Mohammed Hijab – Dawah men using Philosophy, Logic and Kalam

Mohammed Hijab
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One path network. I mean, you guys would have known who they are already, they do a fantastic job in terms of disseminating some of the most high quality dour videos on the internet in the English language, they have now actually produced an app. Now I know in this Ramadan, you're gonna want to take advantage of that. I've already taken advantage of that, and browse through the app and it's an amazing app. I'm sure you're going to be downloading it right now. The link is in the description as salaam alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh. How are you guys doing? Today inshallah, we'll go to be tackling a very important topic, which relates to using philosophy using logic using mantic, which

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is the average logic, we're using kalaam in dour, and, in particular, because some ultra conservative scripture lists they say that this is something we shouldn't use because the seller for the pious predecessors they this praise the innocent heretic, or that there's something that we should not even touch and that we should just stick to the Quran and the Sunnah. And obviously, we believe in the Quran and Sunnah we believe in sticking to the Quran. And Sunnah. Have you heard this rhetoric before? I do. And I think a lot of times this made me feel like sometimes guilty and my daughter like, okay, you know, what, am I doing something wrong? And it's even though you dismiss

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these kind of things, but it really just put this thing in the back of your head, like, okay, you know, am I doing something wrong here by using this argument? For example, the contingency argument, or, you know, the right, two arguments that we use, you know, it's like, okay, am I doing something wrong? And that's problematic on its own? Why do I have to feel like in my tower, for example, like an anybody's now I'm not talking about myself, there are people out there brothers out there who are going into tower, why should they even feel like that? Because there have been statements made of, you know, you know, these people use color. And, you know, these philosophers are, and they're

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hostile. And I'm like, okay, you're a federal brothers. I don't understand. Like, for example, if one of your children had a sugar hat, and was on the verge of leaving Islam, you might come to one of these brothers, that you actually have a problem with an Ask him to use some mental, some logical ways of answering. So the thing is, I believe in that aspect. It's sad that this is happening, but I would actually want you to clarify to me, because it seems like what they're seeing is actually, you know, it's not correct. You know, actually, I'm not gonna say the misinforming, but maybe they're misinformed themselves. Maybe. So maybe if you can bring light to a job. We do use these arguments

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in our Dawa. Are we right? Are we wrong? Yes. So basically, I think what's happening here is there's something called the fallacy of equivocation. Right? So the fallacy of equivocation is where we use the same word. And it means something different, but we're using it to mean the same thing, okay to do to talk about the same thing, and we're not talking about the same thing. And so border uses this very good example. For example, if someone is lying on the floor, and he needs medical assistance, this is kind of, can a doctor come and help me he's not talking about Professor of History of AI. He's talking about a medical doctor, even though the two words are the same, right, but it's not

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it's not fun. I drink I drink a beer. Ginger Beer. Yes, yes, sir. It's the fallacy of I'll prove to you that it's the fallacy of one of the things that they bring forward is it's not just one isolated quote is many of the cause of their self. But one very famous one is a chef a when he says how can we Yeah, lm and you're probably Jared. Well, when you know that, well, when I when I hear that he job, I'll be honest with you. I don't think of him I'm sure he was seeing our Dawa. Right We will he will be a supposition is that the case? It's not let me explain. Oh, forget about me. We're not going to talk about what I believe in what you believe we're going to bring that fall of the hammer

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today, right? But before we do this, it's so important to realize and to be able to historically contextualize everything that we're talking about kalaam as is understood is developed by a shy by philosophers by the Morteza lights and those kinds of things, but also is something which is despite all of those people as well, like in other words, even Tamia uses a kind of we'll come to this right. But this is a time of chef I will hustle it wasn't born you know you know the school couldn't have been what is being referred referenced in its entirety or my test protocol waters lesson was there was not a thought and those kind of individuals but it wasn't actual metabolism. Okay, so this

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is not what is being referred to and I explained to you forget about what I say let's see what it will take me out and we'll put it on the screen has to say about this, okay. He says, He said this is even Tamia wonder Salah slf the predecessors dispraise Kalam dialectic theology, saying statements like these mazzucchelli moon are religious heretics is another cause. Right? And this is one other thing that's attributed to a chef II that you know, whoever goes into a column because on the chi becomes a heretic. So he says, an anon went down the path of calamity succeeded This is in taneous Lee. This is they were not referring to Kalam as a whole

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You see, it's all being it's all being shown us even Damien

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in Arabic English, you can see him, right. Yeah, rather, the comments were to make no other commentary.

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ality regarding those who speak about religion in a way that is averse to the messengers. Now let me say this is a segmented quote is something which is one of no problems we'll ask we'll put another quote on the screen right now you can see in English and Arabic

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the Salah did not deem the essence of Kalam blameworthy. Okay. For every human being ultimately practices it

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is the more they did not dispraise intellectual rigor, deep soul and argumentation, all of which Allah commanded His messenger to practice upon that is making it a thing that a library told the messenger to do. They did not rebuke using what a lion is messenger clarified his intellectual evidence. Furthermore, they did not even rebuke calamp that is true. So here he's if he's saying, Colombia is true, and this is false, okay. Yeah, I was gonna say if there is Colombia is true, it says that Columbus folks, that's right, and it's all the same. Okay, so which one is true? Which one's false? They only rebuke false qalam. So he's gonna tell us which one's false. Okay, that is

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antithetical meaning opposed to the Quran and Sunnah. That's the one that's false, which is antithetical to the right and contrary to sound reason. The latter this type of column is false. Okay, the column displays by the self is the false column that is opposed to the Lord intellect. Meaning here what and this is even to me as clear clear if he says, Listen to me see the sound of

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it will go, it will never go. By a sound of purpose. We're not talking about those they've been distorted by all kinds of ideas. Yes, talking about sound occur will never go against the NACA, actual, rational argument, sound premises, sounds valid and sound premises it can never go against.

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This is his position. That's why I wrote a book called odd but I've been lucky enough that the lack of contradiction or antithetical relationship between the knuckle of bachlin the intellect and this is the name of his book, Ronnie.

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Maybe, maybe they'll say, well, you're talking about Callum, where you brothers use philosophy he actually uses there's one about him talking about philosophy as well as for refuting Lucas on the screen as for refuting or accepting all philosophy, then this is impossible. repeat that again one more time for the people to ask for refuting or accepting all of philosophy then this is impossible. There is not a single thing which philosophers unanimously champion you know, a position which they agree upon. This is true in all of theology, eschatology and prophecy as well as natural sciences and mathematics. By the way, this shows you this shows you that they consider the natural even

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taymiyah considers maths and natural sciences as part philosophy. Yeah, what's the danger that they imagine the danger now we've we've done a video already about this guy now. deGrasse Tyson talking about?

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We have people ultra structuralists ultra conservative scripture does not own camp who are saying the same things they don't realize the entailments of what they're saying natural in this country and in the West in general and not only that, but even in instantaneous time right? He doesn't sound 28 Ah, they considered a puppy I yet as they would call it natural philosophy. Yeah. He actually referred to it in that sense natural philosophy of science. If you say philosophy is haram, are you saying that chemistry is haram? Are you saying that biology is haram? Are you saying that physics is haram? The Prophet told us mantapa Baba Lamia combi to be model from Sabah Santo Domingo. He said

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that whoever acts like a doctor and he's not actually a doctor and he harm somebody that he's responsible, meaning well, meaning this there's actual doctors Yes, if clip or if medicine is something which is to be practiced, then you need the philosophy of science. You need to know how to do induction and verification. Yeah, so these guys want to say philosophy is how long will lie they are. They are ignorant for saying they are ignorant for so so I cannot imagine I didn't I didn't I didn't want them misinforming people on purpose. misinformed. Because what they do is they read the column of the self. Yeah, and they think of the word columns here. That must mean is talking about

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is talking about the same column that we use, or what is the fine example that we mentioned. Well, we'll mention for the video is for example, when if you don't know the historical context, you're going to make big, big errors look away from Tamia says here. This is in his book, A Rottweiler monoterpene. Actually, this is one of the last books I think it might have even been the last book he's ever produced before he died. Listen to what he says. And this is not me saying this. This is on page number 210. Yeah, he says look. Oh, Baba nasioc hoon atonia Kula McCann, adequate alpha x or mocha Demet. were appalled kana and follow some people. The more that the the the proving method, or

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the method of proving whatever it is you're trying to prove, was longer and slightly more ambiguous and has more premises than it was more beneficial to them. Yeah, isn't it says Lee and Lee and then after that another will follow Maura Why? Because this individual has become used to looking at a long analytic kind of novel novel him literally means to analyze something logically right

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And if moral decay and basically a very sophisticated things Canada we'll call

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it the Canada lien forget the kind of De Luca Luca de Matt if the lien is very small in terms of very limited in terms of his premises mo Kadima is a premise a logical premise he's using the language of the philosopher here using the language of the monitor calm so it's not going against the language. Oh Canada jelly, yeah or something which is very clear to see lambda flashing lambda for nafsa obey. He is not happy with that is not content with that it doesn't satisfy as satiate his philosophical feel like curiosity. Yeah, he didn't say philosophical just in case anyone wants to miss it. Oh, Heather, could you stand up now triple kelaniya, Atari Coachella Melman Takia, this

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individual you should use with them the logical and calam approach. So Exactly. So it's, it's not one shoe fits all. Yes, exactly. That we're not saying that everybody and that's exactly what we do. exactly that. Look, even Tamia is very clear. He is saying if these dilla which actually go against the Quran and Sunnah, that we should not use them. And there are some things that he mentioned and his kutub if you read his code on this, like, for example, Chateau s vahana. Yeah, he mentioned very clearly which, like, for example, the sonicwall there is Turkey. And the six types of Turkey which he does not like he thinks they go against the Quran, Sunnah. And he mentions only one that is

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plausible. And by the way, for more information on Shahada contact. He's actually done a SoundCloud which we'll put in the description box. He's done the whole description of it. And he's written a book called unsalted Maria.

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We he goes into what goes against what Arsenal what doesn't, right. So he filters it like that. And people have been filtering like this. We're not saying that everything is okay. Yeah, like, for example, there's a little call huddle at Sam. Yeah.

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This delille was not like five and 10. Man, it was not even a good delete anyways, we don't even use it in our we use the contingency argument. We use arguments which even taymiyah did not oppose. And we've got like the small book that I've written Kalam cosmological arguments, I've actually got one segment of Ibn taymiyyah. And I translate exactly what we've been telling VSS about this. And you can see this free of charge on the salon website, actually, I'm sure yeah, we've we've translated locally on the salon website and put the link there and we can put the link there as well. So all of those things haven't been said. The basic rule of thumb is if it doesn't go against the Quran and

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Sunnah, then you cannot say it's Haram. Okay, this is simple as that even taymiyah did not share your view, okay, on anti rational discourse or anti philosophical discourse, he just did not, it will be false to say that he did. Okay. And the way that the seller used the word Kalam was in reference to adopting an ideology from outside or from some framework from outside and putting it into the Islamic hockey that and using the fort on the Santa Fe that we says is false. This is what the jasmine and the Korea will rank because they used it to understand Islam, and they were wrong to do so not using it. It was misguided. We have a pure, unadulterated, unfiltered and perfect lucky

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that the dean is perfect that doesn't need anything. We just use this to bring people into the dean. Yes, we don't use it as to try and sieve out what is right and wrong in the dean. This is a very clear what is right and wrong is what Allah and the messenger told us. And this is the reality of the situation. Exactly. So Robin sisters, you know, the reason why one of the reasons I think it's very important to do this video is because to show people because what people do is they get this and they run with it, and what it is and they attack people because they themselves do not know that because because there are over he said, but you know a philosophy is no the way you do. And this

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causes fitna if I'm being honest here, it's actually you know, it's

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what's the word? I forgot the word. You know, you need to take responsibility. But we'll come out there and you have a platform. You take response in your ears. You're irresponsible, if you're putting this message out there because I know so many people come and say are a hijab use this and they have no understanding what they're doing just cause a fitna between each other. You can't use it on any limiting the dour. You're limiting it massively, massively. Yeah, but it's like they're paralyzing us. Would you respect? Yeah. Let me tell you.

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Exactly what Tell me if you're if you think first of all, I would love to see these brothers do a demonstration of what they say. Like I would love to see them actually go out and speak to atheists on their on their method Yanni, because the thing is, if you try and use the Quran to prove the Quran, yeah, you're doing circular circular. Yes, yes. So they're telling us to do is go and do circular arguments. Maybe it doesn't matter for

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you, because you're not telling you if we use the understanding, yeah, we'll be

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happy days, they think it's okay. But the fact of the matter is, you haven't tried what you're saying. And yeah, don't try what you're saying. And even taymiyah doesn't, doesn't see what you're saying, look, go and do what you're saying. Show us a physical demonstration of using your circular arguments of using the Quran to prove the Quran. Please go and do that. And show us what you mean by that now that you're talking about without philosophy and without logic and without collateral. Well, that was awesome, especially to atheists. And that is the that is the context go and do that. Because we have not seen a successful model of you doing that. Talk is cheap, go and do it and show

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us that actually, it's worked in your favor or not. In reality, without us

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spec, they should be publicizing what we're doing because it's fun to be fair, it's not fair for some people to be doing these things, they should be publicizing it, they should be funding it, they should be happy with it because we're 45 meaning is obligatory upon some segment of the community, otherwise all the community will be sinful. They will be sinful if we weren't doing what we're doing. If my era and Salam and they believe that sinful if they know they don't get it, this is the problem when you have a segmented understanding was a historical and decontextualized approach to the self, and Bravo due respect, if this is their approach to something as menial as the word Calum

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being used and philosophy being used in literature. Yeah, imagine how are we meant to interact with people with them? Yeah, but this is what I'm saying. This is why it all comes back to bro speaking about matters you're not qualified to and the habit that you cause in all areas, if you're doing this with this issue. My gosh, what you've been doing for the past 25 years, exactly. We, we are meant to be our interpreters of the self, right. And if you don't understand the difference between the word the usage of the word column here and the research, the philosophy is different in these contexts, you don't have to contextualize like that. Then now you expect us now when you do talk to

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this person, or this person is off the management now we are we are meant to follow this. No, certainly not. Yeah, you know what I mean? Come on, let's be honest. Yeah. So guys, I think generally speaking, we will not accept being paralyzed in the Dow for no reason. And that definitely we have to we've done videos to non Muslims showing them that our religion is a religion of rationality. I mean, Allah says in the Quran, medicine falletta pollun. And they know this and they will agree with this. No doubt, fly takuji not reason.

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If we're if the Quran says we'll have to borrow Hana cominco to sort of bring your evidences of your truth it's as if we're telling them to bring evidences, but we have no evidence. And all of this is always nonsense. And to be honest with you, we should this is something which is left for the ultra conservative scripture lists, but we do need to sort our own house Okay, put it in order before we speak to the world. And this video is an example of that we cannot deny that these people do exist in our midst and we do need to educate them just like we need to educate non Muslims on these matters as well. That was really my thing. That terrified a lot of things for me and it's give me

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more comfort knowing I can carry on using my contingency argument. Which is that almost Yeah, infinite regress. Yeah.

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Okay, Kalam cosmological all of these things are not against

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actually the US. The US will have is the nuts itself the US will have these arguments as

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they create from nothing or the themselves degrade themselves. Yeah, what I'll be honest, I feel like someone had my hand and you just quite open and humble electronic system. I hope everyone feels the same way. This is not by the way to say everyone should go and study philosophy. No, we're not saying this dangerous. You go and study for an Asana. Okay. And if if you need a certain argument to get you out of a certain sugar, yeah. Then there are some people or organizations like Sapiens Yeah, like IE or like salami, which basically try and do that. Yeah, brilliant Sapiens is to actually bring us more IRA brown sisters. Yeah, that's Ramadan. They should be given fundraising and helping

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in Ramadan. Yeah, please. Yes, this sapiens sapiens IRA. Our solemn campaigner decided inshallah if you want brilliant organizations shall ami Allah bless you guys to an example. I'm sisters Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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