The Status of The Sahabah in The Quran

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The speakers discuss various verses and phrases used in the title of the book they are discussing, including the importance of history and the origin of the title of the book. They also discuss the church's identity, its use of the word "theology" to describe its history, and its historical significance. The speakers provide examples of historical events and their historical significance, emphasizing the importance of faith and the historical context of the story. They also mention the importance of following companionships and finding fit for the job.

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and then hamdulillah no matter who minister you know when to stop futile when early bIllahi min shoulder and fusina Amin say Dr. Molina Mejia had the love of Allah, Allah wa may Euclid further ha the Allah wa shadow Allah Allah Allah Allah Allahu Allah shady kala shadow no Mohammed Abdullah solo solo Ultra Bo Saddam

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you're all Allah azza wa jal vikita Bilal Karim bIllahi min ash shaytani R rajim. Yeah, you heard that the top Allah Hatha Takata who Allah Azza mattina Illa and Tomas demoon. Cada Tala Johan NASWA, taco Raja Kamala the Halacha Camino Simba Haider Aloha, hello, caminhadas Oh, Jaha, Obafemi Homare journal and Kafeel on one isa otaku Hola Hola, de Luna behavioral or hub in hola haka Ana de como la Kiba Wakata Allah you holiday in La La Kulu overland city the useless la comme Arma Hola, como la comme de Nova calm. Woman de la hora Sudha, who for the first Fosun are Lima and Mehrabad.

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Abdullah Mr. Otero the Allahu Anhu he says

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whoever of you is seeking to follow a path and let them follow the path of those who have passed away before Mecanim was 10 min for less than w MANPAD. Matt. So in that hey allotment either in fitna he says the living person you don't know whether they're going to pass their trials or not. He says hola equals harbor Mohammed, what he means by those who have passed away those who should be followed

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or the companions of Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And then he mentioned a number of things kind of Allahu Akbar had the hill. They were by Allah, the best of this ummah.

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This Ummah is the best ummah of all time. Allah says that in the Quran, but the best of this ummah are the Sahaba Khan, who Allah He often had the hill, whatever will have globe and they had the most righteous hearts were on nakuha ailment and they had the deepest knowledge what happened to her colophon and they were the ones who had they were the least superficial.

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And then Abdullah minister who tells us Friday, follow him follow him. He says know their virtue, know their virtue, with the Bureau famous to try to maintain him or her love to him and follow them in what you can of their religion and in their character, whatever you can for a known kind of adult who then was the team because they were upon true guidance was the hobbit on the line who were on true guidance. And it is important that we constantly remember the greats upon which this OMA was founded.

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Because one of the important pillars of a person's identity is their history. They were the ones who best manifested our theology, which is another important if not the most important factor of identity, and they were the ones who created the first generation to create our history. Finally follow him follow him so know their virtue and so in this brief clip of Inshallah, that I wanted to share some of what Allah subhanaw taala describes the Companions within the Quran,

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some of what Allah subhanaw taala describes this community with because loving them and believing in them is faith. And hey,

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Seeing them, disregarding them, belittling them is hypocrisy. Allah subhanaw taala just as a general rule, everything that Allah Subhana Allah says of praise of this ummah, the first generation that's deserving of that praise as the Sahaba So when Allah subhana Dionysus contemplado matino Frigidly nurse when Allah says that you are the best woman to ever arise from mankind Morona been model for the unknown and mancora to Amina Billa you command the good and you forbid the evil and you believe in Allah. The first group that is included in this play area in this notion of them being the best are the companions of Rasulullah sallallahu Salah they're the ones who are living and breathing when

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that verse was revealed, they are the first people to be addressed by this verse and many other verses, Allah Subhana Allah when he says for in Armand OB Muslimah are meant to be for paddy deado

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what interval of a nama home Fisher pup Allah subhanaw taala when he's talking about Benny and Surah Al and he says so if they believe in what you have believed in, then they are guided, who is you here? It's also how about a doula and and so to believe in the belief of the companions is guidance ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, if they believe in what you have believed in you all have believed it, then they are guided and if they turn away, then they are in ship hawk. So we want to look at a few verses in which Allah Subhana Allah praises and what he describes the companions with ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. He says,

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he says, We're Latina. I'm in Ohio, Georgia. Doofy Sybilla those who believed and strived and fought in the path of Allah will lady in our we're not sorry, who let me know and help Carla Houma Farah to respond Karina salted and filed her 73 Allah subhanho data says and those who supported and those who gave victory to the province of Allah, it has said they are meaning and they are the true believers. Allah Subhana Allah describes their belief with true belief that they were the true believers and promises them mafara Which is forgiveness, what is concluding and great, great, bounty and great it is. And Allah subhana data says in Surah Talon file verse 63, he says what AUD Do I

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for in the hospital, Allah Who Olivia yet there could be no sort of he will be meaning. Allah says if they want to betray you, O Muhammad, Allah is sufficient for you. He is the one who supported you with his victory, and he supported you with the believers. And so Allah subhanaw taala is praising the community of the companions as the believers through which the prophets of Allah Hadi who was sending them was supported and Allah Subhana darland A beautiful sequence in salt and hash. Allah says look for Cara, Alamo hygena Lydian Orpheum in the add him on my name, those poor impoverished hygiene

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who were expelled from their homes.

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You have to win a * lemon Allah who are worried one up what were they seeking when they left their homes? What were they seeking when they left everything that they knew when they left their tribes?

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They were seeking bounty from Allah and His pleasure. When sudo and Allah Allah so Allah and supporting Allah Subhana Allah and His messenger and Allah subhana data says, Oh, let it go Masada code, they are the truthful ones. Allah testifies to the truthfulness of the companions in their belief in their statements in their actions. Will Lavina toboa O'Donnell an imam in public him that's the MaHA genie and those who left Makkah but what about the unsought, Allah says and those who resided in the homes in the dwellings and in Iman, and that's beautiful Allah subhanaw taala describes as if they embodied faith as if they resided in faith, the unsought

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you hipbone a man Hydra la him, they love those who migrated to them. What are you don't if you salute him, when I add you do not feel pseudo to him, they did not find in their hearts, any sort of rancor or or dislike for what they have been given, where you have your own either unforeseen well kind of being Kasasa. And they they sacrifice what they have, even though they themselves have meat. But on slaughter, we're willing to split their wealth and we're willing to split their their even their families with the hygiene because of their love for them. And Allah says women you'll put your hand off, see if we let it go home and move your home. And whoever is able to conquer the stinginess

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have their own soul than they are the ones who are successful. And then Allah Subhana Allah describes so that Allah praises the MaHA Didion and Allah praises the unsought he praises the MaHA Didion with their truthfulness and he praises the unsalted with their success. And then he describes the attitudes of those generations who come after.

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We live in a gentleman but him your Kowloon are a benefit Alana was the one in a Latina sub Hakuna bit Iman, those who came after every generation, including us who say, our Lord forgive us and forgive those who preceded us in faith.

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What I feel KHUDOBIN as elderly lady in ominous and do not make in our hearts any sort of animosity or anger or rancor or hatred towards those who believe in Nakara oval Rahim you Our roof is the one who protects from from harm. And Rahim merciful. And so the attitude of a believer from every generation is to ask ALLAH SubhanA dadas forgiveness for those who preceded us in faith. And of course the greatest generation that preceded us and faith is the generation of the companions. And there's a lot to be said about the Companions but what I wanted to show is just a few glimpses of how Allah subhanaw taala describes them in the different moments of the Ceylon and so when it comes

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to the Battle of bedroom, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada he says, Can Allah come Ayat 50, attainments. Takata Luffy Sybil Allah Oaxaca Farah to your own home Mr. Li wala who you are used to being also Haman, Yeshua, Allah Subhana Allah Allah says there is for you an example between two groups. One group that is fighting in the path of Allah, and one group that is disbelievers obviously at the Battle of bed that is the group that is the disbelievers are the mushy kid. And the group that ALLAH SubhanA data describes with faith are the Sahaba of the Allah at home and their 300 and something at the Battle of budget. And then when we talk about Allah subhana diatas says ways of adult i mean i

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Holika to Bowie meaning Mackay the little guitar Allah Samuel, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah to Allah says that when you own how much the Lola is setting them in the battle, left in the morning, left your family in the morning, positioning the believers. And so Allah subhanaw taala describes this 1000 person group of the Battle of better or 700 of them rather by now, Allah Subhana Allah is describing them with faith. And then when we fast forward to the campaign of Allah zap, Allah subhanaw taala. He says that when I mean this was an army of 10,000 that had never been gathered before and the Arabian peninsula had come and been gathered to wipe off the city of Medina from the map they had

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been so they were so overwhelmed that they had to build a trench, something that was not done in as far as military strategy in the Arabian Peninsula before they had to import this tactic from Persia through the knowledge of said magnified is they had to resort to creating a fort around there, or a trench around the city of Medina or the parts that weren't naturally protected by the mountains. And so

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it was incredible fear and the munafo and they said Ma done, Allahu Allah SUTA who in love Laura, they said the only thing that Allah Subhana Allah and His Messenger have promised us or delusion, that's what I'm going after things that this is just delusion, all of this talk about him. The prophets of Allah Allah is in the midst saying that he's been given the keys of Persia and Rome and we can't even go to the bathroom safely. We're completely surrounded. But what did the believers say? Allah subhana wa Tada he says with a model. You know when Allah has up called who has our other and Allahu wa rasuluh was of the Allahu Allah Surah when Isaiah to whom Illa Eman and what is Lima,

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ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says rather the believers talking about the Companions it said, they only said, This is what Allah his Messenger promised us, and Allah and His Messenger have promised the truth, and it didn't increase them in anything except for Iman. And except for to city. And then the last incident of the Sierra that I mentioned that Allah Subhana Allah praises the companions with is very accurate one after the the prophets of Allah they sent them had went to make ombre and Earth made him and I found out the lion who was captured before the Treaty of for Devi or he was compelled to stay in Mecca. The Prophet sallallahu to send them took a pledge of allegiance from 1400

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companions 1400 companions and Allah Subhana Allah to Allah he says, Look, I love the law and meaning in Dubai, you're gonna gotta sheduled for it. Remember, if you pull over him, Allah subhanaw taala he says, Allah is pleased with the companions or with the believers, when they took a pledge of allegiance from you under the tree, and Allah Subhana Allah knew what was in their hearts. So this is some of the praise of the companions that Allah subhanaw taala mentioned in the Quran. And so anytime you're interacting with somebody and you see them, belittling the companions of Rasulullah sallallahu Yes, and I'm trying to paint them as if they are individuals who are it's not

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to say that they are perfect, there is no Esma after the Prophets the prophets of Allah Islam is the only one who is infallible or the prophets are infallible, they are human, but undoubtedly they are of a status that is special they are of the best humans to ever arise and mankind optimasi mentor Mr. Corolla you're looking for some rain

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Have they lost a lot salam ala Rasulillah. They also have been receiving cathedra and my bad, just a few things as far as our theology with regards to the Companions.

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Number one is that we believe that they are the best of this ummah, and that any prays that Allah subhanaw taala uses for this, that the first

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Group and the greatest group to be included in that praise is the Sahaba of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam second.

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Number two is we believe that they are not infallible, that they are human beings and that they make mistakes but their mistakes by and large, Allah subhanaw taala has praised them and Allah subhana data has promised them with paradise and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada in many places, even in the Sierra ALLAH SubhanA data mentions his repentance over them, they don't have time to get into now. Number three, is that a person must seek forgiveness for the companions and be pleased with them. Allah subhana wa Tada, he says, and those who came from after,

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sort of that Hashem he mentioned, those who came after the job and the role of those who come after is to seek forgiveness for those who have preceded them in faith and to ask ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada that we do not have any rancor in our hearts. I'm sure you've come across or you might have heard people speaking ill of one companion or two companions or three companions of Rasulullah sallallahu. Adios Allah.

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Allah has declared himself pleased with them in the Quran and Allah subhanaw taala has not declared me individually pleased anywhere.

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And so I should humble myself and ask Allah Subhana Allah to others pleasure for them and seek ALLAH subhanho data to gather us with them on the Day of Judgment with the prophets of Allah how to set it up. And the last which is the fourth is to follow them in goodness ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says and sort of the toboe aside who in it oh wait a minute, my god anyone on site where livina Tiburon, BIA Hassan, probably Allah and model two and what are the long Genet integrity data data and how hard it interfere with the data flows without them, those who proceeded from an MO hygiene, and the unsought and those who follow them and goodness. And so our job is to try our best to follow the companions

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and goodness to learn what we can of their character to recognize that they were an individuals who were hand selected by Allah subhanho wa taala, to be those who established this religion, that they were the ones who are hand selected by the Allah Subhana Allah to Allah to be the supporters of His Prophet and to be the establishes of this Deen in the spreaders of this deen and to recognize their greatness and to follow what we can have their character and their

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and their religion and Allah subhanho data as best we ask ALLAH SubhanA data together with the prophets and the martyrs and the righteous and the truthful. And what excellent companions are those and we ask ALLAH SubhanA data to allow us to follow the speech, to hear the speech and to follow the best of it. And we ask ALLAH SubhanA data to be pleased with the Companions over this little loss level by The SLM and gather us with them at his health on the Day of Judgment. Aloha My name is Erica Jindal McCullough at home and put in Ramat whenever they become in the narrow microbially humming Aloha Martina fusina Taqwa canto hiraman circa until you home Hola. Hola como Benissa lira

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Allahu Mosh Prima Donna Mertens Muslimeen what Hamato mortar Muslimeen Salalah they say you know how much Camila salata coma