When Your Body And Soul Will Blame Each Other

Zahir Mahmood


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The monk Bora is Allah Allah, Allah wa salam will say, you know, on that day Subhan Allah, everybody will blame everybody else.

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You know, in this world like you have your children, as you know you want me it was him.

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It was him.

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It was me it was him. Everybody, Mother will blame child childhood blame Mother, you will bring your friends. Everybody will blame each other. The body will blame the soul. The soul will blame the body.

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So the body will say

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oh Allah

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you know this soul.

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You put that inside me. It told me to stand I stood. It told me you sit I sat it told me to run I ran it over to steal I stole the soul will say no Allah, it was the body. Allah. He said Look who did the stealing. It was the body. I was just inside. I was just you know, a occupant. I just lived inside him. The stealing was done by him. The Xena was done by him. The fraud was done by him. The killing was done by him. The Rebbe was done by his tongue.

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The listening to Hara was done by his his, me I was just living in the accommodation. So then Allah will say, Okay, bring an angel and the angel recite.

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So the angel will give them an example of two people who enter a garden a blind man, and a person who doesn't have legs. The one who doesn't have legs will say there's some beautiful fruit on the trees. If I had legs, I would reach up to them and I would take those fruit now the blind person can't see the fruit.

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So the blind person will say no problem jump on my back.

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And you can take the fruit. So the angel will say to them

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who was the culprit?

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The blind person or the one without leg? They will say no both of them came over. Race my case.

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You're both convicted. You are both in the game. Allah He on that day, everybody. Everything will blame each other