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As we approach these are actually have entered into the last 10 of Ramadan.

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The mantra of the believer The hallmark phrase

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that is on everyone's tongue

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is a lahoma in a cafe One, two hibbeler for FY 20. Oh Allah you are allowed Fu.

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You love a laughable.

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So have APU on me. And to understand that do we have to understand what allow for means when and without going into a lot of detail.

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allow for means to erase the traces of something. So you're asking a loss of Hannah, who were to add for allowable, you're asking that he not only forgive you for your sin, but that he erased that sin as if it never existed in the first place. The the wind that comes after that comes over sand. So if somebody walks in sand, there's prints, the wind that comes erases those prints, that's called a laffel. So it erases the traces of that thing. And so we're asking a loss of Hannah who would allow food the eraser of sins, the pardoner it's often translated as pardoning days no one word that's going to give it full justice. But so that we understand this is what we're asking a loss of Hannah

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with two out of four we're asking him to erase those sins, as if they never existed. And you Oh Allah, you love Elavil. You love to pardon us and you love when we pardon our fellow Muslims, our fellow human beings, you love that from us? You love that we Allah Subhana Allah has commanded us many times in the Quran. What do you have for well yes for who you know pardon and overlook it and act like it never existed alleged to hate buena para la Who do you not want to lash out at to forgive you. And so

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in this hookman

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I'm going to

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talk about some of the things some of the implications of

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this to add that we make to a loss of Hannah who were to Anna, because a lot of times, we let it slip off of our tongues, but we're not giving it its full input.

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And so I'm going to take us through several steps in sha Allah to Allah that will allow us to stand in front of Allah subhanho wa Taala making this do is we should allow him in the cow for one to hibel ff one, Oh Allah, you are allowed fu you love pardoning. So pardon us. We have been negligent

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in our obligations to you.

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I'm not as mindful in my prayer, as I should be. In fact, if the angel of death was to come to me, and asked me what I want to do over you want to pray that last slide again?

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I would probably say yes. Even though I knew I wasn't guaranteed life. So pray this prayer, and every prayer as if it's your last prayer as if you're bidding farewell, farewell.

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I didn't learn about Zakat, your A B.

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And so I couldn't fulfill my obligation to you and to the Muslim community. But I did have access to those who would teach me if I was really concerned. Well, Edina yakni zona de la fille de wala Fie Kona haffi Sabina LA, for Bashir,

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Aleem and those who hoard their gold in their silver they hoard their money and they don't spend it in the cause of Allah. Then give them the tidings of a great tournament.

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I didn't protect my fast my eyes and my ears and my tongue. They didn't fast even though I was eating I wasn't eating and I wasn't drinking. I feasted on the flesh of fellow Muslims.

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Whoever the Prophet it is selected with Sam says mennomedia dot cola zoo. Well I'm Ella V for Lisa de la he had and yet to Katayama, who Mashallah, whoever doesn't leave off for speech and forbidding acts. A law has no need for him to leave off his food and drink. I made several trips, took vacations.

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But I haven't performed a hedge of your house, Oh Allah. I spent that money in other ways.

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Let He who has the ability to make hedge but refuses to do so. die as a Jew or a Christian.

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Allow him in the car food

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To hit bullet perfect for our law, you are alive. You love to pardon. So pardon us. We're asking for your part and now acknowledging our sins, I'm determined to change.

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I have a resolve to do, which you have required me to do, because you know what is best for me. And I don't will law who Yeah, I know what

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Allah knows. And you don't know, I know, Oh Allah, that you have prescribed this, because it is best for me.

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And it is a test for me.

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And so I'm going to do what it is that you require of me. But I need your part in it. I need you to erase the other stuff. I need a clean slate so that I can start new.

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Forgive me, pardon me for those past sins. And I have a firm resolve to be better.

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I haven't been consistent

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in doing anything extra.

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When I'm offered overtime at work, I jumped at the opportunity to get time and a half.

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Even though I like extra, I don't give extra.

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I enjoy being given more of the dounia give him more money, give them more love and affection.

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But when it comes to my deem I'm satisfied with the bare minimum.

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I don't do extra. If they're if the bare minimum Allahumma in the car for one to hit Buddha for five for any Oh Allah, you are allowed foo and you love pardoning so pardon me erase those sins, give me a clean slate. ate me, Oh Allah, in remembering you and thanking you and worshiping you properly. guide me to those things that will make me a better servant of yours. Yeah, Allah.

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But be I haven't been dutiful to my parents.

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Those who have parents that are alive

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and not dutiful to them, who reach them at an old age and they are not a cause for him entering into Jenna. May Allah Subhana Allah distance them

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and those who have passed

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are we making dua for them? That Allah Subhana Allah have mercy on them, that Allah Subhana which Allah forgive them?

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the pleasure of Allah our Prophet it is Salatu was Sam said, lies and pleasing one's parents.

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Bobby, I have not given my children what they need. I haven't given them the guidance that they deserve. Okay, fair bill, Maher, Eastman, and you the year I mean you, it is enough of a person to be considered a sinner to neglect his dependence to neglect those who rely on Him and who need him. I haven't been fair to my spouse, I hold grudges. I haven't kept the ties of kinship.

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I've been holding a grudge against my brother in Islam,

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or my sister in faith.

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And I've neglected the rights of my neighbors.

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In the prophet Isaiah Salatu was Salam told us that you real and his Sudan advised him to be good to his neighbors so much so that he thought that the neighbor would inherit him that he would almost become like he was family Aloma in the guy who want to hit black for fat for me. Oh Allah, you are allowed food. You love allow food. You love that? Pardon? So pardon me and erase those sins, or Allah. I'm not the best ambassador of your deen.

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I live amongst people who look at the Muslims and who base their decision about Islam on what I do. And I'm not the best ambassador, my character may in fact cause people to run away from the dean.

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It's not inviting.

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Maybe I use foul language. I put the worst construction or things. I'm suspicious of everything. I know a lot about the dunya.

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But I know little very little about my deeds. I know a lot about the dunya but very little about my Deen. I'm Petty and people call me out on it. But I want to change your Allah and I need your apple. I need you to give me a clean to wipe out all of those other sins. Aloma in the car for one, two HIPAA law fair for me.

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I'm not always concerned about my food consumption. Sometimes I eat halau and sometimes a low ala

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snack that serious to me.

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My financial transactions, I just go with the flow. I haven't really taken the time to learn about that I'm busy. I have to watch the news 30 minutes a day, I have to keep up on my social media accounts.

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I have to make sure that I stay up to date with the latest binge worthy Netflix.

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So I just haven't had the time in the past to really learn about God. But I want to change. I want to read the Quran more. I want to learn more about what it is. That's going to draw me closer to you. You're not be but I need you to pardon me. And I need you to wipe out those other sins. Alarm in the car foon to HIPAA law for fat for me, like our mother and father said bob bennett dilemna and fusina williamtown fildena What's up Hannah? Nana coonan nam aloha serene? Our Lord, we have wronged ourselves, the alumna and fusina.

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And if you don't forgive us,

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if you don't have mercy on us, we are going to be from amongst the losers are mother Asia or the Allahu taala and her understood the importance of these last 10 nights. She said that our Prophet it is salatu salam candidates to Hebrew flashable Alaskan malamutes the idea that the Prophet sallallahu wasallam would put forth effort in these last 10 nights in a manner that he would do it no other time. He would exhaust himself, he would push himself. We're all tired. Anybody who was up in the last third of the night, anybody who stayed up after a show yesterday and just stayed up the entire night and worshipped Allah subhanho wa Taala to them but we're tired right now. But that

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tired you're gonna forget about that soon as Ramadan is over you don't forget that. It didn't even happen. Think about the last 10 last year, the last two nights if you pushed yourself. Do you remember any of that right now? Do you remember how you felt I was really tired? No, but what you will regret is being lazy, which you real regret is putting forth the effort right now to take advantage of these last 10 nights I mother I shuffle the low tide and she's the one that narrated to us that the prophet SAW you send them with push himself exert himself like he wouldn't know at the time. She's also the one who went to the prophet and a selectable Sudan and she said you know sort

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of law if we know which one of these nights is Layla Takata

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if we happen to coincide with Layla toccata What should we say?

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She say what should we do?

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What's the day that we should be making on that night? What should we be saying?

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The Prophet sallahu wa sallam said coolie a llama and nica for one to hiplife effect for me.

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He says say Oh,

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Allah, you are a fool. You love a life. You love erasing those sins you love pardon me you love

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wiping it out as if it never happened. So Pardon me. This is the dude that we should be making. And we'll la he is we live in this era. And we go through this COVID-19 Ramadan and everything is about flattening the curve. We have to flatten the curve of despair.

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The believer doesn't despair we don't despair from a loss mercy and we don't despair from his help.

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Our profit at a select we sit in

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rather large

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told the Prophet sallallahu wasallam kuliah a burial Idina SFO and fusi him la Rahmatullah in the LA Hey yo, boo boo Jamia in the hula for Rahim, say to my servants, who have wronged themselves. Don't despair of a loss, mercy.

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All of those things we just talked about all of the things we looked at all of the shortcomings that we have, whether it's in with our relationship with the loss of Hannah with Adam, whether it is our relationship with his servants, whether it is in the way that we carry ourselves, Allah azza wa jal forgives all of that if we turn to him and repentance. Yeah, a bad deal, Idina SFO and fusina. Those who have wronged themselves they've gone into excess and transgressed against themselves. Don't despair from the mercy of Allah in the La fille de novo Jamia, Allah forgives all sins in the who who will afford Rahim He is the one who is afford all forgiving and he is

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merciful to those who turn to him and that that is what this is talking about, about those who turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And likewise, we should not despair from a loss help. There are many of us just wondering when is this whole thing going to be over? Not Ramadan, obviously, but this whole epidemic that we live in through

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em has arisen and said hello, Jen. What am I taking methadone? ladina. Holloman publikum Did you think that you would enter agenda and you would not suffer some like the people who came before you suffered? That you wouldn't face that same? suffering? My settlement bet sir was wrong.

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They were afflicted with poverty and with in with misfortune, with hardship

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with Zulu, Zulu, and they were shaking, like Zelda like an earthquake. I'm shocked.

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hetalia cooler was sued until their messenger said, well Edina m a new man who over lead in America who met natural law to their messenger and those who were with them, the believers that were with the messenger at the time said when with the help of a law come, when is it gonna come? They were shook. Allah Joe reassures us, Allah in the nosler la he, indeed, the help of Allah is near. We have to be the ones to flatten that curve of despair, by turning to Allah subhanho wa Taala asking for his iPhone and turning over a new leaf starting with the new page, these last 10 and 20 it's important that we realize that whatever happened in the first 21 days, this is day 22. Now, whatever

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happened in those first 21 days

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it's it's about what's remaining. Man aksana famous duck Bell woofie Roma, cut maba whoever does well and that was just coming. We'll be forgiven for that which has proceeded as well has anniversary Rahim Allah, Allah say, shaker Salman Tamia, Rahim Allah to Allah says will able to be command in the hat lab Enoksen be dyett the lead the real consideration is about completing it well, is about the perfection towards the end, not the deficiencies that were there in the beginning. So we have to finish strong will Moosa lash out at all the low tide, no great companion of the prophet Isaiah Salatu was set and towards the end of his death, he was pushing himself so hard, he was weak,

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but he was really pushing himself hard. And some of the people around him said loaded up to me enough sick and if you just took it easy on yourself, look at you.

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And he said, when the race horse sees the finish line, he leaves it all on the track. He pushes him to literally like that, he leaves it all on the track, because he sees the finish line will lie we got 21 days behind us eight or nine days in front of us so panela we can see the finish line.

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So we have to leave it off. Leave it all on, like don't hold back anything really push yourself to this time and inshallah tada we won't regret that we asked Allah Subhana Allah to make us amongst those who take advantage of these last 10 nights and make us from amongst those who stay and Lila Takata the men and whitey server with true faith is seeking his reward.

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Before we conclude,

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I just want to mention

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that the masjid

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united Muslim messenger

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has gone through the same thing that every other msgid around the country is going through in these last two months side of the community that maybe we haven't seen before. And then hopefully, we'll be able to continue to serve even after Ramadan bit delay time.

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And we've still continued with counseling and classes and other educational services online.

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Our committees will have to be led have been serving the elderly in our community aging with dignity committee and the youth committee who has designed with humbly law a great program for the youth that started and then had to stop because of the restrictions. But that will begin in Sharla. When restrictions are lifted. The point is that the work continues. And the masjid needs your support. So if you're watching this live, please donate to the masjid we have a modest goal. And I say modest and I really mean that of raising $30,000 this Ramadan we're halfway there what humbly but we need the support of the believers to get to the finish line.

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First and foremost we need Allah subhana wa to add his aid

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His support and then we are in need of your generous donations and we need to do it so that we can get to the finish line and hit our goal so that inshallah tada we don't have difficulty in continuing the work that we're doing. Robin attina Jr. has an overfill activity has an organizer ever not have enough fill in every hand Nina Latina seppuku novel Eman geography una de la linea Dena mo robina in Nicaragua Rahim. Allah in Nicaragua to HIPAA law for fire for en la in the Capital One to hit will laugh will fight for Allah nikka foon to hibel f will fight for and welcome Sala