Spoken Word – a Love Story

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The transcript describes a woman who experiences a brief marriage and a brother's visit to her. She describes a woman who talks about her potential marriage to her future partner, but realizes that it was just a dream. She describes a woman who talks about her potential marriage to her future partner, but realizes that it was just a dream.

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the recording, it is recording a love story.

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Once upon a time in a city nearby they lived a sister of similar to you and I dreaming dreams of marriage after college, a quiet house a family seeking knowledge of school, biding her time doing fun, developing her mind at the masjid all the time. Until one day while she was sitting at the student Cafe she was approached by a brother who asked if it would be okay to talk to her a second. He was in a state of dismay. He was going through hard times and three years to this day. He never wants to bite his head to pray. He was Muslim. He said he knew he was a stray he saw her around campus. He knew she was MSA so he asked if she could show him the way. Now almost automatically she

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directed him diplomatically to the brothers and said they'd help him in a matter systematic. He said that was problematic the brothers are type fanatics without being too dramatic. He predicted to be static so what could she do? Leave him to his own devices? Tell me what's your advices

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This is the story learn this lesson. Well can't plant the trees of paradise. But the seeds are how I Devil's whispers coded intentions well that lead to hell were many good intentions. Well, this is the story learn this lesson walk and plant the trees of paradise with the seeds of hell are devils whispers coded in intentions well, that lead to help for many good intentions throughout. Time went on and she would meet them twice a week. The more times they met, she'd always be discreet. He was coming along to offer soda down in the second. He'd be done by 10. By the end of semester she expected a time she'd have to check them tell him to chill at the time he called grubs because he

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had time to kill. She bought it because he was sincere. She said it all made sense in her head. So she continued to tread down that path. She didn't realize how much she liked how quickly the term pass and that wasn't even the half. She called him brother. And he called her his friend. She didn't account herself or didn't bother her then. Then there was a time when he made her crack up. He said if they weren't married by 30 They'd be backups. But that was the first time she ever saw him as potential she thought saw his potential and they were her potential. Let me fast forward a semester in advance this marriage was on their mind. He asked if he had planned it. So now she had no problem

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seeing him all over campus and he promised as soon as he corrects his finances. He talked to her parents ask them in advance this. But for now if they asked they wouldn't accept but in their minds, this was something that was already set. And so they cracked her circle of friends kept shrinking. She was spending all her time with her future fiance thinking dreaming best times in our life it was seeming so little concessions were small in the big scheme of things. She didn't shake hands with men for him. She made an exception. So complete the devil's deception. This is the story learn this lesson walk out plant the trees of paradise with the seeds of hell. A Devil's whispers coated in

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intentions well that lead to hell are many good intentions to ah

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don't get hit this Valentine's Day.

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Avoid the arrows of shade lon