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The President of the Church of the Holy Spirit, the current leader, has been a celebrity and a motivational speaker for years, and his motives have been to encourage people to go forward and be the fore. The use of the media and its influence on people to go forward and influence their beliefs have been discussed, along with the importance of testing one's behavior and finding oneself in a situation where they need to be mindful of their behavior. The segment also touches on the history of Islam, including the implementation of Islam subhana and the use of force in tests, and its significance to the MSI movement.

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Dr. Silverman is the President of Ukraine Institute for Islamic research a celebrated as an honorable structure and has cemented himself as one of Muslim Americans of rising leaders. He was activism and community service since the year 2000, Dr. Almost pursuit of knowledge has taken in from the US to the United Arab Emirates, Jordan and Malaysia where he eventually completed his PhD in Islamic thought and civilization as a valued of multiple instructor Batra offers me area focus has been in the science of spirituality with his course behind the scenes. Being among my motives and most popular seminars, is softer demeanor, dedication to community building and inspirational

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oratory style makes him one of the most sought after figures in the international speaker circuit.

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So I can welcome Florida council

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I forgot how awkward those intros were so I thought was gonna be like 10 seconds. Remember, this is another one of my homies behind

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him that a lot of Limenas salatu salam ala Rasulillah kitty mana Eddie he will be the edge Marine.

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One of the most powerful things about the Quran and one of its greatest signs and testimonies is that if you are a companion of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam living in Mecca or Medina at the time, you realize that when the Quran comes to you with the story when Allah subhanaw taala speaks to you with something specific, at a particular moment in history. Allah Subhana Allah Allah is either giving you perspective of something that has already passed, meaning you are feeling a certain way. And so you can draw from the lives of the prophets of Allah or the lives of those who came before and develop perspective and know how to turn that moment into a connection or a deeper

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connection with Allah Subhana. Wa Janata or Allah subhana which at is preparing you for something to come. Something is being foretold that perhaps you don't even understand in the moment. And so for example, when Allah subhanaw taala revealed about sudo rune about the Romans defeating the person's feeble or ascending between three and nine years, that in and of itself, would have been a feat that the believers would find comfort in knowing that no matter how defeated they seemed, at the moment, Allah subhanaw taala has promised them victory. But little did they know that the defeat of the Persian Empire at the hands of the Roman Empire would parallel the Battle of better while y'all may

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think for a moment I'm gonna be nostril Allah He also Romania shot well hola Aziz Rahim. The day that they would find joy in the victory of ALLAH SubhanA, Allah Tirana. And by his help by his aid, he gives victory to whom he wills Well, who would as easily for him. And so this story of David and Goliath

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is a story that encapsulates the ultimate tyrant. And the ultimate hero, the villain, who has all of the physical constructs of power, and the underdog, who is fueled by something that is outside of this world, since everything worldly is to the advantage of the opponent's David and Goliath. One does Allah subhana wits Anna revealed the story to the Muslims and in what context? I want you to imagine yourself as one of them, oh, hygiene. You have just been forced out of Mecca. Because of your righteousness, you have been persecuted and forced to flee. And it is not out of any deficiency of your faith that you are currently living the circumstances of diaspora. And in that moment, Allah

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subhanaw taala out of reveals to the Muslims, the story of a people that had to stay in Exodus that had to stay in diaspora in the desert wandering for decades, because of an unwillingness to move forward for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala. So when it comes to that, if I am Abu Bakar, Amara or semana already a Hamza I can relate to those people that refuse to go forward with Musa it is set up into Jerusalem and Allah subhanaw taala told them to go forward. That's not where the connection is going to be. Yet somehow Here I am, in this land of Medina, at the mercy of complete strangers who treat me like family because they love the same Lord that I love. Different. But I'm not like the

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followers of Mossad he is Salam who prevented him from entering into Jerusalem because of a deficiency in their faith that led to a devastating

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circumstance so that's not where the connectionists

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but ALLAH SubhanA, which Allah was speaking to something else, the story of David and Goliath is revealed to the Prophet salallahu Alaihe Salam, and to the Muslims, right before the Battle of Budish. foretelling, a moment in which the believers being completely outnumbered, would be able to overcome an arrogance tyrannical army that never even considered the possibility of defeats because everything worldly told them that it was surely going to be a victory for them.

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Allah subhana wa Tada says, leading up to these moments and I'm telling you he doesn't matter even Benny is slow Edom and barely Musa is spirulina be in Latin? America newpath and V subete. Allah. Allah Spanish Allah says, O Messenger Have you considered what happened to the elders of the children of Israel Eid bene destroyed after most it Salam, when they asked one of their prophets of love nobis of the law I know my says this is most likely the prophet Samuel, when they asked one of their prophets put forth a king that we can follow, and that we can fight behind in the way of Allah subhana wa Tada.

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We're sick of living this reality. You see, initially, the people that Allah subhanaw taala had just shown a miracle by drowning, the most tyrannical army in the history of the world, the army of fit our own.

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Those people refuse to go forward. And because of that, their children grow up in this pathetic situation. And they're frustrated. And so they have a different type of a different type of energy to them. They have a different type of vibe to them, right they come to their Prophet now and they say go ahead and put a king forward we're gonna go fight for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada

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and ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada says, God ahead, I say to him in Kochi body common Cleito Allah to cardi to have you considered that if Allah subhanaw taala gives you what you want that you might possibly refrain from fighting just like your elders, just like those who came before you refrain from going forward. And listen to what they responded God who won Alana Allah Nakata visa vie de la. Regina, I'm in Dr. In our Abner Ina, why wouldn't we go for it for the sake of Allah subhana wa Tada when we have been expelled from our places as well as our children's Pamela, the exact same circumstances that Allah subhanaw taala gives permission to the prophets, Allah, Allah Azza wa salam and the

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companions to take up arms against those who have harmed them because they drove you out of your homes, and they have oppressed you and they have forcibly taken your goods. So they're saying why wouldn't we go for it? Of course, we'll go forward, because we have nothing to lose. We've already been driven out of our homes, we've already lived this pathetic situation. So whoever is put forward we're going to find ourselves driven Fela Kuti body and when Peter so when lo Illa, Cadila minhang Allah who I remember the body mean? But then once Allah subhanaw taala gave them what they wanted. Allah azza wa jal prescribed, fighting upon them that you now have the right to go forward. Then

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most of them turned away. And Allah subhana wa Tada is well aware of the transgressors. One of the blessings are one of the the reflections that the cinema take from this idea and comparing the companions of the Prophet slice on to them. There is a difference between a people that are driven by circumstance and a people that are driven by costs.

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These people were driven by circumstance purely because they looked at how bad their circumstances were. And they said, It can't get any worse than this. Why wouldn't we fight? It's not like we have anything to lose. But once a worst circumstance was put in front of them, they said, nevermind, we're good. We'll stay in the desert, will keep wandering aimlessly because it's better than being killed. There's a difference between people that are driven by circumstance and a people that are driven by cause the FISA be the law part in which circumstance becomes irrelevant. In the face, of course, and that was the companions of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam, when they're told to

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stay, they stay

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upon Allah, the people of esteem, even when no bombs are falling sofa nepcon gonna, we're gonna stay here. They know that they are an adult only box that they're serving a cause, just by their existence by their refusal to leave that just by them planting their feet firmly in a ground that has 1000s of craters in it from the airstrikes and refusing to be intimate.

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stated that they are serving a cause visa vie de la. So whether they're going to stay or go forward, they're driven by cause, not by circumstance, major difference between the two. This is also the opposite of the people that Allah subhanaw taala mentions meaning meaning it John sada kumara Adela Amin whom manakala Cadorna women who may young other one, but the roots Abdillah Allah subhanaw taala says to us and suited accept that from the believers are those who are truthful to their covenant with Allah subhana wa Tada. Some of them have the ability to fulfill their covenant with Allah right away. Some of them are made to wait Who am I but that who tab dealer, but their resolve

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does not change? Who is this referring to? Referring to the Sahaba that missed the Battle of bed and said to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa salam if Allah gives us another chance, because by that came out of nowhere, if Allah gives us another chance, he will see what we will do. He will see our sincerity you see the difference between them. And this group of people they're driven by cause not circumstance they said Whatever the circumstances the causes greater we will go forward with the faith in Allah subhana wa Tada and that's exactly what happened on a sub nomadic will the line who says about his uncle at us about the Allahu Tada animal that he moved forward and he used to tell

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the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that if Allah gives me another chance that Allah subhanaw taala will see mine sincerity, and he moved forward in the Battle of Godhood, even when some of the greatest people in the world fled at a point when they thought that the battle was over. And Allah Subhana Allah accepted him as a shaheed. In those moments, what God Allah Who Nabhi your home in Allah could Barracuda comply loot America. Their Prophet said to them, Allah subhana which Allah has appointed for you pollute as the king followed was a righteous man.

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But he was poor. And he was from a some of them infested he mentioned the tribe of Binyamin. He wasn't looked at as being from the powerful class of Bani Israel even. And he didn't have money and wealth. And unfortunately, you know, we talked about internalized Islamophobia. These people had internalized for onanism,

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because they only looked at people in accordance with what they had. They only looked at people in accordance with their wealth. He didn't seem to match what a king looks like because authority to them look like for their own even if that authority oppress them. They had drunk. Unfortunately, the poison of fit own and started to analyze the world through the lens of their oppressor.

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Balu Anya Cornella on Wilco Lena when I know I have COVID Mulkey Minho. Why would he be given kingdom of Ross when we are more worthy more deserving of being in that position? What I'm up to Sarah Tamina Minh he wasn't given money like we were he wasn't given position like we were caught up in the last author who it was the who best Sultan filler enemy well just ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada chose him over you and increased him in strength and in knowledge, Wallah your team will cover Manisha wala who is here and Allah gives kingdom to whom he wants. And Allah subhana wa jaata is all resourceful all knowing Subhan Allah, they rejected Thor loot, because he didn't match the mold that

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they wanted. They were neither driven by cause, nor were they able to see past the material world. They were driven purely by how miserable they were. And that's only going to get you so far.

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When you try to pursue victory. So pollut goes forth. And he has an army in the beginning of 80,000 men. And Allah subhana was at a test them when they reach a river, and they are exceedingly thirsty. You have to learn discipline, in accordance with your costs. I want you to think about the people of Gaza right now, with everything that's going on. You know, starvation can drive you nuts. Hunger can get you to say things that you don't typically say and do. Hunger is a war crime for a reason. starving people literally drives them out of their senses. How in the world do these people despite their starvation, still say that hola corte illa biLlah husband Allah when M and O Q.

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they're unbreakable. Because they lean upon the one who is eligible. They lean upon one who is unbreakable. They're unbreakable. And so Allah subhanaw taala how to test them. And this also is a sign that a few people that are committed to the cause and that are sincere are better than a whole bunch of people that have lost their identity and lost their faith and

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Last what is meant to drive them? Allah doesn't need numbers. It's not about the numbers that the prophets lie. Some say that this ummah would become like the foam of the sea, that we would become the feast of nations around us. It's not about the quantity and never was. So Allah azza wa jal puts them through a filtration process, they reach a river and in their intense thirst, Allah Subhana Allah tells or instructs through thought loot, that they will not drink from that river at the order of followed. And the rhythm I mentioned that this is because the loot is most likely not a profit, according to almost consensus, something divinely inspired, put these men through the tests. You

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don't drink from this river until I tell you to. The vast majority of them fail the test. So Allah subhanaw taala filters through this test 4000 graduates, you need to have sublime, you need to have patience, discipline, if you're going to go forth with this. So 4000 graduates and then Allah filters out of those 4000 through another series of tests 313 people, I beloved, not bustle the allow annual my says the people that went forth on that day were the exact same number as the companions on bedded. Do you think that the Sahaba planned? I think the Sahaba said, Alright, something's coming up. Let's try to be the same number as this righteous group of people that went

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forth against their oppressor. Absolutely not. Allah was foretelling something to come, and that 313 were the most righteous of bunnies saw you. There were 313 men that deserved victory. They went forth with discipline and devotion and dedication. And then as they went forth Willem barazzutti dilute once they faced Goliath with God, he and his army God who robbed Ben a freezer Elena Saba on WhatsApp bits after Domina one So Natalie Coleman, Catherine, they said Our Lord, pour upon us patience, and set our feet firm and give us victory over an unbelieving people pour upon our hearts pour upon our beings, patients of freewriting sabara the beauty of this Do not let the patients be

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poured upon us. What submit aka Domina and let it make our feet firm and grant us victory over Goliath and over a tyrannical people. Allah subhanaw taala just as he does and the Battle of bedeutet. Allah ascribes the victory to the drought

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is justified he will not become faster jab at accom when Allah azza wa jal talks about bedden It was the night when the Prophet slicin was standing up and praying to Allah before the battle even started.

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After the drought was made, the angels arrived by the order of ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada when these righteous people made that dua for has moved on, be it nila, there is no break

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as it then plays out, just like any sincere dude that has made Allah subhanaw taala will answer the sincere DUA and it will play out on the time that ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada chooses, at the pace that Allah soprano chooses but once the sincere Dara is made, it is only a matter of time before that do not manifest itself that prayer manifests itself in victory. And Allah subhana which Adam mentions, while batata wudu gelato Tao hula on milk, ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada granted that will die somebody's ability to kill Goliath and Allah azza wa jal granted him and Wulc Dominion well Hickman and wisdom so Allah subhana wa Tada gave the believers and this is one of the Fawad one of the reflections of

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some of the scars mentioned. Allah subhanaw taala gave them material victory and then increase them in something that was immaterial.

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But that would increase their rank with Allah subhanaw taala some of the scholars mentioned that this is revelation that then came to dabble with it Sudan afterwards that wood was not yet a prophet, he was simply a righteous man. And Allah Subhana Allah mentions ye lemahieu Min Maya SHA, that he imparted to him the Knowledge of whatever He wills your brothers and sisters. When you think of that, will daddy his salaam moving forward to fight Goliath David and Goliath? I want you to understand for a moment, that before he faces this giant and Goliath with the faith that he has, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentions that there would be his salaam was a man who

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was distinguished by his prayer, distinguished by his fasting. He said sallallahu alayhi wa sallam that there is no fasting better than the fasting of David he would fast one day

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And then he would break his fast another day his habit was to fast alternate days and he said and there is no tm better than that would it his salaam who would pray the last third of the night that would Einstein has praised in his PM, he is praised in Islam, Allah subhana wa Tada praises his righteousness, there is an engineering that takes place before these moments actually manifest themselves.

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And this is super important because Allah Azza just says what's Kodava de nada oops, remember Our servant that would that look at the inner who a web that he was a person who possessed great strength and he was someone who was always turned towards Allah subhana wa Tada he was repentant turned towards Allah subhana wa Tada. You know what's so powerful about this? Because if you look at the biblical version of David, it's not very righteous. It's a man who's actually driven by lust and power. It's a man who had 99 wives, and who looked out and saw a beautiful woman from his balcony, who happened to be the wife of his commander, and driven by his lust, sends out his commander, his

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loyal commander to battle so he can die and then takes his widow as his 100th wife. That's what they portray. That would already Saddam us start our version of dealt with it Saddam in a web that would that Islam was a person who's turned to Allah subhanaw taala. And repentance, the prophets of Allah are the most upright people, which is why they were most deserving of victory.

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Now, I want to bring this back in conclusion, to the Companions, who perhaps didn't realize because by that came out of nowhere, here they are 313 with one or two horses against an army of 1000, well equipped have all of their military equipment, have over 100 horses, have the camels have everything to be able to overcome them.

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And Allah Subhana Allah grants them victory.

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I want to conclude in them already over time, with a scene

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and every single conflict and every single story of an oppressor and oppressed. You have a group of righteous people. And then you have the gems that shine from that group. And that encapsulate the moment and the Battle of bed to see that oh, Daddy's Salam was smaller physically than Goliath. David was smaller than Goliath, but he was a man full of gratitude, fasting, prayer, righteousness, and that made him far greater in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala than a man who was physically big, but so small. For now he has been ordained Elijah and I have Berola tyrants don't wait in the sight of Allah subhana wa Tada. But a wink of a mosquito.

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Don't you remember what the prophets lie some said about the love and mystery little deal outside? I know he said about his two legs when Mr. Booth was a man who was physically very small. But he said about his two legs that people laughed at because of how skinny they were Lahoma feed me zani F calm and Jabari wrote that those two legs and the sight of Allah subhanaw taala on the scale of Allah subhanaw taala are bigger than the mountain of herds. Think of the scene of David and Goliath in bed. You know what I think of? I think of Elon Musk blue that will be a low tide animal climbing on top of Abuja Hall.

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That's our David and Goliath moment and Budish Abuja has stomped Ibn Massoud almost to death in Mecca because he read the Quran publicly.

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And now it's the Battle of the bedroom. And Abuja had is so big. The fifth element of this OMA that had been a mystery of the Will the low animal climbs on top of him and stands on top of him and looks down on him.

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And Abuja looks up at him. Now Father Takata Morita consultant on yacht away a lot of you have climbed the difficult mountain Oh shepherd of sheep, you little man.

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He's talking talking to him that way, even as he's standing on his chest.

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And he's asked him Neiman Allah who's winning the battle, asking him and Mr. booth for commentary.

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I love Allah but with the law. Well, you know, suit Allah Yeah, I do Allah, Victory belongs to Allah and his messenger SallAllahu Aeneas mo enemy of Allah, and even Mr. Lu little the Allah who will ends the Fidel one of the Ummah, that's our David and Goliath moment, embedded, ALLAH SubhanA. Allah gave the companions that sites and I want you to look at this picture on the screen in sha Allah Tada if they're able to bring it up, and I want you to think about who the David and Goliath of this day is, if they have the picture. And if not, then I'll talk about it in sha Allah to add some of you remember in the Intifada

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in 2024 years ago, there was an image that was etched into our conscience of a young boy Fatah Serotta, who was 15 years old at the time, standing in front of an Israeli tank.

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That image became part of what inspired us

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as an ummah, if that's not David, and

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If I don't know what it is,

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except we live in a time where Goliath tries to convince you that he's actually David

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and as a PR machine that's almost as gigantic as him.

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But the world has seen too much of the true David's and alliances to be able to turn their backs on it.

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That boy found us early that would have been 38 years old today.

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Had Allah subhanaw taala not taken him as a Shaheed in that very moment.

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This encapsulates our David and Goliath. This is our David and Goliath. May Allah subhanaw taala. Put us in the position of that David, and allow us to overcome this Goliath Allahumma Amin botica lafiya Mr. Dominic Monaghan, celebrity cats.