The Oaths of Allah 01 – Al-Bayt Al-Mamur – The Frequented House – From Surat Al-Tur

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The transcript describes a discussion on the importance of the word " handy" in the Bible and how it relates to protecting from the operation of the Lord. The discussion also touches on the concept of a hole in the world and the importance of being a leader in creating content for the Mohamed de la neither. The segment also mentions the use of " handy" in the Bible and its relation to the concept of a hole in the world.

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hamdulillah Salam, ala Sula and Islamic centers and welcome to today's episode of the things Allah subhana wa Tada swears by this is a series a daily series for those who want to have a more conscious experience of their reading of the Quran and this month of Ramadan and want to better understand the things that ALLAH SubhanA Tida swears by and what they entail. And so today we're at a debate on Metamora the frequented house and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada swears by it at the beginning of sort of the thought, and this house.

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We have to begin actually with the night that has captured our imagination for 1400 years and that is, the Prophet sallallahu sallam was sleeping in Makkah at the Kaaba, and he is visited by Djibouti, and Djibouti brings him out to this creature named Barack this creature that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam rode, and a stride in his gallop was at the distance of the horizon. And so he's taken him to Jerusalem, where he leads the prophets and prayer and then the Prophet sallallahu send them a sentence all the way to the heavens and every heaven He's meeting a different prophet, and he's being he's in treating entrance until he gets to the seventh heaven. And when he gets to the

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seventh heaven, he sees that boy he made his salaam reclining against the house, and that house, God is asked by Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam about it. And he says, This is a beautiful map more, this is the frequented house, and every single day 70,000 Angels visit it, and they never, ever returned. And so this house will be to Malmo that ALLAH SubhanA Tada swears by this frequent that house that's in the in the seventh heaven. And some said that it's in the first heaven. And some said that intubated Mahmoud is even the kava itself. And so when you read the books of Tafseer, you'll find a wide variety of opinions. Although, and Allah subhanaw taala knows, but some have even mentioned

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that every Heaven has a house. And so the heaven that's in the first the house that's in the first heaven, it's called beta is, it is the house of dignity in the house of greatness. And of course on Earth, we have the Kaaba. And they even said that they are actually parallel to one another. So if I'll be to Malmo we were to collapse, somehow we would collapse right onto the Kaaba itself. In any case, this house is frequented by 70,000 Angels and this concept for us, one of the things that we want to pay attention to, when we learn about the things that ALLAH SubhanA Titus swears by is how they indicate his own greatness. And so when you have this house that's visited by 70,000 Angels, it

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brings up the question, well, how many angels are there? How many angels are there? And the reality is, there are a lot, you know, the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he tells us that on Leila, to cuddle, as even Hoceima reported, he said, on Leila, to cuddle, the angels on earth are greater than the number of pebbles on earth. How many pebbles are there on earth? You know, when when you look at even how many grains of sand which are smaller, there was a University

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of Hawaii that did research of course, Hawaii would be very interested in beaches and deserts and things like that. And they said that the amount of grains of sand on this earth were about 500 quadrillion grains. And yet we know that the stars in the sky are even more than that. And so we actually have multiple stars for every grain of sand. They're nowhere as numerous as the stars. And that also indicates to us the greatness of Allah subhanho wa taala. And then when you you recognize that the number of stars are even greater than the number of grains of sand, how big are the heavens, and yet the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam tells us about the heavens after the summit.

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That the heavens, the heavens are groaning their creaking and they have every right to do so. Why? Because there is not a span of four fingers. Except that there is an angel prostrating and bowing and worshipping Allah subhanaw taala. And to give you even further perspective, like the heavens are filled with angels, you would say that the earth is filled with human beings to write. But if we were to stand shoulder to shoulder, if we were to stand shoulder show 7 billion people you bring it from every continent from every country, and you place them side by side like we do in Salah everybody. What do we fill up a whole continent? No, we fill up a whole country No. 7 billion people

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would fit inside the city of Los Angeles. That's what we would fit in. And so can you imagine the number of angels that filled the heavens? And then when you look at, you know, everything that we know of the known universe would be considered a semi dunya we're not even at the second heaven yet, or the third heaven yet or the fourth haven't yet or the fifth haven't yet. And so, this all indicates to us the greatness of Allah subhanho wa Taala integrated more, this house that is visited by 70,000 angels, and they never ever, ever

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Return Allah subhanho wa Taala he swears

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he swears by this house and

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he swears to something.

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Allah subhanaw taala after saying what to Rocky Tabby mustard fear of dementia will bathe in my more Allah subhanho wa Taala swearing by these things until he says, In Nadab Arabic and

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the punishment of your Lord will occur. Mana home in Darfur,

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there is no one, no one who can deny it. There is no one who can prevent it. After us being taken to the universe and beyond it after us seeing and just catching a glimpse of the creation of Allah Subhana Allah, which is giving us just a sense of the greatness of the Creator. Allah then says that that creator is bringing his punishment

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and who can protect themselves from that? If Allah subhana data doesn't protect us and hence omit him hot body but cathedral Villandry mentioned by him a lot that he mentioned that Bob was patrolling one night, and he heard a man reciting sort of the book and so on, Omar began to listen to him. And when he heard in either Bob Bigelow aka the punishment of your Lord is going to come. There's no one who can protect you from it. There's no one who can prevent it. And Bob collapsed against the wall. And he began to lean against the wall and he went home, and they said that they were visiting him for an entire month of his illness. They didn't know why he was ill. In nada

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Veronica Wacka Dafa the punishment of your Lord is severe. There is no one who can protect you from it. May Allah Subhana Allah protect us on the day where there is no protection from him except by him. Hope you enjoyed and benefited from the video and I'd like to invite you to support and motherhood in these blessing last 10 nights of Ramadan so we can create more content like this and further our mission to teach you the Mohamed salah, Leidos and Islam one student at a time you can support at and forward slash support