave them water in this dunya then out of gratitude to Allah, the sinner gives water to a thirsty dog from her shoe. Now Allah already gave that sinner water despite her sins in this dunya but how does Allah

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compensate the water in her shoe for a dog? Allah Subhana Allah Allah gives her the rivers of paradise in the hereafter. Because whatever your sugar level is to Allah, your gratitude level is to Allah, Allah is assured, the most grateful and he's always going to exceed yours. So the prophets lie Selim gives us multiple narrations. He said a man from the nations before he was called to account in the Hereafter. And as he standing before Allah, nothing good was found with him, except that he was lenient in his business with people and he used to relieve the debts of those who are in hardship. That's the only thing he has to show for himself when he's standing in front of Allah. So

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Allah says nanohub Gobi daddy coming home to jail was one, you know we are more worthy of grace than him, overlook his sins. And another Hadith the Prophet sly Salam said, Whoever fulfills the needs of his brother, Allah will fulfill his needs. Whoever relieves a Muslim from distressed federal judge Allahu Anhu will be quoted by 10 men could be Yeoman piano Allah will relief from him distress on the Day of Resurrection. And whoever covers the faults of his brother sets out a whole lot who Yeoman piano Allah will cover his faults on the day of judgment. And another narration the prophets lie some said now yes to the abdomen, abdomen for dunya Illa Cetara, Hola, Yamuna. Leanna no servant

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conceals the faults of another servant in this dunya except that ALLAH will conceal his faults on the Day of Judgment. You know, that's special because being humiliated is worse than being hit physically. And when you save someone from that you save yourself from humiliation on the day of judgment. And then you have all these Hadith about helping others and their witness on the Day of Judgment following the exact same trend for both the small things and the big things. For something so small the prophets lie some settlement Allah Muslimah whoever cancelled a transaction with his brother or sister because they regretted it. So some

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One agrees to purchase something from you, but they quickly regretted. Now you're not bound to release them from the transaction. But you say, You know what, don't worry about it. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, Allah who Allah Who Athleta, who yomo PM, Allah will cancel his mistakes on the Day of Judgment just as he canceled that transaction. So something so small, but look how great the reward can be. Now something far bigger than that would be freeing someone from captivity. And while chattel slavery doesn't exist today, there are other people that remain in bondage in different ways. And the Prophet Sly Stone said, Men Attica rock bottom, Mina, whoever

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frees a believing slave, Allah will free him from the fire limb by limb, including the concealed parts, meaning every part of your body is going to be freed from punishment, just like you freed every part of that person's body, from captivity. So Allah is precise and merciful. And subhanAllah, you don't know the ways that you help people when you do physically, that also have an emotional or mental component. And all of that is taken into consideration by Allah, and your emotional and your mental well being on the Day of Judgment, then it's all the people you've benefited after. That's either through deeds that you've done that continue to benefit, or people doing deeds on your behalf

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for your benefit. And why would people want to do Exxon in your name, unless you showed Exxon to them unless you showed excellence to them. So the famous Hadith when a person dies, their good deeds come to an end except for three, the sadaqa data, the continuous charity, beneficial knowledge, or righteous offspring that pray for them after their death, you would have had to inspire someone or teach someone that they'd want to and be able to make their app for you or to give charity on your behalf or to spread knowledge on your behalf. Now imagine how amazing it is when you have these people that come forward on the Day of Judgment when you're standing before Allah, and you don't

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even know who they are, they didn't even live in your generation. And they're testifying on your behalf because your goodness, or your sadaqa reached them or built an institution that benefited them. So you're seeing these future beings, and they're coming and standing next to you as you're in front of Allah subhanaw taala and they lived 100 years after you and they're saying yeah, Allah, I found water because of this person. I found guidance because of this person. I found compassion because of this person. And just like there is no sweetness like finding a good deed in your book that you didn't know existed because someone backed by Did you or gossiped about you and you weren't

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aware? There is no sweetness like the fruit of a good deed that you did, that you weren't aware of. And there it is, beautifying your record, and testifying on your behalf on the day of

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The bullet was even for a wifey or Asia to roll we

Again and again, we see that Allah is generous in His forgiveness and His rewards for your deeds. Of particular reward are those actions you performed in this life that benefited someone else. Numerous narrations attest that “Whoever covers the faults of his brother, Allah will cover his faults on the Day of Resurrection.”

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