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How did you get

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good morning?

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No hamdulillah

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you want to stop you don't want to study when are the realizar lemon Sharon em fusina woman sejati I'm Elena in omiya de la la la

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la la de la Why should we Why should why no Mohammed Abu hora solo Ursula hola or I'm attending amin, Lockwood watsonville Mini in Omaha Jetsons Sadie King or gentlemen. Marian

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and now a lot will be local or so I've been through water heavy Irene and omean were done and swim and Waterloo and olfa for Loma de hydro matches at NaVi and I no matter what our sunanda what he what he said it was Sunday lahoma was it robotic it while it was heavy water Jimmy it minister Nabil suniti walked the fit he lay on the dean and my bad foresee kumaun FCB taco line Tyler Fein Amitabh the La Jolla Maharajah was awesome and hateful, I just said

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our praises due to Allah alone. And then we seek aid and assistance and to Him we turn both in repentance and for forgiveness. Julian the last panel to either guides them can mislead and human law leaves to go astray there is none who can guide and I bear witness that there's nothing worthy of worship civil law alone. And the Mohammed Salah law wherever you're sending them is both a servant and His Messenger.

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In a previous hauteville a couple of weeks ago we talked about the importance of gratitude, the importance of the servant to be grateful to Allah subhana wa Tada. Today we're going to discuss one of the names and the attributes of Allah subhanho wa Taala, which in a way,

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complements our act of being grateful to Allah subhanaw taala the believer the servant has sugar to a loss of penalty of gratitude to a lust penalty Allah, Allah subhanaw taala one of his names and attributes is as Shakir Russia cool. Which does not mean that Allah is grateful to us for the lab. But what it means is that last panel to Allah appreciates us and the work and the good that we put forward towards a loss of habitat either. So the servant is grateful to Allah but Allah subhanaw taala appreciates the work of the servant, knowing Allah subhanaw taala understanding his names and attributes is incredibly impactful on the believer. How do we perceive life? How do we perceive our

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relationship with the last panel to add up when things happen?

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In our life, when we make decisions, I'm going to do this I'm not going to do this. Our understanding of the laws of Hamilton informs all of these things, one of the most beautiful quotes of the man to light it, he said nothing.

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In the law, he said, within the human there is a void that cannot be removed except to the company of a loss of Hamlet's Allah. Well, if you actually have magazine, I mean, I used to be one Hello was he was he was he has. Now you see who in this room at the marriage he was Mr. Murthy. He said in the human there is a sadness that cannot be removed, except with the happiness of knowing Allah and being true to a loss of Hannah with Allah. When we understand Allah subhana wa Tada. And we understand we will will then be able to understand our own role in this world and how we should respond to some of the things that we see in this world. And Allah subhanaw taala describes himself

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as we said, as shatkin or chaker. Allah says neopia Homura hongwei as Eden and facility in Noah funan Shakur, Allah says that he may give them their full in rewards and also increase for them. And in from his bounty. Indeed he is her for forgiving Shaku the one who's appreciative. And so a lot of calls himself by these two names a Shakira and Shakira. Shakira is an attribute of Allah subhanaw taala, which is that tm, which is innate to Allah subhanaw taala, an attribute of Allah subhanaw taala that will never leave him, like the last panel down to be a semia the all hearing Allah is always a semia he is constantly SME on the lowest paradigm of being a rock man, it is an innate

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attribute of a lost parent, Allah is always a right man. Whereas there are other attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, which Allah subhanaw taala, for instance, has condemned his speech, the attribute of Allah has newzoo in his dissent, these are attributes of Allah subhanaw taala, that, if he wants to do them, he can do them. And if he doesn't want to, he doesn't, right. If Allah wants to speak, He will speak if he doesn't want to speak it doesn't have to speak Allah is not always speaking right. And this differentiates some of the attributes of Allah subhanaw taala one from another, but the attribute of the last part it being a shortcut, means that he is constantly in this attribute, this

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attribute is constantly one that is innate to Allah subhana wa Tada. And so check it in a Shaku Shaku linguistically means to increase right the increase, we are grateful to Allah subhanaw taala our gratitude is called sugar why when you have gratitude, what is the lust to do? He increases what you are grateful for when in Chicago as either nickel if you are grateful to a lot, love gives you more right? So shock in its linguistic sense means to increase. And

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then because of this, a loss of linguistically the Arabs would say, a dub Basha for the animal, the beast, that is Shaku. What did they mean by that, if you gave the beast, a little bit of food, you have a horse, you give a small amount, a modest amount of food. And yet it rides for a long distance, they would say that this is shackle, you gave it very little, and it gave you a lot. Right? Likewise, they would say out of the cocoon, the land that is shackled, you gave it very little water. And yet it grew a great amount of fruits, a great amount of yield that it gave you. So it's Shahada, it was given very little, and yet it gave back a lot. When Allah subhanaw taala calls

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himself a shareholder, it means that he is the one who appreciates He is the one who increases for you. Even though you gave a lot very little, even though you presented to a lot very little, a loss of capital to Allah multiplies the reward and multiples for what you have given him, you gave and presented a low with a very small amount of good, and he gives you this world and he gives you the next world as well. And this is the key, by the way, is that in order for us to connect to this name of Allah subhanaw taala to have a relationship with a loss of habitat Edina. shukran means that you have to do something, you can't sit on your couch and say, Allah. No, you have to do something good.

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And Allah will respond to the small good that you've done by giving you far more than what you have put forward. And this is why in our religion, our profits in the long run he was sending them emphasize so often emphasize so much to do good, even if the good you are doing is so small, even if the good action that you're doing can be seen by others as being insignificant. Our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam constantly exhorted us do something good. Why? Because a loss of hundreds is a shocker because he is the most appreciative because even the incredibly small act will be appreciated by the loss of hundreds

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It will be raised by lots of parents it will be multiplied by Allah subhanho wa Taala. When they applied, it hasn't gotten news. It's delfy Hausner, Allah Subhana. Allah says whoever commits a good deed, whoever does a good deed, we will increase for them, the good of it, in no foreign shocker indeed he is forgiving, and he is appreciated. And so any good deed, even the smallest of good deeds are deeds that are glorified in our religion, our deeds that not because of the smallness of the deed, but because of the greatness of the ones of Hannah, who, Allah who appreciates the deeds that we do. And so if you remove something harmful from the path, the profits a little lower, something

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tells you this is charity, if you smile on the face of your brother, the prophet tells you this is charity. If you kiss the hand of your mother, if you help an animal in distress, these might be considered by others in small deeds, and yet they are incredibly important because you are dealing with a Shakuni you are dealing with the one who was the most appreciative and so you might forget some of the good deeds you do in your life for yourself. You might do a good deed you open a door for someone to walk through, and you don't even think about it. You forget about it. Allah subhana wa tada does not forget the good that we do. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when he

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exhorted people to do good, he would say, you know what, I'll be shocked if I'm wrong. I would say the prophets I said, I'm sorry, would say, protect yourself from the Hellfire, even with half of the date. Even if you are giving half of a decent charity, protect yourself from the Hellfire with it, as kind of lots of people might think, you know, so many of us, we have this spot. If I give charity, I'm only going to give something big $100 $1,000 I'm not going to give $2 I'm not going to give $5 you know, we think this is so small, this is nothing. The problem is I'm selling you even less than that half of the day, it's not even a full date. If someone gave you half of a date, you

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wouldn't want to accept it. Let me find a full date that nobody touched and broken half and half the profit is telling you you will protect yourself from the fire. You might protect yourself from our fire just because of that half of the date. Why? Because almost a penalty is a shocker. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says,

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The Prophet said do not let a single one of you be little anything from good. Any good deed Don't belittle it. Don't think it's too small. Don't think it's something that's not significant. When

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you watch him funny, he said even if it is meeting your brother with a cheerful face, even if this is a good deed, all you are doing is smiling in the face of your brother. This is something that Allah subhanaw taala will appreciate. And so the believer should never be little the small deed, even the good deed, even if it's small, the prophets of the Lord, when he said to some of the companions, whoever minister Simon, whoever, you know, breaks the fast if someone who is fasting if you give a meal to someone who's fasting so that they can break their fast that that person for Kenya is a miracle that's a human and not allow for that person from the Hellfire for that person's

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the bondage of the hellfire. Some of the Sahaba came to the Prophet sallallahu

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not all of us are wealthy, not all of us have enough money that we can cook a meal for someone else. Right so they sent a messenger of Allah we feel we're we don't get to get this reward we want this reward to but we don't have money. We can't even feed ourselves, let alone feed someone else. So one of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, he said you're the law you have the ledger Allah will give this reward will be shown to Tina, even if it's just a cup of water. Even if you don't have any money, you just go to the world and you get some water and you go and you give it to someone who's about to break their fast alone will give you the reward of being freed from the

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Hellfire because you did this for the sake of a loss to either a small deed, yeah, less reward. It's so much more than otherwise, people would consider and we know the story of the man who was stranded in the desert who's walking in the desert and he sees a dog that whose tongue has dropped who's who's suffering from thirst who's about to die whose tongue is in the sand. And the man decides to go down into the well and fill his his shoe with water and bring it back up and give it to the dog we know this and that rewire in sight Buhari. The prophets have a long way to send them said for Shakur, Allahu Allahu, Allahu Allah.

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Right and there's two

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readings of this statement. It could be read that the dog thank Allah so Allah forgive him. But the more dominant reading is that Allah Sugar Sugar along with our means Allah appreciated what he did. A lot was so cool because of what he did for hustler a lot less or a lot, forgave his sins fed kind of agenda, entertainment agenda. And so because he got some water and give it to a dog, because he saved the life of a dog, Allah appreciated it so much. He forgave all of his sins and entered him into gender. And we know that these are the prophets of Allah wherever you send them this dunya is for is for, for four types of people. You mentioned the first two rows

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On Arthur Hello, fan, Sophie Sabina, someone who gave him a lot of money. So he gave a law that's one person and he said the other person is the one who sees him and says, I wish Allah gave me money, so I can give like him. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says For whom are in the line see what these two people are equal in the sight of a less penalty. Even though one of them gave, the other one didn't give. But because the intention was sincere, the desire was sincere. Allah subhanaw taala appreciates even the desire that is sincere so much, that he he will reward that person as if he gave so much money for the sake of Allah subhana wa tada and this is a constant

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theme throughout the Quran and Sunnah. And Allah Subhana Allah says in the Quran that we mentioned earlier, you are feeling withdrawn

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unless paradata will give them the reward in full if you've done good Allah reward you in like full Why is he though but you also increase for them. You will also increase for them from his bounty in no foreign shock or indeed he is forgiving. And he has chuckled he is appreciative. Allah says won't be upset of hassle at the music level. listener whoever does a good deed Allah will increase with enough not just respond you do a good a lot gives you an equivalent amount of good in return. No he will give you the equivalent amount of good and more he says will give them even more of good indeed he is forgiving. And indeed he is Shepherd he is appreciated. Allah says an agenda now nyesha when

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Ophea when a dean MSE they will have all of the desire in it. And we will give them even more. Allah says Little Endian accent husana was he added to those who have done good they will have good in return was he had that he will have extra as well. This is the way that a lot of penalty Allah deals with his servants in the line I miss Carla. Thank you buy for her. We are agile and Aviva. Allah subhanaw taala says, Allah does not oppress anyone, even the weight of an atom. Allah does not oppress anyone, even the atoms weight alone will never take away from your rights alone never gives you less than you deserve. But Allah says and continues in the verse waynetech, where has innovation

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a person does a good deed, Allah will multiply the reward, allow or multiply and give them more than they deserve. A lot will never give you less than you deserve. But he will give the one who does good more than they deserve. And this is the way of a loss of Hannah, what's a high that we see this constantly in the Quran and the Sunnah, men and the lives of the Sahaba in the lives of the prophets. Look at the example of use of having a sin, that he was thrown into the well and taken as a servant, and finally find some peace. He's brought as a servant in the home of one of the richest people in the country. You know, being a servant in the home of a very wealthy person, it probably

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is better than being a free person who's poor, you're living in a palace, you're eating good food, this is you know, a very luxury, and yet he gives it up, he leaves it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala he leaves it because he refuses to do how long and so what ends up happening is a lost parent that it turns into becoming the king himself, becoming the owner of houses like that becoming the one who is dominant himself so

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on and so the person does good or less, that is not just going to give them equal rights that he he gave this up for the sake of a lot loving son out of prison and puts him back in the same position. He was no I'm not brings him out of prison and makes him himself there was he makes him himself the one who is the King. We see him job for him, every pilot will be a long line, who fought for the sake of the last time on the battlefield. And as he fought both of his arms are cut off and the profit center long wherever you send them is somehow 1000s of kilometers away, or hundreds of kilometers away and he is receiving news as it's happening. And he receives news that's just for the

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Navy pilots arms have been cut off and that he has been killed. And as it's happening live in Medina doe he is hundreds of kilometers away. The Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says I see him now in Jelena Allah has replaced his arms with wings, because he gave something to it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Allah replaces it with something better look at saddam in the long run. So I didn't want it was one of the Young Elites, you young men of Medina of what was yesterday before the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam came, and he could have become the leader of Medina. He was positioned to be the leader of Medina. And if he sought power, he would have gotten it if he thought

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that honor and he wanted to be the leader, he could have been the leader, but what happened he believed in a lot. He believed in the Messenger of Allah, He followed the Prophet sallallahu wherever you send them, and when he died when the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa send them say, he said, I

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am on the throne of the Most Merciful has been shaken because of the death of sad. He sat in the auto submarine and for many, many years

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he said I saw 70,000 angels carrying

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The precession of sounds and wires coming down in the in the janessa. In the funeral procession of Saudi Arabia alone, he gave up some honor for the sake of a loss of power in this world for the sake of Allah, that Allah gave him even greater than that. This is the Sunnah of Allah subhana wa Tada. We see this in so many different hobbies that I have looked at, you know, the example of homeless animal the long run. And with men in particular, the long run that cinema was prevented from joining our family and doing the hedgehog. And finally after so much strife and so much difficulty, her family gives her permission to go to Medina, so afraid that they might change their opinion. That

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won't you know, today they told her, you can go and go to your family in Medina, she was afraid they might change their opinion tomorrow. So as soon as they said she can go she left. She didn't prepare anything she's walking from Mecca to Medina are founded upon. He was not a Muslim is coming back to Mecca. He sees this woman walking with her son, all the way out in the middle of nowhere. He says, Where are you going? She says, I'm going to Medina. He said, You're going by yourself like this. She said yes. He wouldn't allow it. He had chivalry. He got off of his own camel. He puts her on it. And he walked and escorted her all the way from Mecca to Medina, on foot, dropped her off at the doors

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of Medina turned around and went back to Mecca.

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And so part of what she said in the sentiment, when he did this, she said I know that it was hard, I will appreciate what he did. And he was not even a Muslim. But Allah subhanaw taala had him accepted snom during the conquest of Mecca, and when the Prophet entered Mecca and the conquest of Mecca.

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Quraysh thought one of the things the first thing the Prophet would do is take control of the Kaaba and of course, the prophet once and took control the gamma and threw it to the gamma. And they thought the Prophet would prevent them from going to the cabinet again. Why? Because they knew they were the people who will push the profit from the door of the Kaaba.

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And the person who owned the keys of the Kaaba was the family of course management.

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And so they thought symbolically, the Prophet would take the keys away from the family girlfriend, and they were the ones were holding the keys, and the Prophet would often be prevented from entering the cabinet. But the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam didn't take vengeance. And instead he reminded or if none of what he did was sentiment. And he said to him, Allah did not forget what you did. And he said, Take the keys of the camera, they will remain in your family until the day of judgment, no one will take them from you accept an oppressive ruler. And so so Pamela, the good that he did, Allah subhanaw taala appreciated it and gave it back to him. And we see this so patent law

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in so many different ways, in our religion in our Deen when you do something for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala Allah will give you back far more than what you have given up when a loss on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said another on another island sandmann see how many of these overlooks to a woman who is not related to him this is a poisonous arrows from the arrows of the release and the arrows of shape while he's his mentor, aka hopefully lover abandons at fearing a loss penalty Allah, Allah.

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Allah, Allah gives them a light in their heart. You gave up lights, you gave up looking physical light. Allah gave you a light in your heart. You do something for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah will appreciate it in ways that we ourselves even cannot imagine. And for that reason, the believer should strive no matter how small the good deed is, do it for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala because Allah azza wa jal is a Shaku He is the one who appreciates and he appreciates better than anyone else can focus on quality how there was not enough himself in order for Rahim

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Miller hamdulillah Soto ceramah rasulillah You are the early he was like the human Oh Allah. Allah subhanaw taala in operand when he speaks about his attributes, Shakira shekou he pairs it with other attributes. So sometimes he mentions or can Allahu Shakira idema that Indeed Allah was has been appreciative Shakir. akima. knowledgeable.

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Sometimes, you know, when we're dealing with other people, you might do something on behalf of someone, they don't appreciate it. Why don't they appreciate it? Maybe they don't know. Like, maybe you help someone get a job. You put in a good word for them. You help someone who is having a difficulty you interceded on their behalf, you solve the problem and they don't know that you did that. So they don't appreciate

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th you. And once you did, because they don't know what you did, right? They don't know what it is that you did, so they can appreciate what you did. But it must have the other Shakeel and Allina. He is appreciative and knowledgeable, and all knowing, so he knows the good that you have done. Sometimes people know what you've done, but they don't understand it. You know, sometimes you might tell your child, you can't watch this TV show, you can't watch this movie, you might tell your child, you can't do this, you can't go there, and your child gets angry at you, they get angry at you, even though you know what you are doing is in their benefit. You know what you are, what you

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are doing is for the greater benefit is for them to become better people. In the moment. They hate you for what you've done. Sometimes people will hate you for something you have done for their benefit. Because they don't understand what you've done. But a loss of how to add a shock, you know, not enough, he is appreciative and he is knowledgeable. So if we do something good, Allah knows what is good. And he knows our intentions. And he's the panel data will appreciate what we've done and the way that other people can't. The other attribute of Allah subhanaw taala that he mentioned, is that he is often one Shakira that he has forgiven and appreciative. And the scholars they mentioned

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that the greatest appreciation that Allah gives us, is His forgiveness, that he forgives our sins. The story we mentioned earlier of the man who gave the water to the dog, for shalom for roofie. Allah who fed Hello gentlemen, Allah appreciated him so he forgave his sins. And so this is incredibly important that allow us to add one of the greatest forms of appreciation Allah does is he forgives our sins, and how much evil have we done? If allow me to take us to task for our evil, we wouldn't be standing here. Allah subhanaw taala would have wiped us off this earth. But it's because of the appreciation of a lot of He forgives our sins. So how can we connect in our lives with a lust

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paradigm of being a shocker? The first thing for us to receive the appreciation of Eliza is we have to give, we have to put something forward we have to do good deeds. We can't expect a lot to appreciate our good when we haven't done any good. We have to put the good forward for lies. Oh gentle appreciate it. And the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, manifest more than good. Mm hmm. And COVID dooney and fslr

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Yokoyama that whoever removes the hardship from another believer in this world allow remove a hardship from them on the Day of Judgment. Whoever makes an ease for another person in this world alone make easy for them, the day of judgment. Whoever covers the sins of another part of another Muslim Allah will cover their sins in the next world and a loss of cattle to Allah Willow, Fiona dragons mccadden and obviously our nuclear laws in the aid of his servants, so long as his servant is in the aid of his brothers, you help other people allow us to appreciate what you have done and allies reward you more for what you have done. Second is to worship a less penalty often, because if

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you believe that a lot as a as a shocker, you will chase after every good deed big or small, significant or insignificant chase after every good deed, you will spend every moment that you can glorify and a lot doing because Allah subhanaw taala you think it could be something small, something insignificant, no one will do that because you know their lives and appreciates it. Everything that you think that you can do, you will do it for the sake of Allah. Allah. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam says if you're planting a seed, welcome to summer, Yama, Yama, if the Day of Judgment happens, you're planting a seed that promises planted, planted, right? It's a good deed,

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the last panel appreciate that good. Even if you don't see the results of it alone will appreciate that good deed that you have done. Finally, is that if allies origin is a shocker, and we believe this we have to be sincere and really seeking a loss of habitat is appreciation, not seeking the appreciation of other people seeking the appreciation of Allah subhana wa Tada. People's appreciation for us is not going to benefit us in this world. And then in the next people's appreciation, it's going to be lacking people you can do a ton for them, you can do so much for them, they will appreciate you a little bit. Allah subhanho wa Taala you can do just a little bit

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and a lot of appreciate you so much. So make a lot of the focus of your efforts be sincere for him. So panda was Allah and Allah subhanaw taala will appreciate your good far more than anyone else can For indeed he is a Shaku. He is the one who is the most appreciated in the LAO melodica Tucson Anivia your Latina and masala username with Sima Allahumma salli wa sallam Allah says you know when any no Have you been to Mohammed? Hello Sonia Allah Muhammad medaka odakyu abroad also they are in Europe and I met

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somebody at a euro Bella. So that was me immediately on Monday, while he wills Have you played being applied in Rhode Island, meaning

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in Alabama to determine a female common

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law for Russia. Well, I didn't

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local data while I'm worried on election data while I'm a tenant law theater when I heard it I mean Howard Jr. will often write here like I didn't want to know if y'all saw that in local data center medical hammer I mean, as long as Islam was immune wildly before they committed help to a dean along had been beaten and a man was a Muslim Rubina What can he didn't uncover all for Super Lucien which I've never washed in in the law yet horrible everything with So anyway, what about 100 fascia you wouldn't want to do about the oberkommando come to the Quran was called Life Coco Moscato wine and he is one of the cool like what La Jolla analysts