Spoke Word – a Night’s Prayer

Ammar Alshukry


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He stands. He stands because he must. He stands with two hands clasped over his heartless that bust or burst with a variety of emotions fear, pride, courage, the need to fulfill his trust. It weighs on his shoulders so he stands his feet sinking in the carpet in a small room in a seemingly smaller apartment enveloped by the darkness, but his eyes are familiar with the night so he sees the dancing of the shadows clearly, and he recites verses he loves dearly, put in LA homological Mark Tillman. Carmen Tasha, what turns you on welcome him. tertia what resume and tertia what to the lumen tertia viatical.

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In Nacala, militia in comedy, and he bows, and he bows with such ease that it would cause some to be the seat for his shoulder so easily moved. But that same back absolutely refused to bow to anyone other than the one whose words he just recited. And so he rises his body camouflage and matches the stillness in the air his lips move softly, tongue quickly, heart aware. None can give what you withhold and none can withhold what you give, whether I am furrow, jet, demon Kal jet. He is without arms. So he raises his arms by his sides. And he calls out and again and again he confides and he begins the conversation hands towards the sky again and again. He cries, yeah, Rob. Rob Marco. Lena

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philia when Miss Flores sue that was sued here, William Phillips, the entire nations on his mind, they will not be harmed, not from his side. Allah Huma Ansari, Havana, Allahumma, sorbitol all of them in tactic Akademie Allahumma they could be a da da Allahumma

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arena, quadratic Fe Allahu mufaddal had to do well here and at Yanni Muslimeen. But then before origin Caribbean, everybody can more easily wash for you. So do me need he is far from them. But in his heart and mind he is by their side they are His joy and pride and they will not be harmed, not from his side. And so he stands as he has stood at the same post five times a day and sometime near the end of the night with his hands above his heartless that burst as he recites he calls out pleading for divine assistance, for he believes in angels knows they arrive in an instant, so he implores the arrival and he falls. He falls so that a people can rise he falls, facilitating a

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tyrants demise into the sweetness of prostration. He falls, seeking forgiveness for any transgression that would impede the journey of the arrows that he is sending from his window towards their target. From his small room in his seemingly smaller apartment, enveloped by the darkness.