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Who is Allah? by Ammar AlShukry


AI: Summary © The importance of Islam in driving change is highlighted, including its use in achieving people's goals and the potential of Zoda's actions during a crash. Aics often use actions like this to express their desire for forgiveness and comfort, and the need for people to be deserved and not commit to partners. The importance of forgiveness is emphasized, and action is often used to express these desire.
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What should

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they do?

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Well, hello but it was

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Rocky. Yeah.

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operates a lot, who's magnificent in its essence, perfect in his attributes, undeniable presence always has the most magnificent names,

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operate suits him. And to him that praise remains, man he said Peace and blessings in almost perfect fashion. He said, greetings and salutations that are completed everlasting upon the best of his creation have been so long while he was in the elevators wrecked and perfect his station for he taught us what we did not know. And he gave, and he gave, and he gave us a lot

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because he loved us. So, all my life, I've had to explain to the people who are around me who my lord is, when I was in kindergarten, I used to have to explain to my friends there why I couldn't trade my tuna sandwich for a ham or salami sandwich. Eliza does not allow it. When I entered into middle school in high school, I had to explain why I wouldn't be able to consume alcohol or drugs, or I was able to date girls, because a lot of

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it was something that as a Muslim I cannot participate in when I got to college to continue having to explain again and again, who allies that is. And people would ask questions. Well, why does allies care whether you drink wine or whether you drink water? While there's a lot of care whether you participate in this enjoyment, or that enjoyment? And in the 10 years that Islam has been in the national spotlight in this country, the questions continue. And you hear in the news and you hear in all of these different platforms that Muslims they praise Allah, that they worship Allah, that Allah is the God of the Muslims. So today, I wanted to take a couple of minutes, a couple of moments as to

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share and to remind myself, and my brothers and sisters who is alive so that we wish

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alized is the Lord of everything.

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He knows everything. Allah says about himself. What is the Who knows? I totally

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know. We boldly went

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out without being seen in Laffy Taffy movie. Allah says he has the keys to the unseen. No one knows it except for him. He knows what he's enlightened and he knows what is in the scene. And there is not a grain of sand that moves in the darkest recesses of this earth. Except that a lot of Sonia is aware of it. There is not a leaf that falls except that he knows nothing is the heavens in the earth except that it is in a book that is written the solar system something amazing. They say your

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ally knows what has happened. Ally knows what will happen, knows what didn't happen if it happened, how it would happen.

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Every single scenario, every choice that you made in your life that you made, or was made for you, every time you've taken one part of the road, when you could have taken another student knows how your entire life would have played out if you made that choice. If you had gone to that other school, if you had grown up in another town or in another country or in another time another place a lot I still didn't knows how all of this would have played out his knowledge as though again, is perfect. We believe in a perfect God. A lot as though good is the provider for everything. Allah says that there is not a god but in the heavens and the earth is the whole life except the alarm.

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We provide sports a lot, as is the one who provides for the insects that we don't see the worm that travels through the mud a lot. So that is going to provide us with a lot that is going to provide us with a fly Allah, who provides for you and provides work, I multiply that by 6 billion people multiply that by the number of creation, that is in the heavens and the earth, the number of insects and the number of mammals and the number of things that we don't see a lot. So

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this is he is for you. And he provides for all of them. He is Oprah Atomy, He is the Lord of the worlds I have a last year I had the privilege of going to have. And when I was standing in the house, it is the largest gathering of people that you will ever see 7 million people in a single place in a single platform. And I remember that when I was standing there, I was seeing so many different types of people that my eyes couldn't capture everyone, they became a blur. And when I'm sitting there Saturday, watching these people, all of them raising their hands, and they're all speaking in a different language. I realized I thought to myself, How amazing is it that a lot. So

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again, here's all of them. And not a lot, so just knows all of them. He knows their names. He knows their stories, he knows the journey that they took to get to this place. And at that moment, a lot. So they knew their history, a lot was with them during their successes, he knew their darkest fears. And he knew their highest aspirations and hopes he has been their Lord their entire lives as private and as intimately as it has been my whole life. That is who

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He is the Lord of the worlds a lot. So we can place this one

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at 93 million miles away. And yet we know that the light from that distance reaches our eyes in eight minutes. And yet we know that there are some stars that takes 5000 light years to get to us. There are some stars in the galaxies that we can't see with our naked eye that are 23 million light years away. how vast is the creational Eliza? And how powerful is the creator that we worship a lot. So it didn't mean watch it so gentle that it doesn't irritate the eye. And yet he may watch her and gave Walker the ability to destroy entire cities and civilizations a lot. So that gave us the knife in the day. And these are blessings that Allah has given us and a lot of these lessons away, we will

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not be able to get it back. Don't you remember last year when a volcanic volcano exploded over near Ireland and volcanic ash covered Ireland. The entire world. Millions of people were left trapped. They did not travel all over Europe. ashes that went from Ireland all the way over to Ukraine, European airspace was shut down. People could not travel over a year, who was the one who would be able to relieve them from this distress on your lives. Georgia. He says to me, I would love it.

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Piano Man

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I forgot to save a lot. So get word to make the day continuous until the day of judgment, or the night continuous until the day of judgment. What God other than a law would give you a night for you to rescue. Do you see a lot? This with one volcano? What do you think of the day that Rob was there? It says when

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they asked you about the mountains say a wise dude, it will cause them to fall into scattered dust. And we got a little bit of taste of that this year when the earthquake happened off the coast of Japan. And it was an earthquake that might have happened for they said two and a half minutes. And you saw with your own eyes level of distress and the level of destruction that happened to that country. I was the most advanced technologically in the world. nonetheless they were left helpless. This is from an earthquake that was two and a half minutes. What do you think of it they were alarmed to get assessed it

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was flooded to

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On a day with the entire earth will shake on a day with the entire earth will shake and alive so just says and the earth will bring forth its roots and mankind will say what is happening on that day it will bring forth its roots

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Because a lot, so just to mandate it to do so, a lot of Zoda is more powerful than we can imagine. He is more perfect than we can imagine what the law

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of law says mankind did not give a lot to do, right? They didn't give him an estimate. They didn't understand they didn't comprehend. They didn't realize the greatness of a lot. So again, what the heavens and the earth will be curled up into his right time on the Day of Judgment, not just the God that we worship. And yet with that, there is no one who is more patient, there is no one who is more merciful than alive. Because no one suffers the indignity the lasagna suffers the loss of the lights. And then he says,

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There is no one who is more patient with harm that he hears from a large surgeon.

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They say that he has a son.

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And then he continues to give them help. And he continues to give them substance, that we ourselves that we continue to sin against the lies that every single day

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continues to provide for us alive, continues to give us ask yourself a simple question.

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If I

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were to only give me today, if today, he only gave me the things that I thanked him for yesterday, what would I have? When I have food that I thank you for the food that he gave me yesterday? Thank you for the clothes that he gave me yesterday. Did I thank him for the car that I got it and I drove to school with yesterday. Thank you for any of those things yesterday. Yes, I expect somehow out of my audacity and my arrogance, I expect that these things are my rights. And I should have done today. And if for some reason my car breaks down, I get so upset, what a terrible day I'm having Well, you know, thanks a lot. For yesterday, did you you did make a lot of

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a lot of students continues to give us and he continues to provide not due to what we are deserving. But due to the great character that he has, he is almost up he is again, he is the era and we are so fortunate that he is open, I mean, not

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how do

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we say a lot.

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Out of all of his characteristics, the one that he frequently loves to mention is that he is

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the he is

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he is the merciful, who is plentiful in his mercy consistent in that mercy, a lot so good for forgives, and he loves to forgive, he extends his hand during the day to accept the forgiveness to accept their practice of God who are pets during the night. And he extends his hand during the night to accept the repentance of those who sinned during the day, a lot more happy with the repentance of his slave than a person who travels in the desert. And all of a sudden they lose their riding animal, they lose their capital, and they think that death is going to come to them. And so when this person all of a sudden sees the camel coming in front of him and his wife being saved in that

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process, he says all along you are my slave and I am your work.

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He made a mistake due to how happy he was Rasulullah gave us the example of that as the happiness of our lives. When we simply say, Oh, I'm sorry, I made a mistake.

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Well, we simply say Oh look, I you deserve better than that. I want to become a better person because you are deserving of that forgiveness. That is it

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becomes more happy

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than that example that is given a lot becomes angry when someone says you know, brother, so and so we don't sister so and so, man, they're so terrible. These guys are going to the hellfire. Allah says who is going to challenge my right to forgive, let them know that I have forgiven that individual and I have made that person who talked about a lot.

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I have made their actions rather than what we say that the law

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is the one whom if you see him, you will find him that if you take a step towards him, he takes multiple steps towards you. So if you ever you find that you have become distant from allies, though again, simply ask yourself the question Which one of us moved, which one of us became distant from each other?

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Because if you simply take a step towards a lot, so again, a lot of soldier will take multiple steps towards you, the one who seeks a lot as surgeon, the one who seeks his company, the one who seeks his comfort, they will not be in need of anyone else, the one who is empowered to Allah as they will not need the power or the support of any individual. That is what

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taught us when he taught us that how that went out who went to Islamic law, there is no source of power, and there's no source of strength, other than Allah has anyone who seeks happiness and Allah, they are the ones who will eventually in this world be happy, and everyone who seeks happiness and other than Allah, then they are simply seeking the dunya. They're simply seeking fleeting pleasures that they will continuously happen to have to chase, they will continue to have to chase after the one who seeks to seek strength for a lot so distracted, the one who seeks companionship with a lot. So that is not be of any other. These are the characteristics of a lot. So it can be what does the

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law require us to do? When you have a lawyer that is of that character? The more that you know about the more that you love him, the more that you love him, the more that you desire is companionship. The more that you seek it, what does he ask us to worship?

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That is to worship of losses, informs us on the Day of Judgment. amount will be standing in front of all of the terrorism, the day of judgment. And a lot we'll ask the question, a very simple question, or a 10 Okada shape.

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Imagine if you had everything that was on earth?

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Would you give it all up? To save yourself from the health?

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And I will say,

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yes, of course, all of my relationships, all of my family, all of the wealth, all of that doesn't matter on the database,

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you would get it all you would rattle through all of it, so that he could enter into parents allow the sick, I asked you, for my mom

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and dad to she can be Shiva. But I mean that

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I asked you for something that was much less than that. That you don't commit partners. You don't love anyone more than you love me. You don't follow anyone over me. You don't obey anyone over me. But you refused

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to commit

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to the practice is companionship in this world, and to practice the ability to see his face in the next

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economics The idea was to come up

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a long,

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long sliding

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without even knowing we'll see what I

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mean so how

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was it

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need a home