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The importance of knowing one's parents' attributes and missing their values is emphasized in these conversations. The speakers also discuss a course on Allah's name, designed to transform one's life and become a forgiving person. The course is designed to teach the importance of words and their meaning in life, rather than just practicing and learning the names. Personal stories are shared about the course, emphasizing the importance of seeing the spirituality of these names in life.

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When I was in university, I remember once I was on a bus ride from one state to another, and it was a long trip and I had another kid who was around my age and he was sitting next to me and we got to know one another. And he was telling me about his his his life's journey, he was adopted as a child, his mother had given him up and he didn't know her. And his foster parents or his adopted parents had not left him wanting for anything. They, they gave him no lack of love they, they treated him as wonderfully as parents could treat a child. But when he became an adult, there were questions that he needed to know about his biological mother that he just, he could not know himself fully. Without

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knowing who his mom was, he needed to know. There were questions about himself that he just wouldn't be able to ever answer without his mother. Did he have her face? Did he have her temperament? Did he have her smile? Did he have her wit? Did he ever hands. And so he went on a journey to get to know her. And later on, I would reflect on this story and realize that the greatest absence is not a person not knowing who their mother or their father is, even though that is absolutely an absence and we would all we would all undertake journeys, to get to know where we come from. But the greatest absence is not knowing who your Lord is, not knowing who God is not knowing who Allah is,

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this world that we live in, being able to navigate it without knowing the attributes of the One who created it. High school students in an Islamic school, were asked how many of them felt that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada was angry with them. And over half of those kids raised their hands, I want you to think about that this these are kids who are receiving a proper Islamic education and they felt that they, in their adolescence have already put themselves in a position to earn the anger of Allah subhanaw taala. So what then about people who are even more distant whose only exposure to Allah subhanaw taala is mercy and forgiveness is what they have seen a forgiveness and mercy manifested in

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the faces of religious people. That is why it is so important that we learn about Allah, from Allah, and from his prophets. Allah Allahu Allah us at this course about the names of Allah in essence, is a two hour course because Allah Subhana Allah says, when Allah hit a smell, Hasina, federal who be to Allah belong the most beautiful names, so call upon him by those names. And so when you learn about the names of Allah, every single name becomes a cause or a key for you to access through your drought. And there are transforms your life. And even now, as we are going through this incredible experience of, of a pandemic, and COVID-19, and economies being shut down, and people losing jobs

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and people losing loved ones, there are two experiences, there are those who when they lose their job, they know what to call upon, or Rezac. When they lose a loved one. They know that the one who took away their loved one is a rough man, he is more forgiving, and more merciful to their loved one than they are and the one who goes through sickness is calling upon a Shafi, the one to heal him and the one who's going through anxiety and stress is calling upon Allah Qi the one who they entrust that person is going through a completely different experience than the one who is asking, Why me, and why this and why God and then when you are able to take those names, and pair it with DUA and

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transform your circumstances because you are calling upon the one who is Kadir, the one who is able and then Mujeeb, the one who responds. And so you're able to lift yourself out of every difficulty, because you are calling upon a king who is mighty in his power. Why I've made this class in particular, this was the first class that I taught within Maghrib Institute. And it was a no brainer for me this was the class that I wanted to teach. It wasn't being taught. And, to be honest, this this this subject, I won't say receives a bad rap. But this subject is is looked at as elementary, it's looked at as Sunday school. That's why there aren't a lot of books in English about it. But at

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the same time, this is the greatest subject and it's the most important subject because there is no subject greater than Allah as though dead himself. There's nothing more spiritually enriching, there's nothing that is more Eman, lifting. And even when this subject is being studied, a lot of times it is being studied academically without the spirituality. It's like reading a driver's manual, but never actually going out to drive. And so you receive the rules and you receive the limits and you receive the the green light and the red light and the stop sign and all of that, but you don't get to enjoy the beauty of actually driving. And so in this course, I actually tell it in

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story form, because the goal is not that you simply learned the rules and the goal is not simply that you simply learn the names, but that you see how these names are supposed to manifest in a person's life. And a lot of the stories that I share are my personal stories. Not

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Because I couldn't have gotten more examples from more books from great scholars who wrote about these topics over the centuries, but because I want to show you that these names are supposed to be incredibly personal to you, and that you should have your own stories that you can manifest for every name that you experience. Here's the thing. I've read

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many books on this subject, and then I've taught it over three years. And even as I'm teaching it, from city to city, people are coming up to me and presenting to me, this book, and this book, and I just had a friend who came from Saudi Arabia, bought a book and then brought it to me in Houston, just because he knew I was looking for it. So you're talking about three years of global research, and people coming and telling me stories, and then me, you know, either sharing these stories or affecting the way that and the points that I derived and the fruits that I've derived, you're talking about a cumulative effort of more than three years present being presented in this course, I

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can humbly say that from the presentation to the storytelling to the names, of course and the fruits, that you're not going to find anything like this in English. Listen, I have no problem at all. Say you need to take this course. No problem. It's not about me at all. 0% it is about learning about Allah Subhana Allah, I have no there's no like fear of humility or anything like that. Why? Because I'm not it's not about me at all. It's about Allah Subhana Allah data, and everybody needs to know who Allah is. And I always get this pushback which is, well I already know the names of Allah. Oh, you do great. When was the last time you called upon Allah by His name and Wayman, when

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was the last time you called upon Allah by His name and produce? When was the last time that you called upon Allah by His name is setup, right? Because at the end of the day, even if you know more about the names of Allah than I do, wonderful, great, no problem. You will still benefit from what from being reminded, because it's not about how much you know, but it's about what you put into practice with a good fit in the cloth. And I mean, remind because reminding benefits the believers, we all benefit from being reminded. We are all required to make dua to Allah subhanho wa Taala to use his blessed names, and I want you absolutely to not just watch this video, but I challenge you

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to then go and share this with other people, your whatsapp groups, your Twitter groups, all of this type of stuff. Everyone is in need of learning who Allah subhanaw taala is