Never Fear The Enemies Of Islam

Nouman Ali Khan


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It can be challenging to practice Islam in America today. The bigotry, Islamophobia, xenophobia, media bias, and constant need to apologize for Muslim extremist actions can take its toll on us. Part of being an American Muslim is standing up for our beliefs and speaking truth to ignorance. It is time for us to stop apologizing, and to unapologetically declare that we are proud to be Muslims in America.

Delivered at the 15th Annual MAS-ICNA Convention.

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The importance of not allowing others' efforts to further falseify Islam is emphasized, along with the need to avoid harming others' beliefs and apologise for their actions. Leash dogs are used to run and avoid getting hit by a dog. The use of evil language and fearless execution are also discussed, along with the importance of trusting the Lord and not giving up one's free time. The speaker emphasizes the need for people to sell their belief in Islam to achieve evil outcomes and avoid punishment, as well as the importance of trusting the Lord and not giving up one's free time.

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Every time you and I stand in front of Allah, it's not just because we worship Allah is not just because we only believe in one God that is also an acknowledgment that we fear no one but Allah that we bow before no one but Allah that we humble ourselves before no one but Allah when every Salah is a reminder that there is nothing else, no political circumstance, no rhetoric, no media, there is no bias against this no crimes that are taking place that will instill the fear of anyone other than a lie in our hearts. That is an acknowledgment every time you and I stand in prayer for the latter half of Omaha funi in quantum meaning, what

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are you sorry Runa filco for Allah is not done. He says don't don't let those who are making a lot of efforts to the for the furthering the cause of disbelief. Those who are making so many efforts to destroy Islam, those who are making so many efforts to make to turn believers into disbelievers, those who are making so many efforts to further goof around the Earth disbelief and disregard of God on the earth. They make a lot of efforts they have a lot of money, they have a lot of resources. They have a lot of tools. Don't let all of their efforts ever worry you soon can Edina usaha una felco for this is a principle of the Quran. We have forgotten this principle. Let's start in the

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month. Have you seen what they're doing on this website? Do you know this video that they made? Do you know what they said on CNN? You know what they said on Fox? Why don't you just recite the young Kadena you sorry una Phil Cofer Don't let their efforts and their schemes and their propaganda ever worry you in a minute Lila Hoon Leonardo, Islam were only in the homeland. I love this part. In

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Russia, they no doubt about it can't harm a lot at all.

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I'm baffled by this statement. Unless I don't worry about their schemes and their plans and their plots and their propaganda. They can't harm who at all. They can't harm a lot at all. I'm not worried about them harming a lie. I was actually kind of worried about them harming me.

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So I was expecting a level say, don't worry about their schemes. They won't harm you. But Allah says what instead? Don't worry about their schemes. They can't harm Allah. Why is that? Because allies are protection. It's like allies are shield and they can't do anything about the shield. So you're safe because you're with a law. You're with a law, they can't harm a law. So you have nothing to worry about. Linda home Lamia De La Jolla, then why is it like giving them this opportunity to scheme and plot and further their cause and make things more and more difficult for the believers? You need? Allahu Allah Jalla Allah homehub landfill Allah, Allah wants that they get nothing, not

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even a little bit of the aka meaning there are people that are evil, and they want to continue to do more evil and undermine and continue the path of injustice and oppression. Allah says I'd like to let you dig your hole a little deeper because that little good you have left in you you don't even deserve it. Let you do your evil. Why are people so evil because unless punishment to them as he let them let them have it you want to go this way? Go ahead. Go ahead. Well,

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they have great punishment standing before them instead of being afraid of them. The Quran makes us feel sorry for them They're digging their own hole in the loveliness Tara will cofra Bella Now listen to this part. Then he turns his attention within our own ranks there are those who sold their their belief with disbelief. There are those who under the pressure of the enemy said this Islam thing is too much. I can't handle it. I can't handle you know the way people look at me the way people think about me. I'd rather sell this off and be like everybody else's disbelief so I'll fit in better Allah says about them linea de la Harsha. What do you think they're gonna harm Allah? They

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can't harm a lie at all. What a home as I've been around him and they have painful punishment coming before them. This is about those who sell their Deen May Allah not make use of them when I f7 Allah Xena cafaro in Amman Lila homely as another Manjula. hyrulean fusi him don't allow the disbelievers the enemies of Allah as Dean, don't allow the vicious enemies of the prophets lesson to ever think. Don't you dare think about them, that the stuff that they do is good for them the extension Allah has given them as good for them. I'd like to give you an analogy here. So it'll help you understand what's happening in this ayah you have a rabid dog, you know, a crazy dog who goes and bites

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whatever. And then you somebody says why don't you just put it on a leash.

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And what a law does is he puts this dog on like you could say, 1000 foot leash, it's a really long leash. The thing is for 999 feet, this dog thinks that it's running free, doesn't it? If you put it on a one

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Foot leash is just it can't move. But if you put it on 1000 foot leash, it's gonna run around and never feel like a choke. But Allah says, I only extend for them, release them, give them more room you want to you want to do evil stuff. You want to do goofy stuff. Go ahead, do more. Try to hurt the cause of Islam more propagate lies against the last prophet more, say vicious things about grammar. Go ahead, go ahead, go ahead. Because that same dog when it's running full speed, and it hits foot 1000 what happens to him?

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He gets choked, doesn't he? And that choke is way harder when he's running full speed than it would have been if it was one foot long. That's the plan Allah has for them, let them dig their hole. Let them choke themselves. In nama normally law only as Dadu If man, we only give them extension so they can earn more sins, whether Hamada boo hin I'll just mention since Amal Kumar you call

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Allah says and they will have humiliating punishment. Why did the law say they have humiliating punishment? A lot usually says great punishment, painful punishment, but this time he says humiliating punishment. Why? Because when they try to humiliate the Dean of a law, then the only fear of punishment is that they shall face humiliating punishment. Then Allah turns his attention to you and me and says Makana Allah Julio, Mina, Allah and Allah He, Allah is not one to leave you alone in the state that you're in. Allah will not just leave up and let you just think that you have faith hut diames hubbies Amina until he can separate the good ones among you from the filthy ones.

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Some of you have filth inside of your hearts. And when the state of fear comes and the pressure comes and the stereotyping comes, some of you will abandon your faith and that filth in your hearts will not will take over whatever good you had in it. Allah says he will put you and I through terrible difficult circumstances so he can separate the filthy from within the oma and cut and cut them out May Allah not make us any of us from them will knock on Allah who nuclear Akuma and Allah will never be one to inform you of the unseen people come to the sheriff, the Imam the scholar, they can What do you think when is all this fitna going to end one of the things gonna get better?

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Unless has a lot is not one to inform you of the unseen. I don't get to get I'm not gonna say three more years watch. Everything's gonna be better. No, no, no, no, no, that's actually what I've heard in churches. I go to church to hang out sometimes this to see what they do.

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I've been and I actually last Christmas, I just I want to know how they do that. They do that? Well. How did they get 100,000 people inside of a stadium and preach? So I went to listen, well, what are these guys do? And they're like, this year is gonna be a great year for you. The Lord is going to take care of everything. You're going to get yourself a promotion, and that divorce is finally going to be filed. And you're going to do great this year. Because the Lord promises it. I was like what Lord promises this year is gonna be great.

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You know, we don't have that in Islam. like is this here gonna be better than next? What is the login if it finished this fifth hour, one of the things gonna get better. Allah told us very clearly so we're not diluted and we don't even ask that question. Allah will never be one to tell you what's going to happen in the unseen and the future of the humans and the unseen when I can Allah hajjaj email Rosa Lee Manisha, however Allah does select from his messengers, whoever he wants, meaning a lot chose his messenger and decided to tell him what you need to know. Focus on what Allah told you and not what a lie did not tell you don't get don't get obsessed with things that Allah Himself

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didn't give you. If it was valuable for you, Allah would have given it to you. So don't be so so obsessive compulsive about unnecessary details for Amina Bella. He was really he was really he was me know what a taco fella Komodo Nazim then then just believe in Allah and His messenger. And if you can continue to believe and continue to be fearful only of Allah, then you will have great punishment. What will great reward rather, what else do you want, just have faith and be fearful of the law in the most toughest of times, allies telling you that's the only two things you're gonna need. Everything else will work itself out. Don't focus on the problem when you have seven. And

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finally, the advice to you and to me, this is the last thing I'm sharing with you I promise when I say vanilla Dena, NaVi Mata Mala. And don't you ever think about those who are cheap, greedy, miserly with what Allah has given them, that they hold on to what Allah has given them mean funnily from his own favor, they didn't earn it as a favor of alone then who are heilala home, that that's good for them to hold on to their wealth. This is the time this is the time where the young people were gonna, they're going to have to give up their free time that Allah gave them. their free time cannot go into eight hours of video games anymore. There is no time for you to watch the next

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Netflix and Amazon series. You don't have that kind of time. You're the Muslim youth. Allah has given you free time Allah has given you talent lies giving you creativity that

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Creativity cannot go into you making stupid jokes on social media, it needs to be used in much more productive ways. Because these people who Allah has given wealth and luxury in opportunity and health and talent, when Allah has given all of these things, and they're cheap and miserly with it, they only use it for themselves. What does the law say about them that they think they get to use it for themselves is good for them, but who is bad for them? So you

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kiama the very things they were cheap with the very things they were greedy with for their own are the very things that will be turned into a rope around their necks, choking them on the Day of Resurrection. That time that NEMA that is that Allah gave you that you didn't put to the right cause is going to come and choke you on the Day of Resurrection, May Allah not make use of them. Well, Allah He murasa sumati Well, man, what a thing to say, Allah alone owns the entire inheritance of the skies in the earth. What in the world is inheritance doing here? Allah is telling, reminding you and me whatever you own, whatever I own, whatever I enjoy in this life, I'm not going to get to keep

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it. At the end of the day, I'm going to be in the ground and somebody else will be driving my car, I'm going to be in the ground and somebody else will be wearing my clothes. And by the way, they won't be driving it for that long, either. They're going to be in the ground to somebody else will be living in that house. 100 years from now, somebody else is going to be you know, you know, eating the fruit of that tree that I have in my backyard, it's not going to be mine. And at the end of it all, all of it will be given an inheritance back to Allah, its own laws, because everybody will be gone. Understand the temporal nature of the material world. Do not become materialistic and your

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goals and your aspirations. Things allows our generous offering us in a time of great fitna, the only thing to worry about is what you will earn with Allah, put your efforts in this world Excel, do your very best. But then again, if that's all you want to do for this life, then that is what is exactly choking you. It's going to choke you, it's going to destroy you. Our Deen is so beautiful, such a balance between what we what we want in the next life. And what we get in this life is it merges the two of them. We're not just people of al Qaeda. And we're not just people of dunya, where people have robina Tina Fey dunia Hashanah waffleh harati Hashanah joaquina azova na and so Allah

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within concludes, as I conclude in this passage, will la habima Tama Luna Habib, and Allah has full news and full account and a full perspective on everything that you're doing. And that's a comment to the oma, I know what you're doing. I know what you're doing when you've been hit with injury. I know whether or not you are becoming people of gender. I sincerely I remind myself and I remind all of you that this Koran is a living document. It's a living living book, it will inspire it will empower sometimes it will scare sometimes it will set you straight and calibrate you. It is not a drug like you know, in modern philosophy. Religion is the opiate of the masses. So you feel you you

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turn to religion to feel better about yourself. Yes, the Book of Allah will make you feel better about yourself. But sometimes you just need to get a slap in the face and get set set out straight. And the book of Allah will give you that to it'll give you what you need, because Allah is your Rob. He's your master. He doesn't have to cater his message to what might make you feel better. He'll cater the message to what you need, what your heart needs. And this time Allah is basically telling the oma in the middle of this crisis, grow a spine, get strong. Don't be afraid of anybody else. Prove yourself to Allah and none of the efforts you do will go unacknowledged May Allah azza wa jal

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make us a courageous oma and make the young people that are that are no doubt going through trials that I as a youth in America did not go through their trials are much harder than mine. What were May Allah azza wa jal make them a source of confidence and a revival of this faith for the oma around the world, really, around the world. I make so much for the youth in America, the Muslim youth in America that they are the light by which there will be news spreading all over this oma and so many of them are sitting in this audience, my daughters are with you. My prayers are with you. I'm so so very proud of you. So what if you've made mistakes in the past? So what if you haven't

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realized your potential in the past? That's okay, you're still breathing, which means a lot still has hope in you if you were a lost cause, you wouldn't be breathing anymore. The fact that Allah has given you life is because Allah expects things from you. It's a new day. It's a new beginning and let us prove ourselves before Allah azza wa jal and show him what goodness we can bring into this world. barakallahu li walakum wa salam aleikum wa rahmatullah