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Hussain Kamani


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A detailed explanation by Mufti Hussain Kamani

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh the 10th of Muharram is a day that carries a lot of history for us Muslims, the grandson of the prophets, that Allahu Allah, He will say that a Hussein or the Alon one was on his way from Mecca makara to Kufa because the people of Kufa had requested him to join them and become their leader, and that he would be appointed the halifa they would give allegiance and beya at his hands. Pacino de la Juan sent his cousin, Muslim and Akeem to go and scout gufa to ensure that everything was sound and people were as they had committed in their letters. He was on his way from Morocco to Kufa with all of his family members. And when he was

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leaving Kufa, his family members were ready. But the companion said to him, that stay behind. Don't trust these people. I will say the holding of the Allah Juan said, because your father it said that the people of Kufa are great with words but don't follow through with their actions don't trust him. Nonetheless, same as the last one was on his way to Kufa and while he was going there, he was stopped in a place known as Karbala. He was surrounded there. And this is where Hussein of the law one made one of the toughest choices in his life, when he kneeled down in front of an oppressor and humble himself, disgrace himself and give allegiance at the hand of an open sinner. Oh, did he keep

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his head up high, and stand for the values that a Muslim should stand for? Be the role model, the grandson of the prophets that allamani he was sent him and say, no the law, one without any reluctancy at all, chose to live by the higher standard. But the higher example, leaving for us all an example, that in our times in the worlds we live in, there will be circumstances that we face that the world is proposing one model of life. But there's a higher standard that we live for, saying that their loved one teaches us to live, honor, live with sacrifice. And it was on this day, that for the sake of this Dean, saying that their loved one was beheaded. The 10th of Muharram is

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known as a day that Muslims on one side, celebrate the victory of Hasina the last one, even though he lost his life because he stood for a greater principle. But on the other hand, we also reflect and ask ourselves, what do we stand for? And on the sentiment, how do I extend this question to every Muslim watching this? Today is a day for you to reflect? This is the day for you to really think, what principle do you stand for? Are you willing to live for it, and die for it to the last point that I make us ambassadors of justice and truth? There will be people who stand for those that are oppressed, where we stand for the right principle, and the right thought, the right teachings

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