Sulaiman Moola – Maintaining A Spiritual High

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The importance of keeping spirituality alive is discussed, including the use of the title "the holy eye" to motivate people to wake up to the power of the heart. The Spanish Congress, founded by the President Trump and Francisco San Miguel, is the only one in that system. The importance of the law is emphasized, as it can be difficult to achieve spirituality. The segment also touches on the importance of learning one's limits and limitations to avoid embarrassment and anxiety.
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Oh either the Santa

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Maria Haman hamdulillah Allah Allah mil hobby Alma

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me Bella Marina in wanna sleep for so behind Allah He led the heck moto moto Moto Z when the IMO Silla Tony la casa de mer Kabir when a shadow Allah Allah illallah wa de la sharika lahu finicky reality to me when I shadow NSA Donna, Donna Mohammed Abu hora sudo aladeen Hi, Donna B. kitabi. Mooney. Illa e bill in Tbilisi, sallallahu alayhi wa early he was a heavy metal cover key Buddha said I'm about to do for the Kala la junta Baraka water Allah Philip Majeed corneal Hamid aruto Billahi min ash shaytani r rajim Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim wakulla na cassani coming. Eurozone man was happy to be here for

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a coffee. The Hill Hakuna mo was the money in sakalava law the honorable players respected brothers elders esteem listeners and viewers. As humans we have fluctuation of emotions. In the sporting arena people talk of a purple patch when someone is at his glory. As believers we have moments where we peak spiritually and at times there is a bit of a drop and a decline in that spirituality. When in today's address in sha Allah, we hope to focus on how can we assist each other to sustain spirituality. So sometimes it's the blessed month of Ramadan that gives us an injection sometimes it is a discourse of a particular scholar that motivates us. Sometimes it is the sudden demands of a

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person and reflection over death that kind of gives us that edge and that inspiration etc. So the verse I recited before you is a verse of the 11 chapter of the Quran 12 Jews verse 120, in which Allah subhanho wa Taala says, what could Lana Pasquale come in?

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Your row Solomon was happy to be here for that. And oh Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we narrate to you from the tales from the anecdotes from the episodes, and from the narratives of the prophets that preceded you, man, no, be to believe that by virtue of which we give comfort and strength and console, your blesser the heart

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was a cry and it is a reminder one moment river it is an advice little meaning for the believers. Now, from this ayah the scholars of Tafseer to say that Allah, Allah and Allah to Allah and Allah saucily, Mata boo, Lena della Allah and Allah, mata bolina theoretischen, philippou be beaten, what can we attain within Shiva Subhana Allah, this ayah impresses upon us the fact that the ne the narratives and the tails of the bias has a positive impact on the heart of a person, woman Thumma de Mille como Sol de hikayat, il, O Leah. And this has been the basis why our buyers have always taken pride in gathering the legacy and the biography of their pious predecessors so that people can find

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a cue a motivation and inspiration. So that's the formula and then I share with you a tale in this regard, that how can you keep your spirituality active from this ayah it releases a hint that read the lives of the great scholars of Hadith. Keep a book at your bedside, this was a common practice to all the pious, so before retiring to bed and before falling off to sleep, you know, be something pertaining to death, or general motivation, or the impeccable Syrah of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but the ayah definitely tells us and then it tells us in Makkah, bolina theoretischen philippou that the tales of the pious has a profound impact on the heart, on the heart, that beaten

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what we attend within Cheetah, it will invigorates you, it will give you energy, it will give you positive stimulation, etc. So I share with you on the basis of this year, that to keep our spirituality active to motivate us to stimulate us to inspire us. I share with you an amazing narrative of one of the great legendary companions of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the great son of Islam the fourth Olive, none other than Ali ignorable, partly because from Allah who

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Java dilbar makes mention of the narration a boon it makes mention of the duration in heylia and it can also be accessed in higher to sahaabah in the first volume, so a companion by the name of lira Ivanova Maura alakina Annie over the long run who comes to visit more are we are over your love annual

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summer Have you ever Mariotti Allahu Allah says now that you are young and you sit in with us. Share some moments of alley with us share some moments. What's the message to keep yourself spiritually active, revive the legacy of the pious predecessors speak about it. This will give you inspiration and motivation. Stephanie, tell me about your interactions and your observations from the life of Satan. I do have the Allahu anhu somewhere or even at Amara alakina near the Alanna said our athenia ameerul momineen Oh, Maria, would you kindly are the olana Excuse me? So see you then I'm Where are we are the Atlanta said la fique? No, you are young, and we want to hear from you. And it will add

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so much meaning and value and it will stimulate us etc. And he was a companion of the Allahu anhu himself. Yet he is reminiscing over the life of Satan, our idea of the alignment angle and the great lessons that can be learned from there. So where are Obama and Kennedy then obliged to the request of more? Are we out of the alignment angle, and he shared the following sentiments? Well, those who appreciate Arabic will appreciate the caliber of the Arabic that has been captured in this description. And also how they could respond. lt Jalan like on the spur of the moment of the Gulf, you've just entered someone to visit someone. And you've been asked share your observations and your

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thoughts and your reflections. And the point I am trying to impress is from the verse of the Quran is that we need to read more we need to read more to keep the flame of spirituality burning for that spirituality to be active within us. So he said ama isn't a Buddha. Now that you have asked and I don't have any choice, but to oblige, kind of Allah hibari muda cannot Allah hibari del muda say that it was a man with high objectives, but we know nobly Yeah, symbolically amarin Hey, Saba, as the commentators expound and elucidate, so he had great visions of believe his visionary, right, a believer has great objectives and just not dreaming one is a person just building castles in the

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air. No, no, we're not talking about that. We're talking about real and tangible visions and plans and objectives. So the first thing I can say about cesario the Allahu Allahu barrydale muda. In English, they say, a poor man is one without a dream, not without money. A poor man is one without a dream. A believer ought to have goals and objectives. Of course, you need to put the motion into place to execute it to implement it to accomplish it. So that's the first thing kind of Allah hibari del Maeda Shadi Del Toro Chua, he was a man with tremendous strength, physically, spiritually, emotionally on all fronts for the labor. That was the title amongst the other titles of Satan.

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Arguably, the conqueror of haber. haber was conquered in the sixth year, where the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said LA or London or La Jolla new hypo la hora su de la hora sudo. That tomorrow I will hand the banner and the flag to a person who loves a line is messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and Allah and His Messenger are equally fond of him. And the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam handed the banner to Satan earlier on the Alexandru. So he was a man of great strength, kind of Allah He Burmese delamater Shadi De Luca yaku, fasula yaku fasula Hakan Jaden la has left La La has Luffy his speech was decisive. And I'm asking you my brother and ask you my

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sister. If you at your bedside or during your office hours or while you commuting or reading the lines of these great people. On every attribute, there is a motivation there's an inspiration, there's at least one thing I can take from you. Okay, I need to have a dream in life. I need to have a goal in life. I need to have an objective in life.

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Jaco no phoslock There are even Admiral Kennedy Rolando said that say that he always always spoke the truth. It was not inaccurate. It was not inconsistent. There was no double standards to eight. There was no no I'm just having a laugh. I'm kidding you. I'm insincere. It was just for the fun of it. No, no, it was genuine. It was honest. It was true. It was candid. It was correct. Yeah. You're Latina Amano Tacoma. Oh, you who believe fear Allah wa puto Conan said sadita How do you feel Allah say the correct word Colin sadita. So you're cool. No fuss. Hola. yaku Rufus LA. comunidad de la Wow. If there was a

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And anonymous, there was something synonymous to the nature of Satan, or the Allahu anhu. It was his knowledge and His justice. So he always pronounced a verdict with absolute justice. And

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I like sharing this very often and it's very profound and it has so many millions. Were a person there were two people one sitting on the side of the road jealous or La Jolla, and Dan and they are having their you know, brunch or early lunch, etc. and Mahima comes or two out of the four one had five loaves of bread, what am I to argue for I beg you to follow the story very carefully. It has very rich lessons. And it will also tell you the justice of Allah, the Alanna, the wisdom, the intelligence, and you know the vision of say, the knowledge of the law of manhood. So one had five loaves of bread, the other one had three loaves of bread, they just sat down, they didn't have

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anything additional to it just basic bread, loaves of bread, and they were going to eat it. And in came a third person, and they welcomed him and they said join us and eat so the person sat down for a Curlew arriva testimonia to be Serbia.

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This is a key point to understand in appreciating the developments that will follow in the state, the three of them consumed eight loaves equally, the three of them consumed eight loaves of bread equally, when the third person had also eaten and now they had concluded and they will leave in as a gesture of appreciation. He took out a dealer hands and he said hold on. One occurred to me Tommy Kuma, it was kind enough of you to invite me Well, this is what I have with me. Here is a dead hands you can have it as as my token of appreciation for you graciously inviting me.

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So he gave the money And off he went. Now comes the dispute between the two and this is it where money enters the discussion. You know, initially you did it as a kind gesture. You didn't hope for any reciprocation or any compensation. But as soon as money came, well, I deserve more I gave more you gave less you ate so much. So now now see what unfolds. So for

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the person who had five loaves, he said, See, the logic is simple. The division is simple. I had five loaves, I'll take five Did you had three loaves you take three Durham's so the person who had three loaves, he said no, no, no, no, the kuno Bane and amona sofa, we ate together, it was a joint venture, he gave the eight, eight Durham's to both of us. So you take four and I take four, so the argument over one dyrham. But remember the key word, and I hope you'll follow when we're talking about taking motivation from reading the legacy of the pious. And we're speaking about one of the many qualities of Satan Aria, the Allahu anhu. And that was justice in his life justice in his life.

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So after applying their heads and much deliberation and splitting their hair, they finally come to Satan earlier the alarm went on when they said, See, this is what has happened. We were sitting, he had five loaves, I had three loaves, we had a third person came, we ushered him In, he joined with us, he joined us and he ate with us. After leaving, he offered us ate, just prior to leaving, he offered us a dinner. We took it and he's claiming five, and I'm saying no, let's divide it equally for for scenario, the olana applied his mind. And then he addressed the person with three loaves of bread. Please listen to this very, very carefully. He said Your brother has made a proposal to you

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that he will take five and you must take three. accept the proposal that's in your interest. So this man is no No, no, no Len, who the Illa hottie I insist on taking my right in my view, and I don't want anything less. So I'll leave it alone and said, Well, you're right. And your do is one dyrham. He was graciously offering you three, he's taking five out of the eight, take the three and go but you persist in on your right. And you do then lo and behold, you're right. And your job is only one. So he's like, I'm trying to make my three into four. And you make in my three into one. How's the logic? How do you explain that? Look at the wisdom and look at the justice of Satan idea of the

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Alanna. He said the three of us consumed eight loaves equally. So how do we divide that if we take eight and we divide it by three, you weren't able to divide it equally. So let's assume we cut each loaf into so it's into 16 portions 16 divided by two by three people equally again, it won't fit in equally. So then we assume that each loaf was cut into quarters. So it was three portions per loaf. So eight times three is 24 and three people consumed equally. So each person eight out of the 24 portions, eight portions 816 24 correct. Absolutely. Now, I will refer to get salata to Sir with this athlete, you had three loads. That's correct. So thank you.

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Three loads and times it by three. That's nine portions. A girl domina samanya. How many of that nine portions of you ate yourself? Eight. So how many of you did not eat one? So how much do you deserve? One dyrham Allahu Akbar, well, I refer to Hamza and your brother had five loaves take the time and multiplied by three, it's 15. Out of the 15, he ate, ate portions of it. So there were seven left there and one of yours and that's what the man gave, he gave a dinner hands. So seven will go to him and one will go to you. This is just one of the many incidents of the wisdom and the justice of the law. So he says yopu fasula Yakumo Adela yet effect Geronimo Ming Giovanni behave,

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what tentacle hikmah tominaga he Subhana Allah, whenever you seen earlier of the olana, it was like knowledge was bursting from every organ and limb, and wisdom was just flowing from him. He This is the kind of knowledge Allah had endowed him with. And this is the point I'm saying, the more we lead, the more we will be inspired to sustain our spirituality.

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In fact, I often say our pious predecessors, when we hear about them, at times a person would receive one piece of advice from his mentor or his teacher, and that would keep him inspired for years on end, you know what my late teacher had told me this or Sage of the agent told me and he would live by that value and he would you know, what? fashion is live by that value. Today we receive advisors and golden coats and and and wonderful, you know, stimulating advisors daily, if not hourly, and it barely gets us through for a few hours, unfortunately. So all the more we need to be spiritually energizing ourselves by leading the these lives which are rich with meaning. Yes,

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though, he showed me that donia was a herati how we continue There are even Obama al Qaeda near the alarm and who says that a guardian Satan earlier the olana he kept himself aloof from the glitter and the glamour of this world, when you're standing is so believable and mighty he and he derived great solace and comfort from the night and its darkness. So when it would be night and people would retire to bed, and people would be in sleep and slumber that was a perfect time where you would find him engaging in prayer. Yes, that needs to be lelee what will matter he can Allah he was he brought a Dhamma It was a man who would cry profusely, my brother, my sister, our hearts have withered. Our

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hearts have died. Someone said have you didn't tell him Rahim Allah said, I believe it doesn't fear the death of his soul. He doesn't fear the death of his body because that's decreed that's ordain, but he fears the death of his heart, because that's in his control. So I cannot decide or alter or adjust the death of my body, my soul, because that will happen when Allah has decreed it and I will not able to adjust it in any way. But the depth of my heart the depth of my heart is in my control. So much happening around the world and I cannot cry. I actually need to cry over the fact that I cannot cry kind of Allah here because he brought the Wi Fi club.

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He was a man who would apply his mind he would reflect at length you Li book a photo. This is the description of the raw dibner bhamra alkyne. And he given us a number are we already allowed he would rotate his sperm. ATIA Hassan Allah takasi re Tanaka be in lamenting and regretting that for the for the mistakes I've made in my life. And really, when you look at the life of Satan early, you will barely find a folly. You will barely find a mistake. It was the rich, it was profound. It was impeccable. It was impeccable. It was amazing. It was unique in all regards, but yet you can label cafa who he would rotate his palm in reflection that has Soren Allah Teixeira. He thought it will be

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your G boohooman and lipase matassa Amina Tommy my job and this was the motivation, minimum time in clad in himself, and he would eat simple food, cause food, not food that was refined. So so there wasn't much time and importance and merit given to wearing exclusive of dressing or indulging in the best of meals and lavish spreads and spending hours in in you know, culinary and different different types of items that we indulge in your ajiboye human and labor Sima pasar wamena Tommy my job. I often say that the pioneers had a lot of Baraka in their time, because there was minimum time in necessity and zero time instant. And let's look at our life. We have so much time in our

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necessities. We sleep so long. We eat so long. We shower so long. It takes us so long to dress

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It takes us so long to do this. These are all necessities we cannot shy away from but we are definitely spending more than necessary time in it. That's apart from the time that we abuse in ways unfortunately, where we indulge in the forbidden your job a woman in labor schemata sorrow Minotaur Amina Joshua Joshua Carnival la hatena you Nina either at a Na Na look at the balance despite his lofty rank, kind of he would humble himself he would lower himself we could have a casual interaction we could sit with him and he would be easy go in Yuji buena is Allah if we would ask him a question he would reply he would just share light moments with us he would be casual with us but

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the beauty of this all is what kind of matter Kirby Elena Kirby him in Atlanta can Lima Jorge button la Whoa, that as close as he was as accessible as he was as amenable as he was, we would not just speak out of turn out of the all that surrounded him so we knew our limitations. As a student you could your teacher could be casual with you, as a child, your parent could be casual and informal with you. But you need to know your your cutoff point you need to know your limitations. What kind of Allah He might be Elena wakatobi him in Milan who can remove a button for interbus Sam, Sam mithuna el mundo if he would smile, by Allah, it would appear like fools that have been string

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together. So behind Allah, you ask them Oh Allah Dean, he gave a lot of respect and regard for people who are ambassadors of the faith. People who carried the Quran people who had the the text of the Sunnah in the heart, people who live the life of Dean who executed the teachings he gave them a lot of regard and honored them and and you know, revered them when you humble my psyche and he showed showed great love and affection to the poor law yet tomorrow we'll be battling he won a suit brought me for free ideally, my word. Now I'm just saying, imagine reading this one one attribute we could speak on ours, but I'm just briefly running you through it. The powerful and the mighty knew

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very well that they could never succeed in the court of Satan earlier the Allahu anhu with the false claims. So you could be articulate you could be manipulative, you could be intimidating. You could have all what it takes to impress and convince people but when you can to say the knowledge of the law one who only justice will prevail when so dot info min idli him and the week never disappeared from His justice. I'm weak, I'm vulnerable. I'm not so articulate. I don't know if I will be able to present my case correctly accurately accurately know when it came to say that. The ally knew they knew that justice will prevail. He further goes on to say a shadow biLlahi while

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I swear by Allah I recall very well lapadula A to houfy badly my wife he he I remember one particular night, woke an alcoholic and also doula the night had drawn its curtains. What are the new jumeau and the stars had diminished? Carbon Allah Allah Yeti he he held on to his beard, yummy lofi Maharaja he he was turning and Swain with pain and anxiety. Yet many many, many more less Saleem, yet many malucia Mel mula Saleem, he was in pain like someone who was bitten by a snake Salim al Mansoor will Mel do as they would say in Arabic. So someone who kind of had venom in his body, and he's in great excruciating pain. And then he's saying Yara bana yarrabah Tara, oh my lord,

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oh my lord, oh my Allah, you help me, you guide me, you empower me. Then he addressed the world. And this is the narration of the Roadrunner Tamaki nanny and satana Mojave and those present are listening on and each one is taking a profound reflection from this. He says to the word LA, de la Tasha 50, a world of mundane items or transitory things. Oh, the glitter. Oh, the glamour Oh, the gold Oh, the beauty Oh, the splendor or the opulence of this world. He's He's addressing it in his own capacity. And he's in LA yet earthy. Have you come to mislead me? Lie at the show roughly. Have you come to tempt me and deceive me? Or re please go and deceive someone else? But that took a salad

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or more. Okay. Cassia majoni suki? hottie hotter? Okay, you see, I'm not going to succumb to your dictate. I'm not going to fall prey to your temptation. I'm not going to buckle under your pressure. I have severed my relation with you. I'm okay to see your lifespan is short. Magennis. Okay, hottie your company is demeaning. Hata ruqayyah. See, association with you can get me into trouble. Ah. Oh my word. Oh my word. Oh,

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My word mental note is Zod. My provisions have been depleted where mental bodies suffer and my journey is long. Well why should it period and I am not familiar with the path of death and the grave arm in Pilates Zod or body Safarova wash at 34 What can we do more room more our Wi

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signal mahavihara The olaru was wailing was sobbing, and the tears were trickling down onto his beard, which are either Yuna Shifu her become me. And then with the sleeve of his garment, he started wiping his tears. What are the technical co mobility bokeh, and then tie your congregation was choking with tears? And then he said her katakana Abul Hassan Rahim Allah indeed older Are you have aptly described him? That indeed was saying you dinner earlier of the Allahu anhu He then asked him Kay for what do you do Kiley here there are out there are now that say Denali has gone and moved on and he has left this transitory abode. What is your regret? What is your emotions in your heart?

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He said, what do you do, man? looby halwa Hey, do haffi hijo de la la la tarraco d'amato ha Willa Yes, Coronavirus de la ilaha illa Allah. My pain can be likened to a mother in whose lap her only child was killed. My pain can be likened to a mother in whose lap cold blooded or only child has been killed. her tears will never dry up and a heart will never stop lamenting or crying, or yearning or pining for her lost son. That is precisely my emotions. So macom for courage, he then stood up and he left leaving everybody crying, that indeed was the legacy of Satan earlier the Allahu anhu and that was a synopsis of it, my message to one and all to sustain your spirituality,

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read from the narratives of the pious in Leticia Selma to Boolean theoretician philippou duck we attend what an Shiva what a bita it will invigorates you, it will inspire you, it will motivate you may Allah subhanahu wa taala make it possible that we can draw from the rich legacy of our self asylee hain so that it can keep us motivated and inspired till we meet our Creator. I mean, you're either I mean, personally love him, I will sell him and then abena Muhammad while early he was happy he he married 100 reliable army

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