Ammar Alshukry – Virtue of Knowledge

Ammar Alshukry
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In Al Hamdulillah nama do who understand when I stopped Pharaoh, when the rules will be law him in shallowly unfussy. Now let me say it I'm Melina Mejia de la Hoefer la medulla Houma Euclid for la ha de la y shadow Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Hola. Sharika who eyeshadow? anna Muhammad Abdullah Solo was a few whom in Felton he was Lilo Bella rissalah did a man on us Hello Metallica, home island Mahajan very lightly to hook and Heidi layers are unhappy la Herrlich. Solo to rob you said they

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rebelled Allah Hiya kulula isodiol vikita we'll carry on by the Ruby Lamanna. shaytani R rajim. Yeah, you have an idea I'm gonna talk Allah halfa took it with tomo tuna Illa anti Muslim Moon Okada, Allah Johan NASA Taco Bell como la the Halacha Kumi nevsun Wahida wahala caminhadas o Jaha wallbeds Semi nomadic Jihad and Canfield on one is a tabula Hala data set a luna Viola lot have in Allah Ghana today camera Kiba ricotta Allah you are living in Ghana taco Allah wa Kulu colons add us to the Halacha Muhammad, Allah Kumamoto, Allah, Allah salAllahu for provisos and Alima. And my bad all praises due to Allah we seek His guidance and his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the

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evil of ourselves and the whispering of our desires, whom Allah guides no one can misguide. And whom you allow us to be misled. No one can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah, Allah and having no partners, and that Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam is his slave and His messenger and his perfect worshiper.

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Allah subhanho wa taala.

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He says, In the Quran, or Quran, visit near Alma, say, My Lord, Increase me in knowledge. And there is nothing that Allah Subhana Allah commands you to ask him of an increase of other than knowledge. He doesn't tell you to ask him for an increase in wealth and increase in children and increase in love and increase in relationships and increase in happiness and increase in anything but knowledge, the praise that Allah Subhana Allah has for knowledge is so clear and so much in the Quran and the praise that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam has for knowledge is so much in the Sunnah of Rasulullah sallallahu sallam, Allah Subhana Allah Daddy says Shaheed Allahu Allahu La ilaha illa. Who will Mala

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Iike to buy milk test? La ilaha illa who has his or Hakeem Allah says that Allah bears witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except for him. Allah bears witness tonight Allah the greatest, the greatest statement that you can bear witness to, through which we enter into Islam. Allah bears witness tonight Allah, Allah, Allah. And he said and the angels bear witness Delilah and Allah, Allah is testifying on behalf of the angels, which is enough of a praise for the man of the angels. And Allah does not testify to humanity. But Allah subhanaw taala testifies to a portion of humanity, he says,

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Allah says, well, Mala Iike Wulan and the people of knowledge, the scholars say, if there is no greater Disgaea if there is no other test yet, if there is no other testimony, to the people of knowledge in the Quran, beyond this verse, it would be enough that Allah testifies on their behalf, that they testify to his oneness. Allah says in the Quran in Nehemiah sha Allah him in a bad deal.

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The only ones who fear Allah from his creation in Nama is a clause and in an Arabic that indicates restriction.

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The only ones who fear Allah from his creation are

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the people of knowledge. This indicates to us that true knowledge in Allah subhana data is supposed to require it is as a consequence, it is supposed to bring about fear of Allah. And if a person has the Quran memorized, and they have books of filth memorized, and they have Hadith that they can regurgitate. But all of that information that they have does not cause them to fear Allah as though then then they are not of the people of knowledge. Similarly, if a person has knowledge that causes them to fear Allah, privately and publicly in their actions in their business, and they're talking that that is beneficial knowledge. But this praise of knowledge exists in the sun of the province of

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allied SLM as well. And we are all inspired to be an OMA that seeks knowledge. Rasulullah sallallahu SNM says in the Hadith, in every Sofia, what a Muslim reported he says man UD de la vie if you have a clue who feed the whoever Allah Subhana Allah desires good for. He gives them knowledge of the deen whoever Allah desire is good for he gives them understanding of the religion. And there's a concept called Muhammad Mikhailova

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an opposite inference. If Allah

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Subhana Allah The Prophet said, Who ever Allah wants good for he gives them knowledge of the religion gives them understanding of the religion, then if a person is not given knowledge of the deed, if a person is not given understanding of the religion, then the opposing inference is what? That Allah subhanaw taala didn't desire good for them.

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And so seeking knowledge is an action that we do,

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in hopes that this is an indication that ALLAH SubhanA data desired good for us. The Prophet sallallaahu Selim says In another Hadith, reported by Eben Massoud, he says Allah has said that in love with nothing, he says there is no envy, except in two scenarios, right? You run into Hula, hula Madden, someone whom Allah subhanaw taala gave wealth to.

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For Salla Allahu Allah halacha t. So he says, Phil Huck, he says so Allah subhanaw taala gave this person wealth, and so he spends it rightfully. What are you known as a hula hula hikma and a man or a woman whom Allah subhanaw taala gave knowledge to for who are you? Libby? Well, you're a limo. So he judges according to this knowledge and teaches that knowledge the province level it says these are the only two people to be envied.

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We envy people naturally who have money. This person has money this person's got you know a lot of wealth they they are naturally envy. But the province of allied ism says they're not to be envied. They're not to be envy just for having money. The only person who is envied is a person who has money, yes, but uses that money left and right spending it rightfully otherwise, that wealth that a person has becomes a cause of questioning for them on the Day of Judgment becomes a cause of interrogation for them, it may become a cause of remorse for them on the Day of Judgment. And so that person whom Allah subhanaw taala, gave wealth to and spends it properly. That's the person to

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be envied. But not only that, a person who Allah subhana Tada gave knowledge to, and they gave that knowledge. And they judge themselves according to that knowledge, their actions, they weigh their actions, they act in accordance to that knowledge, but also they teach that knowledge to others. Knowledge becomes a reason for other people to be guided. And the prophets of Allah they see themselves in Hadith in Bukhari and Muslim also, he says to IDBI, Batali * Allah and who let ya dilla who because you learn why that failed on luck. I mean, how many now he says, for one person to be guided to Allah just want one person to be guided through you. It is better for you than red

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camels. And that was considered to be the best of their wealth, for one person to accept Islam through you through your actions through your Dawa through your

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that is better for you than the world and everything in it. One check of mine, I remember he was corresponding with someone who accepted Islam in South Africa and he lived in Canada. But I have a whole lot to add. And he said that when he got the email saying that that person had had accepted Islam, telling them they had accepted Islam. He said, I felt in my heart like I won the lottery.

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Like that's how much I felt because the province is on the line as Adam said, you actually want more than that. You want red camels or in another nourish and he said, It is better for you than the world and everything in it.

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But I don't know a lot. You're telling me to teach people and I don't I don't know a lot. I'm not qualified, not a teacher. I'm not a

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hadith about the life I'm living in us. Also in Bukhari, Muslim Rasulullah sallallahu they're setting themselves badly or I knew Hello.

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The province of Allah Allah has sent him says, narrate for me, even if it is a single verse. If all I know in this world is going to Allah Who had the province of Allah it seems as teachable Hola. We're headed to Ambani in Walla Holige. Woman Canada by the middle for labor, what Mikado whom in the province of Elijah, send them says, narrate from me, even if it's a single verse, even if it's just one verse narrated from me. But if you're not sure of something, then don't lie about the province. The light is endless. So there's two extremes here. Number one is a person who says, I'm not comfortable sharing anything. No, the province on the license says, narrate from me, it's a

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command narrate from me, even if it's a single verse, If all I know is one verse of the Quran, then let me share that verse. Let me teach that verse. Let me spread that verse, do that.

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But as long as you're sure of it, you are required to share what you know and what you don't know you are also required to be quiet. Because the province the lighting system says on the opposite end are those who they don't know and they just make up stuff. And lying about the province the lightest syndrome is not like lying about anybody else. So he says my incredible I am with me then whoever lies about me intentionally, then let them secure their place in the Hellfire let them secure their place in the hellfire. So these are the two extremes we want to be in the middle we want to share what we know about Rasulullah lies and then we want to share with others what we know about Allah

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subhanaw taala whatever knowledge we have that we be dispensaries of that knowledge, why the province of Elijah said themselves in another Hadith reported by will hold Aidan

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A collected by Muslim,

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abroad and all of you Allah and who says that Rasulullah sallallaahu Selim says men die Illa Houda whoever calls to any guidance, fella who mean allegedly mythological god, men Tabea who lie and also daddy coming oh god him shake. He says that whoever guides or calls to any guidance, whoever calls to any guidance, you teach anybody anything. And you will have the reward of everyone who follows you in that not taking away from their reward at all.

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We used to play a game of who can teach kids sort of in fact, how you want it to be the guy who teaches sort of terrified how

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your nephews, you got a newborn in the family, you want to compete with everybody else and make sure that when they're three or four, or five or two, or whatever it is that you're the one who teaches them sort of their fight. How, why? Because if they learn sort of their fights, how inshallah they're going to recite it for the rest of their life. I

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had one nice, one nephew of mine, we were we were waiting for him to become like three so that we could teach him. So with that, five, how me and my siblings were kind of everyone had dibs. And then we realized, to our surprise, one day, he just received a sort of Advaita.

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I was like, Who taught you sort of the Vita apparently his older sister, she was five, she told him sort of their fights, how privately nobody knew.

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But you get the reward of everybody else who does it until the day and who knows for how long imagine he teaches sort of Advaita to his children, and they teach and you are the one who taught them. And so you get the reward of you know, everyone's talking about creating generational wealth. There's also something called Creating generational edges, that you create generational edges for yourself. And that is done of the greatest ways is by teaching and spreading because the province little lady syndrome says In another Hadith of Abu Huraira, also reported by Muslim he says, either might've been adamant

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that if a person dies, your actions are cut off except for three things. So the Katyn geria Oh Alemania interfor ob Oh, well, I didn't swallow Enya doula that if you die, your actions are cut off except for three things you've got three revenue streams after a person dies there's only three for reward. The first is a continuous charity tree that was planted a well that was dug or what have you, or knowledge that benefits or a righteous child that prays for you and so trying to secure for yourself and yet that will last and of the greatest ways to do that is knowledge I ask Allah as he did that he make us of the people of knowledge and those who teach knowledge and those who love

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knowledge who doesn't matter Mustafa Allah you were looking for stuff you know before right

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um, the last law salam ala Rasulillah. That is like descendency mutiara. You know, there's a popular question that gets asked after a discussion like this, and that is how do I go about seeking knowledge? Number one, I just want to mention that every Hadith that I've shared with you, that talks about knowledge is talking about knowledge of the deen it's not talking about the material world it's not talking about you know, the secular sciences. It's not talking about that. Because the prophets Allah lights themselves manually, the lobby halen euphorically who feed whoever Allah desires good for, it's not to say that we're an ummah that is supposed to just focus on what No, but

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everyone, everyone, no matter what their field of expertise is, they should have a level of Islamic literacy. We should all dedicate just as we dedicated our time to all of these different subjects that we've mastered that we all have a level of time that we dedicate to learning about this Deen, ALLAH SubhanA data says, Yeah, Allah MANOVA hilum inherited dunya home and Allah, if you don't, they know about this apparent world. But when it comes to the hereafter, they're ignorant. We don't want to be of those. But number two, the popular question that gets asked is how do I go about seeking knowledge? What do I do? What program? What books? What teachers? What have you? And so I've heard

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this question for a very long period of time.

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And I want to say that the best answer that I heard, and that's what I want to close with the best answer that I heard,

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was a scholar who said, take all of the books, take all of the program's take all of the teachers take all of the take all of them, and cast them off to the side

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and make your preoccupation

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that you ask Allah as Zoja for knowledge, if Allah subhanaw taala destines for you to have knowledge, then Allah subhanaw taala will guide you to the best teachers and guide you to the best books and guide you to the best programs and guide you to the best opportunities and will give you the tofield after that, to take advantage of them. And that brings us full circle to a corporate visit. We ask Allah azza wa jal to accept from us and to bless us and to bless our families and to grant us knowledge that benefits us and to make us love that which benefits us all alone may notice a local general Makabe Hammond Korean Mohamed went through the becoming a narrow Makabe and

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Allahu Machin fusina Taqwa Xactly Hunter Edelman Zakka Antonio hom Allah Allahu Maksym dynamic sciatica Mehta who will be been in our BMRC attic coming to our Atacama to be Laguna be jannettek Amelia Kinema to who will be hiding under Messiah dunya McDonough Allahumma ismat in out of sight and we're waiting for them update in which I'll hold virus I mean whether or not Adam and Palmer and sudden Allahumma Adam and I have done their homework and I'll be honest, so there are a lot more microbial genomes that I feel among Kobina frequently maca, solid ly less in them Hamadan

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