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AI: Summary © The history and importance of Islam are discussed, including the use of Islam as a excuse to cover misinformation and the need for people to praise it. The importance of sending blessings and the knowledge of one's weight in the world is emphasized. The segment also touches on the relationship between sending material and forgiveness of problems, and the importance of remembering to be reminded of Islam. The segment ends with a discussion of the behavior of people involved in tragic death and the importance of accepting actions and speech in publicity.
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All praise is due to Allah. We seek His guidance and his forgiveness that we seek refuge in Allah from the evil of ourselves and the whispering of our desires. From Allah guides. No one can misguide and only allows to be misled. No one can guide and I bear witness that there is nothing worthy of worship except Allah alone. Having no partners are that Muhammad, Allah, Allah, Allah sent them as a slave and His messenger and his perfect worshiper to precede

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the prophets of Allah Azza wa Salam

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is the one who Allah subhanho wa Taala used to grant us the greatest blessing that we experience and that is the blessing of Islam.

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And we remember the province Allah, Allah, it was in them,

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because we love him.

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A person cannot help but to constantly remember the one that they love.

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And Allah Subhana Allah, Allah Himself, mentions the province of Elias and praises the prophet, and he did not do this once, but he continues to do so and the angels Allah Subhana Allah says, in the law, how am I gonna get that? Oh, you saw Lord, I didn't hurry. Yeah, you were late. Armand also knew it. He was sending motors Lima. Allah says Allah and His angels. send their salah upon the province level it was a new Oh, you who believe? Send your Salah, Apollo su la sala de Sena and Tasneem and prays. So what is ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada, Salah. What does this word mean? Even ibis, he says that the angels

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they uban raccoon, that they send blessings or invoke blessings upon the province to Allah to send them and even Kathy says that Allah Subhana Allah to Allah Slava, a part of voodoo Lasala Ania said num is His praise of the province, the Lola is and live in the highest company in meta Ilana. So Allah is inviting the believers to send their Salah apart what sort of waffle Allah idea was sending them so that the inhabitants of the earth can praise the province below Latvia and send them in harmony with the inhabitants of the heavens, so that the inhabitants of the heavens as they are praising it also to Lhasa Melania send them Allah and His angels, that the inhabitants of the earth

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join in that the province of Allah and then send them be praised on Earth, like he is praised in the heavens. And so when I'm sending said I'm upon the province, the lobbyists ended up I'm not doing this simply of my own accord, and I'm not doing this by myself, but rather when I do it, I am enjoying this symphony, the harmony of the host of the heavens, as they are invoking the salam upon the province that a lot is in them. And so in this short footbridge, all that and I wanted to simply mention some of the virtues of sending Saddam apostle masala light is and it is an act that we all learned as children, or we learned early on in our Islam, where sometimes we forget and it's

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important to be reminded Allah Subhana Allah says whether it gets into the Quran for remote meaning remind because reminding benefits of the believers number one, it is something that is extremely recommended to be done on Friday. Rasul Allah wants to lie to you and send them says in the hadith of OC Munoz the Hadith as reported by Buddha, he says in naming of God a URI QBO with Joomla for extra ID a bit of philosophy for in the theological model that already he says that the best of your days is Friday.

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So spending a lot of Saddam upon me a lot for a mythological model, doesn't it? Because your Salah to me is presented and the Sahaba say the autofilled allah how is it going to be presented to you when you have passed away? And so Basu la sala de send them sent in Allahabad, Harlem idol. I said that Ambia that Allah Subhana Allah Allah has prohibited the Earth from consuming the flesh of prophets. And so we are told to send a lot of Salam upon Rasulullah sallallahu ala send him on Friday. The question then becomes what is the light is 10 Allah is 20, Allah is 50, Allah is 100, Allah is 1000 Allah, the reality is the province of Allah is in them did not define what a thought

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is, he did not define what Allah is. And so that means that it is up to every single individual, whatever you consider to be a lot, then you've done your job for that Friday. So for some people a lot could be 100. But for someone else 100 could be very little, for some people 500 could be a lot for some people, If I only could be little, for some people 50 could be a lot of random people 50 could be very little. So everyone is responsible for whatever they are capable of doing whatever is a lot or a little for them that they seek to send a lot of Saddam upon the province, the lady said to them on Friday. Number two, this phrase is something that removes your burdens. It erases your

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sins, and it solves your problems will be even caught up in the Hadith as reported by

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Timothy he says the opposite of Allah

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I make a lot of salah upon you in my in my dua

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says for commercial halacha means salvati how much of my salah should I make do out for you? And little Sony Rasul Allah, they said I'm set smash it, whatever you wish. And he says, a third of jasola actually before that he says a robot Allah Silva, should I make a fourth of my dua sending salah upon you said I'm upon you, and the prophets, Allah lightness and it says to him, mash it for it for Horlock he says, Whatever you wish, but if you increase, it's better for you. And then he says, pathologist will Allah and he says, mash it for in the void is as

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a third jasola He says, whatever you want, but if you add more, it's better. He says on this half. He says the same thing. He says to him, I flirt with any other sort of Allah, He says machine for incentive overlook. He says, whatever you want, but if you do more, that's better for you. And then the man says Wade Nygaard, he says y'all rasool Allah, I will do that as Elijah Kula should I make all of my salah my all of my drought Should I just make it sending Salam upon you and the province of Allah it and send them says, He then took for him look, where your four letter them book. He says, If you do that, your hand, your stress, your anxiety, it will be relieved and your sin will be

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forgiven. If I make dua by simply sending Sidama pero sobre la sala de Salam, sending Salat upon the Prophet is a cause we learned that from this hadith, that it is a cause for the release of my problems,

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the resolving of my problems, but not only that, also the forgiveness of my sins. A question then becomes

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what is the relationship between me sending Saddam upon the problem is still alive as my problems being resolved? What is the relationship? Is there an equation? The answer to that is yes, because we look at another Hadith that's reported by Muslim Hadith, the line now given us that also lost the light and send them says most salida Yasha Allah whoever sends 10 Saddam upon meet or miss Lola Alia he says masala Alia salata and rather subtle Allahu it Yashoda he says that whoever sends once that I'm upon me one invocation of blessings upon me, ALLAH SubhanA, Allah sends 10 upon them. So now we understand how it solves a person's problems. Because if every time I said once that I'm upon the

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province of Allah, Islam, Allah is cascading 10 upon me, then what problem is going to exist in the Presence of Allah Subhana Allah sending His peace and blessings upon me, the peace and blessings of Allah that is being multiplied, that is that I am now experiencing is obviously going to wash away whatever problem is I have ALLAH SubhanA data set up and Salah is so great is so benevolent and when it's being multiplied, there is nothing that can stand in that way. Number three, through salah upon the Prophet sallallahu wasallam you become close to Rasulullah sallallahu Sallam on the Day of Judgment. You become close to him on the day of judgment. He says in the Hadith that's reported by

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Atomy the the hadith of UNESCO Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam says hola Naseby, Jamelia at federal Malaya. Salatin. He says that the people who are most deserving of proximity to me on the day of judgment are those who send the most that I'm upon me. The ones who send the most that I'm up on the province level lobbyists are the ones who are closest to him on the day of judgment. But not only are they the ones closest to him on the day of judgment, they are closest to him in the dunya. Sheikh Muhammad, Hassan, the Egyptian scholar, he mentioned that he met a girl he was introduced to a girl who was 16 years old. And this girl fee, or has seen the province, the lady who is sending

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them in her dream, so many types.

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And so when she was told that this girl sees the province of Elijah send them so many times in our dreams, he asked her and he said, How many times do you sense that I'm upon the province that Elijah said no. And she said, every day, no less than 10,000 times.

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He mentioned another woman that he met, he would go as a chef who would go and visit some of the poor villages in Egypt. And he said he met this old woman and he's coming with a team of doctors to do some sort of charity work. So he said

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he met this old woman.

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this woman did not stop sending Salam upon the province of allied ascender. The entire time her breath is sending Sidama vondrousova was the lightest

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and then he asked her she she described some ailment to him. And he didn't have the doctors with him on that trip. So he said to her, don't worry. I will come next week, and I will bring some doctors for the ailment that you have. And she said to him, No, I know my ailment and I know that your she said my ailment is that for the past three nights I did not see the four

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visible light instead limited dream. That's my ailment.

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She is so used to seeing also the loss of the light SLM in her dreams because of her thought of sending Saddam upon the province. The light is the look that when she did not see him for three days, she became sick. She says I know the ailment and I know that you're so number three we said that Saba upon the province of a lighthouse and that brings a person closer to us a little lost a little light SLM in the afternoon, and in the dunya before the affair as well. Also of the virtues of said next round Pato solo Rasul Allah sentiments that it's his right. It's his right, that whenever someone does something for you,

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muscle will last a little while they said and tells us that if you have the ability to repay a person that you should repay them and if you can't repay them, then you should at least invoke a prayer for them. You say Jazak Allahu ALA.

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Now what if that person has passed away? The least that you do is invoke Allah Subhana Allah to add his mercy for them. You know that one of the scholars of Islam he said IV honeycomb and tempo and now Allah Tottenham arena, they said, it is very ugly of you, that you narrate from us our knowledge, you read the books of Imam and Behati, you benefit from a nollie you you and you don't say, Rahim Allah,

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that you benefit from, from their life, and you don't invoke ALLAH SubhanA diatas mercy.

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Could you imagine you meet a person, and they're talking about their parents left and right, they're talking about their mom, they're talking about their dad, and they never invoke Allah subhanaw taala has mercy on them. It say

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the least you can do is that when you mentioned your father, you say to him Hola, the least you can do is that when you mentioned your mom, you say that I'ma holla or I'll go home I come out of bed. So Leila. It's very ugly that a person is mentioning people who have done so much for them. And that the squat the smallest benefit they don't do. And so if you understand that, then you can see how great it is that a person mentioned the name of Rasulullah sallallahu Down syndrome, and they don't move their tongue to say cellulitis and so the province of Allah they send them criticism, he criticizes that individual and he says a lovely man for June, may then the nose of that person be in

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dust. Man who character Endo, what am you Sunday, the one who I mentioned in their presence. And they don't say Salado said no.

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And the last thing that I mentioned, and the province the lady said of another Hadith is reported by Timothy he says the Pharaoh indicated the rainbow for them use on the day that the stingy person is the one who I mentioned in their presence and they don't say Salalah adios.

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The last thing that I'll mention is that it is one of the etiquettes of doubt.

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One of the etiquettes of when you raise your hands to Allah, you want for your job to be accepted. But we are taught that there are etiquettes there are things that a person should do that will make their drought more likely to be accepted. And of those is what's reported by attending at the end. I would I would deny in an authentic hadith that the province of Allah Allah is seldom heard a man making dua for them. Yeah Hamidullah. He did not praise Allah whenever you saw that an individual Elijah said I mean, he didn't sense that I'm up on the province the lowlights and I'm Soto Sula, light, as Adam said, I did this person rush, they were hasty. And then he said, if a person makes

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dua that let them begin by praising Allah subhanho data and sending Saddam upon the province of Elijah send them and then let them make whatever drought they wish Allahumma Salli ala Sayidina, Muhammad Ali, it will ask here it was Eli Yomi Dean Apolo Massey, Mata Mustafa hola hola. We're looking for stuff Pharaoh in order for Rahim.

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Al hamdu Lillahi wa salam ala Rasulillah.

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So to conclude,

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how does a person says that I'm up on the province Hello, why this and what are the easy ways to just say oh, well masala is that when you hear his name you say salatu salam. But Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam was asked by the Companions they said you have commanded us to send Salam upon you how do we send Salam upon you? And so the best version is what the province of the light is that I'm taught that's been notified in Muslim that you say along most of the item Hamid, why they didn't come so late Isla Ibrahim Wally Brahim in Mecca, Hamid immediate la Mubarak item Hamad why the Mohammed Komaba like the Isla Ali Ibrahim in Mecca, Hamid and midget

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and so invoking this at home upon the province the light is editor for those of you are just joining us we said that it removes a person stress it forgives a person since it places a person close to the Promise of Allah to send them and it is most recommended to do on Friday and today is Friday we ask Eliza to accept our accept our actions and to guide us to the best of actions and speech. Aloha mananas local jenama Paula baby hammock on becoming a novel Makabe Hamiltonian Ramat Allahumma tiene Fuson at Aqua Zika Hunter fatale Monza Antonio how moda Allah who have similar diamond for sciatica matter who will be been in our being amongst the ethic I mean to it come out to believe wanna be

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genetic women earlier Kenya motto We will be it and I must say but dunya maternal love Maybe a smile, you know of sliding open Word Tina with the amount of data, which as we'll wait is I mean, which I thought I know I don't remember lamina was

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Hola Madame and I Danna will outage and we'll see about NFE de Nina without agenda dunya akubra Hamina Willa my beloved enemy not well alien natty masina wedge Allah Ginetta here Darla nebula Miguel hamara him in my bed humble Makka Mala beone severe la Bill humble mocha Moto bernisa. Lira I'm Bill humble Maka Mala Bernie so the Allah, Allah Maha Motown or motovicity Me was Shimada Ahmad Muslimeen masala Lai that say that Mohammed Abu mela Salah taking them from the home from Allah