Ramadan – Witr Dua

Ammar Alshukry


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The speaker urges the audience to be forgiven for their actions and speech, and to not accuses them of their crimes. They also urge the audience to be strong and powerful, and to not allow them to be forgiven. The speaker also mentions that they want to be the one to cure the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the the

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Allah guide us amongst those you've guided and grant us health amongst those you've granted health to protect us amongst those you protected and bless us in what has been given to us by you and protect us from any evil you've decreed for you decree and truth and Duncan decree over you now can disgrace who you support, and I can honor who you oppose. You are the blessing and the exalted the destroyer of your foes, oh Allah to you belongs all praise. You are the Lord of the heavens and earth and what is between them so to you is thanks and praise, you are the light of the heavens and earth so to you is thanks and praise, you are the maintainer of the heavens and earth so to US tax

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and praise, you are the truth and your speech is true and your promises true and your meeting is true. And paradise is true and the fire is true and the prophets are true and Muhammad is true. Or Allah we submit it to you and believe in you and depend on you. I repent to you and refer to you see judgment from you. So grant us forgiveness from you for our past sins and the new, those hidden and evident from all of them we repent and from those we forgotten why you knew, Oh Allah we asked you Paradise will bring us close to it of actions and speech. And we seek refuge in You from the fire and what will bring us close to it of actions and speech. Oh Allah, you are the Most Merciful of

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those who show mercy, the Most Merciful of those asked, and most generous of those who give the sustainer of everything and you alone ever live. You will hear what we do not hear and you will see is what we do not see. You changes the universe by simply saying be, we don't have the ability to praise you. You are as you praise yourself. We thank you for our faith, our families, our health and wealth. We declare you to be our Lord with no ILA has other than you, You created us we are your slaves and fulfill our pledge to you. We seek refuge in You from the sins that we commit. Your blessings cannot be counted Your favors, we all admit. We also confess our sins and ask for your

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forgiveness for non forgive sins except for you. Oh Allah, you are forgiving. You'd love to forgive so forgive me. Oh Allah, you are forgiving. You love to forgive so forgive me. of Allah, you are forgiving. You love to forgive so forgive me. We seek refuge in You from a heart that is not humbled and an eye that does not tear knowledge that doesn't benefit a prayer not lifted near. Oh Allah makes the Quran the spring of our hearts in the light of our chests, the remover of our sadness, the repeller of our stress, teach us what we don't know. And remind us what we forgotten, and grant us the ability to recite throughout the day and the night. Oh Allah. Our hearts are vessels that carry

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our faith. May you always have our hearts seeking your face. For every heart attached to something appointed to other than you will undoubtedly be disappointed. Oh Allah we ask You for all good good now and good later but we know to be good and what we don't we seek refuge from all evil, evil now and evil later and what we know to be evil and what we don't. Oh Allah guy for us, our youth, bring them to the truth protect them from influences that would cause them to be misled. Forgive our parents and grandparents and have mercy on our debt removed from us the overpowering of men and the overburdening of debt give us access remove our stress, marry our bachelors and bachelorettes

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grant Muslim students the ability to excel in deen and duniya and doubts and desires repelled free our prisoners. Oh Allah free our prisoners and bring them back to their families safe and secure heal our sick from all ailments. You alone are the one to cure. Oh Allah we seek Your protection from being tested and protection from our family in the land that you made bless it. Surya they are hungry so feed them naked so clothed them barefoot, so carry them terrified so consoled them, protect them from all directions as people of belief, replace them courage for their fear, exhilaration for their grief, have mercy on their deceased protect their sons and their daughters

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give them sweet victory and accept their martyrs have mercy on our family in Burma and removed from them oppression removed from them sadness and punish those who oppress them they have no stake to support them no OMA behind them no land to accept them no one to carry them is them and you

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you are their only supporter and their only hope. all avenues are shut for them except your door that doesn't close. Be their greatest supporter and greatest ally. Yeah, I'll hammer why me? Oh Allah, you are Latif. Be gentle with them love them. Have mercy on our family everywhere in Yemen and Somalia, Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Syria, Kashmir, Libya, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Iraq, Palestine and Sudan.

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Protect the home

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From the harms of those who would deceive it, put up the flames of fitna in Egypt and bring their hearts back to you. Allah have mercy on our teachers, those who showed us the way to you overlook their faults and make them and us guiding and guiding of others and have mercy on our friends and our brothers and everyone who requested our prayers. Forgive all of their sins and correct all of their affairs. Oh Allah, as you've allowed us to experience the month of Ramadan, allow us to be forgiven, forgive us, forgive us, be with us. Don't punish us.

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Don't punish us. There's nothing that allows us to have the ability to stand before you with all of our shortcomings and faults except what you've taught us of your forgiveness. There is nothing that allows our feet to carry us in Your presence with all of our sins and mistakes, except what you've taught us of your mercy.

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Love be if your mercy is only for the righteous, then who is for the broken way down by their sins, standing before you seeking forgiveness, repentance, a new journey to begin. Forgive us in our parents and our children and all of the believing men and women. Who is the one who asked you and was left wanting won't be who is the one who depended on you and was not carried by who is the one who had hope in you and was disappointed. Allah make us of the people of paradise and protect us from the fire we seek refuge in your face from being of the people of the fire. Protect us, our families and our from all evil and heal the hearts of a believing people. Some Allah on us even on

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