Hamza Yusuf – Why We Worship Allah

Hamza Yusuf
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Yeah. All right. So what he was saying here

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that he mentioned about the scholars have two opinions about those seeking some worldly benefit through worship as opposed to the next world. In other words, for instance, if you recite Surah tawaraya, in order

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for the sole reason of not being impoverished in this world, because there's a Hadith, in which the province of Islam was reported to have said, that whoever recites sort of tilapia every day, lateral Cebu, farka, he won't be afflicted with,

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you know, any financial calamity, or great difficulty hardship in the dunya. And this is well known even Mr. rhodora de la new said, when they asked him, What did he leave his daughters in it as inheritance? He said, teleco Donna Soraka, Allah for them Soraka.

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So Sora Walker is known if you recite it every day, that it protects you from poverty. So what he's saying is, you know, the scholars have different opinion, if that's why you do it. In other words, the Hadith indicates that whoever does it every day, that that's the benefit. But if that's the only reason that they're doing it. In other words, it's encouraged by the messenger a lot to do it every day. But what is the intention behind it? Obviously, you know, there's always a degree of Amen, if you do anything that's from the Messenger of Allah, in other words, reading Soraka every day is not like, for instance, investing in the in the stock market, something like that, where there's a

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tangible, maybe not so some people think there's a tangible benefit in in doing something like that, whereas this here is an it's from the unseen world, right? There's there's something of benefit coming from the unseen world. So it's related to a man. And then he said, or seeking, even seeking the next world or worship seeking its pleasure. Now.

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Mr. Obi ematic, you're on the line who said that to seek the next as that's the reason why you're worshiping he said his jaza. In other words, is it's permissible, but that's not the reason why people should be seeking the next world are seeking. That's not why they should be worshipping simply to seek the next world. So the idea is that it's it's jazza. In other words, permissible, that's where it would go into the categories. It's MOBA. Right. That's one opinion. The people have to soloth tend to be extremely down on doing a bad for worldly or other worldly benefit. They say you should only do a bad job because Allah subhanho wa Taala says,

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to shut down your shot Allah hoo, hoo. Hoo.

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Annually taqwa

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of Allah is worthy of taqwa and is worthy of mouth Fira Simple as that that's the reason then you read them in conjunction with Russia quarter in a man or woman can leverage Hilda

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in a minute and occasionally watch he will then read him unconscious and when Ashu Cora we don't want you reward thanks nothing we're doing this leverage. He doesn't say we're doing this for asherah leverage he not

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so that's the position of extra Sofia, all the above occur when Arabi are the Llano who was both a Sufi Anna faki he says that you shouldn't say that because if you look at the Koran and read it using your intellect, you will see that Allah is encouraging you to strive after his agenda and and and to have fear of his fire. I mean, there's a famous quote from what I've yet added via October boustani. What I thought oh boo, boo Stan, go after the gardener don't go after the garden. Right? And she also said, Oh Allah if I worship you for the garden, then put me in the fire. I mean, that's pretty strong thing to say. I wouldn't say

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you know, but that that was her state for you know, that was her macom that was her had her state but a co worker of the nano says and see deanza rock says in no way should the worship of Allah for his garden, be belittled because it's not valid in the Quran. Now in honor of Azad, he says there's there's three types of people. There's people who worship Allah as a harar. They're free people. However, they do it for the sake of Allah. They're not interested in anything other than just worshiping Allah for the sake of Allah. And there's a hadith even though i think it's it's either weak or some to condemn feed.

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But it there's a meaning in it which is nemid Ab suhaib.

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Lola and not la sala even had it not been for the fire he wouldn't have disobeyed a law. In other words, there's some people that they don't disobey along not out of fear of the fire, but simply because a law should not be disobeyed. He's He's taqwa, you know he's worthy of taqwa.

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Now, what what, what other worker says is

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a moment of Azadi, or the law is the first one is worshipping Allah, like a whole Freeman. The second is the worship of a lot, which is like the two job

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what's in it for me? And he said, that's like thinking if I do so many records, I get such and such award. If I read so much, poron I get such and it's like a merchant, it's Buying and selling. Or he wants the garden that's why he's doing it. And then the last one, he said is a bad it's an IV. It's the worship of the the slaves who do it out of fear of the whip.

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So they're afraid of the fire. So you have ones who are doing it solely for the sake of Allah, others doing it, desiring the garden and others doing it out of fear of the fire. Now, if you look at the Koran, there's definitely total events or he they're both allies encouraging us to do things and says sabko era monforton you know, Allah says go for monks Hera, agenda chin, right and go after the agenda.

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For fi vatika with Erica ferrier, 10 Fs and Multan episode, let them buy one another for the agenda if you're going to do more Nafisa do it for Jenna. So in the Quran, there are many, many verses that deal with tough we've frightening us about the fire and also carry encouraging us to do good because a lot rewards it with things. And so I think what are the worker, or the learner says is that

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you know, that you should,

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that you should not be literal that and that not only that, but

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worshiping that having fun for others gender or desire for Allah, Jenna and Aspire is a loss with Allah. In other words, if you do that, you're more or less, and there's no shakiba. So he This is what he's all he's telling us in this line is that you have difference of opinion. All right, you have difference of opinion, if you're doing your worship for for the next world, and that's why you're doing it. He's saying, some people are going to, to, to,

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to disagree with that. And those people tend to be the Sofia, it's considered an extreme position by the alcohol because the alcohol like other worker, and the moment obion other they say, you know that this is it's a Holocaust, because Allah says that in the Quran, and and that's inshallah

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the strongest opinion now.

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next thing that he says, which is really important is some also consider seeking the pleasure.

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Now what this means is, and people who do a bad, seriously, dude over time,

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what they will often discover is that there's actually a pleasure in a bed

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that becomes more pleasurable than then other pleasures that other people are preoccupied with. In fact, one of the Hanafi, great Hanafi scholars said,

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He's a wonderful man. He said, If the Kings knew that the pleasure that we're in if they knew what we have, they send their armies with swords to try to take it from us. In other words, he was saying that this pleasure of ibadah and of him, and worshipping a lot is so great, that the Kings with all their palaces and all their dunya, if they knew what we had, they would fight us for it.

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So what he's saying is, is that some of the people that especially again, the the atrophied, and the people of tussle, tend to say that this pleasure can be so strong that people do the ibadah to obtain that pleasure. So they begin to actually pray in the night because of that type of pleasure. And so some of them warn against it, but again,

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even at Hawaii, no one have the great honor man, I'm trying to

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said that. Had it not been for these things than most, most people would have a difficult time doing these things consistently. In other words, that Allah has given those things as a reward for them with Habitat for the constant practice for the bad and there's a blessing in it, and it's

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Shouldn't again be belittled. So he

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