The Only Secret You Have to Share With Your Spouse!

Ammar Alshukry


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Most of the cases I've seen your past secrets used against you, even without divorce, that will be used against the time come. The only secret you cannot hide from your spouse about your past, if it's something will impact your marriage or your future. Any for example, if you have kids from other family, marriage, you can't tell them you have to tell them that I have children I have, you know, I married before and that's something you don't hide. You know, I do believe or for example, somebody has a criminal record

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that I just wouldn't my wife was stopped by the cop and they just find out that my wife or my husband like you know has a criminal record now that will affect your relationship. I mean, something serious like that. Just something easy. Not a big deal. an STD health issue. Yes. health issue. Yeah, by the way, I have you know,