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The speaker discusses the use of hate speech and how it can harm people, especially those who do not know one another. They use social media to grab hate and make mockery statements, even though people may not want to admit their identity. They also mention that they have had cases where parents force children not to be associated with Islam.

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I'm going to say something personal, okay? Sometimes online when I get a chance I see some hate speech. Sometimes people who don't know you, they have not interacted with you. They don't know how you move around. They think perhaps you're eating the money of the people. They don't know how much you have spent from your own pocket for the Dow, etc. They know nothing about you and they start spreading hate. And when they spread this hate, you think to yourself, I think to myself, sometimes the sister this brother, they don't know who I am, they have no clue who I am. Imagine, the only thing I've done is I've helped them I've tried to teach them I've tried to reach out to them, and in

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return, instead of doing something better, which I did, I don't even want, they cannot even do something equal, which, okay, I still don't want but they cannot even remain quiet. Which is the minimum I would like Subhana Allah, they want to say something negative. This is why nowadays we say that your best friends are no longer those who help you. It used to be few years ago.

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Your best friends are no longer those who help you. They are those who do not harm you.

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Trust me, the world has changed.

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Your best friends if someone doesn't harm me, well, ah, he that's a top person. They haven't spoken bad about me behind my back when they've heard someone else speaking bad about me. They walked away that was good enough, even if they didn't have the power to defend because people would say things, but to harm. Be careful. My brothers and sisters. That's how shaytan traps us. So this is a right that we have over one another as muslimeen to protect each other behind our backs is the right did you know that?

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Subhana Allah Yahoo. Meanwhile, he is a Hadith of the prophets of Salaam, a Muslim for another Muslim protects the one behind their backs without them knowing. Rather than that today, we do the opposite. I promise you take a look at social media. We use it to cuss people, you know the meaning of the term cuss. We use it to harm to say bad things to make a mockery and we're lying. And a lot of the times it's not a guided statement. It's totally misguided. We don't know the person we are referring to. And this is sometimes the reason why we suffer in our own lives is because we are harming a friend of Allah. That's why we are suffering. So you have medical problems, family

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problems, financial problems, all other problems, and you still have hate on your fingertips. When you get your phone when you hold your phone. A lot of hatred, and you're talking about this man and that woman and this sister and that one. Did you see her? She started covering? Who does she think she is? She thinks that jabril came to her? Why do you have to see all of this? For what? By you making those statements if someone wants to cover let them cover? If you have not got to that point no problem. We respect you as a human as a Muslim or perhaps and we know everyone has weaknesses perhaps you will work on it. But don't prevent someone else from getting closer to Allah. I have had

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cases where forget about the rights of Muslim upon Muslim but the father the mother, they tell the daughter that you know Why are you putting on a scarf on your head you're gonna cause problems for us take it off, remove it. And this is happening more and more especially in the Western countries where parents are forcing their children not to be close to Allah even though the child is strong enough and says you know what? I don't mind if people laugh at me joking me I really don't mind if I'm picked, you know at an airport for random searching because random means Muslim. You know that