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The importance of accountantizing deeds and remaining cohesive in the community is emphasized. The speakers stress the need to play a role and see the community as united. There is a book and person named Janet reminded her of a co-assisting. The importance of protecting and preserving spiritual and physical needs is emphasized, along with the need to build a community and take a stance towards it. The conversation also touches on the negative impact of frowning on community members and the importance of being mindful of one's behavior.

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Al Hamdulillah Allah hilmi bother me.

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Why have we been

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called Salatu was Salam ala ZE mursaleen

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he was Javi Casa Mata Sleeman kathira serum,

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among others

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shaytani r rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem

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Amina well mamita to Babu Molly

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respected elders and brothers, Allah subhanho wa Taala has given us different types of rights and we have to fulfill all of those rights.

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One of those rights is an individual right? That individually You and I, we are accountable to Allah subhanho wa Taala.

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And in that particular right

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we have come in this world alone.

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We are going to go from this world alone.

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When we came, we didn't come with anyone. When we go in the cover we will go alone. When we stand in front of Allah tala, we will stand alone, we will have to account for our deeds on our own. You will not be able to give any justification that this happened the environment wasn't good. Or for example, what is now happening? The Obama was disputing Therefore, I have the right to do whatever I want to do. At the end of the day, you are responsible for your actions alone. When it comes to Moana, Florida, mahalo. kanakam Amara, and atrocities you will come in front of me the way you came into this world alone. For other I know. So Allah subhanho wa Taala, honey boo, boo boo ba or a

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infatti. haka ami apne amarka hisab in Ferrara, torpor in Africa is dunya may Attila

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or a Killa Jang.

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As Romero de la Tanaka, shot him up now Amal Cutolo tabula rasa, Ki Allah tala

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of archaea malko tala tala. As a woman, it allows me to say that, evaluate your deeds, judge your deeds before a large budget. So that time it will be very difficult for you to judge it again. Now is a time for you to judge your deeds. mamoon bill Moran is a very great scholar. And he said an amazing thing. He said a Marathi a person of piety, he takes account of his deeds more than what an oppressive ruler takes account of the deeds of his people or more than what a stingy spouse overlooks death of the spouse and the spending of the spouse. Now we know an oppressor, he will look at what is people doing and he will evaluate what they are doing.

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A stingy spouse will take every account from the spouse where you spend the screen, what did you do, what category What did you do with us? And mamoon maharam said a person, he will evaluate his deeds even more than that. So we You and I, whatever the situation that is out there, we have to account for our deeds alone, we have to do good for ourself. No one is going to go in front of Allah by giving an excuse of something else. So this is a very important point. Take the key apne hisab Miss alum Hakeem say or continue satisfies yada yada? Yeah, move on okay.

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Now together with it in individual right, each and every one must be good. We also have a right to the community that you and I are staying. Now in that particular right What are we supposed to do? One is we have to play a role in the community that we are in and we have to do something that is beneficial for the community. We have to play a role for the upliftment of the community. We have to see that the community remains anchored on sound principles. We have to see that the community remains united. We have to see that the community

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fulfills its role of

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establishing good preventing evil and also remaining cohesive remaining as a community up Akaka This is also a very important right hamara Masha Kimmy, Amari Cooper who can

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take his or her Islam, Masha, Allah obey would kill a cautious Karna hurry for

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now in this particular regard, what are the aspects with regard to it? Let me give you the importance of

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the importance with regard to the community. See Allah subhanho wa Taala tells us to reach for a Fatiha in every record of Salah whether it be a forest whether it be an appeal, whether it be a summit and sometimes as I make mentioned previously, sometimes you and I are don't we making tattooed alone we are in two records and I feel at home there is no one in the room holy you already have sometimes you come in a budget you go for the you come into machetes no one really alone and then you make do I tell Mr.

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Yala give it to everyone he denied is a plural here Jamaica ci appa killin Allah Tanaka sama they can do a

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up Pura, Masha

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Allah, Masha, Allah give it to everyone and this is a is a plural. So while you are alone in Salah, you are making dua for the collector.

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And I also made mentioned previously making mention of it again. And it also brought brought this forth to me when recently when I was in Turkey, in a place called hatay, which is the traditional name of a very ancient city known as intarsia. They took me to the MOCA and they said this is a cover of Habib Naja and who is Habib,

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Habib Naja is an ordinary carpenter, a carpenter. And yet Allah makes mention of him in the Quran in un I will read about him till the Day of

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Raja Raja luminox el Medina tears. They came from the outskirts of the city, a person who came running and said yeah, it can be almost surreal mursaleen who people follow them via follow the messengers of Allah subhanho wa Taala it who will

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follow the one who doesn't ask you for any remuneration. And they are rightly guided the people instead of listening to him. He said

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to me, why don't I wish him the one who created me, they killed him. They murdered him. And then when he went into gender because he was a matter shahidi then in

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Ghana in Ghana, Kalia later for me Allah moon Bhima ferrania Ravi

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Crimean, Oh Allah Go and tell my phone Go and tell my community Go and tell my Mashallah Go and tell me how you have forgiven me how you have honored. Janet magenic eva appname wash or up now.

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This is our person, what is about the community in which he lives in? This is a concern a person has for the community that he lives in.

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So what what is our this is a situation that Allah Allah have written? One of the reasons why Allah mentions him in the Quran is this, that he worried about the community. He worried about his people. This is the importance of being part of a community and worrying about the community. Now, what are the things that we are supposed to keep in mind with regard to the community first is to keep the community united. So in many musala there was a dispute between one person from mohajir one person from answer, so they call the people together. So that is natural, and curiosity we are seeing so what happens is people call their supporters so one person colleagues supporters other one called

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his supporters because the person was from a guy called the people of Makkah. And the person was from Medina. He called the people of Medina and maybe a cream sauce from said, ma well Jamia, this is a slogan of ignorance. You calling people on the basis of you know, he comes from MCI comes from Medina. Medina It smells, it got an odor. I didn't call you to call people upon supporters, I call you to call people upon truth. I call you to call people on oneness, in the reoccurring sources and call

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People together. That is why, according to many of the jurists to read to Raka to Salatin, one machine is disproof of McEwan see me because you are breaking the unity of the community. Therefore it comes in a salute confocal labile view of failure, real numbers behind every Imam, whether he is right yes, whether he's a transgressor. You know the meaning of food? salute confocal liberal view of virtual, leave him namas behind every man, whether he is happy whether he's right, yes, where there is a transgressor. Why? To keep the community together? Can you imagine that every moment he starts deciding to read numbers behind him on his basis and his understanding of how pious the

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mommies will that community remain? While they remain? Everyone starts thinking, I'll decide how pious The man is, and I will decide whether to read numbers behind him. The Prophet of Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he read numbers behind every mom, whether it be right yes with a ledger.

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Why? To keep a community together to keep some semblance of a community, otherwise there will be no community. Everyone will start doing by Yeah, Marie Mommy, by jacker will read namaz there was a man

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we like this one you will remember that side? What will happen to a community? What will happen to a Jamaat? So this will be occurring source limit great wisdom by saying read numbers behind every man whether he be right, yes, will they be

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there another aspect with regard to being part of a community is to show care about every member of the community.

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Show care of every member of the community, the time of our beloved, maybe

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there was a scale. One day, a person, you know, gave someone

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the hit of a sheet and said you are needed take this who ever eaten for so long, Sahaba appalling poverty was corrupted. So this person took it. Despite the fact that he was needy. He felt that I am needy. But this person, my neighbor is more needy than me. So he went to give it to his neighbor. The neighbor felt the same thing. I'm needy, but is another one more than Daisy than me. That particular head of the sheep went according to different seven different houses, and eventually came to the person from where it started off from and one reverted went to 13 houses. Everyone felt that this person is more needy than me. Now, that is how our community is everyone worries about the next

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That in the time of the Sahaba there was people who need that hit of the sheep go seven times, sometimes 13 times just to be able to care about it. And part of not only worrying about the physical needs, but also worrying about the spiritual needs of everyone in the community. One more minute, one more minute, Amalia about the belief in males and females are protectors and helpers of one another. How do you help one another to help one another financially? What other way do you have

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a nanny

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Will you be Mona Salah Will

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you help one another to do good? You help one another to stay away from evil and you help one another to perform Salah. You help one another to give Zakat and to obey Allah is the soul. We have come to help one another to do good not to be able to chase people away from doing good. We have come to protect one another.

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So Allah tala has made us responsible for people in heavy care of people of the community. Whether it be physically whether it be financially whether it be spiritually You know, it comes in on that maybe aquariums Allahu Allahu wa sallam he said that one day told us every one of you must give sadaqa every day savasana we don't have enough money to give sepka every day we don't have the money. So let me create this awesome said no, no. If you don't have money to help the poor, there are many avenues of Seneca makes Mexican. That is also a means of way of setup. Because in Mexico, it brings goodness to the community, help a poor person.

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Help a blind person across the street, it is Seneca and then there is awesome gave many other avenues of righteousness describing it as America and telling people that this is also a means of survival. And most of those things that he made mention of what to do with helping other people then he said

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My Sahaba if you can do any of those, then smile in the face of your next Muslim brother that is also set up.

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If you can't do anything more than at least smile, but it takes more more veins to frown than to smile. Then two people find it difficult to smile. Smile at ends. Now they said maybe a cream sauce was the one who smile most that woman smile drunk people will just smile at the right people now smile at the people. And what happens? Why did you say that hysterical? It brings goodness into the community. Can you imagine coming to the masjid and everyone is hitting one another? Everyone is frowning at one another? What type of what type of community would that be? What type of environment will there be? So let me sow some seeds smile at one another that is Sarah. Why did Mr. Aslam say

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that Allah say, to bring forth goodness in the community and society? one important aspect with regard to this is that not everyone in the community is right as

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a community exist with different types of people. They are the good, they are the Moody, they are very super moody. And then there are people who are also ordinary people lay people, sometimes people who come up Guna Ensign, how do we deal with those people whom they are also part and parcel of the community? What do we do with them? The situation is not to discard those type of people. Because if you discard those type of people, they won't be a community left. They won't be left and Omi is not a group of supermud that is an oma is a group of people who have good and sometimes there are also people who have bed and how do we deal with them? The prophet of Almighty Allah subhanho wa

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Taala showed us how to deal with them. I believe he was already allowed to say is a person came in the presence of

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I got in contact with a woman on the outskirts of Medina Sharif. And I did not commit Zina. But I approached her, Ella, I did everything other than the real act of penetration and Xena.

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I did this at our school, what am I supposed to

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be kept quiet? After a while the person went away, and maybe a cream sauce said call him back, call him back. And when he came back, he said, Nana, Nikita, they

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remember it said, What can you sell etc. In order for me to lay in the center?

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We do some good deed. The good deed will wipe away the evil.

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We have done wrong, the wrong will not be changed. No one can change wrong, what is wrong will remain wrong. But when you

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go and commit a good deed or wipe away that evil deed. So what did he do? He kept the home together. And part of the people who did wrong but didn't discard them it made them feel that they are away from them. It was never the way of the results of

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Allah He didn't tell him

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that Marisol cillum was compassionate to you came towards you.

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If he was hard hearted, and he was harsh with his tongue, that people would not be scattered. Remember what the Quran says. If you are hard and you are harsh, and your tongue is not sweet, you will break this oma

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and people in this community where they have started breaking the oma today. They are breaking the oma much to the detriment of the oma, even if it is to give some scaling to their personal egos. Allah subhanho wa Taala says, Well,

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if you had been hard hearted and you would have been severe with your tongue, you would break people who would break down.

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So these two things, hard heartedness. And the way you speak with your tongue either brings people together it's get those people together. I believe in obey was the leader of them when Africa everyone knew him to be a monastic. He did such things. When

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he was Solomon, he died. His son was a sincere believer. And he came and said, yo sudler performed the janazah of a father

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and getting started on set forward to religion as enemas. And Omar has a lot to say Dr. Sood Allah.

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Allah tala has said you must not perform that type Allah didn't completely format because Allah Allah said

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Allah alone, if you forgive him, if you ask us to fall for him or if you don't allow won't forgive you

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is the film

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The film

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Alabama, if you seek forgiveness for him 70 times and they won't forgive him. But maybe South Salem wasn't prohibited in this verse, to not perform janazah. So the businessman went to perform janessa Omar was saying jasola don't don't, then I have to sell it now in future don't perform the janaza. So whenever again said, Why did maybe a cream sauce perform the janaza and this might be a restrictive others is for you to think the massage of the resort allow

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the temperament of severe cream sauce. What am I given different reasons. One was because his son was a sincere believer. One was, that is a time of butter that a burst of the lotto was a very big person. So maybe I needed something to keep him some clothes and no one's clothes would fit him. So beloved obey gave go to the massage room for his ankle. And one was the most thing was that we still allow you assylum said when someone asked him when he comes and he has made mentioned with regard to this, and the vehicle himself Scylla masaccio Silla, why are you doing this? The vehicle himself said because of this janaza I am performing his strike we'll see my Allah and they will accept

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Islam. And Allah Allah says after maybe saw some performed

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1000 speaking to Muslims,

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and they'll be so celebrate this

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1000 fix hypocrites, they became Muslims. And they know what Mr. Salim said, Allah, Allah said, If you make it safer for him, 70 times Allah will forgive him. If I come to know from Allah, that if I make it safer for him 71 times, and Allah will forgive him, I will make him seven times.

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today that is a message. Today we are more happier to take people out of the fold than to bring people into the fold.

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This is the reality. And brothers need to understand this. It's not a matter of other matters. It's not a matter of other things. It's a matter of the massage and temperament and the methodology. Remember one thing which I will conclude

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to build something is very difficult to break something is very easy. put up a house, you will have to go to the architects you will have to go for zoning you have to do this and you have to it will take you one two years to build the house.

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Break the house. It will take you half a day to break the house

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to break a house it will take you out the desk this way he says Cisco banana port Mashallah is equal to Tisch Katana modasa.

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To break something is very easy to break this community is very easy for others, to build this community is difficult.

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Where do we want to be? Do we want to be part of those who break the community? Then go and do the things that that we that, that become the means of the breaking of the community? Do you want to build the community, then you have to have the qualities that will be occurring to build the community? Where do you want to be? Where do you want to be? We have to be amongst those who build the community to not forward things that are harmful? Be you play your own? Do you want to build a community Do you have to pick the community and we have to take a stance with regard to the building of the community. Otherwise, this community will implode. As we have seen in the last week signs

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with regard to it. Let us stand up to make a difference to build this community and the way Livia Teresa Lavalle wasallam has advised us