Sajid Ahmed Umar – Ramadan Reminders – Don’t Think Sacrifice! Think Investment!

Sajid Ahmed Umar
AI: Summary © The segment discusses Facebook's use of premium content, including videos about sex and sex and sex and sex, as a way to profit from the advances in technology that make it harder for Muslims to profit from events like Moabod. The segment uses negative language to explain the idea of sacrificing time and money, and emphasizes the importance of not sacrificing one's agenda and returning to their original values. The speaker also touches on the difficulties of finding Muslims who give money to cause, and the importance of volunteer-led projects and manpower to achieve success in Islam.
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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh everyone 15th ninth of Ramadan. This is the 15th night it's just been completed. So Pamela half of Ramadan is gone and half remains and the last 10 nights beckoned. May Allah forgive any mistakes during the first half of Ramadan and inspire our second half for us. I mean, you're a brand I mean, please make draft for me and my family as well brothers and sisters in Islam.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala and so to Toba. This is the ayah for this evening he says in a la hasta la mina mina fusa

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vn Allahu Allah

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Subhana Allah, this ayah I call it a paradigm shift. All the ayat in the Quran, indeed. but bear with me, in terms of this description for this ayah especially in light of today's lesson, in this ayah Allah says, Allah has bought from the believers, their time and their wealth in exchange for Chanda La Ilaha Illa. Allah, Allah has purchased from the believers, their time and their wealth in exchange for gender. So a transaction has just happened here, brothers and sisters, right? We sold our time and our wealth to Allah in exchange virgin. So we own gender, because gender is for the believers. And I'd love to ownership of the life and the wealth and no doubt Ally's the owner of

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everything is the creator of everything is the Malik and Malik the owner and the king, with absolute sovereignty over us.

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So now, Allah is the owner of this money and the owner of this time, and then Allah distributes this money and this time

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to us in different proportions. So some people live for longer, some people for less, some people are richer, some people are less, right.

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In terms of the degree of their financial standing and material, well being this class distribution is the owner, and he distributed it. And then he sent the prophet and he told the prophet to teach us how to spend our time how to earn our money, and how to spend our money.

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Okay. I think this is this is a, this is a paradigm shift, no doubt. And I pray we all on the same page in terms of our clarity regarding that which is being set.

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Today, brothers and sisters, in light of this understanding, why do people say we are sacrificing time and sacrificing wealth? Whenever, you know, a cause is highlighted and people are told to donate? people feel like they're sacrificing money. When they're told that please volunteer for this event? They feel like they're sacrificing their time. In fact, they get thanked for sacrificing their time and their money. Why do people feel this? Because if Allah owns the money, and Allah owns the time,

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how can you be sacrificing? Because you can't sacrifice what you don't own? Right? If I gave you 1000 pounds, and I said keep this for me. And then you took it and gave it to somebody else and told them that look, I'm sacrificing this money. Right? An observer would say you absolutely crazy. you lying? How can you say you've sacrificed this money when you don't own it? You've basically just given somebody else's money away?

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Uh huh. We need to take this and ponder over it in light of our own lives. Right? That we are not sacrificing because we don't own this time and this money. So if you're not sacrificing, what are we doing? We are investing. We are investing brothers and sisters in Islam. Why are we investing? Because Allah says if you spend my money, how I've told you to spend it, and you earn my money, how I told you to earn it, and you spend my time how I've told you to spend it, that I will reward you and the rewards will be multiplied. And this gender which you bought, right in the initial transaction, I will grow the agenda for you. Now ilaha illa, Allah Subhana Allah, Allah says, If you

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spend the money and time which I own, the way I tell you to do I will reward you and that initial purchase that you did that initial product which you purchase that gender, I will make it even more beautiful for you Subhan Allah, this is investment. Right? If you spend and you get more for your expenditure, that's investment. There is not a sacrifice brothers and sisters in Islam. And it makes total sense that Allah is the owner of this time and this wealth, because a law then promises to question us on the DFB. Mo for every cent How is it ended? How is it spent for every second How did you spend that second? Allah is going to question you about it. Why should you be questioned? If you

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are the total owner you can do what you want. But no, you will be questioned because you're not the owner. Ally's the owner but he interested in

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The money which he bought from from you, for Jana, and the time which he bought from you for Jenna, he entrusted it back to you. It's a trust. That's what you have to answer.

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So if you listen, you're not sacrificing you investing because Allah promises to make our agenda more beautiful.

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But if you don't listen, this is where sacrifice comes now brothers and sisters in Islam, because if you don't listen,

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now you need to refund,

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right? You need to refund what you bought, you need to give back the agenda. So if you don't listen, you've sacrificed your agenda. you've sacrificed your agenda for what because normally, when people sacrifice something, they give it up for something, what have you given up your agenda for, for your desires, because the only time you will need to refund? Right? The transaction is if you didn't, you didn't conform to the terms of the transaction. So gender was given to you with terms and conditions, you didn't follow the terms and conditions, you have to give that gender back pipe. So you gave that gender back, because you didn't follow the terms of conditions and conditions. So this

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means that you exchange gender you sacrifice gender, for your desires. Sacrifice does take place when you don't listen to Allah. But when you listen to Allah, and investment takes place, because you can't sacrifice what you don't own, you can only sacrifice what you own. So really brothers and sisters in Islam, if you don't listen to the terms and conditions of the contract, you will sacrifice what you do own and that is your agenda. May Allah subhanho wa Taala protect us.

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And another thing brothers and sisters in Islam and take this from someone who Allah has blessed to be involved in projects internationally, we are entering a time where it's becoming increasingly difficult to find Muslims who give, you know who spend their time who spend their money for causes, right feeding the poor or the needy or looking after Islam and its education and the spirit of the deen. This needs money. And this needs manpower. Right and human power. Right? So we're finding it increasingly difficult today to get people who are willing to spend this time that Allah is interested to them and this wealth that Allah is interested to them for causes that please Allah.

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Why? Because they feel that we sacrificing, what are we getting in return? Right? I might as well do you know something else, we are going to get ABCD in return. And this is a fluid understanding based on the initial message that I've shared with you in the initial paradigm that I've shared with you brothers and sisters in Islam. Right? If you volunteer for the sake of Allah, if you volunteer, you know, the money that Allah has given you for the sake of Allah, as you can see from this ayah it's not a sacrifice, it's an investment. And if you're running a data organization, and you're listening to this, don't call your volunteers. Volunteers, call them investors.

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Right? Set the paradigm, right? You know, we all will, you know, many functions, you see these volunteers, these volunteers, the helpers, they're wearing shirts, and it says on it volunteer. No, we want them to wear shirts, which says investors so they are motivated with the constant reminder of what they actually doing that they spending a lot of time and money in a way that's pleasing to Allah and this is an investment because the agenda will get bigger. And also it becomes a discussion point for those who see them wearing the shirts with the term investor. And they can teach them the lesson that we are spending on last time and amass wealth in a way that is pleasing for him. You

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should too and perhaps then we can revive the culture of volunteering slash investing, because it is becoming a dying culture. And brothers and sisters in Islam, this Deen this religion, you and I being Muslim today. It's happened on the back of volunteers slash investors. I pray the message is clear. I love you for the sake of Allah assalamu aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

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